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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Satanic Nemesis2K

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 07/01/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      _____                _    _                      _____             _        
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     | |_| |  ___     _   | ,_|| |__     __   _ __    | |       _      _| |   __  
     |  _  |/' _ `\ /'_`\ | |  |  _ `\ /'__`\| '__|   | |     /'_`\  /'_` | /'__`\
     | | | || | | |( (_) )| |_ | | | |(  ___/| |      | |___ ( (_) )( (_| |(  ___/
     |_| |_||_| |_|`\___/'`\__||_| |_|`\____)|_|      \_____/`\___/'`\__,_|`\____)
                                T W O   M E M O R I E S
    Another Code: Two Memories FAQ/Walkthrough
    System: Nintendo DS
    Last Updated: 28/6/05
    Written By: Satanic Nemesis2K
    Version: 1.01
    |Table of Contents_____/
    -1.1-FAQ Introduction
    --1.2-Game Introduction
    2.0-Game Information
    -2.1-Basic Controls
    ---2.3-Search Screen
    ----2.4-Dual Another System
    -----2.5-Misc. Tips
    -3.1-Chapter 1
    --3.2-Chapter 2
    ---3.3-Chapter 3
    ----3.4-Chapter 4
    -----3.5-Chapter 5
    ------3.6-Chapter 6
    -4.1-Item List
    --4.2-DAS Card List
    ---4.3-Alternate DAS Cards
    5.0-Important Stuff
    -5.1-Copyright Notice
    --5.2-Contact Information
    |1.1-FAQ Introduction_____/
    Hello! My names Satanic Nemesis2K and I’m an FAQ writing virgin. I have been
    a user of GameFAQS since 2000 (under a few different aliases) and in all my
    time here I have only wrote a couple of reviews and submitted a handful of
    Codes. Yeah I am a lazy sod who likes to mooch off others hard work. Well
    tonight I’m making a stand and I am giving back to the community.
    What better game to start an FAQ for than one of my favorite releases of
    2005, 'Another Code: Two Memories'. This FAQ was started at 12:24am on
    the 28th June 2005.
    Note: 'Another Code: Two Memories' will be abbreviated as AC:TM throughout
    the rest of the FAQ/Walkthrough unless stated otherwise.
    |1.2-Game Introduction____/
    AC:TM is an Adventure game made by the not too popular Cing studio. It
    was released in Japan on the 24th February 2005 and was well received
    by Famitsu (one of the most respected games magazines in Japan/world)
    with a 35/40 score. As you can see it's an impressive score, but there 
    was no news whether or not this game would ever see the light of day in
    North America or Europe. After a few months of waiting Nintendo of Europe
    finally dated its European release on the 24th June 2005 while North
    America would receive it around the 26th of September later the same
    year along with a new name, "Trace Memory".
    Set in 2005, AC:TM sets you in the role of a young girl named 'Ashley'. 
    Ten years ago Ashley’s parents went missing, she thought them to be
    dead. That was until the day before her 14th birthday, when she
    received an unusual package. Inside was a letter from her father asking
    for her to come meet him at a deserted island called 'Blood Edward Island'.
    The letter was also accompanied by some sort of gadget, the 'DAS'
    (Dual Another System). Its up to you to help Ashley find out what happened
    to her parents and uncover the truth behind the secret project known only
    as 'Another'.
                                 2.0-Game Information
    |2.1-Basic Controls_______/
    Both the style and/or the buttons can be used for AC:TM, which you
    choose is pretty much down to personal preference. Although I find
    it easiest to use the D-Pad to move and the stylus for everything else.
    Start - Open the 'DAS' / Skip cut-scenes
    Control Pad - Move Ashley / Move cursor / Navigate menus
    R Button - Take Photograph / Rotate photograph right
    L Button - Rotate photograph left
    A Button - Examine / Speak / Confirm Selection / Skip Dialogue 
    (Use A + R to skip faster)
    B Button - Back to previous screen / Cancel selection
    X Button - Open inventory
    Using the touch screen is pretty self explanatory.  
    Ashley Mizuki Robins
    The star of the show. A young thirteen year old girl who begins her journey
    to find her father with whom she had thought had died along with her mother
    when she was only three years old. Ashley is determined to uncover the truth
    behind her parents disappearance and will overcome any obstacle she can to
    get there.
    Richard Robins
    Richard is the father of Ashley. A scientist who worked alongside Ashley’s
    mother in a biometrics laboratory. He is also responsible for creating the
    'DAS', which he sent to Ashley the day before her fourteenth birthday. He
    was thought dead for the last eleven years.
    Sayoko Robins
    Ashley's mother, who has also been thought dead for the last eleven years.
    Sayoko's a brilliant scientist who was born in Japan. She worked alongside
    Richard Robins.
    Jessica Robins
    Jessica is Ashley's aunt. She is the younger sister of Richard. Apart from
    being a chemistry teacher at a nearby college. She also cared for Ashley since
    she was three years old. She knows some secrets about Ashley's parents, but
    wont willingly share them with Ashley.
    D is a ghost that roams Blood Edward Island. He died 57 years ago and has no
    memory of his life or how he died. He meets Ashley at the start of her search
    for her father and joins her to help learn about his life and maybe move on to
    the afterlife in peace.
    The Captain
    The captain of the boat that takes Jessica and Ashley to Blood Edward Island.
    He gives Ashley some good advice for her journey but also has a fear of Edward
    Blood Island, and doesn't want to stay any longer than he has to.
    |2.3-Search Screen________/
    When you are playing the game you will notice that the bottom screen
    will show an 3D Arial view of Ashley and her surroundings, while the
    top screen displays a static image from Ashley’s viewpoint.
    When you have found an area that you can investigate the 'Magnifying
    Glass' icon on the touch screen will light up and become selectable.
    When this is selected the Static image will double onto the touch screen.
    Now you will be able to place the cursor on items and objects on the
    picture and use the icons in the top right corner of the touch screen to 
    examine/obtain them, take a photograph or use any item you have in your
    The DAS icon on the touch screen is always available.
    |2.4-Dual Another System__/
    The DAS is a nifty little gadget if ever you seen one. It looks exactly
    like a Nintendo DS but instead of the Nintendo logo on the top it says
    'DAS'. It also takes little DAS cards which look (yet again) exactly like
    DS game cards.
    You can access the DAS at any time during the game by pressing the 'Start'
    button or if you are using your stylus press the little DAS icon on the
    touch screen.
    Once you have entered the DAS menu screen you will be greeted with a
    variety of options. Press left or right on the D-Pad to select the icon
    you want then press A to activate it (alternatively use the stylus to
    With the DAS you can:-
    * Read messages found in any DAS Cards you find during your adventure.
    * Browse your inventory & read their descriptions.
    * Take, View, Superimpose photographs.
    * Save/Load your game state.
    * Activate Another I & II
    To superimpose a photograph, first select the photograph option on the
    DAS. Now that your in the view mode you will be able to flick through any
    photographs you have taken thus far. Using left and right on the D-Pad
    selects which photo you would like to choose as the bottom layer, then
    press up on the D-Pad.
    Your picture should now be on the top screen of the DAS. When the bottom
    layer has been chosen find another photograph you would like to put over
    the top of it. When you find that photograph press the A button to bring
    up two new icons. The left icon will show the photo on top of your first
    photograph, while the right icon will deleted your photo permanently. Be
    careful what you choose.
    |2.5-Misc. Tips____________/
    * You can enter 'Sleep Mode' by closing over the DS.
    * While holding down A, hold R to skip repeated dialogue quicker.
    * To slow down the cursor speed hold L when using the D-Pad.
    * There are only two save slots in the game.
    * You can hold 36 Photos. The icon will show them in 4 blocks of 9.
    * Double tap the touch screen when in search mode to examine objects.
    |3.1-Chapter 1____________/
     The Meeting with D
    Once the flyby on the boat has finished, press the chat icon twice to talk
    to Jessica. You will find out that Jessica knew your father was alive all
    along but gets hesitant to talk about your mother. Straight after you talk
    to Jessica about everything you can you will dock at Blood Edward Island.
    Richard isn't waiting for you at the docks, so Jessica decides that
    she should go have a look for him while you stay behind with the sissy
    captain (how fun). Press the chat icon on twice to talk to the Captain.
    After you chat away with the captain about the history of the Island & 
    the Edwards the strange old man will give you something to suck on... sweets!
    Grea, now Jessica has gone missing!
    Follow the path to the right until you come to a bridge. Before you stand
    on it the bridge will lift, preventing you from crossing. Search the bridge.
    You should notice a machine with a lever on the right of the bridge. Examine
    it, then examine the handle. Now use your stylus to grab the handle and
    rotate it in a clockwise direction in 2 full turns. The bridge should drop.
    Now cross it.
    Path to the Woods
    Continue forward following the path until you meet a gate with a broken
    sign to the right of it. Examine the broken sign to fix it. This is
    randomized every time, but you shouldn't need me to tell you how to do
    this. Just rotate the parts and put them into place. It’s VERY easy!
    Woooo, you fixed the sign and nowyou know where the entrance to the
    Edward's Mansion is for later reference. Keep examining the gate until
    it tells you that the keypad is missing a gear to make it work. The
    gates are locked for now, so follow the path right to a new screen. 
    Keep following the path up until you come to broken rocks then take a right.
    Enter the graveyard. Continue to the far right wall and examine the big stone
    blocking the hole in the wall. Put the stylus on the center of the big stone
    and drag it to your right. Eventually you will move it enough to uncover the
    You have now had your first encounter with D... The ghost!! Its ok though,
    he's like Casper. So do what you got to do and talk to him. The poor little
    sod can't remember a thing and it is preventing him from moving on. You will
    help him gain his memory throughout the rest of the game, so get used to his
    mind reading ways. Also, now you know why its called "Two Memories". Anyway,
    he will disappear for now when you remind him about his father. When he goes
    just walk on through that gaping hole in the wall. Follow the trail right to
    the next screen then follow the path to the left.
    Gold Mine
    When you can get no farther left you will notice to the south the rocks
    that blocked your path earlier, continue up until you come to a gold mine.
    On the far left of the mine you will see a machine that is rusted with age
    and broken. Examine the plate on the machine, Ashley will try to scrape off
    the rust but its no use you need something stronger than your fingers. 
    Leave the machine for now and go left to the cart full of rocks and
    examine the red toolbox on the ground. Take the gear. To the right
    of the cart you will see a water tower, examine it. Now examine the
    red toolbox near the water tower. Take the metal brush, now use that
    metal brush to uncover the rusty plate on the machine. Examine the machine
    then press the inventory button to use the metal brush. Now get scrubbing!
    Remember the logo that you uncovered, you will use it next.
    Now for a little backtracking, return all the way back to the gate of the
    Edward's Mansion, were you fixed the broken sign.
    Path to the Woods
    Now examine the gate until the keypad shows, then use the gear to get it
    working again. You will now have various pictures. Remember that logo from
    earlier? No!? Oh well, here is the combination. Just press the buttons I
    have circled:
     1  2 (3)
     4 (5) 6
    As far as I know the button press isn't random, and that combo should
    work. When the gates open follow the path north until you come to the
    Path to the Mansion.
    Path to the Mansion
    Follow the path north until you reach the gate to the mansion. Oh noez the
    gates closed and there is no way to open it. Pah, examine the hand on the 
    left of the gate then the empty hand on the right, make sure you examine the
    empty hand until Ashley says "Ah this must be..". Now let’s go find a sphere.
    Leave the gate and go into the room on the left. You will find Jessica's
    glasses automatically, continue in through the door.
    As soon as you enter you will be standing on a white lab coat, examine
    it. On the right hand side you should notice a little corner of a photo
    sticking out, pick it up. It's a photo of Ashley and Sayoko. Examine the
    area in the bottom left, you will see astack of books, some falling over.
    If you examine them you will find DAS card #00, pick it up. Examine the
    briefcase on the table, then pick up the document inside. Leave the table
    and look behind you, there should be 2 crates, the left one is open.
    Examine the left crate. Irons Spheres! Just what you needed. Grab any small
    iron sphere and leave the Porter's Lodge back to the gate.
    Talk to D about Franny and his father. Now that he is out of the way, use
    the iron sphere on the right 'empty' hand. This mini puzzle can be a bit
    of a pain but if you keep at it you will get it no problem. You just have
    to drag the stylus from the center of the sphere up. Hopefully this will
    throw it up to the top screen. Now you have to throw it into the empty hand.
    Once that is done, the gate will open. Now you will have your first memory
    test. You get these at the end of each chapter.
    ***Memory Test #1***
    Q: A few days ago, I got a letter from my father. Before that I believed
       that he had died when I was three. Using the letter, I tracked him to
       the island, but when we arrived, he wasn't there. The first person who
       went to look for him was...
    A: Jessica
    Q: In the past there was a wealthy family that lived on this island. But
       they died of mysterious causes, leaving the island empty. The name of
       the family was...
    A: The Edwards 
    Q: After I moved a big stone slab from a hole in the cemetery wall, I met
       a ghost named D. At first, D didn't have any memories of his life. But
       when he talked to me, he remembered something. It was...
    A: About his father
    Q: I found Jessica’s glasses by the door of the porter’s lodge. I went 
       inside the lodge looking for her. There I found a DAS card containing
       a message from Dad. I also found a briefcase in the porter's lodge.
       Inside the brief case, there was...
    A: An essay cover
    |3.2-Chapter 2____________/
     The House of Lawrence
    The game will pick up at the entrance to the Edward's Mansion, you will also
    notice D will follow you around.. get used to this. Continue forward and up
    the steps tot he door and D will start a conversation with you. D will
    remember a little more about himself and his father. Enter the mansion's
    Entry Hall by walking through the doors.
    Entry Hall
    You are in a big round room with a painting on the left and another on the
    right, in the center of the room is a statue, beyond that is a door that
    will lead into the mansion. Walk over to the door to spark off another chat
    with D. If you have the photograph of Jessica still in your DAS you will 
    show it to D, if not it will skip a little bit of the chat. When the chat
    is over examine the door, it has a keypad and you don't know the code just
    Leave the door for now and walk around to the painting on the left side of
    the room and examine it. When the painting has filled the screen you will
    notice the numbers 1 & 8 with odd symbols around it. Take a photo of it
    with your DAS then run over to the painting on the right of the room. Examine
    the other painting and take a photograph of it as well.
    Now its time for a little superimposing. Enter the DAS menu and select the
    photo icon. Place the photo of the bird facing left on the top screen then
    select the photo of the bird facing right to be imposed over it. If you
    move the overlay to the left you should notice a four leaf clover, in the
    corner. align the pictures so the clover is complete and you will see the
    numbers and their order in roman numerals. This code for the door is: 1128.
    Go and open the door with your new found code.
    Hallway #1
    Your now in Hallway 1, which is a long corridor with two doors on each side
    and a painting at the very end. Examine the painting to find that it is
    D's great grandfather, Lawrence Edward and uncover some of D's memory. Ashley
    can hear a piano playing so you best check it out. Enter the Music Room by
    taking the upper left door in the hall.
    Music Room
    Go to the north bookshelf in the room and Ashley will automatically pick up
    the essay pages. Examine the bookcase and you will see a few white books in
    the upper left shelf of the case, examine them. Examine the books closer and
    you will try to rearrange them, but you cannot do it right now as the books
    are incomplete. We will come back to it later. Before you leave the bookcase
    examine the display case to the right of it you were just at to find DAS
    Card #902. Now, leave the music room and go straight across the hall into
    the Butler's Room.
    Butler's Room
    When you enter the room head to the right were the desk is, and examine the
    desk closer. There are eight drawers, four on the left and another four on
    the right. Examine the top right drawer to find DAS Card #901. Look closer
    at the white notepad sitting on the desk. Pick up DAS Card #01. Examine the 
    notepad and you will get a new puzzle, you have to use a pencil to cover
    the page to find out what was written on the page that was ripped out. Damn,
    the lead on the pencil broke! Before you leave the desk examine the bookcase
    to the left where you will find the first of three white books. Now you have
    collected the Y Book.
    head just a little south of were you enter the room there will be two white
    sofa's and a white fireplace. Examine the fireplace closer. There is a piece
    of charcoal in the fireplace, pick it up and use the charcoal on the notepad
    in place of the pencil. All you have to do is rub the stylus all over the
    touch screen, until the words "Bill will come" appears.
    Go up the stairs until you see the three wardrobes. Open the left wardrobe to
    find the letter from Leonard Edward. Check the middle wardrobe to find the 
    Photo Album. Finally check the right wardrobe to find a scroll, the butlers
    records and a case. After reading the book examine the scroll, its the Edward
    Family tree. For future reference take a photograph of it. Now examine the
    case. You will come to a sliding puzzle.
    There are quite a few people who find these puzzles hard. I have no strategy
    for you apart from keep at it. Some people have a knack for these puzzles
    while others could spend all day.
    When you have completed the puzzle you will be given a Silver Medal. Head
    back to the Entry Hall when your done.
    Entry Hall
    Go the statue in the middle of the room and examine it. The base of it has
    a slot, for say.... a silver medal? Use the medal and the birds will drop the
    Clover Key. When you get it head back to Hallway #1.
    Hallway #1
    Examine the lower left door and use the Clover Key to unlock it. Enter the
    Golden Bird Room
    Go to the upper left of the room and follow the stairs up. You will come to a
    cabinet, examine it. Ashley will notice there is something in it. There are
    eight windows like this:
     1 2 3 4
     5 6 7 8
    Examine window 7 so Ashley will notice a glass with a key inside. Pick up the
    key. Now you have the Second Clover Key. Examine the bookcase north from the
    entrance to the room, pick up the second white book you can see. You have now
    obtained the E Book. Go to the table in the bottom right of the room and
    examine the brown briefcase beside the white dolls (remember them dolls for
    later), it used to house a gun but it is now empty. This will help jolt D's
    memory. That’s you done here, now leave the room.
    Hallway #1
    Cross the hallway to the door opposite the one you came from. The door is lock
    so use the Second Clover Key. The door still wont open! Try using the first
    Clover Key you got. Still nothing. Ahh, but if you merge the two...
    Place the bottom key on top of the upper key, make sure the teeth are facing
    in the opposite direction and that the heads of the keys form a four leaf
    clover. The keys will combine to make one. Now you have to unlock the door.
    Drag the key into the keyhole and spin it around in a clockwise direction 
    until the door unlocks. Shazam! Enter the Silver Bird Room.
    Silver Bird Room
    As you enter the room, go north to the bookcase. Examine it, and grab the
    third white book. The N book. When you get the book head to the bottom left
    of the room, you will see a rug covered in blood. Ashley will comment on it
    and D will get another piece of his memory back. Examine the fallen birdcage 
    to start a chat scene with D and to help him recover more of his memory. When
    you are done talking about men in jumpers head up the stairs to the north. 
    Beside the bed is a next and a cabinet. Examine the desk.
    Examine the red diary to find out that a page has been ripped out. When your
    back to looking at the desk examine the torn paper beside the book to get
    another piece puzzle. You know how this is done, you grab a piece and rotate
    it then put it back together with the rest of the pieces until its one again.
    When the page is back together you will find out about Henry acting odd. Leave
    the room and head back to the music room.
    Music Room
    Go to the bookcase to the north and examine the white books you where playing
    with earlier. Use one of the white books from your inventory to activate the 
    book puzzle.
    At the bottom of the books there are letters, press the books on the touch
    screen in the following order:
    E N R Y T H O
    You will notice it spells HENRYTHOMAS which are two of the Edward's. Take a 
    photo of the completed books so you can do the piano puzzle. When that’s done
    head over to the piano and use it. D will remember another bit of his past.
    Use the piano again to play the "secret melody". The books should appear on 
    the top screen while the piano keys are on the bottom screen.
    For the piano puzzle all you have to do is play the zodiac keys that 
    correspond to the order of the books. If you number the keys as
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 here is the order you need to play:
    4 5 6 5 1 5 6 5 1 6 4
    When you play the piano successfully the bookcase will shift to the right
    to uncover a secret door. Chapter 2 completed!
    ***Memory Test #2***
    Q: With D, I entered the mansion once occupied by the Edward family, in the
       hope of finding my father. In the entry hall there were two paintings and
       a bird sculpture. The key was hidden as part of the bird sculpture...
    A: Key to the Golden Bird room
    Q: In the wardrobe in the Butler's room, I discovered that Leonard, the son of
       the master of the mansion, had left the house and had two sons. Leonard
       fell ill and died young, so the master, Lawrence, gained custody of the
       boys Henry and Thomas. In preparation for their arrival, Lawrence arranged
       two special room. These two rooms were call the Golden Bird room and...
    A: The Silver Bird room
    Q: Who is D's father? D still cannot remember his name... And I still haven't
       found my dad... But I have been able to find some evidence leading me to
       him... The DAS card I got in the Butler's room said Dad was deep inside the
       mansion. And the message that was on the white notepad... The name that was
       on that note was...
    A: Bill
    Q: So in order to advance any further in this mansion I had to solve the
       puzzle with the books in the music room. In order to solve the melody
       puzzle, I found three books. There was the Y book, the N book and...
    A: The E book
    |3.3-Chapter 3____________/
     The Memory of Franny
    Hallway #2
    Welcome to chapter 3 and the 2nd hallway. As with the first hallway there
    is four doors. Two on the left another two on the right but this time instead
    of a painting at the end of the hallway there is a hidden door. Let’s get
    going though, start walking down the hall until a cut scene activates showing
    D remember his friend Franny. He mentions the art room, so let’s go there 
    first. The art room is the first door on the right.
    The Art Room
    When you enter the room you will see a small table at the very top left of
    the room. On top of the table is a DAS card and a page, examine the page.
    It is a picture Richard drew, its how he imagines Ashley looks now. Pick up
    the DAS Card #02 when you finish looking at the drawing.
    Move south to the easel and examine the drawing of Franny on it. Examine it
    closer and D will regain a little more of his memory. Take a photograph of the
    drawing for later. We are done with the art room for now, we will be back soon
    Hallway #2
    When you enter the hallway just cross the hall to the left and enter the door
    opposite the art room door.
    Henry & Marie's Bedroom
    As soon as you enter the bedroom you will see a wardrobe directly in front of
    you. Examine it to find DAS Card #904. Continue to the middle of the room 
    where the coffee table and sofa is. Examine the table and you will see a 
    sealed green bottle with something inside (make sure you examine it closely).
    You can't open it just yet, but we will be back for it.
    Walk over to the area with the two beds, if you look between them on the 
    dresser you will see four dolls on a music box, although one of them is 
    missing (examine them until Ashley mentions them). If you remember earlier 
    when you were in the Golden Bird Room there was a doll with a drum on the 
    table. Well we have to go back there. So start backtracking.
    Golden Bird Room
    Go to the bottom right of the room and look at the desk. Grab the doll that 
    has the little drum and leave. Go to the Art Room first though.
    The Art Room
    When you enter this room head north until you come across a chest and a few
    paintings on the wall. Examine the chest until it opens. There is a load of 
    items but all we need is the hammer, grab it and head back to Henry & Marie's
    Henry & Marie's Bedroom
    Go back up to the coffee table in the middle of the room and examine it. When
    you see the table on your touch screen use the Hammer and you will get to
    smash the bottle.
    This is simple enough, just keep tapping the side of the bottle with the
    stylus until it shatters. Inside the bottle you will find the Golden Bird Key 
    and a letter to Henry from Marie.
    run up to the music box with the missing doll and examine it. Use the Drummer
    Doll to put it back into its place. You will find out that it needs a key to
    make it work. We don't have that key yet, but we will be back when we get it.
    So for now, leave back into Hallway #2.
    Hallway #2
    Go to the end of the hallway were there are two vases and two candelabras.
    Examine the wall until Ashley’s says it is a dead end and D mentions that there
    are more rooms past it. We will need to know that for later. Go to Franny's
    room by entering the door to the upper left of the hallway.
    Franny's Room
    When you enter the room look to the south until you see a Teddy Bear on the
    top screen. Examine the teddy closer to make Ashley reminisce. When you’re
    done with the bear run over to Franny's bed and examine the ribbon on top of
    Go over to the desk beside the bed and examine the top drawer on the
    table to find DAS Card #903. After grabbing the card look at the sketchbook
    on the top of the desk. Open the sketchbook to see an unfinished woodprint.
    When you have finished looking at the sketchbook examine the bottom left shelf
    on the oddly shaped bookshelf (beside the desk you were looking at) to find a
    Wooden Box. Open the box to find a pair of Stamps. Look at the Sketch book 
    again, only this time use the Stamps on it.
    This puzzle had me stumped for a while and when I figured it out I could only
    smile at the very effective use of the DS. One of my favourite puzzles. If you
    look at the top screen you will see the base of a stamp while the bottom 
    screen shows the unfinished picture. What you have to do is close the DS over
    until both screens are touching in order to use the stamps. Do this twice to 
    complete the picture.
    We are done with this room for now, so leave. On the way out D will remember
    another part of his past. You will find out that Thomas is D's father.
    Hallway #2
    Cross the hall into the door opposite to enter Henry's Study.
    Henry's Study
    When you enter the room walk left a little until you see a table surrounded
    by sofa's. Examine the table then take a closer look at the picture frame.
    The image in the frames will fill both of the DS' screens. This was a puzzle
    that had me stuck for a while and it is quite a genius one too.
    When the frame is in both screens close over the DS enough so that its nearly
    closed but not on sleep mode, the reflection of the top screen should be
    showing on the bottom screen. The key will be inside the book and the shapes
    will make the letter F and the number 3.
    Leave the table alone and go south a little, there you will find a lot of
    books. Examine the bookcase closely then, using the letters at the top, check
    the shelf F3. When it does a close up on the books, examine the thickest
    book there. It has the letter 'I' on its spine. Now you have found the key
    to the Music box in Henry & Marie's Bedroom. Before you leave go over to the
    fireplace and look at the painting above it. It is a picture of angels, three
    are more coloured than the rest. The trumpet, the flute and the drum.
    Remember those for the next puzzle. Time to go to Henry & Marie's Bedroom.
    Henry & Marie's Bedroom
    Go up to the beds, examine the music box closely and use the music box key.
    Put the stylus over the key on the right and wind up the music box by dragging
    the stylus down. Now while the key is turning press the buttons under the 
    angel with the flute, the angel with the trumpet and the angel with the drums.
    Ashley will mention that she heard something move. Exit the room and head back
    into Henry's Study again. 
    Henry's Study
    The fireplace has moved revealing a hidden room. Run over and enter Henry's
    Secret Room.
    Henry's Secret Room
    This room looks like the inside of a shed. Just below the door you came
    through is a wooden box, press the search button then examine the left of the
    two crates. Inside will be a box of matches (grab them) and two photos. 
    Examine  the pictures. You will be asked to spot the differences in them. The
    differences are the candles, they are lit differently in each picture so press
    the candles with your stylus to pass this puzzle.
    Move left and you should see a a covered wooden box under a shelf. Examine
    it and you will find a baseball behind it, which you will need. When you get
    the baseball examine the suitcase on top of the shelf. You cannot reach it,
    use the baseball to knock it down. 
    This puzzle is just like earlier when you were trying to throw the iron sphere
    into the hand. You just have to put the stylus on the ball and move it upwards
    in the direction of the suitcase. After hitting it a few times it will fall to
    the floor. Look inside the suitcase and grab the shoe that once belonged to D.
    Thats us finished with this room, head back to Hallway #2.
    Hallway #2
    Go back to the end of the hallway were the candelabras are and use your
    matches on them. You have to light the candles in the same fashion as they
    were on the photo that shown the hidden door open. Light the candles I have
    circled below.
       2 (3)       6 7
    (1)     4   (5)   (8)
    Congrats you have completed chapter 3!
    ***Memory Test #3***
    Q: Whilst looking for my Dad and trying to find D's memories, we walked
       through a hallway and into the art room. There was an old drawing
       of Franny in the art room. The person who drew the picture was...
    A: Henry
    Q: There was another drawing in the art room. It had Dad's signature on it
       The drawing was of...
    A: Ashley
    Q: After I read my dad's message on the DAS card, we walked around the mansion
       looking for his research lab. In Franny's room I discovered...
    A: D's father's name
    Q: In the bookcase in Henry's study, we found a key for the music box. I
       played the music box by using the angel dolls, which triggered the
       fireplace in the study to move. We found a hidden room behind it. In the
       hidden room, there was a suitcase. Inside it we found...
    A: A shoe
    |3.4-Chapter 4____________/
     The Reunion with the Father
    Dining Room
    When you start off Chapter 4 you will be in a dining room. Run over to the
    left of the room and examine the fireplace. If you look inside the fireplace
    you will see a burnt scrap of paper, it is the burnt essay. Grab it. Go back 
    to the table and look at the bottom left corner of the table to find a news
    paper that has an article about Sayoko's murder. Read it to trigger another
    flashback. Go right from the newspaper and Ashley will pour her heart out to
    D. After D convinces you to continue, exit through the door on the right.
    As soon as you enter the lounge D will mention the static noise in the
    background. On the bar at the bottom of the room you will see a radio
    examine the radio closely to turn the noise of and to play the good
    old music you are used to in AC:TM.
    If you picture both dials as a normal clock the position you need to put
    the red marker in is: 
    Left dial 10
    Right dial 6
    That should do the trick, if not just work at it until you hear the music.
    When this is done a man will enter the room. Who is he? Is it your father?
    A short cut scene will trigger. After the short scene, talk to the man 
    standing in front of you. After you find some information and the discussion
    is over, move too the right and there will be a table half covered in a cloth.
    Examine the top of it then look closer at the lighter in the ashtray, it will
    have the initials B.E. (Bill Edwards maybe?). Exit through the door to the
    Hallway #3
    This hallway has to doors, one on the left and a locked door with a keypad on
    the right. You don’t have the code just yet so go left until you see a blue 
    painting on the wall opposite the door. Examine it until it fills the touch
    screen and take a photograph of it. Leave through the door across from the 
    painting, we will use that photo in a bit.
    To the left of you is a door down some steps and to the right is a run down
    kitchen. Before you check out the room run left, over to the door and examine
    it. It has a rope around the handle, you need to examine it to get the knife
    from the kitchen.
    Now, run over to the kitchen, but stay on the south side of the bench.
    There is nothing on the north side worth checking. Examine the refrigerator
    area in the kitchen. On the very far left of the refrigerator picture is a 
    cabinet, examine it to get a close up. Now check the drawers for DAS 
    Card #905.
    When you got the card go to the bottom right corner of the kitchen and check
    out the oven. Inside it is a Knife that we will use to cut the rope on the
    door over to the left. Before you jog over to the door check out the blood
    stained hanky on the bench. Now go to the door and use the knife on the rope.
    Drag the stylus from the top of the rope to the bottom in order to cut
    it. This is easy. Just keep at it though because it can take a little while.
    Storage Room
    Its Jessica!! Run over and talk to her to see what is going on. When you are 
    done talking to her examine the picture frame behind her, it will be covered
    in dust. When you examine it close enough for it to fill the touch screen
    blow on it to remove the dust and unveil the painting. When that’s done
    examine, and take a photo of it. Now this puzzle had me stumped for a bit.
    Enter your DAS and select the photographs icon. Scroll over to the blue
    painting took a photo of before you saw Jessica and superimpose the orange one
    on top of it. You will notice that there are two marks on the picture. Move
    the orange photo so its marks overlay the one's on the blue photo. It should
    show the numbers, 2369. That’s the code to that locked door. 
    Now that we are done here, leave the room and head to Hallway #3 and enter
    the code into the door to unlock it.
    ***Memory Test #4***
    Q: After solving the mystery of the candelabra of the last hallway we went
       into the dining room. In the fireplace, we found...
    A: The burnt essay
    Q: In the old newspaper that I found on the dining table, there was an article
       about the murder of my mother. After reading it, I remembered the night
       when my Mum was killed... My recurring nightmare is of the night she died.
       The chief murder suspect named in the article was...
    A: Richard
    Q: I asked my dad about the things that were written in the article. I asked
       him who murdered Mum. He replied...
    A: He didn't kill Sayoko
    Q: After waiting for Dad for a while, I went off to look for him. I headed to
       the back of the mansion. The doors between the kitchen and storage room
       were tied shut. What did I use to open the doors to the storage room?
    A: A rusty knife
    Q: Though Jessica was out of sorts and exhausted, she was fine. I was relieved
       to find her. Who did this to her? It was...
    A: Bill
    |3.5-Chapter 5____________/
     The Second Another
    Hallway #4
    Yep another hallway. There are two doorways now, on the right and a locked
    one to the north. Enter the door on the right.
    Lawrence’s Room
    At the top of the room is a painting of three men above a fireplace, examine
    the painting and each person on it to regain a little more of D's memory.
    When you have done that examine the bookcase to the right of the fireplace to
    get DAS Card #906.
    Go down to the desk at the right of the room and examine the metal object on
    the small table. It will bring up a new puzzle, you have to spin the zoetrope
    in other to see moving pictures. After spinning it for a while you will
    realize it doesn't work, you need special paper. Leave the zoetrope and get
    ready for a little backtracking. You need to return to the Art Room which is 
    in Hallway #2. Once you are back there check the chest that you took the
    hammer from earlier and pick up the reel of paper.
    Once you are back to Lawrence's Room use the paper on the zoetrope. Spin it
    again and you will see the moving pictures. To spin it you need to place
    the stylus on the right of the zoetrope and slide it to the right, do this 
    repeatedly and quickly to see the pictures. (Make sure that you open the
    picture to its full limit for it to register with Ashley)
    You will see a hummingbird fly from flower to flower in a tree, you need to
    remember its pattern to pass a puzzle soon. Now that we have finished with
    the zoetrope you need to examine the desk beside it. The drawer will be locked
    use the Golden Bird Key to unlock it and read the diary.
    Head down to the bottom of the room and run past the bed until Ashley mentions
    that she hears a noise. Beside the bed will be a nightstand with a lamp
    on it. Look at the night stand to find the will. Read it then examine the
    painting on the wall beside the white sofa beside the bed to activate a
    You have to press the flowers on the tree in the order the bird did.
    Here is the flowers below and the order in which to press them:
    3       1
    5       x
    X is the flower you don’t use. Once you pass that the painting will open and
    uncover a hidden room.
    Hidden Room
    You will find a guy lying on the floor of the room, keep pressing his face
    in order to wake him up. Before you talk to him offer him a sweet in order
    to get the chocolate. Now you can talk to him and find out who the heck he is.
    After you talk to him he will run off and leave you, ignore that for now and
    examine the typewriter that was behind him. You will see a letter, read that.
    When that’s done run over the right and look search the safe area. On top
    of a suitcase is a letter. Read that and then examine the inside of the safe
    to see the account book. Exit the room and head back to Hallway #4.
    Hallway #4
    The door to the north is now open, that man must have come this way. Follow
    him on through.
    Research Lab
    You will be confronted with a locked door here. Look at the door and examine
    the window more closely. This puzzle was a little confusing to me at first
    but its really simple. When the window takes up the top screen blow on the 
    mic to make the numbers for the keypad appear. The code for the door is
    58198 31220, unlock the door and enter the research lab.
    You will be locked in here, look at the left side of the room to see a row
    of file cabinets. In the first one is a file with the Another Report. Grab it
    and examine the shelf above the filing cabinet you found the report in. You
    will get the DAS Card #908. 
    To the bottom right of the room you will notice a very large book case beside
    a smaller one. Examine the small book case to get DAS Card #907. Now examine
    the bear and the photograph beside it, on the photo you will have to look
    at each person on it to recover your memory.
    Go to the top of the room and search the computer desk. Beside the monitor is
    a small photograph, examine it then look at the man, the baby and the woman.
    DAS Card #991 (White) will appear from the bottom of the photo frame when you
    examine Sayoko. Now examine the monitor screen. Click on all the icons on the
    computer to gain all the information you need. When that’s done with run down
    and examine that teddy bear you looked at earlier again to find the last DAS
    Card #992 (Red) in its back. Once you have it run up to the doubles doors
    at the top of the room, they will open automatically.
    Head to the end of the huge empty room. When you reach the end, look at the
    keypad on the left. It will require two codes, both these codes are mentioned
    on DAS Card #991 and #992. The codes are:
    Once they are entered into the console the door will open and you will finally
    see the invention known as 'Another'. Run up to it and talk to your Dad. 
    After you have discussed everything run to the top of the room until Ashley
    talks to herself. Time for some questions.
    D's Questions
    Q: Ashley what are you going to do? Do you want to know the truth? The
       truth about your mother and father?
    A: I want to know the truth
    Q: Ashley... Do you think your father killed your mother? 
    A: No, he didn't kill her
    Research Lab
    Run over to your father to talk to him again. He will jump into another and
    leave you to activate it. Use your white DAS card first to view Richards
    current memory. When that’s finished, use the red DAS card to recover the true
    memory. This is the end of Chapter 5.
    ***Memory Test #5***
    Q: I went into the back of the mansion looking for Dad. I couldn't find him in
       the hallway, so I went into Lawrence's room. Inside, I found Lawrence's
       dairy and his will. I also found a portrait of...
    A: Three men 
    Q: We solved the mystery of the zoetrope and pressed the switch hidden in
       the painting of the tree. The painting led to a hidden room. The person
       on the floor of the hidden room was...
    A: Richard
    Q: When I met Dad in the hidden room there was a flurry of confusion. I had
       thought that Bill was my dad. I was disturbed to learn that Dad was at 
       the scene of my mother's death. In the confusion, Dad left, leaving me to
       find Henry's last letter on the typewriter. It was addressed to...
    A: Franny
    Q: D and I went into the lab to look for my dad. There I found the DAS cards
       that stored the activation codes for Another, and used them to recover
       Dad's memory. We discovered that his current memory was false. This false
       memory had been implanted in him. Shortly afterwards, we heard a voice
       coming from a speaker. The voice belonged to... 
    A: Bill
    |3.6-Chapter 6____________/
     The Memory of the Right Hand
    Ok the DAS is gone and you have lost everything in your inventory. If you
    are looking to save your game you will have to go back and examine Another.
    You are in a sort of tower, so start running down the stairs to the ground
    level. Exit the doors to enter the cave.
    You can't get lost here, just keep following the path until you find D's 
    second shoe. Follow the path to the very end and you will see Bill standing at
    the edge of a cliff. After a long chat bill will pull a gun out on Richard
    then you will be presented with another question session.
    Bill's Questions
    Q: Just out of curiosity, the night your mother died... What happened when you
       where with her?
    A: Someone came in
    Q: Sayoko realized that someone was in the house. What happened then?
    A: She hid me in the wardrobe
    Q: With your father in mind, try to recall what happened that night. Ashley,
       when you were hiding in the wardrobe, what happened?
    A: I heard Mum's voice
    Q: What did Sayoko say? What did you hear?
    A: "You can't have Another!"
    Q: Did you hear something after you heard your mum's voice?
    A: I heard a gunshot
    Q: When you looked out of the wardrobe, who did you see?
    A: Bill
    Bill will fall off the edge of the cliff. Apparently if you have uncovered
    enough of D's past through the game you will get an alternate scene were
    you find out how he died, but I haven't got it yet. If I figure out what I
    am missing I will edit this FAQ. If anyone knows what I am missing please
    email me with details on how to get it. 
    When the talking is finished cross the bridge and follow the path out the
    back of the cave
     The Miracle of the Blue Moon
    Welcome to the end of the game. Run to the top right of the beach to talk to
    the captain. D will run away. After your done talking go to the south of the
    captain to find Richard and Jessica. Talk to them. When they call it quits
    with the yaking run to the top left of the beach to talk to D. If you got the
    alternate scene earlier were you find out how he died he will cross over in
    peace to the afterlife. If not then he will be stuck among the living
    forever. Oh well, at least you tried :P
    Once D disappears you will have to go to Jessica and Richard once more, talk
    to them to finish the game. Congratulations, you are DONE!
    Note: At the end of the credits you will see a cake, blow out the candles
    by blowing into the mic to be able to save. This will allow you to play the
    game again but with some features changed.
    |4.1-Item List____________/
    Below is a description of all the items in AC:TM and where to find them.
    Item Name   : Sweets
    Description : Got these from the captain. Strawberry and lemon flavour,
                  and caramels. Y-U-M-M-Y!
    Use         : Offer it to Richard to receive a Chocolate
    Location    : Captain [Dock]
    Item Name   : Chocolate
    Description : From the man in the hidden room.
    Use         : -none-
    Location    : Given in return for giving Richard a sweet, [Hidden Room]
    Item Name   : Metal Brush
    Description : Found in toolbox by the mine. The brush is old but usable.
    Use         : To scrape the rust of the rusty sign
    Location    : On cart beside water tower [Mine Entrance]
    Item Name   : Gear
    Description : Found in a toolbox at the entrance to the mine.
    Use         : To make the gate keypad operate again
    Location    : In red toolbox by the cart full of rocks [Mine Entrance]
    Item Name   : Glasses
    Description : These were by the door of the porters lodge. Jessica's glasses.
    Use         : -none-
    Location    : On the ground outside the Porters Lodge [Path to the Mansion]
    Item Name   : Essay Cover
    Description : Found in the breifcase left in the porter's lodge. There are
                  names on it.
    Use         : -none-
    Location    : In the briefcase on the table [Porter's Lodge]
    Item Name   : Sayoko's Photo
    Description : I found a photo of my mum in a lab coat in the porter's lodge.
                  I'll never forget her now...
    Use         : -none-
    Location    : Lab coat pocket [Porter's Lodge]
    Item Name   : Iron Sphere
    Description : Found in the porter's lodge. It's a bit heavy for me.
    Use         : To open the gate to the mansion.
    Location    : In open crate [Porters Lodge]
    Item Name   : Clover Key
    Description : It was hidden in the bird statue in the entry hall.
    Use         : To unlock the Golden Bird Room door.
    Location    : Bird Statue [Entry Hall]
    Item Name   : Second Clover Key
    Description : Found in the glass in the Golden Bird room.
    Use         : Combined with the Clover Key it unlocks the Silver Bird Room.
    Location    : In the Golden Bird glass inside the cabinet [Golden Bird Room]
    Item Name   : Silver Medal
    Description : Found in the puzzle in the butler's wardrobe. It was tough...
    Use         : To get the Clover Key from the bird statue.
    Location    : In the case with the sliding puzzle [Butler's Room]
    Item Name   : Charcoal
    Description : Found in the butler's room fireplace. What can I use it for?
    Use         : To uncover the message missing from the notepad
    Location    : Inside the white fireplace beside 2 sofa's [Butler's Room]
    Item Name   : Essay Pages
    Description : Found on the floor of the music room. Who dropped them?
    Use         : -none-
    Location    : On the floor in front of the bookcase [Music Room]
    Item Name   : Y Book
    Description : Found in the butler's room. It looks like the books in the 
                  music room.
    Use         : To unlock the code for the piano puzzle 
    Location    : Found in the bookcase beside the desk [Butler's Room]
    Item Name   : E Book
    Description : Found in the Golden Bird room. It looks like the books in the
                  music room.
    Use         : To unlock the code for the piano puzzle 
    Location    : In the bookcase north of the door [Golden Bird Room]
    Item Name   : N Book
    Description : Found in the silver Bird room. It looks like the books in the
                  music room.
    Use         : To unlock the code for the piano puzzle 
    Location    : This books in the bookcase north of the door [Silver Bird Room]
    Item Name   : Hammer
    Description : Found in the chest in the art room. I bet I can break anything
                  with this.
    Use         : To smash the green bottle
    Location    : Found in the chest beside the door [The Art Room]
    Item Name   : Golden Bird Key
    Description : Found in the bottle in Henry's & Marie's bedroom. What is it
    Use         : Used to unlock a drawer in Lawrence's Room
    Location    : In the green bottle on the table [Henry & Marie's Bedroom]
    Item Name   : Stamps
    Description : I found these in Franny's room. Woodprinting is new to me.
    Use         : To complete the woodprinting in Franny's room.
    Location    : In a wooden box on a shelf of the bookcase [Frannys Room]
    Item Name   : Drummer doll
    Description : I found this weird doll in the Golden Bird Room.
    Use         : To complete the music box
    Location    : On the desk with the empty gun case [Golden Bird Room]
    Item Name   : Key
    Description : I found this key in a book in Henry's study.
    Use         : To wind up the music box
    Location    : Inside a book on shelf F3 of the bookcase [Henry's Study]
    Item Name   : Matches
    Description : Found in the secret room in Henry's study. They look old but
                  they still seem to work.
    Use         : To light the candles beside the hidden door in Hallway #2
    Location    : The left crate beside the door [Henry's Secret Room]
    Item Name   : Baseball
    Description : Found in the secret room in Henry's study. It'd be great to
                  play catch with D.
    Use         : To knock down the suitcase in the secret room.
    Location    : Behind the crate under the shelf [Henry's Secret Room]
    Item Name   : D's shoe
    Description : Found in the suitcase in Henry's secret room. Only one of his
                  shoes was in there.
    Use         : -none-
    Location    : Inside the suitcase on top of the shelf [Henry's Secret Room]
    Item Name   : Burnt essay
    Description : Found in the dining room fireplace.
    Use         : -none-
    Location    : Inside the fireplace [Dining Room]
    Item Name   : Lighter
    Description : Found in the lounge. It has the initials B.E. engraved into it.
    Use         : -none-
    Location    : On the table half covered in cloth [Lounge]
    Item Name   : Rusty knife
    Description : Found in the kitchens oven.
    Use         : To cut the rope on the door to the storage room
    Location    : In the oven [Kitchen]
    Item Name   : Zoetrope paper
    Description : Found in the art room.
    Use         : To view the animation in the zoetrope
    Location    : In the chest alongside the hammer [Art Room]
    Item Name   : Another report
    Description : Left in the lab.
    Use         : -none-
    Location    : In the file found in the filing cabinet [Research Lab]
    Item Name   : Teddy bear
    Description : ???
    Use         : ???
    Location    : ???
    Item Name   : White DAS card
    Description : Found in the photo frame in the lab.
    Use         : To activate Another I
    Location    : Inside the frame with the photo of Sayoko [Research Lab]
    Item Name   : Red DAS card
    Description : Hidden in the teddy bear in the lab.
    Use         : To activate Another II
    Location    : Inside the teddy bear on the bookcase [Research Lab]
    Item Name   : D's other shoe
    Description : Found in the cave.
    Use         : -none-
    Location    : On the ground on your way to meet Bill [Cave]
    |4.2-DAS Card List________/
    Card #      : 00
    Location    : Beside some books next to the briefcase [Porter's Lodge]
    Card #      : 01
    Location    : Next to the notepad on the desk [Butler's Room]
    Card #      : 02
    Location    : On the desk, beside the drawing of Ashley [The Art Room]
    Card #      : 991
    Location    : Hidden in the photograph on the desk [Research Lab]
    Card #      : 992
    Location    : Back of the teddy bear on the bookcase [Research Lab]
    Card #      : 901
    Location    : Top right drawer in desk [Butler's Room]
    Card #      : 902
    Location    : Cabinet by the bookcase [Music Room]
    Card #      : 903
    Location    : In the right hand drawer of the desk [Franny's Room]
    Card #      : 904
    Location    : In the wardrobe as you enter the room [Henry & Marie's Bedroom]
    Card #      : 905
    Location    : Second drawer of the cabinet [Kitchen]
    Card #      : 906
    Location    : On the bookshelf [Lawrence's Room]
    Card #      : 907
    Location    : A shelf on the bookcase to the right of the teddy [Research Lab]
    Card #      : 908
    Location    : Drawer above the File Cabinet with Folder [Research Lab]
    |4.3-Alternate DAS Cards__/
    If you start a new game from a cleared save file (starred game) then most of
    the DAS cards you find contain different text from the first play through.
    They are 'Richard's Report' and about the Edwards family rather than
    'Richard's Memo' which was about him living in the mansion. Although they
    have different text, the cards are all found in the same places as before.
    Below is the alternative text...
    Card #      : 901
    Report      : Richard’s Report: Here’s what I’ve gathered about the Edward 
                  family by looking around the mansion. Lawrence Edward, the
                  founder of the Edward Company, lived a life of hardship and 
                  poverty before he found success in mining. He trusted no one
                  and valued money above all else in life. He built this mansion 
                  as a symbol of his success. But because of his suspicious
                  nature, he rigged the mansion with traps and secret rooms of 
                  all kinds to keep strangers out. Well's, the butler, was a
                  confidante of the Edward family, so I assume he knew how to
                  negotiate all of the puzzles throughout the mansion.
    Card #      : 902
    Report      : Richard’s Report: I discovered that Lawrence had one child, a
                  son named Leonard. An aspiring musician, Leonard hated 
                  Lawrence's plans for him. Leonard refused to take over the
                  family business, and left home. Soon afterward, he married a
                  woman named Sally, A woman he met at a bar. Lawrence didn't
                  approve of the marriage so he disowned his son. Years later,
                  Leonard sent his father a letter of reconciliation, but it was
                  too late. Father and son never met again. I could find no record
                  in the mansion of what happened to Leonard's wife Sally.
    Card #      : 903
    Report      : Richard’s Report: Lawrence had a grandson named Henry. His wife
                  was called Marie, and their daughter was called Franny. I 
                  believe it was Marie who arranged the graves for Henry and
                  Thomas in the cemetery in the woods. She also left a stone 
                  monument to remember Daniel, Thomas' son. I assume that after
                  Henry died, this island and the mansion was left to Henry's 
                  daughter, Franny. But even if my speculations are correct, I’m
                  not sure exactly what has happened since then... It is unclear
                  to me how Bill came to inherit the estate.
    Card #      : 904
    Report      : Richard’s Report: About Henry's paintings. Henry painted the
                  portrait of Lawrence and the portrait of the two boys with his
                  right hand, before the war. He did the sketch of Franny and the
                  portrait of the three men after the war. It's interesting to see
                  ho his technique changed after losing his dominant hand
    Card #      : 905
    Report      : Richard’s Report: In his short life, Thomas was an aspiring
                  writer. He published a few short stories and one 
                  autobiographical novel based on his experiences in the war.
                  Unfortunately the critics were not too kind to him. Most of his
                  work is out of print.  Note: Thomas also wrote some mystery 
                  novels under the pen name, David Shields. I should try and find
                  some of them.
    Card #      : 906
    Report      : Richard’s Report: I've done some more investigating about the
                  life of Thomas. Thomas married his childhood sweetheart, Jane
                  White. After Thomas came back from the war, she died of an
                  illness. Thomas was left alone to raise their son, Daniel, on
                  his own, yet more misfortune followed when Daniel was diagnosed
                  with a heart condition. Thomas had problems paying the medical
    Card #      : 907
    Report      : Richard’s Report: Its been a while since Bill offered this 
                  mansion for my research. I've always questioned how he came to
                  own this place. Bill said he inherited the island and the
                  mansion from his mother. Apparently she died in 1994. But he 
                  never talks about her much. The only thing he told me was that
                  she refused to set foot in "this cursed mansion", as she 
                  referred to it. If I knew who Bills mother was, the relationship
                  between him and the Edward family would be clear. But to this
                  day Bill refuses to talk about his mother.
    Card #      : 908
    Report      : Richard’s Report: Bill visits me every few months to hear about
                  my progress. When he visits this mansion, he often acts 
                  strangely. When his right hand touches some of the furniture 
                  with the golden bird designs, he sometimes recoils as if he had
                  been electrocuted. It’s all very peculiar. Oddly enough Bill 
                  doesn't even notice himself recoiling, and looks at me very 
                  strangely when I mention it to him.
    After you complete the game the first time around you can save again by
    blowing out the candles at the end of the credits.
    The bird on the zoetrope is replaced with a ninja on a starred game.
    Richard says he doesn't smoke if you offer him the lighter.
    During a play through on a starred game the DAS cards will have different
    text on them.
                             5.0-Important Information
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    possibly can. 
    |5.3-Special Thanks_______/
    For making GameFAQS.com and giving a place for use game fans to
    talk about our favorite games and somewhere to host this FAQ.
    GameFAQ's AC:TM Board
    Ampharos64, Gentleben and the rest of the board for bringing a few hidden
    parts of the game to my attention.
    For bringing out an amazing handheld system. Viva la DS.
    For creating a game so good it made me want to make my first FAQ.
    For reading this FAQ makes all the typing worthwhile. Thanks for using my 

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