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"A Remade game that keeps true to the original"

Final Fantasy III was originally release for the NES in japan, it was the only game to never make it over to the US in any way shape or form until this Remake. Every other Final Fantasy game made it in some form for example Final Fantasy 2 and 5 made it in remakes along with several other Final Fantasy games that where remade. The thing about this game that stands out is the fact that it was one of the few games that made a complete graphical leap from the other remakes that have been release, as it stands it's got 3D graphics and a ton of gameplay tweaks here and there to make it more “modern” As it stands there is no original Final Fantasy III (2d graphics) ever release in the US.

I'll start with this game most notable feature it's graphics, no longer is the game sprite based as like it's NES predecessor it's in full fledge polygonal 3D. It looks amazing for a DS game the graphics are crisp and clear, they are no noticeable flaws in the graphics the only thing that could potentially turn people off is the chibi style of graphics, the characters all look like little kids. If you played Final Fantasy 9 then you have a good idea of this games art style. Overall I give this game a 9/10 in the graphics department it looks really good for a DS game.

The story in this game tough is very shallow; if you played the first Final Fantasy then you have a great idea of the story in this game. Unlike Final Fantasy 2 where Square Soft tried to develop each character and give them personalities this game reverts back to giving the characters generic personalities. They have very little depth to each one of them and it doesn't matter because the story has little to do with who they were. They just wake up one day and people all over the place tell em that they are the warriors of light and they need to find the 4 crystals (sounds familiar?) It's pretty much Final Fantasy 1 with a bit more plot and slightly less generic plot points. Overall I cannot fault Square Enix for keeping the game's plot to its roots, back when this game was release they couldn't really do much in terms of story or at least most RPG's had these generic stories, overall the story does provide you with enough motivation and intrigue to continue playing the game so it does its job fairly well. I'd give the story a 5/10, it's average, generic but it's all gamers had back when the original was released and I commend Square Enix for keeping it to its roots but it just doesn't stand the test of time.

The game does provide nice atmosphere in the way of music, if you have played many of the “previous” final fantasy games then you'd know what to expect from the title to the battle themes to everything in between the music is nostalgic but with a sense of originality. It's nothing new but it's done well and gives you a great nostalgic feelings. Overall I'd rate the music and sound an 8/10.

Let's get to the meat of the game, since this game is an “older” game is uses the older style of RPG gameplay, this game uses a job system and you can change jobs on the fly (whenever you are out of battle)as opposed to having a set job thought the entire game like Final Fantasy 1, but whenever you do this you have a job transition period where all your stats are halved. As you progress through the game and collect the four crystals you gain more jobs, some of these jobs are useless, some of them are different, but most of them are just upgrades. They are a total of 23 jobs with one of them being hidden (the onion knight),one of the most notable difference in the battle system is the way the magic is done for mages (MP) instead of having a big pool of MP at around 500 points and each spell having a certain cost (For example a Cure would be 10MP and a ESUNA would be 50MP), you instead have certain levels of magic that you have to purchase (from level 1 to 8) now each level has a set amount of cast that are allowed so Level 1 spells can only be casted x amount of times (the amount changes depending on the Job's level). This goes the same for Summoners, Evokers, mages, sages, etc. This game allows you to also equip either two weapons, a weapon or shield of two shields. Which is something that survived from Final Fantasy 2 and is actually quite useful for certain jobs like the Ninja. You also have a Character Level which effects the characters overall stats and a Job level which effect the number of hits, or spells that a character can do. You either have Exp (for the Main Level) and actions points( for the Job level) to level each thing up.

Overall the game's battle system is quite good if you enjoy classic RPG's, if you are expecting something with real time then looks elsewhere because this game is a throwback to Final Fantasies roots and if you can't handle the difficulty then look elsewhere. I give the gameplay a 8/10 it's difficult and many jobs just don't do any good but the game is fun and they are many ways you can mix and match jobs to provide a very interesting battle party.

This game has little replay value and it's kind of short for an RPG (in the 20 to 30 hour range) but if you are interested in doing the games side quest then you can easily manage to play it for 60 hours plus, if you want to max out all the jobs then this game could even be 100+ hours. Overall the game has no replay value but it does allow you to finish the story and keep finishing all the little sidequest, I doubt that after doing all of this you'd want to play the game all over again tough. I'd give the game a 5/10 replay value, you can keep going after the game is done but I see little reason why.

I'd highly recommend you purchase this game at the time of writing this review it's only $20 and any RPG fan can get enjoyment out of it, if you like classic RPG's then by all means go for it! You will most likely love this game if you are looking for something with a better story then you might want to borrow this one and see if the gameplay is up your alley. Overall this game is an 8/10, while it has some flaws it is a very good game which can make and Final Fantasy Fan nostalgic. If this will be your first Final Fantasy then I cannot recommend this one to you first, you should start with FF1 and then you'd probably be able to appreciate what this game has to offer.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/23/09

Game Release: Final Fantasy III (US, 11/14/06)

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