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    FAQ/Walkthrough by neeker

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/08/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Trace Memory for Nintendo DS (US Version)
    FAQ/Walkthrough (version 1.0)
    By: neeker
    This walkthrough can be posted on GameFAQs.com, Neoseeker.com and its 
    associates only, unless authorized by me. You may contact me at 
    lestor_wong at yahoo.com for this purpose.
    Also, please note that, as with most gaming guides:
    1. First Things First
    2. Characters
    3. Controls
    4. Getting Started
    5. Chapter One: Ghost Memories
    6. Chapter Two: The House of Edward
    7. Chapter Three: The Memory of Frannie
    8. Chapter Four: Family Reunion
    9. Chapter Five: Retraced Steps
    10. Chapter Six: Buried Truths
    11. Epilogue: The Mircale of the Blue Moon
    12. Conclusion
    Appendix 1: Version history
    Appendix 2: FAQs
    Appendix 2: Credits 
    Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on GameFAQ.com/ GameSpot.com by the 
    username "neeker". This is my sixth walkthrough. Feedback can be 
    directed to lestor_wong at yahoo.com.
    This guide consists of a walkthrough the Nintendo DS adventure game 
    "Trace Memory". It's written based on the US version of the game, 
    which was released on 9.26.05. 
    This section lists the early characters that appear in this game. 
    The information is (mostly) taken from the instruction manual of the 
    1. Ashley Mizuki Robbins
    Our heroine. Ashley is a curious and independent 13-year-old-going-on-14
    girl looking for the truth of her parents' disappearance. She has been 
    having a recurring nightmare that haunts her, and she knows that it 
    has something to do with the truth that she searches. A message from 
    her long-lost father brought her to Blood Edward Island, where the 
    adventure begins.
    2. Richard Robbins
    Ashley's father. A scientist who was researching on human memories at 
    a governmental laboratory with his wife, Sayoko, when the two of them 
    disappeared. He contacts Ashley 10 years later to meet him at Blood 
    Edward Island. He's also the creator of the DTS, a small machine that 
    he sent Ashley for her birthday.
    3. Sayoko Robbins
    Ashley's mother. A scientist from Japan who came to the US to research 
    on human memories at the same governmental laboratory as Richard.
    4. Jessica Robbins
    Richard's younger sister. A high-school chemistry teacher. She was 
    entrusted with the care of Ashley. Jessica is a kind and generous 
    woman, but she seems to be hiding some secrets regarding Richard's and 
    Sayoko's disappearance.
    5. Captain
    The captain of the small ship that takes Ashley and Jessica to Blood 
    Edward Island. He's a warm-hearted person, and is always ready to 
    6. D
    The ghost of a boy who died 57 years old on Blood Edward Island. He 
    lost all his memories. He meets Ashley when she's searching for Jessica 
    and Richard, and the two join up to find answers for both their 
    This section lists that controls for this game. Again, the information 
    is mostly taken from the manual.
    A: Examine/ Speak/ Confirm item selection/ Continue a conversation or 
    message/ Speed up a conversation or message
    B: Return to previous screen/ Cancel selection.
    X: Open inventory.
    Y: --
    L: Rotate DTS photo.
    R: Take DTS photo/ Rotate DTS photo.
    D-Pad: Move Ashley/ Move cursor/ Scroll through menus
    Start: Open the DTS for pausing/ saving the game and checking 
    items/ photos.
    Select: --
    You can actually use the stylus for all these functions, but using it 
    to move Ashley around is quite clumsy, so I'd suggest you use the D-pad 
    for moving her instead. Apart from the above basic functions, the stylus 
    is also used for the following:
    Dragging: Drag an item from one location to another.
    Turning: Rotate certain items, like switches, dials, etc.
    Scraping: Remove deposits on signs by scraping away age-old rust.
    You'll also need to make use of the mic for solving some puzzles. This 
    is done by blowing into the mic.
    Some stuff you may like to know before you begin your adventure:
    When you're is moving, the touch screen displays an aerial map view of 
    her movements. The top screen shows the backdrop of your current 
    location. When she stands somewhere you can examine, a magnifying 
    glass icon appears. Touch this icon to investigate the surroundings.
    The DTS icon also appears whenever you're in the map screen, that is, 
    whenever you're moving. Touch it to open the DTS.
    This appears when you tap a character on the search screen or place 
    the cursor over the character and press the chat icon (which shows 
    two persons talking). The conversation will happen on the top screen, 
    while you can speed up the process by tapping the touch screen, or 
    choose what you want to talk about by selecting the conversation 
    options. Touch the inverted inverted "U arrow" to go back to the 
    previous screen.
    By touching the various icons on the search screen, you can do things 
    like take photos and use the items you've collected. To examine 
    something, simply point to the object and double-tap it. You can also 
    point to the object and click on the magnifying glass icon to examine 
    In this screen, you can view your items list, the photos you've taken, 
    view your DTS messages and save your game. Towards the end of the 
    game, you can activate the memories of Richard using an initially 
    locked icon in this screen.
    As you play through the game, you'll pick up DTS Cards that contain 
    messages from Richard. These include his direct messages to you, and 
    journals that he wrote all these years. To read the contents, click 
    the "DTS" icon in the DTS Screen.
    You can take photos of just about anything and view them by pressing 
    the "photos" icon in the DTS Screen. You can also superimpose photos 
    to solve some puzzles that you encounter during the game. There're 
    two puzzles in the game that make superimposing photos compulsory.
    Whatever you pick up in the game will be included in your items list. 
    Expendables that are used to solve puzzles will be discarded. 
    You can save at anytime during the game, as long as the DTS icon 
    appears on the map screen. You'll restart from where you last saved.
    Watch through the painfully long introduction before you finally find 
    yourself in control. Your first task is to talk to Jessica. Go through 
    all available conversations with her. The talk basically gives you 
    the background of this game. During this process, you'll also 
    accidentally take a photo of Jessica. 
    NOTE: You can take up to 36 photos in your DTS. Photo-taking is 
    compulsory for solving some puzzles.
    After you finished talking to Jessica, go back to the main screen to 
    find the captain informing you two that you're arrived at the dock.
    NOTE: When you reach the dock, you can save your game at anytime by 
    pressing the start button to open the DTS, then selecting the save 
    game icon.
    Strangely, your father isn't at the dock. You begin to kick a tantrum, 
    and refuses Jessica's request to go look for him together. She'll then 
    decide to look for him herself, while you stay at the dock for a 
    conversation with the captain. 
    Talk to the captain, and he'll give you some information about this 
    island, etc. After you finish talking to him, return to the main 
    screen, and he'll tell you that Jessica has been gone for too long. 
    He volunteers to go find her, but you insist to do it yourself. He'll 
    then pass you some candies.
    Candies added to your items list.
    NOTE: From now on, you can move around the island. Try using the D-pad 
    to walk around the area if you want.
    Walk straight, then turn slightly to the right to reach a bridge. This 
    bridge leads to the island. From here, you'll suddenly hear a scream 
    from Jessica. Before you know it, the bridge is raised. You'll need to 
    find a way to lower it so that you can get to the other side. 
    Examine the area around the bridge. You should find a machine on the 
    right side, just before the bridge. Examine it to find that it 
    actually has a handle. Examine the handle now to go into a close-up of 
    the machine.
    NOTE: To examine the area, walk around the area near the bridge until 
    the magnifying glass icon on the top right corner of the bottom screen 
    lights up. When this icon lights up, it means that you can examine the 
    This is your first puzzle of the game, and it's really quite easy. 
    Point your stylus to the handle, hold, and turn the handle in a 
    clockwise direction. You'll need to turn it two full rounds before you 
    can hear a jingle.
    NOTE: When you're solving a puzzle, this jingle tells you that you've 
    successfully solved it.
    Walk across the bridge now to reach a new area.
    Follow the path until you find a stone marker. Examine it to find that 
    it says:
    "Property of the Edward Family".
    NOTE: When I mention to examine something, just do so, even if it may 
    seems to bring no impact. This is especially so if you're intending to 
    get the "good" ending for the game. I don't know which of these 
    examinations form the group that triggers the "good" ending, but I've 
    played through this game twice without getting it, and only got it on 
    the third time when I literally examined everything, and I mean, 
    Continue walking on the path until you reach a gate. A sign is just to 
    the right of it. Examine the sign to find that it's broken. This will 
    result in an opportunity for you to fix it. Fix it by pointing on the 
    broken pieces, and using the rotate left or right icons on the screen. 
    Once you're sure the direction of a piece is correct, drag it towards 
    the center piece to combine it. The end result of this is that you'll 
    get a sign that says:
                            |      The           |
                            |  <--   Edward's    |
                            |          Mansion   |
    Now, examine the gate until you can find a lock on it. There're 
    buttons on the lock, but you seem to be missing a gear to unlock it. 
    Come back later when you find a gear.
    Since you can't enter into the gate at this moment, take a right turn 
    instead and follow the path until you reach a new area.
    Continue on the path until you find yourself blocked by a wall of 
    rocks. Turn right to go into the cemetery.
    Before going anywhere else, go to the lower part of this area to find 
    two graves. Examine them to find they belong to two men called Henry 
    and Thomas. Examine these two graves in close, separately.
    Walk all the way to the right until you're blocked by a wall. On this 
    wall is a stone slab, which blocks a hole in the wall. Fortunately, 
    you've done some training in your days, and you're fit enough to move 
    it away. Do so by pointing your stylus to the center of the stone 
    slab, then drag it to the right. Drag it until your hear the "success" 
    As the stone slab falls, you'll notice on the back of it is the word 
    "D". Before you know it, D will appear. He's a ghost, by the way. Talk 
    to him anyway.
    It seems that D can read your mind, which is kinda spooky. Go through 
    the rest of the conversational options so that you can get to know 
    him a little better. Go back to the main screen after that, and he'll 
    ask you to help him recover his memories. You'll refuse, and will 
    inform D that you're looking for your father. The word "father" seems 
    to trigger some of his bad memories, and he soon disappear. Now is the 
    time to walk past the hole in the wall. 
    Continue on the path until you reach a new area.
    Go left until you can't anymore, then head up until you reach into 
    yet another new area - the gold mine. 
    To the left of the mine is an old machine. Examine it to find that 
    it's totally rusted. There's a plate on the machine, but you can't 
    read anything on it. Try scraping off the rust, but you'll only end up 
    hurting your fingers. Looks like you'll need 
    something stronger.
    Go to the right of the mine to find a water tower. Examine the area to 
    find a red tool box near the tower. Inside it is a metal brush. 
    Examine the brush to pick it up. 
    Metal brush added to your items list.
    Now, go back to the plate on the old machine. Point to the plate, then 
    click the items icon to select the metal brush. Now, examine the 
    plate, and you'll be able to scrape off the rust by scraping your 
    stylus on the screen. It takes a while though, so have some patience.
    You'll see this message on the plate:
    "All gold found in this mine belongs to the Edward Company. Anyone 
    caught stealing gold will be severly punished."
    Beside the message is a logo of the Edgward Company. Remember this 
    logo since you'll need it later.
    Near to this machine, just beside a cart of rocks, you can find another 
    red tool box on the ground. Examine it to find a gear. You'll pick 
    this up for that lock on the gate you saw earlier. 
    Gear added to your items list.
    Now, go back to the gate.
    Use the gear on the lock. It works, but now you'll need the code. 
    Remember the logo you saw on the plate at the gold mine? Ok, never 
    mind. Just press the two buttons on the lock as stated below (in any 
                             ( )  ( )  (X)
                             ( )  (X)  ( )
    This will form the logo on the lock, which opens the gate. 
    Enter the gate and walk forward until you enter into a new area.
    Go forward, and you'll reach the mansion. The gate is locked though, 
    and you've nothing to unlock it. The left side of the gate has a hand 
    sculpture. Examine it to find that the hand is holding a sphere. The 
    right side of the gate also has a hand sculpture, but it's holding 
    nothing. Examine the hand until you say "This must be...". It seems 
    that you'll need to find some sort of sphere to place into this empty 
    Now, walk slightly down, then turn left to find a lodge. Walk towards 
    it, and you'll find that the door has a crack, which you can enter 
    through. You'll also find Jessica's glasses on the ground near the 
    Eyeglasses added to your items list.
    Walk into the lodge. You'll find yourself standing on a white lab 
    coat. Examine the coat to find that a piece of paper seems to be 
    underneath it. Examine that paper, and you'll find that it's actually 
    a photo - a photo of mom and you!
    Photo of mom added to your items list.
    Now, examine the bottom left area of this room. Examine the fallen 
    books on the desk, and you should find a DTS card. 
    DTS Card 00 added to your items list. 
    Read the message of the card, and you'll find that your father is 
    waiting for you in the mansion past the gate.
    Now, examine the briefcase, then examine the paper inside it. The 
    paper says:
    "Trace Findings. Authors: Richard Robbins, Sayoko Robbins."
    Paper cover added to your items list.
    Go to the top left corner of this room to find two crates. Examine the 
    left crate to find some iron spheres. Pick up a small one - the big 
    ones are just too heavy for you. 
    Iron sphere added to your items list.
    Leave the room now. 
    You'll find D outside right away. Talk to him to find out that he has 
    regain some memories.
    Now, examine the gate again for the hand sculpture on the right side. 
    Equip the iron sphere. You'll need to "throw" the sphere up so that it 
    lands onto the hand. Do so by dragging the sphere to the top of the 
    lower screen, then look at the top screen and hope that the sphere 
    falls nicely onto the hand. This is quite a frustrating puzzle to do, 
    but with some practice, you should be able to handle it. 
    Once you're successful, the gate will be unlocked. This leads to the 
    end of the chapter. 
    At the end of each chapter, you'll need to do some sort of quiz to 
    refresh your memory. The purpose is to heed the captain's earlier 
    advice to "repeat important things in your mid so that you wouldn't 
    forget". Here's the first one - please note that I'll only list the 
    answers to them because I'm too lazy to type all the questions (!):
    1. Jessica.
    2: Edward.
    3. Henry and Thomas
    4: His father.
    5: The cover of a research paper.
    NOTE: The questions are presented in a multiple choice format. Simply 
    touch the correct answer to proceed to the next one.
    You'll begin at the entrace to Edward Mansion. Go forward until you 
    reach a flight of stairs. Go up to find a door. This is when D will 
    talk to you again. He mentions someone called "Wells", so talk to him 
    about this person. He also remembers visiting this mansion with his 
    father. Ask about this visit as well.
    After you finished talking, examine the door to find that it's 
    unlocked. Walk through it to reach the foyer.
    The foyer is a big, round room that has a broken statue in the middle, 
    as well as a door at the end. To the sides of this room are two 
    paintings. Walk past the statue, and D will talk to you, again. This 
    guy sure likes to talk. Anyway, he'll ask about Jessica", and you'll 
    show him the photo of her. 
    Once you finish talking, examine the door to find a keypad. Examine 
    the keypad, and you'll find that you need a four-digit code to unlock 
    Walk to the painting on the left and examine it. Once you get a 
    close-up on the painting, take a photo of it. It shows a bird facing 
    to the right, and two leaves on the right that says "1" and "8". 
    Now, walk to the painting on the right and examine it. Repeat the 
    process to take a photo of it. This shows a bird facing the left, 
    and two leaves on the left that says "1" and "2".
    For these two paintings, examine them in close until D tells you 
    something about the hummingbirds and the secret of the painting. Talk 
    to him about whatever topics that arise now.
    Open to DTS now, and click on the photo icon. Find any one of these 
    photos, and move it to the upper screen of your DS by pressing the 
    icon above the photo.
    Find the other photo now, and click on it. You'll notice two icons 
    appearing below it. The left one is the "overlap" icon, while the 
    right one is "delete" icon. Click on overlap, and the second picture 
    will be super-imposed onto the upper screen. 
    Now, use your D-pad to move the photo left or right until the leaves 
    intersect. Your should now see a cluster of four leaves, like below:
                                 --\ /--
                                ( 1 | 1 )
                                 --- ---
                                ( 2 | 8 )
                                 --/ \--
    Go back to the door and use the code "1128" on the keypad. Hey presto, 
    you've unlocked it. Walk through to go to the slate hall.
    The slate hall leads to four rooms, as well as a painting at the end 
    of the hall. A rough sketch of these is as follows:
                 Music Room------------------Butler's Room
           Silver Bird Room------------------Golden Bird Room
                                To Foyer
    First, walk towards the potrait and examine it. D will tell you that 
    this is a painting of his great-grandfather, Lawrence Edward. D will 
    remember that his father brought him here to visit Lawrence, who was 
    very ill then. After this, you'll hear the sound of a piano playing. 
    So, what do you do? Go to the music room, of course!
    NOTE: If you want, examine the painting in close until you say that 
    the man in the portrait "looks dignified". I'm not sure whether this 
    will help D further recover his memories, but if you intend to get 
    the "good ending", there's no harm spending an extra minute now
    doing so.
    Go towards the bookshelf in the top half of the room, and you'll pick 
    up some papers. These are pages from Trace, the essay that your father 
    and mother are working on.
    Part of an essay added to your items list.
    Examine the bookshelf to find some white books on the top shelf. They 
    all have zodiac signs and alphabets on spine, and they're placed in 
    the following sequence:
    H  O H T R  M A S
    You can try to rearrange them in sequence, but you won't be able to do 
    it because you're missing three books. 
    Now, examine the display case just to the right of the bookshelf. 
    You'll find DTS card.
    DTS Card 902 added to your items list.
    NOTE: DTS Cards that are in the "900" series are mostly your father's 
    Go to the piano area now and examine the piano if you want, but you 
    can do so later, so we'll just leave it for now. Instead, check out 
    the potrait that's on the wall beside the piano.
    You can leave the music room for now, and go to the butler's room.
    Go towards the desk on the right of this room. Examine it to find a 
    drawer to the left, on the desk. Examine this drawer to get a DTS 
    DTS Card 901 added to your items list.
    Now, examine the notepad on the desk. You'll find a DTS Card just it. 
    Pick this up as well.
    DTS Card 01 added to your items list.
    Read the message on this card to find your father telling you to find 
    him in a room deep in the mansion.
    Go back to the notepad and examine it. You'll now get a close-up of 
    the pad, and find that the top page has been torn off. Use your stylus 
    as a pencil to shade the page so that you can trace what was written 
    on the page that was removed. Not long after you try that, the pencil 
    lead breaks. 
    Walk towards the sofas in the lower half of this room. Examine this 
    area to find a fireplace. Examine the fireplace to find some 
    charcoal. Pick one up.
    Charcoal added to your items list.
    Go back to the notepad, equip the charcoal, and start shading the page 
    with your stylus. Do so until you heard the "success" jingle. You'll 
    see the message now:
    "Bill will come."
    Before you leave the desk, examine the bookshelf to the left. You'll 
    find a white book with the alphabet "Y" on it. One down, two to go!
    Book with the Y added to your items list.
    Walk to the upper part of this room to find a flight of stairs. Walk 
    up, and you'll see three wardrobes. Examine the left one to find a 
    letter from a certain Leonard Edward. D has no recollection who this 
    Examine the middle wardrobe next to find a family album. Flip through 
    it to find mainly photos of a pair of brothers - Henry and Thomas.
    Now, examine the right wardrone. Three items are in here. Check out 
    the book first. It's the butler's notebook. Read through it to find 
    out more about the brothers. Also, it's mentioned in the book that 
    the keys to the bird rooms "are handed to the birds".
    Next, examine the scroll next to the diary to find the Edward family 
    tree, which looks like this:
                    Lawrence === Helen
                    --------  |
                           Leonard === ??
                           -------  |
                               |         |
                    Mary === Henry    Thomas === Jane
                          |  -----    ------  |
                          |                   |
                         Baby                Baby
    Take a photo of this family tree if you want for future reference. 
    Also, click on all the names that are underlined in red on this 
    The third item in this wardrobe is a case. Examine it to engage a 
    puzzle. This is one of those form-a-picture-from-mixed-up-sqaures 
    puzzle. I don't know what I can do to help you on this, so just go 
    through it to form a picture. Once this is done, you'll get a silver 
    Silver medal added to your items list.
    Backtrack to the foyer now.
    Go to the statue in the middle of the room. Oh, it's a statue of two 
    birds. Remember the butler's notebook? Ok, examine it to find a slot 
    at the bottom. Perhaps you may want to try using the silver medal for 
    it? Yes, it works. The sprout key will drop. Pick it up and go back 
    to the slate hall.
    Sprout key added to your items list.
    Use the sprout key on golden bird room. The door will be unlocked, so 
    head right through.
    The upper part of this room has an area where you can examine. Do so, 
    and you'll find a bookshelf behind a sofa. Examine the shelf to find 
    another white book. Two down, one to go!
    Book with the E added to your items list.
    Next, head towards the lower right part of this room to find a desk. 
    Examine it to see some white dolls and a brown case to the right of 
    them. It's an empty gun case. D will now remember something about 
    seeing a gun inside this case the last he saw it.
    Now, go to the upper right part of this room to find a flight of 
    stairs. Walk up to find a cabinet. There're eight windows on this 
    cabinet, as follows:
                       [   ]  [   ]     [   ]  [   ]
                       [   ]  [   ]     [ X ]  [   ]
    The window marked with an "X" has the golden bird glass inside. 
    Listen to D tells you about the glass, then examine it to find the 
    second sprout key inside.
    Second sprout key added to your items list.
    YOu can leave the room now.
    Use the second sprout key on the door. Strangely, it doesn't open. Try 
    the sprout key then. No response too. Suddenly, you've got an idea. 
    The screen will now show both keys, one on top, one below. Rotate the 
    bottom key until the head of the key is facing the right. Drag the key 
    up and place it above the top key. Now, rotate the key until the teeth 
    of the key are facing the opposite direction of the other key. Next, 
    adjust the location of the key until the heads of the keys intersect 
    like a sprout of four leaves. Yes, the keys now combine into one!
    A rough sketch of how the combined key looks like is as follows - note 
    that I can't really remember how many teeth are there on each key:
                                           ---- ----
                     | | |                (    |    )
                     ----------------------         |
                     ----------------------         |
                     | | |                (    |    )
                                           ---- ----
    Drag the key into the keyhole. After it's slotted in, turn the key 
    clockwise until you hear the "success" jingle. You've open the door to 
    the silver bird room.
    Go to the top right corner of this room to find yet another bookshelf. 
    You know what to do. Your reward is the final white book.
    Book with the N added to your items list.
    Walk now to the bottom left of the room to find a rug that has blood 
    all over it. This will trigger more of D's memories. Examine the 
    birdcage in this area, and you'll get to know more about the death of 
    his father.
    Now, go to the top left part of this room to find a flight of stairs. 
    Go up, then walk down to find a desk. Examine it to find a diary. 
    Read it to find a page being torn off. Conveniently, the torn page is 
    scattered just beside the diary, but they're in pieces. Examine these 
    pieces to engage a puzzle. 
    This puzzle is just like the one when you rearrange the broken sign 
    at the gate. Once you're done rearranging them, you'll read that Henry 
    was behaving in a weird manner after the war. 
    Head back to the music room now.
    Go back to the book case and use any of the white books you found to 
    activate the puzzle. Rearrange the books in the following sequence:
    H E N R Y T H O M A S
    So, it's "Henry" and "Thomas". Take a photo of the spines of these
    books. Now, go to the piano and examine it. D will remember his father 
    playing the piano, and telling him "play the piano and open doors". 
    You'll now need to play a "secret melody" to activate a secret 
    passage. This should lead to the room deep in the mansion that your 
    father was talking about earlier on the DTS.
    Head over to the piano now and examine it. Examine the keys on the 
    piano to start a puzzle. The keys have zodiac signs on them. You 
    must press the key based on the sequence of how the white books are 
    placed. I can't draw the signs here, but if you've taken a photo of 
    the white books, the photo will appear on the top screen. It's really 
    easy just following the signs on the photo and just get it over and 
    done with.
    Once you've successfully completed this puzzle, the bookshelf will 
    shift to the right to reveal a secret passage. This leads to the end of 
    the chapter.
    It's now time for the memory quiz again:
    1. The golden bird room.
    2. The silver bird room.
    3. Bill.
    4. E.
    You'll begin this chapter at the bronze hall. This chapter has some 
    really intriguing puzzles. 
    The bronze hall, like the slate hall, leads to four rooms as well. At 
    the end of the hall is a dead end (which is not exactly a dead end). A 
    rough sketch of these is as follows:
                                    Dead End
                                (To hidden room)
                   Henry' Study----------
                                        ---------Frannie's Room
           Henry & Mary's Room----------
                                        ---------Art Studio
                                 To Music Room
    Walk forward a little, and D will remember something about his friend 
    Frannie. He insists that you visit the art studio. Don't aruge with a 
    ghost, just go there.
    Go to the middle of the room to find an easel. Examine it for a sketch 
    of Frannie. Examine the sketch and D will regain more memories of 
    Frannie. He also remembers something about Henry. You may want to take 
    a photo of Frannie, but I'm not sure whether it'll help D in his 
    Now, head to the top right corner of this room to find a table. 
    Examine it to find a DTS Card.
    DTS Card 02 added to your items list.
    On the same table is a piece of paper with another sketch. Examine it 
    to find that it's a sketch of you, drawn by your father. Apparently, 
    he has been imagining how you'd look like when you grow up. 
    Go to the top left corner of this room to find a chest. Examine it to 
    find some items inside it, including a hammer and a roll of paper. 
    Remember about this hammer and roll of paper as you'll come back for it 
    You can leave the room for now, and go to the opposite room, which is 
    Henry & Mary's room.
    Once you enter the room, you should notice a dresser near the door. 
    Examine it to get a DTS Card.
    DTS Card 904 added to your items list. 
    Go to the middle of this room to find a sofa and a coffee table. Check 
    out the table for a green bottle and a photo. Examine it for a visial 
    impression of a happy family. Now, Examine the bottle, and you'll 
    notice that there's something inside. You'll try to open the seal, but 
    it's too tight.
    Leave the bottle for now. Go to the top right area of this room to 
    find two beds. Examine this area, and zoom into the nightstand in 
    between the beds. You'll find a music box with Some white dolls on it. 
    One of the slots for holding the white dolls is missing a, er, doll. 
    The dolls are all playing various musical instruments, but the little 
    drummer doll seems to be missing. You may remember seeing something 
    like this earlier in one of the bird rooms.
    Go back to the golden bird room now via the music room and the slate 
    Go back to the desk where you saw the white dolls and the empty gun 
    case earlier. Examine the dolls, and pick up the one that's holding a 
    Doll holding the drum added to your items list.
    Now, go back to the bronze hall via the slate hall and the music room. 
    Before you head back to Henry & Mary's room, make a turn to the art 
    Go back to the chest with the hammer. Grab the hammer and leave for 
    Henry & Mary's room.
    Go back to the coffee table with the green bottle, and use the hammer 
    on the bottle. To literally hammer the bottle, simply tap your stylus 
    on it. A few taps and the bottle will break. A letter and the gold 
    bird key will drop out of it. 
    Gold bird key added to your items list.
    Read the letter to find out more about Henry, and how Mary decided to 
    leave him together with Frannie. Sad.
    Now, go back to the nightstand and use the doll holding the drum on 
    the empty slot. It's not opening though, and you'll realise that you 
    still need a key. D remembers something about the music box.
    Go to the bronze hall.
    Go all the way to the dead end at the end of the hall. When you tell 
    D that it's a dead end, he tells you that there're more rooms past it. 
    Notice the candle stands there? You wonder whether you've something 
    to light them.
    Go to Frannie's room now.
    Go to the bottom left corner of this room to find a teddy bear. Check 
    it out, and you'll recall seeing a teddy bear in your dreams. 
    Now, to to Frannie's bed, which is at the bottom right corner of the 
    room, and examine it. You'll find a ribbon on it. D remembers more 
    about Frannie as you check out the ribbon.
    Just beside the bed, you'll find a child-sized desk. There's sketch-
    book on it. Check it out and you'll find two pages of woodprints by 
    Frannie. The first is of a boy and a girl, looking happy. The second 
    is of a girl, alone, crying. 
    Now, examine the shelf on the left. There seems to be nothing on it 
    until you check out the bottom left compartment. You'll find a wooden 
    box. Examine it to pick up a pair of stamps.
    Two stamps added to your items list.
    Go back to the sketch book, and use the stamps on it. On the second 
    page of the sketch book, you'll need to do a puzzle to complete the 
    In this puzzle, the stamp will appear on the left side of the top 
    screen. The right side of the bottom screen is the print of the 
    crying girl. So, what do you do? Simply close your DS - yes, close it 
    tight - then reopen it to find that a stamp is already printed onto 
    the lower screen, on the left! Do it one more time to complete the 
    print - it's one of a scary looking one-armed man chasing the crying 
    girl. D will remember something now.
    Before you leave the desk, check out the top drawer on this desk for 
    a DTS Card.
    DTS Card 903 added to your items list.
    When you're leaving the room, D will remember that his father is 
    Thomas - as if you still don't know.
    Go to Henry's study now.
    Another intriguing puzzle awaits you. Go to the middle of the room to 
    find some sofas and a table. Before you check out the table, examine 
    the record player and speakers nearby. After that, examine the table 
    and you'll find a picture frame. This will eventually lead to the 
    puzzle. The pictures on the frames will be found on both your screens. 
    The following is a rough sketch of the screens - they're not to scale:
                           --- TOP SCREEN ---
                            \               |
                           o o            ---
                          --- BOTTOM SCREEN ---
                          ___              ---
                         / B |             |                 
                         -----             ---
                         | B |               |  
                         | K |
                         ( A )
       \   = No, this is NOT when you're thinking! This is a KEY.
      o o 
       B   = Bird.
      BK   = Book.
       A   = Apple.
    To solve this puzzle, half-close your DS. Take a peep of your lower 
    screen as you close the DS, and you'll find that the pictures on the 
    top screen will be reflected onto the lower screen! The end result is 
    that you'll see this the words "F3", as well as the key in the book.
    This tells you that you'll need to find a key in a book. So, head to 
    the top part of the room for a large bookshelf. Examine the right side 
    of this shelf, then zoom into the third shelf from the top on the 
    column that says "F". Remember F3? It means the third row on columm F.
    Examine this portion.
    As you zoom in, you'll notice a book that is unusually thick. Examine 
    it, and you'll find the hidden key!
    Hidden key added to your items list.
    Now, go to the bottom left part of this room to find a fireplace. 
    Examine this area, and check out the painting above the fireplace. It 
    shows some angels playing musical instruments. The three prominents 
    ones are playing the flute, the trumpet and the drum. Remember these 
    instruments. Examine all three of them individually. 
    Go back to Henry & Mary's room now.
    Go back to the music box, and use the hidden key in it. The lower 
    screen will now show the key being slotted into the right side of the 
    box. Touch the key and drag it down a few times to "turn" the key to 
    fasten the spring. Do so until you can't turn anymore. Now, as the 
    spring unwinds, quickly touch the buttons of the dolls that are 
    holding the flute, the trumpet and the drum. The positions of the 
    dolls to touch, at a glance: 
                     ( 1 ) (   ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ) (   )
                      | |   | |   | |   | |   | |
                      | |   | |   | |   | |   | |
                    |                             |  O
                    | [ ]   [ ]   [ ]   [ ]   [ ] |--
                    |                             |  O
    You'll now feel that something has moved. Leave this room and go to 
    Henry's study again.
    The thing that moved is the fireplace. It reveals a secret room. 
    Head right in.
    The bottom right corner of this room has some crates. Examine this 
    area and zoom into the left crate. You'll find some matches inside. 
    Pick them up - remember the candles at the end of the bronze hall? 
    You'll also find two photos in this crate. Check them out, and you'll 
    find a photo of Frannie standing at the "dead end" of the bronze hall 
    and a photo of the butlet waiting at a table at the same "dead end", 
    this time through an opened door. Looks like it's not a dead end 
    You'll need to spot the differences in these two photos. Notice that 
    the photo with the butler shows that some candles are lighted. So, 
    point to both the candle stands to show the differences. 
    Remember the positions of these lighted candles for future reference.
    The top left area of this room a shelf that has a suitcase on it. 
    Try examining the suitcase, but it's too high up, so leave it for now.
    Just below the shelf, you'll find a wooden box that is covered by a 
    white cloth. Examine it to find a baseball. Pick it up.
    Now, equip the baseball and point to the suitcase. This will begin a 
    puzzle that is very much like the earlier iron-sphere-onto-hand-
    sculpture one. Hold and drag the ball upwards, and hope that it hits 
    the suitcase. Hit the suitcase three times and it'll drop, revealing a 
    single shoe inside.
    NOTE: The trick to doing these throws is to hold, drag it up and 
    immediately release the hold to gain momentum on the ball.
    Examine the shoe, and D will tell you that it's HIS shoe. He also now 
    remembers how his father bought the shoes for him, and how his father 
    promised him "better shoes". Take the shoe.
    D's shoe added to your items list.
    Leave the room now.
    Last puzzle of this chapter. Go back to the "dead end" and exmaine the 
    wall. Now, equip the matches and point to either of the candle stands 
    to engage in the puzzle. 
    You'll need to light up the candles in the same sequence as shown in 
    the photo with the butler waiting table.  If you can't remember it, 
    just light up the ones that have an "X", as shown below:
                          ||  (X)           ||  ||
                       (X)        ||     (X)      (X)
    This will open the hidden room, as well as lead to the end of the 
    It's also time for a quiz again:
    1. Henry
    2. Me.
    3. D's father's name.
    4. A shoe.
    You'll begin this chapter in the dining room. In this chapter, you'll 
    finally meet your father (or is he?), and get reunited with Jessica as 
    This is a rough sketch of how the dining room looks like (not to 
       |       |                                         |     |
       |       |                                         |     |
       |       |                                         |     |
       |       |      ---------------------------        |     |
       |       |       |                        |        |     |
      ---      |       |       T a b l e        |        |    --- 
      Fire     |       |Newspaper               |        |    -->
               |      ---------------------------        |    Exit  
      Place    |                                         |    ---
      ---      |                                         |     |
       |       |                                         |     |
       |       |                                         |     |
       |       |-----------------------------------------|     |
       |                                                       |
       |                                                       |
       ----------------------------------------| To |-----------
    From the entrance, head over to the fireplace and examine it. You 
    should find a piece of burnt paper inside. Examine this piece of paper 
    to find that it's a scrap of Trace. Pick it up.
    Scrap of the Trace essay added to your items list.
    Above the fireplace is a portrait. Examine ot. It's of two boys, 
    presumably Henry and Thomas. Examine the frame in close, then click 
    on both the boys' picture.
    Now, go over to the dining table. Examine the bottom left corner of 
    this table to find a newspaper. Exmamine it to find the shocking 
                     "Scientist Dies, Motive Unknown"
    The newspaper is dated 9/22/94. It details the murder of your mother. 
    It also mentions that your father was a suspect then. Take a photo of 
    this article.
    After reading this news, you'll be shaken. Go towards the exit to 
    trigger a chat with D. He'll encourage you, and with tears still 
    dropping from your eyes, you decides to press on. 
    Exit this room now to the lounge.
    Once you enter the lounge, you'll hear some weird noise in the 
    background. Quickly go to the lower part of the room to find a counter. 
    Examine it to find a radio on it. The noise seems to be coming from  
    the radio. You'll need to turn the dials on the radio back to a normal 
    There're two dials near the bottom of the radio. Point and hold on 
    the left dial, and turn it to a "10 o'clock" direction. You'll find 
    that the noise will go softer. Now, point and hold the right dial and 
    turn it to a "6 o'clock" direction. The noise will now be replaced by 
    the soothing tune of "The Miracle of the Blue Moon". According to D, 
    this song is quite a hit during his time.
    This is when a man enters the room. Walk towards him and talk to him. 
    You'll find that he's your father, Richard! Engage in a prolonged 
    conversation with him to find out more about almost everything. 
    You'll then be interrupted with a noise at the back. Your father will 
    decide to go check it out. 
    NOTE: Do not believe all he said, since he's, well, not really your 
    Go to the right side of the lounge now to find a table that is 
    partially covered by a cloth. Examine it to find an ashtray. Examine 
    the ashtray to pick up a lighter that has the initials B.E.
    Lighter added to your items list.
    Go to the top right corner of this room and exit through the door 
    there to the moss hall.
    The moss hall leads to two doors. A rough sketch of this hall is as 
             ----------------------------------------- Copper Hall
               |---|             |
             Painting            |
                             To Lounge
    The door to the copper hall is locked, and you don't have the code to 
    open it now, so head towards the kitchen instead. Before you enter the 
    door to the kitchen, turn around and examine the portrait near this 
    door. Zoom into the potriat and you'll see a picture of a moonlit 
    bay. It seems to have a strange pattern on the right.
    Take a photo of this portrait, then head towards the kitchen.
    Go up, then left to find a flights of steps leading down to a door. 
    Examine the door to find that it's tightly fastened by some ropes. 
    It's impossible to untie this by your bare hands.
    Walk to your right now, keeping yourself in the lower part of the 
    room. You'll soon reach an area with a sink and a refrigerator. To the 
    left of the fridge, you should be able to find a cabinet holding some 
    plates, etc. Examine the leftmost cabinet, and you'll find four 
    drawers near the bottom of this cabinet. Examine the drawer that is 
    second from left to find a DTS `Card.
    DTS Card 905 added to your items list.
    Still at this area, examine the sink to find a blood-stained 
    handkerchief. Now, exit this area and go further right until you find 
    another area to examine. Do so and you'll find an old oven here. 
    Examine it to get a rusty knife.
    Rusty knife added to your items list.
    Now, go back to the door with the ropes on it, and use the knife on 
    the ropes. To do so, just point your stylus to the ropes and start 
    doing an up-and-down movement to simulate cutting the ropes. After 
    a while, the ropes will be cut, and you'll gain access to the storage 
    NOTE: No, the lighter doesn't work on the ropes.
    Jessica is here! She appears to be heavily drugged. Talk to her and 
    she'll tell you that she has been drugged possibly by a guy called 
    Bill. Sounds familiar. After you finish talking to her on all the 
    other options, go behind her and examine the area for a portrait. 
    The portrait is very dusty, and you can't see the contents. Zoom into 
    it, and blow into your mic to remove the dust.
    NOTE: This may take some time to complete. I was so fed up with it 
    that I eventually used a hairdryer to do the job. Do not try blowing 
    if you've sinusitis or asthmatic problems!
    This shows a picture of a bay. It also has a strange pattern on it, 
    this time on the left. Take a photo of it.
    Now, open your DTS and do the overlapping function for the painting 
    you saw at the moss hall and this portriat. Use the new painting as a 
    base, and superimpose the moss hall painting onto it. Now, move the 
    moss hall painting to the left until the strange patterns on them 
    overlap. Rotate the moss hall portriant counter-clockwise now for 
    about 90 degrees, and move the patterns until you see quite clearly 
    that four numbers are shown: "2369".
    Go back to the moss hall via the kitchen now. 
    Go to the door leading to the copper hall and use the code "2369" on 
    the keypad. Hey presto, you've come to an end of a chapter again!
    Quiz time again:
    1. The research paper on Trace.
    2. Richard.
    3. He didn't kill Sayoko.
    4. A rusty knife.
    5. Bill.
    You'll begin this chapter at the copper hall. Now, this is the chapter 
    that you'll meet your "real" father, as well as get a glimpse of 
    the mysterious "Trace".
    This is a long hall with a locked door at the end of it, and another 
    room along the hall on the right, which belonged to Lawrence. You 
    should enter Lawrence's room for now.
                                To Research Lab
                                       |---- Lawrence's Room
                       To Moss Hall----
    NOTE: The locked door leads to the research lab. You'll gain access 
    to it later.
    Go to the upper part of the room to find a potrait of three men above 
    a fireplace. Examine it to trigger more of D's memories. You'll have 
    to point your stylus to each different man to trigger the different 
    Now, check the bookshelf beside the fireplace for a DTS Card.
    DTS Card 906 added to your items list.
    Walk to the middle of the room to find an area with a round tin on a 
    table. Beside this table is a desk. Examine this desk to find that its 
    drawer is locked. Use the gold bird key to unlock it to find a 
    notebook. Examine this book to find that it's Lawrence's journals. 
    Read it to find out more about the Edwards.
    Examine this round tin on the table beside the desk now, and D will 
    tell you that it's a zoetrope. This will lead to a puzzle, in which 
    you'll need to spin the zoetrope to see a picture. Unfortunately, it 
    doesn't work. This is when D remembers that you'll need paper to see 
    the picture.
    NOTE: To spin the zoetrope, simply stroke it to the right quickly and 
    Remember the roll of paper in the art studio? Damn! Backtrack all the 
    way there to get it. 
    If you've forgotten, the roll of paper is found in a chest at the top 
    left corner of the art studio - the same chest where you found the 
    hammer. Pick it up.
    Zoetrope paper added to your items list.
    Go back to Lawrence's room again.
    Use the zoetrope paper on the zoetrope. Start spinning the zoetrope 
    until it opens fully to finally see the picture. What you can see is 
    a bird flying from flower to flower on the picture. Remember the 
    sequence of which flower the bird went to, as this is required for the 
    next puzzle. 
    NOTE: If you're playing this game for a second time, you'd see a 
    "ninja" flying around instead of a "bird".
    From where you're now, go to the lower part of this room. This is the 
    bed area of the Lawrence's room. Beside the bed is a nightstand, which 
    you should examine to find Lawrence's will. Read it - it seems that 
    Lawrence has named Henry as his sole heir.
    Now, walk past the bed and you'll hear a noise. Is there a hidden room 
    somewhere in this room? Well, there is. Go towards the sofa near the 
    bed and examine the painting behind it. This will activate a puzzle, 
    which requires you to tap the sequence of how the bird you saw in the 
    zoetrope was flying from flower to flower. If you can't remember, refer 
    to the following:
                            ( 2 )
                      ( 3 )       ( 1 )
                            ( 4 )
                      ( 5 )       ( - )
    NOTE: Ignore the flower with the "-".
    A button will appear on the 5th flower. Click on it, and a door! Go 
    into this hidden room now.
    A man is lying unconscious here. Tap his face a few times to wake him 
    up. Give him the candies, and he'll give you a chocolate. It turns out 
    that this guy loves chocolate.
    Talk to him, and he'll claim to be your father, Richard. Now, who 
    should you believe? My guy feeling that you should believe this guy, 
    because he looks more... believable. But at this point of the time, 
    the game won't "allow" you to believe him, so you'll automatically 
    doubt him throughout the conversation.
    Anyway, after the conversation, he'll be quite shaken by you not 
    believing him, as well as your question about how your mother died.
    He'll then leave the room.
    D will then talk to you. Notice behind D, there's a typewriter. Once 
    you finish talking, examine the typewriter for a letter from Henry to 
    Frannie. It looks like Henry has committed suicide after killing his 
    brother, Thomas.
    Before you leave this room, go right to an area with a safe. Examine 
    the safe for an account book. Notice's also a suitcase with a letter 
    on top of it. Read it.
    Now, go back to Lawrence's room, then return to the copper hall.
    You'll notice that the door to the research lab is now opened. Go 
    through it. 
    Walk all the way up to find another locked door. Examine it, and you'll 
    realise that you need to punch in a code to open it. Notice also that 
    the window on the door now appears on the top screen as you engage 
    this puzzle. What does this mean? Well, simply blow into the mic, and 
    you'll find the code for this door appearing on the window. It reads:
                          |                    |
                          |       58198        |
                          |       31220        |
                          |                    |
    Key in these numbers onto the keypad to open the door. 
    NOTE: After entering this door, you'll can never go back to the 
    mansion. If there're things items you haven't collect or examined, do 
    so before you enter. This is especially so if you intend to get the 
    "good" ending.
    You'll be in an enclosed area in the lab. First, go to the bottom 
    right side of this room to find a bookshelf that has a photo and a 
    teddy bear on it. Examine the bear to find that it has a ribbon. It 
    looks familiar.
    Next, examine the photo to find four people on. Click on each of them 
    when examining the photo.
    Now, notice there's a smaller shelf perpendicular to the one with the 
    teddy bear and photo. Exmaine it to get a DTS Card.
    DTS Card 907 added to your items list.
    Go to the left side of this room now to find some filing cabinets. 
    Examine the one on the left to find a memo about Trace.
    Trace memo added to your items list.
    Examine the shelf directly above this memo to get a DTS Card.
    DTS Card 908 added to your items list.
    If you've gotten all the "900" series of DTS Cards, you'd have 
    collected all of Richard's journals. Read them all if you haven't done 
    so yet.
    Now, go straight to the end of the room to find a desk with a computer 
    monitor on it. Examine the desk to find a photo on it. The photo has 
    a man, a woman and a baby in it. Click on the man to remember finally 
    that he's your father, Richard. Click on the baby to find that, well, 
    it's you. Then click on the woman, who's your mother, to unlock a slot 
    below the photo frame. You'll get a white DTS Card.
    DTS Card 991 added to your items list. This card contains the first 
    protocol for triggering Trace. You'll also get a password from it:
    Now, examine the monitor on the desk to find four icons. Click all 
    the icons to find out more about Richard's plans. The right most icon 
    has an information about the second protocol for triggering case. It 
    gives you another password:
    The top icon gives you a hint to the location of this card. It 
    mentions something about a birthday present. Remember the teddy bear 
    with the ribbon? It was the birthday present you got from your parents 
    when your mom was murdered.
    Go back to the shelf that has the bear. Examine it, and D will tell 
    you that the back of the bear has a slit. You'll find a red DTS Card 
    in this slit. 
    DTS Card 992 added to your items list.
    It's now time to leave this room. Walk past the desk with the monitor 
    to reach the door. It'll open automatically. Go towards the end of 
    the next area to find another door. Examine the keypad on the left 
    wall of this door to find that it requires a password. Key in
                          |                   |
                          |     ASH853LEY     |
                          |     SAY919OKO     |
                          |                   |
    to open the door.
    Walk in to meet Richard and a weird looking machine. Talk to him, and 
    he'll tell you that the machine is non another than the mysterious 
    "Trace". Continue talking to him. He'll eventually tell you that he's 
    not sure whether he did kill your mom - even though he has a memory 
    that tells you that he did, he suspects the memory is not real.
    He'll then ask you to help activate Trace with him as the subject of 
    testing. You'll be quite reluctant to do so at first. Now, walk to 
    the back of the room, and D will encourage you to help Richard. He'll 
    doso by asking you two questions. The answers to these questions are 
    as follow:
    1. I want to know the truth.
    2. No, he didn't kill her.
    Walk back to Richard, and he'll tell you that you can don't do it if 
    you don't want to. You'll then tell him that you'll. After he prepares 
    himself in Trace, equip the white DTS Card and use it on the machine.
    You'll find yourself in the DTS Screen. You'll also notice that a 
    previously locked icon in this screen is now opened. This is the 
    "memory" icon. Click it to trigger a memory that seems to suggest that 
    Richard has killed Sayoko, even though it doesn't look conclusive at 
    Now, use the red DTS Card on Trace. Do the same process in the DTS 
    Screen to trigger Richard's real memory. When Richard returned home on 
    that fateful day, Sayoko has already been shot. He didn't kill her.
    Watch the cut-scene that follows. A voice will then appear from a 
    speaker in this room. It's from Bill. Apparently, he's asking the lot 
    of you to see him at the cave behind the mansion. As you leave the 
    room to find Bill, the chapter will end.
    But before you go, another quiz to do:
    1. Three men.
    2. Richard.
    3. Frannie.
    4. Bill.
    You begin this chapter without the DTS, so it means you can't save 
    your game from now. It's not a big issue though, since this is a short 
    chapter that consists primarily of conversations.
    You'll find yourself at the back of the research lab when the chapter 
    begins. You've earlier found that Richard wasn't the murderer of your 
    mom, so all is good. The only person left in the way of the truth in 
    your own memory is Bill, and you'll need to follow the only path to 
    the cave to find him.
    Follow the flight of stairs down all the way until you reach the 
    ground floor. In the process of going down, there'll be some 
    conversations, so just read through them quickly.
    A door is at the ground level. Walk through it to enter the cave.
    There's only one way forward, so just continue on the path. Again, 
    there'll be some conversations on the way, and as usual, you can 
    just browse through them on the run.
    If you've examined everything I told you to so far, D will tell you 
    that he has been in this cave before. Someone was chasing him then. 
    He also remembers what happened in the silver bird room, about his 
    father's alleged murder.
    Soon after, you'll come across a shoe in the cave. Yes, that's D's 
    other shoe. Finding this shoe will trigger another memory.
    NOTE: If you don't get these two memories, it simply means you 
    won't be getting the "good" ending. 
    Continue walking in the cave until you reach Bill.
    A lengthy conversation follows. Just read through it until Bill 
    asks you six questions. You'll have to answer them all correctly 
    to find out the truth in the murder of your mom. After every two 
    questions, there'll be a break before he asks you two questions 
    again. By the sixth question, you'll get the truth. As usual, I'm 
    lazy to type the questions, so here are the answers to them.
    1. Someone came in.
    2. She hid me in the closet.
    3. I heard mom's voice.
    4. "You can't have Trace!"
    5. I heard a gunshot.
    6. Bill.
    What follows next is that Bill will try to shoot Richard. This is 
    when Bill somehow manages to see D. The identity of Bill will also be 
    revealed - he's Frannie's son.
    The fear of seeing a ghost will result in Bill slipping and falling 
    into down from a cliff. Richard tries to rescue him in vain.
    As this comes to an end, Richard will go back to the mansion to look 
    for Jessica. He tells you to go to the beach and wait for him. Take 
    the bridge nearby to do that. 
    On the bridge, D will remember his final memory. This tells you how he 
    died. By now, you'd have succuessfully unlocked all his memories. 
    After crossing the bridge, go straight and exit the cave to end this 
    Nothing much to do here, except to walk around talking to people. 
    First, go to the top right corner of the area to talk to the captain. 
    Surprisingly, he manages to see D, which startles D so much that he 
    runs off.
    Next, go to towards the area near the exit of the cave to talk to 
    Richard and Jessica.
    Before you leave, you'll find D at the top left corner of the beach. 
    Run towards there to talk to him for a final time to trigger a really 
    touching ending. In the process, you'll need to touch his hand on 
    the touch screen to send him to the next phase of his life.
    NOTE: Once again, if you didn't recover all his memories, you won't 
    get this ending. 
    Now, go back to Richard and Jessica and finish off the last 
    conversation to watch the credits.
    So, that's it! YOu've beaten Trace Memory!
    After the credits, blow the candles, and save your game to unlock the 
    starred game - this game is only available if you get the "good" 
    ending. The starred game is essentially  the same game, with minor 
    changes to some scenarios. When you play through the starred game and 
    get a "good" ending again, you'll get an surprise puzzle. Solving this 
    puzzle will give you a special message.
    I won't spoil the puzzle for you, so you'll have to work it out for 
    yourself to find out what's the message about. :)
    Let me first say that I really enjoy this game, even though it's way 
    to short. My last attempt (the 4th time) took me 2:25:15) to complete, 
    and that's with examining everything to get the surprise puzzle. 
    Still, games like this are getting lesser nowadays, and I'm just happy 
    to have a good old puzzle adventure game to play in the midst of 
    playing violent beat-'em-them ups all the time.
    I hope you enjoy the game as much as me. I also hope that this guide 
    will be helpful to you in solving the mystery for both Ashley and D.
    Meanwhile, if you'd like to check out my other works, please go to
    this URL:
    Last but not least, I wish you all the best in playing this game.
    Version 1.0: Guide completed. (10.8.05)
    Comments, feedback and questions will be answered here. If the 
    question is related to puzzle-solving, you should find it in the 
    walkthrough, so I'll only answer any questions that have not been 
    discussed in the guide.
    Cing: Nice effort, but we'll have a longer sequel, yes?
    GameFAQs.com/ Neoseeker.com and the other sites who wrote and asked to 
    host my works: Thanks for continuously giving me the opportunity to 
    For those who has supported me over the past few guide: Thanks.
    Copyright © Lestor Wong 2005.

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