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"Final Fantasy, the way it's meant to be played."

"What is Final Fantasy lll?" I remember asking myself, stumbling upon the official site 3 years ago. And I'm damn glad I did. After examining the site, I found myself engrossed in the game, not even have played it yet. So, I rounded up my cash, went to my local gamestop, and to my luck, had just one copy left. After three years I'm still playing it, and having just as much fun.

Story- 6/10

The story here is obviously dated. Four young heroes must find the four crystals, stop bad guy, the end. That pretty much sums up the story. Sure, there are moments that shine, story-wise, but those parts are usually just to fill in the gaps between dungeons, so you're not like "Why am I here?"
Generally lackluster, but it has it's moments.

Gameplay- 11/10

It's seriously that good. The battles are easy to navigate, but challenging to win. If you've played any of the FF Tactics games or FF V, then you'll know how the job system works. Or so you'd think. Instead of like FF V, you cant mix abilities, so you're thief won't be casting firaga, nor will your dragoon be casting cure. Each of the job classes, except for the freelancer and the hidden class, have a special command. Ninja's have the throw ability, whereas Knight's have defend. For each action taken in battle, you will gain "x" amount of job points, depending on the action. Once you obtain 99 job points, your job level will raise, with a maximum of 99 levels. But not only does mastering a job earn you a sense of victory, but for your time and troubles, you may also get the ultimate weapon for that class. Beware though, you may only get one. Not one for each character that's mastered it. Just one. As with every Final Fantasy, the level cap is at 99, which takes a long time to get to, and you don't need to get that high to beat the final boss. Level 60 will do it. But lets move on.

Sound- 9/10

I've still got some of the songs from this game stuck in my head. They sound relaxing at times, but furious and angry at others. Some of the best FF music. All of the music seems fitting for the situations.

Controls- 10/10

Same as always in this department. Easy to learn, easy to use.

Difficulty- 9/10

This is one of the toughest FF's I've played. The bosses are hard, especially the Lava Dragon. Random battles can easily kill an unprepared party. The only problem is that you can only save outside, on the field. But for the most part, you have to grind before every dungeon, minus the first, of you will find you're self angry and frustrated after being beaten like a ragdoll.

Conclusion- 9/10

Pretty hard, fun job system, and endless possibilities are what make this game so fun.

Rent or Buy-

Definite buy for the RPG fan of any age. If your new to RPG's or Final Fantasy, go ahead and rent first, but be sure to understand not all RPG's/FF's are like this one. Remember, this is a remake of a game that is 16 years old.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/05/09

Game Release: Final Fantasy III (US, 11/14/06)

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