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    FAQ/Walkthrough by jasonaky

    Version: 3.2 | Updated: 03/26/16 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      aaaaa    nn      nn    oooooo     ttttttttt  h      h   eeeeeeeee  rrrrrrr
     aaaaaaa   nnn     nn   oooooooo   ttttttttt   hh     hh  eeeeeeee   rrrrrrrr
    aa     aa  nnnn    nn  oo      oo      tt      hh     hh  ee         rr     rr
    aa     aa  nn nn   nn  oo      oo      tt      hh     hh  ee         rr     rr
    aaaaaaaaa  nn  nn  nn  oo      oo      tt      hhhhhhhhh  eeeeeee    rrrrrrrrr
    aaaaaaaaa  nn   nn nn  oo      oo      tt      hhhhhhhhh  ee         rrrrrrrr
    aa     aa  nn    nnnn  oo      oo      tt      hh     hh  ee         rr     rr
    aa     aa  nn     nnn   oooooooo       tt      hh     hh  eeeeeeee   rr     rr
    aa     aa  nn      nn    oooooo        tt      hh     hh  eeeeeeeee  rr     rr
                       ccccccc     oooooo    ddddddd    eeeeeeeeee
                      ccccccccc   oooooooo   dddddddd   eeeeeeeee
                     cc          oo      oo  dd     dd  ee  
                     cc          oo      oo  dd     dd  ee
                     cc          oo      oo  dd     dd  eeeeeeee
                     cc          oo      oo  dd     dd  ee
                     cc          oo      oo  dd     dd  ee
                     cccccccccc   oooooooo   dddddddd   eeeeeeeee
                       ccccccc     oooooo    ddddddd    eeeeeeeeee
         TTTTT w w w  ooo        m m  eeee  m m   ooo  rrrr  iiiii eeeee   ssss
           t   w w w o   o      m m m e    m m m o   o r   r   i   e      s
           t   w w w o   o      m m m eee  m m m o   o rrrr    i   eeee    sss
           t   w w w o   o      m m m e    m m m o   o r  r    i   e          s
           t    www   ooo       m m m eeee m m m  ooo  r   r iiiii eeeee  ssss 
    Another Code - Two Memories
    UK Version
    Walkthrough by Jason Kay
    Current version 3.2
    Last updated 26th March 2016
    This guide is free and open to anyone to save, share, copy and upload wherever
    they want. All websites are free to host this guide but gamefaqs is likely the
    only location this updated version will be located.
    0.  Table Of Contents. [AC00]
    For quicker navigation, copy the [code] to easily find the relevant section.
    0.  Table of contents.             [AC00]
    1.  Version History.               [AC01]
    2.  Frequently Asked Questions.    [AC02]
    3.  Introduction.                  [AC03]
    4.  Game Info.
        4a.    About the game.         [AC04a]
        4b.    Characters.             [AC04b]
        4c.    Controls.               [AC04c]
        4d.    Game screens.           [AC04d]
    5.  Walkthrough.                   [AC05]
        5a.    Chapter One  : The meeting with D.            [AC05a]
        5b.    Chapter Two  : The house of Lawrence.         [AC05b]
        5c.    Chapter Three: The memory of Franny.          [AC05c]
        5d.    Chapter Four : The reunion with the father.   [AC05d]
        5e.    Chapter Five : The second Another.            [AC05e]
        5f.    Chapter Six  : The memory of the Right Hand.  [AC05f]
        5g.    Epilogue     : The miracle of the Blue Moon.  [AC05g]
    6.  Second play through.           [AC06]
    7.  DAS Cards.                     [AC07]
    8.  Inventory.                     [AC08]
    9.  D's memory triggers.           [AC09]
    10. Goodbye, and acknowledgements.  [AC10]
    1.  Version History. [AC01]
    3.2  Review 26/03/2016                   
         Hack and slash, removed and condensed unnecessary text.
    3.1  Edited 12/10/05
         Minor edits and changes.
    3.01 Edited 30/7/05
         Fix mistaken code and minor edits.
    3.0  Edited 25/7/05
         Rewrite of the Walkthrough.
    2.1  Edited 22/7/05
         Added D's memory triggers.
    2.0  Edited 4/7/05
         Major update. Added diagrams to explain puzzles, inventory section, FAQ's
    1.2  Edited 1/7/05
         Miner revisions, more FAQ's. added memory quiz answers.
    1.1  Edited 30/6/05
         Miner revisions,  added the FAQ.
    1.0  Finished 29/6/05
         Completed the main walkthrough and the DAS Card list with descriptions.
    0.1  Started 27/6/05
         Started writing the walkthrough and the DAS Card list.
    2.  Frequently Asked Questions. [AC02]
    Q.  How do I get the ball from the chest in the porters lodge?
    A.  Look at the gate, you should see two hand sculptures on either side.
        Look at the hand on the right hand side and then look at it again to zoom
        in, you should now be able to take the ball from the chest.
    Q.  How do I open the door in the entrance hall?
    A.  Take a photo of both pictures from either side of the room, Overlay one 
        over the other and move it to create a four leaf clover. If your still 
        stuck read chapter one of the walkthrough.
    Q.  Where do I find the white book's for the music room?
    A.  search the bookcases of these three rooms. The butlers room, 
        the golden bird room and the silver bird room.
    Q.  How do I open the door to the silver bird room? (four leaf clover door)
    A.  Get the second clover key from a glass in the cupboard in the golden bird
        room. Use both clover keys on the silver bird room door, then combine them
        and move the key to the lock, and rotate it.
    Q.  How do I use the stamps on the sketchbook?
    A.  Use the stamps on the sketchbook then close your DS twice.
    Q.  Where do I find the missing doll from the music box?
    A.  On the desk in the golden bird room.
    Q.  Where do I find the key for the music box?
    A.  In a book in Henry's study. Look at the photo frame on the table and 
        reflect the key on one screen into the book on the other to see the letter
        and number reflected on the right. They should be made up of the little
        white lines which when reflected one on top of the other, should form the
        letter and the number. The book is in a book shelf at the coordinates, For
        Example, C2 would be book shelf C middle shelf.
    Q.  How do I use the music box?
    A.  Place the missing doll on the box then use the key on the box.
        Wind the key then press the buttons for: Flute, horn and drum.
        If you need more help look at chapter 3.
    Q.  What do I have to do at the area with a dead end, and candles on the wall?
    A.  OK this is sort of complex, so ill cover the whole thing, step by step.
       1. Finish the music box puzzle to open the secret door.
       2. Look at the wall in the corridor with the candles, look at the candles.
       3. Enter the secret room, look in a wooden crate to find Matches and
          some photos.
       4. Take the matches, Look at the photos. Click on  the candles on the 
          photo to circle them in red. Remember which candles are lit in the
          open door photo.
       5. Use the matches on the candles and light them the same as the photo.
           X O    X X    the O represents the candles you should light.
          O   X  O   O
    Q.  What do I do with the moonlight bay or the sunset bay pictures? Or
        How do I get the code for the door near the kitchen?
    A.  Take a photo of both pictures, the one outside the kitchen and the one in
        the store room covered in dust which you have to blow off, then transfer
        the sunset bay picture to the top screen and overlay the moonlight bay
        picture. Rotate, move and line up the strange patterns to see the code.
    Q.  Where do I find paper for the Zoetrope?
    A.  In the chest in the art room. You need to have tried to use the Zoetrope
        first before you can get the paper.
    Q.  How do I get the lab codes to get into the lab?
    A.  Blow into the microphone and look at the window in the top screen.
    Q.  What are the codes for this door or that door?
    A.  To make it easier, I've decided to put a code list here in case you don't
        want to search the guide for them. Don't look if you want to work out the
        codes for yourself.
        1. Chapter one, mansion gates, symbol puzzle.
        X X O Press the symbols represented by the O.
        X O X
       2. Chapter two, Entrance hall, bird picture puzzle.
       Type in the code 1128, don't forget to look at the bird pictures to get
       comments from D. This is a vital thing to do if you are trying to finish
       D's quest.
       3. Chapter four, Hallway outside kitchen, bay picture puzzle.
       The code for the door at the end of the hall is 2,3,6,9.
       4. Chapter Five, Door to the research lab.
       You could just blow on the window, but if you don't want to the code is
       5. Chapter Five, inside the lab, big door after the computer.
       You need to enter them both, once you've finished entering the last one you
       need to press the black box on the screen, if you take too long after
       entering the last one you will be forced to enter them both again.
       Code: ASH853LEY
       Code: SAY919OKO
    3.  Introduction. [AC03]
    I just love this game and way back in 2005 I just had to create this guide.
    Over 10 years later the guide made me cringe and being the only guide I ever
    wrote I have decides it's time for a big update even if no one ever see it.
    4. Game Info. [AC04]
    4a. About the game. [AC04a]
    Another Code was released in Japan on 22/02/05, It was made by a little known
    Japanese games company Cing which released several other games such as
    Hotel Dusk and Last Window before going bankrupt. The American version was
    named Trace Memory while elsewhere it was called Two Memories. It was released
    2on 24/6/05 in the UK and 26/9/05 in the US. A sequel named Another Code: R
    A Journey into Lost Memories was released for the Wii 0n 26/6/09 however it
    was never released outside of Japan and Europe.
    4b. Characters. [AC04b]
    Ashley Mizuki Robins
    The heroine. An impressionable thirteen year old girl full of kindness and
    curiosity, she makes her way to Blood Edward island upon the discovery that
    her father, who she had believed was dead, is in fact alive. Despite the
    numerous adventures sent to test her resolve, she is determined to find her
    father and reveal the hidden truth.
    Richard Robins
    Ashley's father, a scientist. He was engaged in biometrics research at the
    same laboratory as his wife, Sayoko. Having mysteriously vanished eleven
    years ago, he contacts Ashley out of the blue and arranges to meet her on a
    strange uninhabited island. He is also responsible for making the small
    machine, the DAS, that he sent to Ashley.
    Sayoko Robins
    Ashley's mother, who comes from Japan. A brilliant scientist, she has
    beautiful dark eyes and an iron will. Ashley had always thought that her
    mother had died when she was three years old...
    Jessica Robins
    Richard's younger sister, a chemistry teacher at a collage. Richard's sole
    relative, she was entrusted by Richard with the care of Ashley, raising her
    with love and tenderness to this day. Although she appears to know hidden
    secrets about Ashley's parents, for some reason she makes no attempt to
    share them with Ashley.
    The ghost of a boy who died 57 years ago on Blood Edward island. He has
    lost all Recollection of his life. He meets Ashley when she is searching
    for her father and joins in with her adventures, hoping to uncover the
    mysteries surrounding his death.
    The Captain
    Captain of the boat that takes Ashley an Jessica to Blood Edward island.
    Nothing is known of his past. Surly and stubborn, he nevertheless has a
    warm heart. He gives Ashley some good advice.
    Bill Edward
    A relative of the Edward's on his mothers side, Bill worked with Richard and
    Sayoko on the Another project until Richard and Sayoko decided to cancel
    the project. After Sayoko's death Bill asked Richard to finish the Another
    project at his inherited mansion at Blood Edward island. Bill checks up on
    Richard's progress from time to time but mainly stays out of the way.
    Lawrence Edward
    The father of Leonard, and grandfather of Thomas and Henry. Lawrence was a
    poor man who eventually made his fortune by opening a gold mine. With his
    fortune he bought an island and built a mansion on it. He wanted his son
    Leonard to follow in his footsteps but Leonard wanted to be a musician,
    Lawrence was outraged and Leonard left home. When Leonard married a woman
    he found at a bar called sally, Lawrence didn't approve so he disowned his
    son. Lawrence never saw his son again. Leonard had two sons Thomas and Henry,
    but he died while the boys were still young so Lawrence took it upon himself
    to raise the boys him self, and he decided not to make the same mistake he
    made with his son, he let Thomas and Henry pursue there dreams with his
    permission. When Lawrence finally died, he had little money, as the war effort
    had confiscated most of his gold, what little gold he did have was spent on
    his sons. 
    Thomas and Henry Edward's
    Thomas and Henry's father Leonard died when they were young, so they were
    raised by there grandfather Lawrence. Lawrence decided to do the opposite
    of what he did with his son and he let the brothers pursue their dreams.
    Thomas became a writer whilst Henry became an artist. Just as they were
    succeeding they got called to war. Henry lost his painting arm. After the war
    Henry learned to paint with his other arm. Thomas lost his wife Jane White,
    and was left to raise his son Daniel (D),yet worse was to happen when D was
    diagnosed with a heart condition, Thomas had trouble paying the bills.
    Thomas published a few short stories and a autobiographical novel based on
    his experiences in the war but the critics didn't like it. Most of his
    work is out of print. He also wrote some mystery novels under the pen name,
    David Shields. Thomas met a tragic end when he tried to shoot Henry, to gain
    his grandfathers money, which had run out unbeknown to Thomas. Henry tried
    to tell him but Thomas wouldn't listen so Henry grabbed the gun from his hand
    and shot him. D being very scared ran to find Franny and found Henry in her
    room. D ran and Henry chased him. They made it to the chasm in the cave,
    Henry shouted to D to stop or his heart will fail. D got to the edge when
    his heart stopped and D fell over the edge. Henry grabbed D's arm but 
    couldn't pull him up. D fell and died. The mark on D's chest is the image
    of his uncles outstretched arm trying to save him.
    Franny Edward
    Franny is the daughter of Henry and is friends with D. She lived at the
    Edward's mansion over 50 years ago. Franny loved to paint like her father,
    she made little wooden stamps to stamp out her pictures. Her last picture
    which she hadn't finished but she'd made the stamp for show's her being scared
    of her father (probably after Henry had shot Thomas). Having lost her uncle
    and her cousin/friend in the same house, Franny could never return to blood
    Edward island. She later had a child which would become Bill, who despite his
    mothers warnings went to the house to work on Another with Richard.
    4c. Controls. [AC04c]
    L Button: Rotate photo left.
    R Button: Rotate photo right, Take photo.
    Control Pad: Move Ashley, Select menus, Move cursor.
    Microphone: blow into for certain puzzles.
    Touch Screen: Move Ashley, Select menus, search areas and some other things.
    Start: Open the DAS menu.
    Select: Nothing
    A Button: Investigate, speak, confirm, selection, Skip message.
    B Button: Back to previous screen, Cancel selection.
    X Button: Open the inventory.
    Y Button: Nothing.
    Hold A & R to fast forwards a message you've already seen.
    Note: If you close the DS, it goes into sleep mode.
    4d. Game screens. [AC04d]
    Top Screen
    The top screen displays a pre rendered image of the area you are in, which
    changes when you move to a different part of the area, or you move to another
    area. It also shows the character talking and what they say in conversation
    mode, or it shows the text if you search an area.
    Bottom screen
    The bottom screen displays a top down 3d area (Which will now be called the
    map screen) which you can move Ashley around. To move Ashley around you can
    either use the D-pas or poke the screen in the direction you want to go.
    Various symbols appear on this screen depending on what mode the screen is
    on. I'll explain all the different screens that appear on the bottom screen.
    Map screen
    This is the top down 3d map which you use to move Ashley around. To move
    Ashley around you can either use the D-pad or you can poke the screen in the
    direction you want to go. On the top right of the screen is the investigate
    symbol, the DAS symbol and sometimes  the speak icon. Pressing them takes you
    to the screen associated with each symbol.
    Search Screen
    After pressing the investigate icon from the map screen the pre rendered image
    from the top screen appears on the bottom screen, allowing you to search draws
    and bookcases and to pick up objects lying around. To search something point
    at something, and if it's something you can search the investigate icon will 
    light up, either click the icon or double click on the thing your
    investigating to see if theirs anything their, or anything to learn. You
    can also take photos by clicking on the camera icon.
    DAS screen
    After pressing the DAS icon you get a menu, from this menu you can:
    *Look at DAS Cards, which contain messages from Richard.
    *Look at all the inventory items you've ever had.
    *Save the game. There are only two save slots.
    *Go to the photograph screen.
    Photograph screen
    On this screen you can view photographs taken from the search screen.
    The arrows at the bottom allow you to view the other photos.
    The yellow button with the black arrow takes you back to the main DAS screen.
    The top icon allows you to transfer the current photo to the top screen.
    If you click on a photo more icons appear along the bottom.
    The one on the left allows you to overlay the current photo over a photo sent
    to the top screen, you can move around and rotate it to the correct position,
    this allows you to complete certain puzzles.
    The one on the right allows you to delete the current photo.
    You can take up to 36 photos, which is more than your really going to need.
    Conversation Screen
    When you click on the blue button next to people, you get the conversation
    screen. The person talking will appear on the top screen along with the
    dialog. Topics to ask about will appear on the bottom screen, with more
    topics becoming available as you continue the conversation. When your done
    you should press the yellow button.
    5. Walkthrough. [AC05]
    5a. Chapter One: The meeting with D. [AC05a]
    | Dock |    
    On the Boat talk to Jessica and click trough all the speech options. After
    docking, talk to the captain to get some sweets. Look for Jessica by following
    the path to the left until you get to the drawbridge which raises, preventing
    you from crossing. Walk towards the bridge until the little magnifying glass
    symbol on the bottom screen lights up. Click the a button to access the search
    screen. The picture from the top screen should now be on the bottom and you
    can click on it looking for clues. Click on the drawbridge then Click on the
    handle near the bottom right of the screen. Click again until it changes to a
    front view of the handle. Use the touch screen to grab the handle and rotate
    it twice clockwise. The Bridge should now be down so walk across to the
    woodland path.
    | Path To The Woods |
    Walk up along the path until you see a stone marker to the left, look at it
    then continue up to the gates. Look at the gate to find out that you need a
    gear to use the lock. Look at the sign post next to the gate to find its
    broken. Click on it to get a bunch of broken pieces. Move and rotate them
    into place to repair the sign. The arrow goes on the left while the yellow
    symbol goes on the right. Theirs nothing else to do hear at the moment so head
    along the path to the right. Follow the path up, past the rocks and turn
    right. Go past the pillars and you are now in the Cemetery.
    | Cemetery |
    Walk in and look at the two graves at the bottom, this is where Thomas and
    Henry are buried. (You'll learn about them later.) Walk to the wall to the
    right and look at the large stone slab. You have to move it so put your stylus
    on the left of the slab and slowly drag it right. You should now meet D the
    ghost. Talk to him, when your done he will remember something about his
    father and he disappears. Go trough the hole in the wall and follow the path.
    When you reach the archway, you will be on the other side of those rocks you
    passed earlier. Walk up through the archway to go to the gold mine.
    | Mine Entrance |
    Walk up to the mine cart on the track and look in the tool box next to it, you
    will find a gear which you should take. Walk to the machine to the left, you
    cant use it. Look at the rust plaque on the machine, use the stylus to try and
    rub off the rust. You cant do it with your bare hands. Go to the toolbox on
    the little table to the right, take the metal brush with the gray bit and use
    it on the plaque. If your reading ahead, you cant take the brush without
    trying to get the rust off first. Rub the plaque with your stylus again and
    the rust will come off. Just uncover the symbol and the writing on the right
    side. Theirs nothing else to do here so go back to the gates of the mansion
    were you fixed the sign.
    | Path To The Woods |
    OK back the gates. Look at the gates again, then the brick post to the right.
    Use the gear on the lock so that you can enter the symbols and open the gate.
    The symbol can be found on the sign post. If you don't know what the symbol is,
    just follow this little diagram.
     X X O
     X O X
    Push the buttons that O represents to open the gates. Go through the gates and
    follow the path up to the garden.
    | Path To The Mansion |
    Walk up to the big wooden gates, try to open them to find that they are
    locked. Look at the hand sculpture on the left, it's holding a metal sphere.
    Look at the hand sculpture to the right, when it zooms in look at it again.
    This hand doesn't have anything in it. Go down to the little hut on the left.
    When you try to enter you automatically find Jessica's glasses. Go inside.
    | Porter's Lodge |
    On the floor is a lab coat. Look at it, then look in the pocket to find a
    photo of Sayoko and Ashley. Go to the desk to the left and search it. Look in
    the briefcase to find the cover page for the Another essay then Look at the
    books to the right to find a DAS card with a message from Richard, there are
    quite a few of these scattered around the mansion. Leave the desk and look at
    the crates at the top. The box has lot's of metal spheres inside, pick up a
    small one. Now exit the hut back to the garden.
    | Path To The Mansion |
    When you come back onto the garden you see D looking at the wooden gate, go
    over and talk to him. When you've finished talking he should move out of the
    way. Look at the hand sculpture to the right again and use the metal sphere
    on it. Now what you have to do is put the stylus on the metal sphere and flick
    it up towards the hand, when you get it in the hand the gate will open. Now
    you will be quizzed on the events leading up to that point. Don't worry if you
    get it wrong as it will just ask the question again. Certain question don't
    appear if you don't pick up some items or do certain things. Don't worry if
    theirs a question you didn't get asked, it just means you've missed something.
    Quiz Answers
    Q. A few days ago, I got a letter from my father. Before that, I believed that
       he had died when I was three. Using the letter, I tracked him to the 
       island, but when we arrived, he wasn't there. The first person who went to
       look for him was...
    A. Jessica
    Q. In the past, there was a wealthy family that lived on this island. But they
       died of mysterious causes, leaving the island empty. The name of the family
    A. The Edward's
    Q. While looking for Jessica and Dad, I wandered into the cemetery. Inside,
       there were the Edward's family graves. The names on the graves were...
    A. Henry and Thomas
    Q. After I moved a big stone slab from a hole in the cemetery wall, I met a
       ghost named D. At first, D didn't have any memories of his life. But when
       he talked to me, he remembered something. It was...
    A. About his father
    Q. I found Jessica's glasses by the door of the porter's lodge. I went inside
       the lodge looking for her. There, I found a DAS card containing a message
       from Dad. I also found a briefcase in the porter's lodge. Inside the 
       briefcase, there was...
    A. An essay cover
    | End of chapter one |
    5b. Chapter Two: The house of Lawrence. [AC05b]
    | Entrance |
    After the quiz of chapter one, you will find your self in the entrance area.
    There is nothing to do here and nothing to look at. From this moment on D will
    float after you. Walk up to the doors and D will talk to you about stuff he
    remembers. Now go through the doors into the entry hall.
    | Entry Hall |
    You are now in a circular room with a statue in the middle and two bird
    paintings on either side. Walk up to the big doors at the top and D will ask
    you about Jessica. Look at the painting on the left, zoom in until it fills
    the screen. Look at the numbers on the clover leaf, 1 and 8. Take a photo of
    the painting by using the little camera icon on the screen, then look at the
    painting to get a comment from D. Walk over to the painting on the right and
    look at it. This painting has a clover with the numbers 1 and 2 on it. Take a
    photo of this one and then look at the painting. D will remember the secret of
    the paintings which Franny told him. Open the DAS and click on the icon that
    looks like a film strip, browse through your photos until you find one of the
    paintings. Click on the icon at the top of the screen to transfer the photo to
    the top screen, next find the other photo and click on it. Two icons should
    appear at the bottom, click the left one to overlay the photos on the top
    screen. Use the arrows to move the photo, line up the two clovers to make a
    four leaf clover. You should now see the code like below.
    1  1
    2  8
    The code is 1128. Walk up to the door at the top and enter the code into the
    panel to open the door. Walk through into the hallway.
    | Hallway |
                         |   |
                         |   |
            +------------+   +---------------+
            | Music Room |   | Butler's room |
            +------------+   +---------------+
                         |   |
                         |   |
      +------------------+   +------------------+
      | Silver Bird Room |   | Golden Bird Room |
      +------------------+   +------------------+
                         |   |
                         |   |
                       Entry Hall
    You are now in the hallway, there are four room's connected to the hallway
    which are shown above. At the end of the hallway is a painting of D's great
    grandfather Lawrence. Walk up to the painting and D will see it, Look at it
    and D will tell you more of his memories, you will then hear music coming
    from the music room. Look at the painting and then enter the door at the top
    left. You are now in the music room.
    | Music Room |
    Walk in and you will see that whoever was playing the piano has now gone. Walk
    to the book case at the top and you will automatically pick up the essay
    pages. Look at the bookcase then look at the white books. When some books
    appear on the bottom screen click on them in any order, you'll find out you
    need more books. Walk over to the piano and try to play it, D will get a
    memory about how to open the secret door. Look at the painting next to the
    piano, D wont remember who he is but it helps him get his memories later on.
    Finally before you leave, check the little cabinet near the bookcase at the
    top to find a DAS card. Leave the music room and head for the door opposite,
    this is the butler's room.
    | The Butler's Room |
    Walk to the desk on the right and search it. Look at the notepad and pick up
    the DAS card next to it. Next use the pencil on the notepad and rub the
    screen, the pencil will break before you can reveal the message. Finally
    search the draw in the top right of the desk to find another DAS card. Walk
    to the left to the fireplace and search it to find some charcoal. Go back to
    the notepad and use the charcoal, rub the screen until you can read the
    message "Bill will come". Search the bookcase next to the desk, find the white
    book and look at it, you should pick up the Y book. Walk up the stairs and
    look at the three cupboards. In the left Cupboard is a letter from Leonard to
    Lawrence. In the middle cupboard is a photo album with old photos of Thomas
    and Henry growing up. The final cupboard to the right contains a notebook and
    a scroll, there is also a wooden case. Look at the book and scroll. Click on
    all the names underlined. Finally look at the wooden box, this is a slider
    puzzle. You have to move one tile at a time to correct the picture. Just keep
    trying it until you do it. You'll either find it hard or easy, if you find
    it hard theirs nothing I can do to help. When you have finished the puzzle
    you will get the silver medal. Leave the room and go into the hallway, head
    down into the entry hall.
    | Entry Hall |
    Head down to the statue in the middle of the room and look at it. See the
    round slot in the base? Place the silver medal in the slot and the statue
    will drop the clover key. After you've picked it up head back into the hallway
    and look at the bottom right door, this is the door to the golden bird room.
    Use the clover key on the door to unlock it and then enter.
    | Golden Bird Room |
    Look at the book shelves in the top left, you should see another white book.
    Look at it to get the E book. Walk to the desk at the bottom of the screen,
    look at the wooden gun case on the right of the desk, D will remember seeing a
    gun inside but it's now empty. Look at the little doll's on the desk. Now
    we've finished with the desk, walk up the stairs on the right and look at the
    cabinet at the bottom. In the lower left part of the second window there is a
    glass with the second clover key inside.
      **  **     **  **
     ***  ***   ***  ***
     ***  ***   ***  ***
     ***  ***   XXX  ***
     ***  ***   XXX  ***
     ***  ***   XXX  ***    The key is In the X window.
    Leave the room and go to the door opposite, this is the door to the silver
    bird room. Try to use both clover keys, you'll find out they wont work.
    You'll get both keys on the bottom screen. Rotate one key so they both face
    the same way, then turn one key so that the sticky out bits are opposite each
    other. Move a key onto the other one and make the clover whole, then move the
    whole key into the lock and turn it. Now go through the door into the silver
    bird room.
    | Silver Bird Room |
    Go up to the top right and look at the bookshelf, look at the white book to
    get the N book. You should now have all the white books you need. Walk to the
    bottom left to find a blood stain on the carpet which triggers D's memories
    of how his father died. Now look at the birdcage on the floor to start a
    conversation with D. Walk up the stairs to the left and look at the desk at
    the bottom. Look at the red book which is a diary with the last page ripped
    out. Now look at the torn up pieces of paper, you have to move the pieces
    into place so that you can read what it says. We have now finished in this
    room so go back to the music room.
    | Music Room |
    Go back to the bookcase with the white books at the top. Look at it and the
    bottom should be full of books, using these books and the books at the top of
    screen you must spell out HENRYTHOMAS. Now look at the zodiac sign's running
    along the top and copy them down, or you could use the diagram below but it's
    harder to use. Go over to the piano and play the sign's that you copied down
    or use the diagram.
    Just pretend that this is the keyboard in the game. Give each key a number
    and play each key that the numbers below represent.
     |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
     | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |
      --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
      4, 5, 6, 5, 1, 5, 6, 5, 1, 6, 4
    TIP: Submitted by lots of people.
    Take a photo of the white books with the DAS, when you play the piano the
    photo will be shown so you wont need to write down the symbols.
    The bookshelf with the white books should move aside, if it doesn't then you
    have done it wrong. After you are done with the piano you will be quizzed
    Quiz Answers
    Q. With D, I entered the mansion once occupied by the Edward family, in the 
       hope of finding my father. In the entry hall there were two paintings and
       a bird sculpture. The key was hidden as part of the bird sculpture...
    A. Key to the golden bird room
    Q. In the wardrobe in the Butler's room, I discovered that Leonard, the son of
       the master of the mansion, had left the house and had two sons. Leonard 
       fell ill and died young, so the master, Lawrence,gained custody of the 
       boys, Henry and Thomas. In preparation for their arrival, Lawrence arranged
       two special rooms. These two rooms were called the Golden Bird room and...
    A. The Silver Bird room
    Q. Who is D's father? D still cannot remember his name... And I still haven't
       found my dad... But I have been able to find some evidence leading me to 
       him... The DAS card I got in the Butler's room said Dad was deep inside
       the mansion. And the message that was on the white notepad... The name that
       was on that note was...
    A. Bill
    Q. So, in order to advance any further through this mansion... I had to solve 
       the puzzle with the books in the music room. In order to solve the melody
       puzzle, I found three books. There was the Y book, the N, and...
    A. The E book
    | End of chapter two |
    5c.  Chapter Three: The memory of Franny. [AC05c]
    | Hallway 2 |
                      Secret Door
                         |   |
                         |   |
         +---------------+   |
         | Henry's Study |   |
         +---------------+   +---------------+
                         |   | Franny's Room |
                         |   +---------------+
      +------------------+   |
      | Henry's  Bedroom |   |
      +------------------+   +----------+
                         |   | Art Room |
                         |   +----------+
                         |   |
                         |   |
                      Music Room
    You are now in another hallway, walk up past the doors and D will remember
    more about Franny. You cannot go up any further as D will want to go into
    the art room. Enter the lower right door.
    | Art Room |
    Go up to the top left and look at the chest. look at the items in the chest
    you will need some of these later. Head to the little table at the top right,
    pick up the DAS card and then look at the drawing. Go to the art stand at the
    bottom of the room and look at the drawing of Franny, D will remember more
    about Franny. Leave the art room and go to the door opposite this room, this
    is Henry & Marie's bedroom.
    | Henry & Marie's bedroom |
    Walk in and look at the wardrobe at the bottom, inside you will find a DAS
    card. Walk left to the table and look at the bottle, Ashley will try to open
    the bottle but she cant, now look at the photo of a happy family. Walk up to
    the upper right of the room and look at the draws in between the beds, look at
    the music box on top of the cabinet and you'll see that a doll is missing.
    Leave and go back into the art room, take a hammer from the chest. Leave the
    art room and backtrack to the golden bird room, take the drummer doll from
    the desk. Head back to  hallway 2 and enter the top right door. this is
    Franny's room.
    | Franny's Room |
    Look at the display case below you, look at the teddy bear and Ashley will
    remember her fist birthday. Head right to Franny's bed, look at the ribbon on
    the bed and D will remember more about Franny. Go up to the desk and look at
    the black book, this is Franny's sketchbook. Ashley will notice that the last
    picture is unfinished, look in the top draw of the desk to find a DAS card.
    Look at the brown box on the shelves to the left to find some wooden stamps.
    Use the stamps on the book to finish the picture, you will need to press them
    somehow. Close the DS and you will have stamped the paper, do it again to
    finish the picture. It shows Franny being scared by her father. Start to leave
    the room and D will remember Franny called his father "Uncle Thomas". Head to
    the last remaining door on the left, this is Henry's Study.
    | Henry's Study |
    Head to the top of the room and look at the record player, look at the photo
    frame on the table. To see the picture properly make sure both screens have
    gone black with white pictures. Reflect the top screen onto the bottom screen,
    when the key is inside the book look at the white lines, you should see a
    letter and a number. Head to the left and look at the picture above the
    fireplace, look at the angels and remember what instruments they use. Go down
    and look at the bookcases, you need to select the bookcase that matches the
    letter from the photo frame and the select the shelf from 1 to 3. When the
    shelf zooms in look at the big black book to find the key. If you cant figure
    out the letter or the number they are (F,3). Leave the room and go into the
    hallway, examine the wall at the top with the candles. Now go back to Henry
    and Marie's bedroom.
    Go to the music box at the top right, use the drummer doll and the key on it.
    Turn the key by stroking the screen downwards, then press button's by the
    flute, trumpet and drummer dolls. Before you leave, use the hammer on the
    glass bottle to get the golden bird key and a note. Head back to Henry's
    study and you'll see that the fireplace has moved revealing a secret room,
    enter it.
    | Henry's Secret Room |
    Look at the wooden boxes at the bottom, examine the one behind the stairs.
    Inside you will find two photos and some matches, take the matches then look
    at the photo's, click on the candles to circle them and point out that they
    are different, remember which candles are lit on the bottom photo. Walk into
    the bottom left corner and look at the covered wooden box behind the painting,
    behind it you fill find a baseball. Look at the suitcase on top of the shelf,
    you need to do something to get it down. Use the baseball on the suitcase,
    flick it up and hit the suitcase three times to knock it down, inside you
    will find D's shoe and he will remember more of his past. Leave and head back
    to the hallway, go to wall at the top and use the matches on the candles.
    Click on the candles to light them, click on the candles that where lit in
    the photo with the open door, if you cant remember use the diagram below. 
      X O    X X    the O's are lit candles.
     O   X  O   O
    The wall should now move allowing you access. Now it's time for another
    memory quiz.
    Quiz Answers
    Q. Whilst looking for Dad and trying to find D's memories, we walked through a
       hallway and into the art room. There was an old drawing of Franny in the 
       art room. The person who drew the picture was... 
    A. Henry
    Q. There was another drawing in the art room. It had Dad's signature on it.
       The drawing was of...
    A. Ashley
    Q. After I read my dad's message on the DAS card, we walked around the mansion
       looking for his research lab. In Franny's room I discovered...
    A. D's fathers name
    Q. In the bookcase in Henry's study, we found a key for the music box. I 
       played the music box by using the angel dolls, which triggered the
       fireplace in the study to move. We found a hidden room behind it. In the
       hidden room, there was a suitcase. Inside it we found...
    A. A shoe
    | End of chapter three |
    5d.  Chapter Four: The reunion with the father. [AC05d]
    | Dining room |
    Walk to the left and look at the paper at the end of the table, Ashley will
    find out that her mother was murdered when she was three. Her father Richard
    was the main murder suspect. Ashley will remember more of what happened that
    night. Continue left to the fireplace, look at the painting above it. Look at
    both boys and then click on the picture frame, Ashley will ask D who the boys
    are. Look in the fireplace to find the burnt essay on Another. Walk right
    along the bottom of the table and Ashley will tell D what happened the night
    her mum died. Exit the room through the door to the right, you are now in the
    | Lounge |
    When you enter the lounge you will hear a loud noise, this is static from the
    radio on the bar. Walk over to it and click on it until you can use the
    controls. Rotate the left one diagonally left and up, or to ten on a clock.
    Rotate the other one the face down or six on a clock. The static should
    disappear and it will play a song called "The Miracle of the Blue Moon".
    someone should now come through the door, talk to him. When you've finished
    talking he will disappear. Walk to the right and look at the table, from the
    ashtray pick up the lighter, I don't know what the lighter's for. Leave the
    room through the door at the top, You are now in Another hallway.
    | Hallway |
    There's only two other doors in this hallway so I wont draw a map. Look at the
    painting on the lower left wall, take a photo of it. Walk through the door at
    top, this is the kitchen.
    | Kitchen |
    Walk to the door on the left, try and open it. Click on the rope, you cant
    cut it. Walk to the right and look at the counter in the middle of the room,
    look at the handkerchief, it's new and it has blood on it. Look at the
    cabinet to the left and look in the second draw, you should find another DAS
    card. Walk to the right and look in the oven, you should find a rusty knife.
    Go back to the door that's tied up and use the knife on it. Go through the
    door and into the storage room.
    | Store Room |
    Inside you will find Jessica, talk to her and she will tell you that Bill
    locked her up. Look at the painting behind Jessica, you cant see what it is
    because it is covered in dust. Blow the dust off by blowing into the
    microphone, then take a photo of the painting. It's time to overlay some
    photos. Put the photo you just took onto the top screen and overlay the blue
    one on top. Line up the strange patterns to reveal a combination of four
    numbers. Leave the store room and the kitchen and go to the hallway. Go to
    the door to the right, enter the code you just worked out. If you don't know
    it here it is, (2,3,6,9). Hey it's quiz time again.
    Quiz Answers
    Q. After solving the mystery of the candelabra in the last hallway, we went
       into the dining room. In the fireplace, we found... 
    A. The burnt essay
    Q. In the old newspaper that I found on the dining table, there was an article
       about the murder of my mother. After reading it, I remembered the night
       when Mum was killed... My recurring nightmare is of the night she died. The
       chief murder suspect named in the article was...
    A. Richard
    Q. What happened then? Who was that person in my dreams? My mind was reeling
       as I walked deeper into the mansion... And finally, in the lounge, I met
       my dad... Dad... I asked my dad about the things that were written in the
       article. I asked him who murdered mum. He replied...
    A. He didn't kill Sayoko
    Q. After waiting for dad a while, I went off to look for him. I headed to the
       back of the mansion. The doors between the kitchen and storage room were
       tied shut. What did I use to open the doors to the storage room?
    A. A rusty knife
    Q. Though Jessica was out of sorts and exhausted, she was fine. I was relieved
       to find her. Who did this to Jessica? It was...
    A. Bill
    | End of chapter four |
    5e.  Chapter Five: The second Another. [AC05e]
    | Hallway 4 |
    There are only two other door's in this hallway. The one at the top leads to
    the hallway to the lab. The door that is half way up on the right leads into
    Lawrence's room, Enter this room.
    | Lawrence's Room |
    When you enter Ashley will shout out for her dad. Walk up to the top of the
    room and look at the large painting above the fireplace. Look at all three
    of the men in the painting, D will remember something about all of them.
    look at the bookcase next to the fireplace to find another DAS card. Walk
    down to the desk on the right hand side, look at the Zoetrope on the table
    and spin it slightly, when you leave the Zoetrope D will tell you that you
    need some Zoetrope paper. Look at the desk, when it zooms in on the draw, use
    the golden bird key on it to open the draw. Inside you should find an old
    diary, read it to find out more about Lawrence. Now go down to the bed and
    open the bedside cabinet, inside you should find a will. Walk down to the
    other side of the bed and Ashley will hear something. OK now leave the room
    and backtrack to the art room, when you get there look in the chest and pick
    up the roll of paper. Head back to Lawrence's room and use the paper on the
    Zoetrope, this time when you spin it you should see a animation of a bird
    flying from branch to branch (Or a ninja if your playing through for a second
    time) and remember the path it takes, you will need to spin it fast to see the
    whole thing. If you've done it correctly, D will tell you about Zoetrope's.
    Head down to the bottom left, beneath the bed and look at the painting of a
    tree on the wall, you need to click on the branches that the bird (or ninja)
    landed on. Use the diagram below if you need help.
      3       1
     5       x
    A little golden button should be revealed at the last branch you clicked on,
    press it to reveal a hidden room, go inside.
    | Hidden Room |
    When you enter there will be a man lying unconscious on the floor, poke his
    face to wake him up. Before you talk to him, give him a sweet and he will give
    you some chocolate. Now talk to him, he will tell you that he is Richard and
    the other man was Bill. When you've finished talking Richard will leave. Look
    at the typewriter in the lower left and read the letter for Franny. Walk to
    the right and you will see a safe, look at the box next to the safe and read
    the letter on top. Now look inside the safe at the account book. Leave the
    room and go into the corridor, go up to the door at the top of the hallway
    which should now be open. Go trough it into the research lab.
    | Research Lab |
    Walk to the end of the corridor and look at the door, you need a code to open
    the door but you don't know it. Look at the window at the top of the door, now
    you have to blow into the microphone to reveal the code.
    Enter both lines of code into the keypad as one line, the door should now
    open, before you go through make sure that you have searched everywhere and
    you have all the DAS cards and inventory up that point as once you go through
    the door will close locking you in. OK now on the other side of the door,
    look at the shelves to the right. Search the little shelves to find a DAS
    card, look at the bigger shelves to find a photo frame. Look at it and then
    look at all the people contained within, also look at the teddy bear. Go to
    the filing cabinets opposite the shelves, look at the middle one to find a
    DAS card. Look at the brown file in the lower left filing cabinet to get the
    Another report. Now head to the top of the room and look at the computer,
    there are four symbols on the screen in different colours, press them all.
    Look at the photo frame next to the monitor, look at Richard and Ashley then
    look at Sayoko and you will get the white DAS card needed for Another. Go
    back to the shelves at the bottom and look at the teddy bear again and you
    will find the red DAS card in its back, take the teddy bear as well. There's
    nothing else left to do in this room so go up to the doors, they should open
    up automatically. Go through and walk along along the corridor up to the
    glass doors. Look at the keypad to the left and enter the two codes you got
    from the red and white DAS cards. If you don't want to look at the DAS card
    the codes are:
    Code: ASH853LEY
    Code: SAY919OKO
    As soon as you finish entering the last code press the little black box on the
    bottom of the screen to open the doors. Walk up to the large machine in the
    middle of the room, this is Another. Talk to Richard who is standing by
    Another, he will ask you to use Another to confirm his memories of the night
    Sayoko died. Walk up and D will ask you a couple of questions.
    Q. Ashley, what are you going to do? Do you want to know the truth? The truth
       about your mother and father?
    A. Either, I want to know the truth or, I'm scared to know the truth
    Q. Ashley,.. DO you think your father killed your mother?
    A. No, he didn't kill her
    For the first question Im not sure what the difference is if you choose one
    answer or the other. As far I know there is no difference. Walk back down and
    Richard will get in Another. Use the white DAS card on Another, the DAS 
    screen will appear. Click on the icon that looks like two hexagons joined
    together. You will now watch Richard's current memory. When its finished use
    the red DAS card on Another and press the icon again. You will now see
    Richard's true memory, when it's finished Richard will get out. Bill will now
    speak over the speaker and tell you that he's waiting for Richard in the
    caves. Hey its quiz time again.
    Quiz Answers
    Q. I went into the back of the mansion looking for Dad. I couldn't find him
       in the hallway, so I went into Lawrence's room. Inside, I found Lawrence's
       diary and his will. I also found a portrait of...
    A. Three men
    Q. We solved the mystery of the Zoetrope and pressed the switch hidden in the
       painting of the tree. The painting led to a hidden room. The person on the
       floor of the hidden room was...
    A. Richard
    Q. When I met Dad in the hidden room, there was a flurry of confusion. I had 
       thought that Bill was my dad. I was then disturbed to learn that Dad was at
       the scene of my mothers death. In the confusion, Dad left, leaving me to
       find Henry's last letter on the typewriter. It was addressed to...
    A. Franny
    Q. D and I went into the lab to look for my dad. There I found the DAS cards 
       that stored the activation codes for Another, and used them to recover
       Dad's memory. We discovered that his current memory was false. This false
       memory had been implanted in him. Shortly afterwards, we heard a voice
       coming from a speaker. The voice belonged to...
    A. Bill
    | End of chapter five |
    5f.  Chapter Six: The memory of the Right Hand. [AC05f]
    | Caves |
    You are now outside the laboratory and on a set of stairs leading to the
    caves. You have left the DAS behind so if you want to save, head back into
    the lab. Go down the stairs and Ashley will talk to Richard, if you have the
    chocolate Ashley will ask Richard if he likes chocolate. At the bottom of the
    stairs you should go through the doors into the caves. Go out into the caves
    and Ashley will ask if the lab is where the courtyard once stood. If you
    haven't done everything to get D's memory's or you don't like big spoilers
    then ignore the section below.
    * Major Spoiler Alert, D's Memories *
    If you have done everything to uncover D's past he will remember running away
    through the caves. D's uncle Henry was chasing him, he shouted "D, don't run"
    but D kept running. He ran because he saw his father in the silver bird room
    covered in blood. He wanted to tell Franny what had happened so he went to
    her room. When he got there his uncle Henry was there, as soon as D saw his
    face he was overcome with fear. He was so scared he ran from the room, he
    was terrified and so sad, he ran so hard it was hard to breath, but if he
    stopped running... The tears kept pouring out, and he couldn't event see in
    front of him. He made it into the cave when his knees gave way and he
    collapsed. He thought about his father and grief overcame him, he wept.
    * Spoiler End *
    OK whether or not you got the memory, keep running along the cave, Richard
    will tell Ashley that her voice sounds like Sayoko's, follow the caves until
    you find D's other shoe on the floor. If you got the memory above then you
    will get this memory, if not ignore the next part.
    * Major Spoiler Alert, D's Memories *
    After D collapsed, he took his shoes off because his feet hurt. Holding the
    shoes that his father had bought him, he walked towards the back of the cave.
    It was dark and lonely. But he has a feeling that his father might be back
    there. So he walked to the end, his uncle Henry caught up and D was so scared
    he dropped a shoe which got left in the cave. He started running again. He
    thought he had to run, or Henry would shoot him. He thought Henry would shoot
    him like Henry shot his father. He heard his father and uncle talking in the
    silver bird room "Come on Henry! Give it a rest! What belonged to our
    grandfather is rightfully mine now." "I already told you, Thomas. He had no
    assets left!" "Lies! You just want to keep it all for yourself! If you wont
    help me change his will, you leave me with no choice. The story will be ...
    you were so distraught over Grandfather's death that you killed yourself with
    this gun. A tragic story, don't you think? You could never shoot me! You don't
    have it in you! You lost your arm because you couldn't shoot during the war!"
    "Thomas!" "Ach! What are you doing? Henry! Why" Picture of Thomas getting
    shot. D will remember that his uncle had said beforehand "Do you want the
    money so badly that you would do this? Thomas, I don't know you any more.
    You're a different person." Then he had taken the gun from D's father's hand.
    He took it from him, and what he did to D's father...
    * Spoiler End *
    Keep on walking and Ashley will ask Richard what he know about the Edward
    family. Continue and you will reach a wooden bridge with Bill waiting for
    you. Speak to him, when your done Bill will tell you that Ashley saw her
    mother die, he will then ask you a series of questions which will reveal
    Sayoko's killer.
    Quiz Answers
    Q. Now, Ashley... Let's see if you can remember that night your mother was
       killed... But, just out of curiosity, the night your mother died... what
       happened when you were with her?
    A. Someone came in
    Q. Sayoko realized that someone was in the house. What happened then?
    A. She hid me in the wardrobe
    Q. With your father in mind, try to recall what happened that night. Ashley,
       when you were hiding in the wardrobe, what happened?
    A. I heard mums voice
    Q. Ashley... what did Sayoko say? What did you hear?
    A. "You cant have Another!"
    Q. Ashley. Take your time remembering the rest. This is the important part.
       Did you hear something after you heard your mum's voice?
    A. I heard a gunshot
    Q. Ashley: I... looked out of the wardrobe.
       Bill: And what did you see?
       Ashley: I saw... ... Yes, I saw it...! I saw the face of the person who
       killed my mother! Oh, no... All of a sudden, what I saw from inside of
       that wardrobe... It starts to appear, like a photograph developing. I see
       a shoulder, then a wisp of hair, then... A pair of stony eyes. I close
       my eyes to sharpen the image in my mind. Hey! That face belongs to...
    A. Bill
    Bill will admit shooting Sayoko, D will show himself to Bill and he'll get
    scared and fall of the edge. Richard will try to save him but fail.  After
    a conversation with Richard, he will go back for Jessica. Cross the bridge
    and if you have seen the spoilers above then D will continue the story, if not
    just continue to the end.
    * Major Spoiler Alert, D's Memories *
    D made Bill fall because he didn't want him to shoot Ashley's father, he will
    then remember how he died. He was running from uncle Henry, he got to the
    bridge. Henry chased him there, then he yelled, "Daniel, Don't run! If you
    run, your heart..." but D was so scared of his uncle that he couldn't stop.
    He ran to the end of the cliff and stopped there, then his chest became tight
    "Daniel, be careful! Come to me!" But when D heard that his heart clenched
    and he lost control of his body. Then he fell from the cliff. The last thing
    he saw was an outstretched hand trying to save him. It was the hand of his
    uncle Henry.
    * Spoiler End *
    | End of chapter six |
    5g.  Epilogue: The miracle of the Blue Moon. [AC05g]
    You are now on a beach on the other side of the island, run up and you will
    hear the captain calling out to you. Go up to the top right of the beach to
    find the captain and speak to him. Jessica will call out, go back down to
    cave and speak to Richard and Jessica. When you've finished talking go to
    the top left and speak to D, If you didn't finish his memory's then he will
    just fade away doomed to roam the island forever. If you did finish his
    memory's, he will thank you and he will be so happy that he can move on.
    He will then ask you to touch his hand, so poke the screen where the hand
    is and D will cross over. Next you'll be treated to a sequence of clips
    showing your time together. No matter Which happens go and talk to Jessica,
    Richard and the captain standing outside the cave. After you have finished
    talking, the credits will show up. Congratulations you have now finished the
    | The End |
    Don't forget to blow the candles out after the credits and save to play
    through again with the minor changes. 
    6. Second play through. [AC06]
    After you have finished the game and blown all the candles out, you can save
    your game. You get a little star by the save and when you select it some
    things are definitely different. Known differences so far:
    *Some of the DAS Card have different writing.
    *The Zoetrope shows a ninja instead of a bird.
    If you finish the game for the second time, you will get a message in the 
    form of a puzzle. On the bottom screen is a grid with letters and On the top
    screen is a ribbon trail that when reflected on the bottom screen spells out
    the message.
       As it appears.         extra letters removed.
     -------------------        -------------------
    | 1 | 6 | Y | R | S |      | 1 | 6 | Y | R | S |
     -------------------        -------------------
    | F | O | E | A | 2 |      | F | O | E | A |   |
     -------------------        -------------------
    | T | U | O | Y | 3 |      |   | U | O | Y |   |
     -------------------        -------------------
    | A | K | T | O | A |      |   |   | T | O |   |
     -------------------        -------------------
    the message says: To you of 16 yrs
    I don't know what it means but some people think it has to do with Ashley
    being 16 years old in the next game.
    American Version
    Apparently the message in the American version says:
    for your sweet 16th.
    If you play through for a third time everything reverts back to how it was
    on the first play through. Also you don't get the message that you get at the
    end of the second play through.
    The fourth time is the same as the second, not tried for a fifth.
    7. DAS Cards. [AC07]
    Scattered around the mansion, there is a collection of DAS Cards to collect,
    listed below are the cards, there locations and what they say.
    DAS Card 00 - porters lodge, Click on the books on the desk.
    Dearest Ashley, I’m sorry for not meeting you, but I have finally completed
    Another. At last the efforts made by Sayoko and myself have paid off. I'll be
    waiting for you in the mansion past the gate.
    DAS Card 01 - The butlers room, Next to the note pad on the desk.
    Ashley, I know you came to this room in search of me. I'm so happy , Ashley I
    cant wait to see you. I'll tell you about Another and about your mum. I will
    be waiting for you in a room deep inside the mansion.
    DAS Card 02 - The art room, next to the picture of Ashley.
    Dear Ashley, thank you for coming hear to find me. I'll be waiting for you in
    the lab at the back of the house. I cant wait to see you!
    DAS Card 991 - The Laboratory, in the photo frame next to the monitor.
    Code: ASH853LEY
    This DAS Card contains the activation code for another I. Place DAS on main
    Another unit to display activation icon.
    DAS Card 992 - The Laboratory, in the photo frame next to the monitor.
    Code: SAY919OKO
    This DAS Card contains the activation code for another II. Place DAS on main
    Another unit to display activation icon.
    DAS Card 901 - The butlers room, in a single draw in the desk.
    Richard's memo
    When im stuck on a problem in my work, I find the best way to work through it
    is just to leave it for a little while. I do this by picking up a book and
    heading down to porter's lodge. The fresh air gives me a chance to clear my
    head. At the lodge I like to sit on the wooden chair by the window, with
    Sayoko's photo close by. Sitting there, my heart carefree, I always think of
    the afternoons I spent with Sayoko in the sunny living room of our Seattle
    home. By the time im finished reading, im filled with a warmth that seems to
    burn of the haze in my mind. The porter's lodge is the best spot for reading.
    DAS Card 902 - Music room, in a display case next to a bookcase.
    Richard's memo
    My solitude has made me aware of some small changes in me. Inexplicably,
    I've developed the habit of humming to myself whilst I wonder around the
    mansion. Me? Humming? I'm having a hard time believing it. The song is always
    the same. it's the song that was playing on the radio in the cafe where I met
    Sayoko for the first time. Whenever I realize I'm humming that song, I
    remember that day. All it took was one look from her, and my world stood
    still. I fell deeply in love with her from the first moment she looked at me.
    When I remember that day, even for a moment, my loneliness disappears.
    DAS Card 903 - Franny's room, in a draw in the desk.
    Richard's memo
    Lately, I've been wondering through the mansion for a change of pace. I like
    to find the most comfy sofa, or the best bed to nap in, or the room with the
    most interesting decorative style. I start each day with my work goal in mind,
    But I often get distracted from my research , and I start to think about all
    the people who used to live in this mansion. More often than not, I think
    about the girl named Franny. I suppose it's because she reminds me of my dear
    Ashley. It makes me miss her even more. I wonder is Ashley even remembers me
    at all... Ashley...
    Note: must take care of the rat problem in the porters lodge.
    DAS Card 904 - Henry and Marie's bedroom, in a wardrobe near the door.
    Richard's memo
    Today I’m thinking of Japan. It's Sayoko's native country. such beautiful
    islands surrounded by sea. I would love to go there one day with Ashley. We
    could see Sayoko's parents in there quite mountain village, and ask them to
    tell us stories about Sayoko's childhood. I also want to walk under the cherry
    blossoms with Ashley.
    DAS Card 905 - Kitchen, in a draw in the cabinet near to the fridge.
    Richard's memo
    One of the difficulties I face living in this mansion is food. I'm Hardly a
    picky eater, but I'm so sick of living of canned food. What I wouldn't give
    for a fresh apple! When I feel up to it I hunt around the island for edible
    plants, but I haven't found anything good enough to eat more than once. So
    I'm a slave to my can opener. Currently, my three favourite canned foods
    are: Corned beef, spicy chilli beans, and clam chowder.
    DAS Card 906 - Lawrence's room, In the top right bookshelf.
    Richard's memo
    when I think about my relationship (or lack thereof) with Ashley, I often
    think about my late father. My father and mother both died in a plane crash
    while visiting South America. I was only 18 at the time. He was a very busy
    trade merchant, and he could never spare much time for his family. Back then,
    I couldn't understand him. But now... I feel like he is the only person who
    would understands me.
    DAS Card 907 - Laboratory, In the bookshelves on the right of the screen.
    Richard's memo
    in work, as in life, these are the main principles I try to live by:
    *Always come up with new theories.
    *Never forget to prepare the counter-argument and follow-up.
    *Everything has a solution.
    *Giving up is not an option.
    when faced with difficulties, I try to remember the day I talked about these
    four principles with Sayoko. 
    DAS Card 908 - Laboratory, In the draws on the left of the screen.
    Richard's memo
    A group of researchers working on memory inheritance are planning to publish
    the results of their DNA memory generator tests soon. Sayoko had worked in
    that field before. I think she would be interested in the DNA memory generator
    if she were still alive and working in the field. Maybe she thought about
    leaving her own memories... for Ashley.
    DAS Card's play through second time. All in the same positions.
    DAS Card 901 - The butlers room, in a single draw in the desk.
    Richard's Report
    Here's what I've gathered about the Edward family by looking around the
    mansion. Lawrence Edward, the founder of the Edward company, lived a life of
    hardship and poverty before he found success in mining. He trusted no one and
    valued money above all else in life. He built this mansion as a symbol of his
    success. But because of his suspicious nature he rigged the mansion with traps
    and secret rooms of all kinds to keep strangers out. Well's, the butler, was
    a confidante of the Edward family, so I assume he knew how to negotiate all
    the puzzles throughout the mansion.
    DAS Card 902 - Music room, in a display case next to a bookcase.
    Richard's Report
    I discovered that Lawrence had one child, a son named Leonard. An aspiring
    musician, Leonard hated Lawrence's plans for him. Leonard refused to take
    over the family business, and left home. Soon afterwards, he married a woman
    named Sally, A woman he met at a bar. Lawrence didn't approve of the marriage
    so he disowned his son. Years later, Leonard sent his father a letter of
    reconciliation, but it was too late. Father and son never met again. I could
    find no record in the mansion of what happened to Leonard's wife Sally.
    DAS Card 903 - Franny's room, in a draw in the desk.
    Richard's Report
    Lawrence had a grandson named henry. His wife was called Marie, and their
    daughter was called Franny. I believe it was Marie who arranged the graves
    for Henry and Thomas in the cemetery in the woods. She also left a stone
    monument to remember Daniel, Thomas' son. I assume that after Henry died,
    this island and the mansion was left to Henry's daughter, Franny. But even if
    my speculations are correct, I’m not sure exactly what has happened since
    then... It is unclear to me how Bill came to inherit the estate.
    DAS Card 904 - Henry and Marie's bedroom, in a wardrobe near the door.
    Richard's Report
    About Henry's paintings. Henry painted the portrait of Lawrence and the
    portrait of the two boys with his right hand, before the war. He did the
    sketch of Franny and the portrait of the three men after the war. It's
    interesting to see ho his technique changed after losing his dominant hand.
    DAS Card 905 - Kitchen, in a draw in the cabinet near to the fridge.
    Richard's Report
    In his short life, Thomas was an aspiring writer. He published a few
    short stories and one autobiographical novel based on his experiences
    in the war. Unfortunately the critics were not too kid to him. Most of
    his work is out of print.
    Note: Thomas also wrote some mystery novels under the pen name, David Shields.
    I should try and find some of them.
    DAS Card 906 - Lawrence's room, In the top right bookshelf.
    Richard's Report
    I've done some more investigating about the life of Thomas. Thomas married
    his childhood sweetheart, Jane White. After Thomas came back from the war,
    she died of an illness. Thomas was left alone to raise their son, Daniel, on
    his own, yet more misfortune followed when Daniel was diagnosed with a heart
    condition. Thomas had problems paying the medical bills.
    DAS Card 907 - Laboratory, In the bookshelves on the right of the screen.
    Richard's Report
    Its been a while since Bill offered this mansion for my research. I've always
    questioned how he came to own this place. Bill said he inherited the island
    and the mansion from his mother. Apparently she died in 1994. But he never
    talks about her much. The only thing he told me was that she refused to set
    foot in "this cursed mansion", as she referred to it. If I knew who Bills
    mother was, the relationship between him and the Edward family would be clear.
    But to this day Bill refuses to talk about his mother.
    DAS Card 908 - Laboratory, In the draw's on the left of the screen.
    Richard's Report
    Bill visits me every few months to hear about my progress. When he visits this
    mansion, he often acts strangely. When his right hand touches some of the
    furniture with the golden bird designs, he sometimes recoils as if he had been
    electrocuted. Its all very peculiar. Oddly enough Bill doesn't even notice
    himself recoiling, and looks at me very strangely when I mention it to him
    8.  Inventory. [AC08]
    Sweets:            From the Captain at the beginning of the game.
    Description:       Got these from the captain. Strawberry and lemon flavor, 
                       and caramels. Y-U-M-M-Y!
    Use:               Give one to Richard to get a Chocolate bar
    Chocolate:         In the secret room in Lawrence's bedroom, give Richard a 
    Description:       From the man in the hidden room.
    Use:               Makes Ashley talk to Richard about chocolate, after you
                       leave the lab.
    Metal brush:       In the mine area past the cemetery, in a toolbox.
    Description:       Found in toolbox by the mine. The brush is old but usable.
    Use:               Gets rid of the rust on the plate of the mining machine.
    Gear:              In the mine area past the cemetery, in a toolbox.
    Description:       Found in a toolbox at the entrance to the mine.
    Use:               Place in the keypad to make it work.
    Glasses:           By the door of the porters lodge.
    Description:       These were by the door of the lodge. Jessica's glasses.
    Use:               Cant find any use.
    Essay cover:       In a briefcase in the porters lodge.
    Description:       Found in the briefcase left in the porter's lodge. There 
                       are names on it.
    Use:               Cant find any use.
    Sayoko's photo:    In a lab coat at porters lodge.
    Description:       I found a photo of my mum in a lab coat in the porters 
                       lodge. I'll never forget her now...
    Use:               Show it to people to get a small reaction.
    Iron sphere:       In a box at porters lodge.
    Description:       Found in the porter's lodge. It's a bit heavy for me.
    Use:               Used to weigh the hand down that opens the gate.
    Clover Key:        In the bird statue in the entry hall, needed silver medal 
                       from the butlers room.
    Description:       It was hidden in the bird statue in the entry hall.
    Use:               To open the golden bird room.
    Second clover Key: In a glass in the golden bird room.
    Description:       Found in the glass in the golden bird room.
    Use:               Used with the clover key to open the silver bird room.
    silver medal:      From the butlers room, puzzle in the wardrobe.
    Description:       Found in the puzzle in the butler's wardrobe It was tough.
    Use:               Used in the bird statue to get the clover key.
    Charcoal:          In the fireplace of the butlers room.
    Description:       Found in the butler's room fireplace. What can I use it for?
    Use:               Use it on the notepad to reveal the hidden message.
    Essay Pages:       On the floor of the music room.
    Description:       Found on the floor of the music room. Who dropped them?
    Use:               Cant find any use.
    Y book:            In the butlers room.
    Description:       Found in the butlers room. It looks like the books in the
                       music room.
    Use:               Place it in the bookcase in the music room to reveal the 
                       secret tune.
    E Book:            In the golden bird room.
    Description:       Found in the golden bird room. It looks like the books in
                       the music room.
    Use:               Place it in the bookcase in the music room to reveal the 
                       secret tune.
    N book:            In the silver bird room.
    Description:       Found in the silver bird room. It looks like the books in
                       the music room.
    Use:               Place it in the bookcase in the music room to reveal the 
                       secret tune.
    Hammer:            In the chest in the art room.
    Description:       Found in the chest in the art room. I bet I can break 
                       anything with this.
    Use:               Smash the bottle in Henry & Marie's room.
    Golden bird key:   In a bottle in Henry & Marie's room.
    Description:       Found in the bottle in Henry & Marie's bedroom. What is
                       it for?
    Use:               Use it on the locked door in Lawence's room.
    Stamps:            In a Wooden box in Franny's room.
    Description:       I found them in Franny's room. Wood printing is new to me.
    Use:               Use it on Franny's sketchbook to finish the picture.
    Drummer Doll:      On the desk in the golden bird room.
    Description:       I found this weird doll in the golden bird room.
    Use:               Place it on the music box in Henry & Marie's bedroom.
    Key:               In a book in Henry’s study.
    Description:       I found this key in a book in Henry's study.
    Use:               Use it on the music box in Henry & Marie's bedroom.
    Matches:           In the secret room in Henry's study.
    Description:       Found in the secret room in Henry's study. They look old,
                       but they still seem to work.
    Use:               Use it on the candles in the corridor.
    Baseball:          In the secret room in Henry's study.
    Description:       Found in the secret room in Henry's study. It'd be great
                       to play catch with D.
    Use:               Use it to get down the suitcase in the secret room.
    D's shoe:          In a suitcase in the secret room of Henry's study.
    Description:       Found in the suitcase in Henry's secret room. Only one of
                       his shoes was in there.
    Use:               Used to get back D's memories.
    Burnt essay:       Dining room fireplace.
    Description:       Found in the dining room fireplace.
    Use:               Cant find any use.
    Lighter:           Ash tray in the lounge.
    Description:       Found in the lounge. It has the initials B.E. engraved
                       into it.
    Use:               Show it to Richard to find out he doesn't smoke.
    Rusty knife:       In the kitchens oven.
    Description:       Found in the kitchen's oven.
    Use:               Use it to cut the ropes on the storage room door.
    Zoetrope paper:    In the chest in the art room.
    Description:       Found in the art room.
    Use:               Use it on the Zoetrope to find out the path to push on the
    Another report:    In the file cabinet in the lab.
    Description:       Left in the lab.
    Use:               Cant find any use.
    Teddy bear:        On a bookshelf in the lab.
    Description:       Found on the bookshelf in the lab. Dad wasn't able to give
                       it to me on my third birthday.
    Use:               Cant find any use.
    White DAS Card:    In the photo frame of the lab.
    Description:       Found in the photo frame in the lab.
    Use:               Use it on Another to find out Richard's current memory.
    Red DAS Card:      In the back of the teddy bear in the lab.
    Description:       Hidden in the teddy bear in the lab.
    Use:               Use it on Another to find out Richard's true memory.
    D's other shoe:    On the floor of the cave after you escape the lab.
    Description:       Found in the cave.
    Use:               Use it to find out more of D's past.
    9. D's memory triggers. [AC09]
    This is a list of possible triggers to get D's final memories of how he died.
    Not all of them are needed and it's possible there are a few more actions i've
    missed. Try to talk to D whenever you can, in different locations and after
    solving puzzles to unlock memories for both D and Ashley. Finally try to
    collect all the DAS cards.
    Chapter 1
    outside gate:  Look at the stone marker on the path.
    Cemetery:      Look at Thomas and henry's gravestones.
    Mine:          Look at the plaque after using the wire brush on it.
    porters lodge: Get the photo from the lab coat.
    porters lodge: Get the another code essay cover.
    Chapter 2
    Entrance:       Look at both bird pictures a couple of times to get a couple
                    of comments from D.
    Hallway:        Look twice at the painting of Lawrence at the end of the hall.
    Music Room:     Look at the painting next to the piano.
    Music Room:     Try the piano to get D's memory.
    Butlers Room:   Read the letter in the left wardrobe.
    Butlers Room:   Look at the photo album in the middle wardrobe.
    Butlers Room:   Look at the scroll in the right wardrobe, look at all the
                    names underlined.
    Butlers Room:   Look at the notebook in the right wardrobe.
    Butlers Room:   Use the charcoal on the note pad to reveal a message.
    Golden Bird:    Look at the gun case on the desk.
    Silver Bird:    Walk over to the rug, look at the birdcage.
    Silver Bird:    Read the diary, piece together the ripped page.
    Chapter 3
    Art Room:       Look at Richard's picture of how he imagined Ashley.
    Art Room:       Look at the drawing of Franny on the art stand.
    Franny's room:  Look at the teddy bear in the display case.
    Franny's room:  Look at the ribbon on the bed.
    Franny's room:  Look at the sketch book, pick up the stamps from shelves, use
                    them on the sketch book and close the DS.
    Henry's room:   Look at the bottle, get a hammer from the chest in the art
                    room, smash the bottle to get a note and the golden bird key.
    Henry's room:   Look at the small photo next to the bottle.
    Henry's study:  Look at the record player.
    Secret room:    Use the baseball behind the covered box to knock down the
                    suitcase and find D's shoe. D will remember something when
                    you leave.
    Chapter 4
    Dinning room: Look at the newspaper on the table.
    Dinning room: Look at the painting of the two boys. Look at each boy then
                  look at the picture frame.
    Kitchen:      Look at the blood stained hanky.
    Chapter 5
    Lawrence:     Look at the large portrait of three men on the wall, look at
                  all three men.
    Lawrence:     Open the desk draw with the golden bird key, read at the diary
    Lawrence:     Open the draw next to the bed to find a will.
    Secret room:  Give Richard a sweet.
    Secret room:  Read the letter on the typewriter.
    Secret room:  Read the letter near the safe.
    Secret room:  Look at the account book in the safe.
    Laboratory:   Look at the photo on the shelves and next to the computer.
    Laboratory:   read all messages on the computer.
    Laboratory:   Pick up the teddy bear.
    Chapter 6
    Caves:        D's other shoe. If you have got all the other memories up to
                  this point, you should get another memory.
    Bay:          Talk to D to finish his story.
    10. acknowledgements. [AC10]
    *Thanks to Mammo666 for info on the stamps and the key in a bottle.
    *Thanks to Miluda for pointing out that I'd missed D's other shoe.
    *Thanks to kristofwilmaerts for pointing out a mistake in the guide.
    *Thanks to Cing for making one of the best DS games out so far.
    *Thanks to GameFAQS.com for hosting this FAQ.
    *Thanks to all of you for reading this guide.
    The End.

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