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    FAQ/Walkthrough by strawhat

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/09/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    | Trace Memory/Another Code(DS)               |
    | FAQ/Walkthrough                             |
    | By strawhat                                 |
    | Version 1.0                                 |
    | Last Update: 7/30/06                        |
    | E-mail: plasmad00d13smooth{at}gmail[dot]com |
    The latest version of this FAQ will always be at Gamefaqs.com or IGN.com.
                        |       Table of Contents       |
                             {1.0} Introduction
                             {2.0} Basics
                             {3.0} Walkthrough
                                 [3.1] Chapter 1
                                 [3.2] Chapter 2
                                 [3.3] Chapter 3
                                 [3.4] Chapter 4
                                 [3.5] Chapter 5
                                 [3.6] Chapter 6
                                 [3.7] Epilogue
                             {4.0} Items
                             {5.0} DTS Card Locations
                             {6.0} Secrets
                             {7.0} FAQ
                             {8.0} Conclusion
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    Version History:
    1.0: Completed the FAQ.
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                                 {1.0} Introduction
    Trace Memory is an excellent, innovative game that features a young, almost
    14-year old Ashley Robbins. She's on Blood Edward Island to try to find the
    mystery behind the death of her parents who were both good scientists, the
    secret of the project Trace, the memories of the wandering ghost child D, and
    more. Your adventure unfolds!
    In case you need help with your adventure, I wrote this guide. This guide
    contains spoilers, so beware of that. I'll try not to give away much, but in
    a guide like this, sometimes it's a must. It contains a walkthrough, a list of
    items, and other stuff that you can find in the Table of Contents above. Have
    fun playing the game.
                                    {2.0} Basics
    Everything in the game can be controlled by the touch screen. Tap the screen
    to move Ashley in that direction, tap an icon to open up a menu, or touch
    something on the screen to examine it. In case you don't like using the touch
    screen, you can also use the buttons for most parts of the game. For some
    puzzles though, you are required to use the touch screen.
    | Button | Effect                                 |
    | A      | Confirm, examine area, talk            |
    | B      | Cancel, return to previous screen      |
    | X      | Bring up inventory                     |
    | Y      | Nothing                                |
    | L      | Rotate photo                           |
    | R      | Take photo with DTS, rotate photo      |
    | D-Pad  | Move, select/highlight item            |
    | Start  | Open DTS                               |
    | Select | Nothing                                |
    Playing the Game
    Most of the game will take place inside the mansion where you will be forced
    to solve puzzles and examine things to get proceed further in the game.
    Whenever you're walking around and is unsure of what to do, examine the room
    by pressing A when the magnifying glass icon on the upper right is lit up, or
    just tap it with the stylus. The game will bring you in for a closer look,
    where you can examine even more items. If you examine something significant,
    there will be a scene. You must go through these scenes to complete the game.
    Sometimes a puzzle will require you to use an item. When this happens, examine
    the object and tap the handbag icon to the right. Select the item that you
    want to use. Most items can only be used once and have a significant use. If
    you selected the right item, there will be a scene. If you selected the wrong
    item, Ashley will just say that something's not right.
    Using the DTS
    The DTS is a device that Ashley's father gave her and only she can use it. It
    has several functions and is used basically as a main menu.
    Floppy Disk Icon: Saves your game. There are two slots.
    DTS Icon: Read DTS cards that you find throughout the game.
    Film Icon: See photos that you took.
    Handbag Icon: See the items in your inventory.
    Number Icon: Doesn't do anything until the end of the game.
    Taking Photos
    The DTS allows you to take photos. You can take a picture of pretty much
    anything, anywhere. However, there are very few puzzles in the game that tell
    you to take a photo. It really doesn't serve that much of a purpose and isn't
    necessary to complete the game.
    After taking a photo, you can send it to the top screen by going tapping the
    film icon in the DTS menu. Go to another picture and tap it, then the icon to
    the left to see the two photos overlapping. To delete a photo, select it and
    tap the icon to the right. You can't get it back, so be sure to delete a photo
    only if you really want it gone.
    The Puzzle Screen
    The game requires you to solve many puzzles. When you hear a tone and see a
    zoomed in image, whip out your stylus. Tap certain places, blow into the
    microphone, rub the screen in different directions, so something so you can
    solve the puzzle. If you can't solve it, exit the puzzle screen by pressing
    B or tapping the icon on the lower right hand corner.
                                  {3.0} Walkthrough
    At the main menu, select New Game or Continue to begin the game. Note that
    I'm assuming you're examining most things that you see. I'll still point out
    some of the more important things, but you should be exploring as well!
    Tips for the game:
    1. Explore, explore, explore.
    2. Examine everything. You'll often find clues, scenes, or items.
                                   [3.1] Chapter 1
    After the opening scene, talk to Jessica, the woman standing on the boat.
    Finish the four-part conversation, then you'll arrive on the island. There
    will be a few more scenes. After that, talk to Captain. Finish the
    conversation, then you'll be free to move around.
    Move forward along the path. There's nothing here, so just walk straight up
    to the bridge. Watch the scene, then examine the bridge. There will be a crank
    to the right. Examine it, then it'll go to a puzzle screen. Using your stylus,
    touch the very end of the crank, then move it clockwise. It might take a few
    tries to do it since it's very rusty and the game's recognition isn't the
    best for this one. After cranking it around a few times, the bridge will lower
    and you'll be able to cross over to the other side.
    The Graveyard
    Proceed forward along the path and you'll see a mansion. Ignore it for now
    and just head along the path to the right. Continue and you'll hit a wall of
    rocks. We can't do anything here. Ignore that and go right until you see the
    graveyard. Examine the two tombstones for some background information, then
    continue until you hit the slab of rock. Examine that, then rub your stylus
    to the right to slowly push the rock out of the way. There will be a scene
    where you meet D. Finish the conversation.
    The Mine
    Go through the space where the rock was just at. When you hit a fork, go up
    and you'll be at an old mine. Examine the cart at the fork. There will be a
    toolbox to the lower left. Examine the gear in the toolbox to collect it.
    After that, examine the area to the left. Examine the machine closely. You'll
    then be brought to a puzzle screen. Rub the rust back and forth and soon
    Ashley will say that she can't do it with her hands. Go to the right side of
    the mine where there is a rusty water tower. Examine that area, then the red
    toolbox to the right. There's a metal brush inside. Examine it to pick it up.
    After that, return to the left side of the mine and re-examine the old
    machine. Use the Metal Brush that you just found. You'll be brought back to
    the puzzle screen. Rub the metal plate so that you can see the message to the
    Mansion Entrance
    Return to the mansion gate. Examine that area, then examine the sign closely.
    Rearrange the broken sign so that it reads "<- The Edwards' Mansion". When
    that's done, examine the gate again. Ashley will notice a keypad. Remember
    the gear that we found in the mine? Use that to activate it. We'll then need
    to find the code. The code is the symbol on the right of the sign we just put
    together. Push the button to the upper right and the button on the middle of
    the bottom row to open the gate.
    Go through the gate to enter a new area. On the left, there's a small house.
    Approach the entrance to view a scene and pick up Jessica's glasses. Enter the
    house. It's a small abode, but there are many things to examine here. First,
    examine the labcoat on the floor. There's something sticking out of the
    pocket, the little triangle to the right. Examine that to obtain a photo of
    Ashley's mom.
    After that, look at the area towards the lower left side of the house. There
    will be a bunch of stuff on the desk. Examine the books to the very right.
    There's a small card to the left of them. Examine that to pick up DTS Card 00.
    Still on the desk area, examine the briefcase close up. Pick up the cover
    paper in the briefcase to initiate another scene. Exit the house afterwards.
    You'll see D. Approach him to start a conversation. When that's over, examine
    the gate. Examine the left hand on the gate first, then the one on the right
    that is empty. Make sure to examine it when the game brings up a closeup so
    Ashley says that she needs something. Return to the small house where you
    found Jessica's glasses and examine the boxed to the north of the house.
    Examine the box to the very left, then pick up a SMALL iron sphere. If you
    choose a big one, Ashley will say that she won't be able to lift it. Return
    to the gate and use the iron sphere while examining the hand on the left.
    You'll be brought to a puzzle screen where the iron sphere is on the bottom
    screen. Place your stylus on the iron sphere and make an upward motion with
    the stylus to send it up. If you have good aim, it'll land on the hand. Keep
    After that, the gate will open. Watch the scene, then we'll get to the
    questions so silly Ashley won't forget later on. The answers are Jessica,
    Edward, Henry and Thomas, his father, and the cover of a research paper.
                                   [3.2] Chapter 2
    Approach the mansion to start up another conversation with D. Enter the
    Approach the center of the room to start another short conversation with D.
    When that's over, examine the statue in the middle, then examine the painting'
    on both sides of the walls and take pictures of them. D should say something
    when you examine the second painting. Another conversation will begin.
    To solve the puzzle with the pictures, tap the film icon on your DTS. Place
    one picture of the bird on the top screen, then superimpose(the icon on the
    left when you select a photo) the other bird image. Now the two images should
    be overlapping each other. Move the photo so that the little lines on the
    corner of the photos form Roman Numerals. The birds beaks should be on the
    same parallel line with the beaks just a bit apart from each other. You'll
    then see the numbers 1,1,2,8 under each Roman Numeral. This is the passcode.
    Go to the door to the north of the room and enter 1128. The door will open and
    you'll be in the Slate Hall.
    Slate Hall
                     Music Room --------- Butler's Room
               Silver Bird Room ----|---- Golden Bird Room
    Approach the center of the room for a scene, then go to the very end of the
    hall to examine the painting. After that scene, enter the Music Room just to
    your left. Move forward just a little bit to trigger a scene. Move over to
    the papers to pick them up. After that, examine the piano and the bookshelf
    on the north side of the room. If you examine the cabinet next to the
    bookcase, you'll get DTS Card 902. You should also examine the painting near
    the piano.
    Butler's Room
    After examining those items, leave the room and go straight to the right to
    enter the Butler's Room. Move forward right to the desk. Examine the
    bookshelf, then the white book in it to get the book with the Y. Still near
    the desk, examine the white notepad. When the game brings you upclose to the
    notepad, you should see a card just lying there next to it. Pick up DTS Card
    01. There's another DTS Card on this desk. While zoomed in to the desk, look
    at the drawer to the upper right to get DTS Card 901, then examine the white
    notepad even more closely. A puzzle screen will be brought up. Just scribble
    a bit the lead will break.
    Go back near the entrance of the Butler's Room. Examine the white fireplace.
    You'll find charcoal in it. Return to the white notepad and use the charcoal.
    The puzzle screen will be brought up again. Just scribble across the paper to
    reveal a message.
    Still in the Butler's Room, go upstairs. Examine the three cabinets. Each one
    has something for you to check out. The third one has a keypad which leads to
    a puzzle screen where you can only slide one piece into an empty spot. I
    can't help you here because I don't know the solution myself. It's basically
    a guess and check kind of thing, something where nobody has the written
    solution and takes a really bright mind or some luck to solve it. Keep moving
    the pieces around until they form the image of a bird. You'll get a silver
    medal for your trouble.
    With the silver medal in hand, return to the Foyer through the door to the
    south outside the Butler's Room. Examine the statue. Use the Silver Medal,
    get the Sprout Key, then return to the Slate Hall. Use the Sprout Key on the
    locked door to the right. Enter it to see the Golden Bird Room.
    Golden Bird Room
    In the Golden Bird Room, examine the table area near the center of the room.
    Examine the bookcase closely to find the book with the E. Next, examine the
    table to the bottom right. Take a look at the case to the right to start up
    another scene with D. After that, go upstairs. Examine the area where the
    table is and look at the cabinet. Examine the bottom right part where there
    are cups closely. One will have the second sprout key in it. Pick it up, then
    exit the room.
    Go to the locked room on the left. Use both keys to find out that they don't
    work. A puzzle screen will come up. Rotate the key so both keys face the same
    directions, then flip the key so that they two keys' teeth are pointing in
    opposite directions(one up, one down.) Now place them so that their clovers
    at the end match up with each other. Once the key is formed, place it in the
    lock and turn the key around clockwise once. Be sure to tap the key near the
    end, not the middle or the touch screen won't recognize the movement.
    Silver Bird Room
    Once the door is unlocked, enter the room. Approach the center and a scene
    will automatically start. Examine the birdcage on the floor to start a
    conversation with D. When that's over, move over to the bookcase. You'll find
    the book with the N in it. Be sure to pick that up, then move on upstairs.
    There's a diary on the desk. Examine it, then the ripped up paper next to it.
    Rearrange the paper so it fits in the imprint on the desk to complete the
    puzzle. Leave and return to the Music Room.
    Music Room
    Back in the Music Room, go to the bookshelf. Examine it and rearrange the
    books so they spell HENRYTHOMAS. Now, take a picture of the finished books.
    Go to the piano and examine it. A keyboard will be brought up on the bottom
    screen. You have to play the keys in order so that they match the white books
    in the bookshelf. If you took a picture of it, it'll appear on the top screen
    so it'll be much easier. Be sure to play the notes quickly and in an even
    tone, or it will not work.
    After this, a new door will open and the chapter will end. The answers for
    the end-of-chapter questions are Sprout Key, Silver Bird room, Bill, and E.
                                   [3.3] Chapter 3
    Bronze Hall
    Note that the game never actually says what this room is except under the
    save file.
                  Henry's Study ----|---- Frannie's Room
            Henry & Mary's Room ----|---- Art Studio
    When you enter the Bronze Hall, there will automatically be a scene and
    you'll be forced to go into the Art Studio, the room to your right.
    Art Studio
    First, examine the portrait of Frannie. This will start a scene. After that,
    examine the upper right corner of the room. Look at the picture of Ashley,
    then pick up the DTS Card next to it. Leave afterwards.
    Back in the hallway, quickly run to the end to find out that there's a secret
    room behind it. Now go to Frannie's Room, the one on the upper right.
    Frannie's Room
    Examine the teddy bear on the shelf when you enter to start a scene. After
    that, go to the bed and examine the pink ribbon. Then, go to the desk. Examine
    the sketch book on the desk to find an unfinished painting. Still near the
    desk, investigate the box on the lower left of the shelf. There are stamps
    in them which Ashley will promptly pick up. Return to the sketch book and use
    the stamp. When the puzzle screen comes up, close your DS's lid and reopen it
    twice to produce an image. DO NOT turn off the power, ONLY close the lid.
    Before leaving the room, examine the second drawer on Frannie's desk. It's the
    one right above the "return" sign on the lower right corner. You'll get a DTS
    Card. When the image is finished, leave the room. D should remember something
    as you're leaving. Our next stop is Henry's Study, the room just left of
    Henry's Study
    Examine the record player for a short scene with D, then inspect the table in
    the center of the room. Look at the framed image. Close the DS halfway. The
    reflection of the top screen will show on the bottom screen. To the right,
    you should see F on top, then 3 on the bottom, while on the left you'll see
    a key in a book. Exit the screen, then go to the bookshelf in the room.
    Examine the shelves to the right. The F column should be to the right. Take
    a closer look at the third row down, the section all the way in the lower
    righthand corner. Investigate the thickest book to find the Hidden Key.
    Before leaving, you might want to look at the painting with the angels at the
    very end of the room. It's nothing significant, just the answer to an upcoming
    puzzle which I'll tell you anyway.
    Leave enter the last room we did not go to yet, Henry and Mary's Room.
    Henry & Mary's Room
    Examine the cabinet as you first enter to get DTS Card 904, then examine the
    bottle on the table. Next, go to the upper right of the room and look at the
    music box. Use the Hidden Key to find that it's not working. Leave Henry and
    Mary's Room.
    We're going to backtrack a bit. Return south to the Music Room, then to the
    room on the lower right, the Golden Bird Room. Go to the desk to the very
    right and examine it. You'll see some dolls. Inspect the one with the drum,
    then return to the Bronze Hall(the one where Henry & Mary's Room is, in case
    your forgot >_>). Enter the Art Studio. Examine the chest to the upper left
    and obtain the hammer. Now return to Henry and Mary's Room.
    First, go to the bottle. Use the hammer, then tap it a few times with your
    stylus. You'll get a key and a note. Now, head over to where the music box
    is at the upper right. Use the Drum Doll. Remember the painting with the
    angels in Henry's Study? We want to activate the dolls that were on the
    painting. Those were the drum, the flute, and the trumpet. Be sure to twist
    the key by moving the stylus downwards on it first. When all three instruments
    are playing, a scene will start. Return to Henry's Study.
    Henry's Secret Study
    The painting with the angels would have moved in Henry's Study. Go through to
    the new room. Examine the bottom left corner. Zoom on on the covered box to
    find a baseball. Pick it up, then examine the suitcase up above. Use the
    baseball. A puzzle screen will be brought up. Remember the puzzle with the
    iron sphere? This is just like it. Ashley has terrible aim, so it might take
    a few times to hit the suitcase and bring it down. You must hit it several
    times by tapping the ball with the stylus and violently dragging the stylus
    upwards. When the suitcase falls, examine it to obtain D's shoe.
    Before leaving, investigate the boxes near the door. There are two photos
    here and a box of matches. Examine everything. When you look at the photo,
    tap the two chandeliers. These are the flames that need to be lit on them to
    open the door. You can light them with the matches that we just found in the
    Return to the hallway. Go north to where the hidden door is and use the
    matches. Light the first and third candle on the left chandelier and the first
    the fourth on the right chandelier. When the door opens, the chapter will end.
    The answers to the questions are Henry, Me, D's father's name, and a shoe.
                                   [3.4] Chapter 4
    Dining Room
    In this new room, examine the paper on the table to trigger a scene. Next,
    examine the fireplace on the left side of the room. Inspect the burnt paper
    in it. Approach the dining room table towards the bottom right after that.
    A scene will start. After that, exit through the door to the right.
    There will be a loud noise in this room. Inspect the radio on the counter.
    Turn the dial on the left so the arrow points to the upper left. Turn the
    dial on the right so it points to the bottom. At this point, the sound should
    turn off. If it doesn't, turn the dials and keep them at the point where the
    sound is at its lowest. Be sure to have the volume on while doing this or
    you won't be able to solve it.
    After this, a scene will start where a man walks in. Walk up to him and start
    the conversation. After that's over, examine the table and cloth over to the
    right of the door. Pick up the lighter, then enter the door.
    Moss Hall
    There aren't many things here. To the right, there's a locked door. To the
    left, there's a blue painting. Take a picture of it, then enter through the
    door to the north.
    First, take a look at the door to the left. Examine it to find out that the
    door is bound tightly with rope. Go to the right side of the kitchen. Examine
    the area with the cabinets. Take a closer look at the one to the very left.
    This will bring up a screen with a bunch of dishes. Investigate the second
    drawer from the left to get a DTS Card.
    Exit the screen, then go to the very right side of the oven. Examine the oven.
    Inside, you'll find a rusty knife which Ashley will promptly pick up. Return
    to the door on the left. Use the rusty knife. Move the stylus up and down on
    the ropes to cut them. Enter the door once you can do so.
    Storage Room
    Talk to Jessica. Note that if you show her candy and Sayoko's picture, she'll
    react. Just a fun fact. Anyway, go to the painting next to Jessica once you've
    finished talking to her. It's all dusty. Blow into your DS's microphone to
    blow off the dust. It might take some powerful lungs to do so. Just put your
    lips in front of the mic and keep blowing. When it's done, take a picture of 
    it. Does this picture seem familiar?
    Return to the locked door. Open your DTS and look at the two paintings. Put
    the yellow one on the top screen and the blue one on the bottom. Turn the blue
    painting so that the lines on the right look horizontal. Now, place the the
    painting so the horizontal lines are over the lines on the yellow painting.
    The numbers 2369 should appear.
    Examine the keypad on the door and enter 2369. The door will open and the
    chapter will end. The answers to the end of chapter questions are burnt essay,
    Richard, he didn't kill Sayoko, rusty knife, and Bill.
                                   [3.5] Chapter 5
    In this hallway, there's a locked door to the north and a door the the east.
    Enter the door to the east, Lawrence's Room.
    Lawrence's Room
    There's a portrait near the north side of the room. Examine it and all three
    people that are there. While you're near there, investigate the bookcase
    nearby for a DTS Card. After that, go to the table in the center of the room.
    Examine the zoetrope. Slide your stylus from left to right to make it spin,
    then exit. Yes, nothing is supposed to happen.
    Go to the southern side of the room. Ashley hears something, but we'll ignore
    it for now. Instead, examine the desk on the right side of the bed. Look at
    the letter in the drawer, then leave the room. Return to the Art Studio a few
    hallways back, right before the hidden door that you lit the chandelier to
    open. Look in the chest in the Art Studio, the one in the upper left corner.
    It's the same one where you found the hammer to break the green paper. This
    time, pick up the white roll of paper. Return to Lawrence's Room.
    Use the Zoetrope Paper on the zoetrope, then spin it just like before by
    moving your stylus from left to right. Watch the image and the branches that
    it lands on. After that, examine the desk beside thhe zoetrope and use the
    Gold Bird Key. Watch the scene, then exit, and go to the tree painting on the
    southern side of the room. Examine it, then tap the branches in this order:
     3  2  1
    5   4   O
    Leave the last branch to the lower right, represented by O. If you did it
    right, a switch will open. Tap it. Go through the door and watch the scene.
    Safe Room
    Tap the man's face with your stylus. Before starting your conversation with
    him, show him your candy in the inventory to get chocolate. You can't actually
    use the chocolate, but it's cool anyway. If you're curious, you can also show
    him your other stuff like Sayoko's picture. Anyway, when you finish the
    conversation with him, look at the letter in the typewriter on the bottom
    left corner, then the letter on the suitcase near the safe. After that,
    exit the room. Leave Lawrence's Room and go north in the hallway. The door
    that was locked before will be open now. Go through.
    Research Lab
    Go north to the door. Blow in the mic to see some numbers appear on the glass
    on the top screen. Input the numbers on the keypad on the bottom screen.
    The passcode is 5819831220. After that's entered, go through the door.
    Examine the items directly to your right. The shelves to the right of the
    teddy bear has a DTS Card in it. Inspect the teddy bear and photo on the other
    shelf. Be sure to look at all four people in it. After that, investigate the
    file cabinets to your left. Pick up the memo in the folder. After doing that,
    examine the computer to the upper right of the room. Read all four items on
    the computer, then examine Sayoko in the picture on the left of the monitor.
    You'll get a white DTS Card.
    After that, return to where the teddy bear was. Examine it, then the hole.
    You'll get the red DTS Card. Examine the bear one more time to take it with
    you. Leave through the door to the top.
    There will be a keypad on the left near the glass. Examine it, then enter the
    passcode that was on the white and red DTS Cards. These passcodes are
    ASH853LEY and SAY919OKO. Upon entering, the door will open. Talk to Richard,
    then try to go north. Answer some questions. "The answers are I'm scared to
    know the truth" and "No, he'd never do that!" Be sure to save now. You won't
    be able to save again past this point. Approach Richard again afterwards and
    use the red and white DTS Cards. The DTS menu should be brought up. Tap the
    sign with the numbers on it, the only on that you can use.
    After this, answer the questions to end the chapter. The answers are Richard,
    Frannie, and Bill.
                                   [3.3] Chapter 6
    We can't save in this chapter. Let's finish up the game!
    Go down the stairs and listen to the conversations. When you reach the door
    go through to enter the cave. Just follow the path here. If you followed the
    walkthrough, you should find D's other shoe. Eventually, you'll find Bill down
    the road. Talk to him.  The answers to the questions are "someone came in",
    "she hid me in the closet", "I heard mom's voice", "You can't have Trace",
    "I heard a gunshot", and "Bill".
    Watch the scenes, and then you'll be at the Epilogue. Head to the bay, talk
    to Captain, then to your dad and Jessica. Find D in the corner. There are two
    endings to this game. If you got the good one, tap D's hand when the game
    tells you to. If not, there will only be a scene.
    Watch the ending! Congratulations for beating Trace Memory. Don't forget to
    blow out the candles on the birthday cake by blowing into the mic so you can
    save your game.
                                     {4.0} Items
    There are many items that you can find in the game. Here is a list of all of
    them. The items uses are in the walkthrough. Or at least those that can be
    *There are no uses for this item except to show people.
    1. Candies*
    Got these from Captain. Strawberry, lemon, and lime! Y-U-M-M-Y!
    2. Chocolate
    Man in the safe room had some.
    3. Metal Brush
    Found by mine in a toolbox. The brush is old but useable.
    4. Gear
    Found in a toolbox by the entrance to the mine.
    5. Eyeglasses*
    I found Jessica's glasses by the door of the porter's lodge.
    6. Paper Cover*
    Found in the bag that was left in the porter's lodge. There are names on it.
    7. Photo of Mom*
    A photo of my mother I found in a lab coat in the porter's lodge. I'll never
    forget now.
    8. Iron Sphere
    Found in the porter's lodge. It's a little heavy for me.
    9. Sprout Key
    It was hidden in the bird statue in the foyer.
    10. 2nd Sprout Key
    Found in the glass in the Golden Bird room.
    11. Silver Medal
    Found in the puzzle in the butler's wardrobe.
    12. Charcoal
    Found in the Butler's fireplace. What can I use it for?
    13. Part of Essay
    Found on the floor of the music room. Who dropped it?
    14. Book with the Y
    Found in the butler's room. It looks like the books in the music room.
    15. Book with the E
    Found in the Golden Bird room, it looks like the books in the music room.
    16. Book with the N
    Found in the Silver Bird room, it looks like the books in the music room.
    17. Hammer
    Found in the chest in the art studio. I bet I can break anything with this.
    18. Gold Bird Key
    Found in the bottle in Henry's room. What's it for?
    19. Stamps
    I found these in Frannie's room. Woodprinting is new to me.
    20. Drum Doll
    I found this weird doll in the Golden Bird room.
    21. Hidden Key
    I found this key in a book in Henry's Study.
    22. Matches
    I found these in the hidden room by Henry's study. They're old, but they seem
    to work.
    23. Baseball
    Found in the hidden room of Henry's study. It'd be neat to play catch with D.
    24. D's Shoe*
    Found in the suitcase in the hidden room. Only one of his shoes was in there.
    25. Essaty Scrap*
    Found in the dining room fireplace.
    26. Lighter
    Found in the lounge, it has the initials B.E. etched into it.
    27. Rusty Knife
    Found in the kitchen's oven.
    28. Zoetrope Paper
    Found in the art studio.
    29. Trace Memo*
    Found in lab.
    30. Teddy Bear*
    Found on the bookshelf in the lab. Dad wasn't able to give it to me on my
    third birthday.
    31. White DTS Card
    Found in the picture frame in the lab.
    32. Red DTS Card
    Hidden in the teddy bear in the lab.
    There's also D's other shoe that you get, but there's no official listing in
    the game. It has no use and you'll automatically find it in the cave at the
    end of the game.
                               {5.0} DTS Card Locations
    DTS Cards tell you extra background information. You need to collect all of
    them for the perfect ending.
    | DTS Card | Location                                                        |
    | 00       | Next to the books in the small house outside the mansion.       |
    | 01       | The Butler's Room next to the white notepad.                    |
    | 02       | Art Studio, next to the drawings of Ashley.                     |
    | 991      | Research Lab, the white DTS Card in Sayoko's picture.           |
    | 992      | Research Lab, the red DTS Card in the teddy bear.               |
    | 901      | Butler's Room, in the upper right drawer of the desk near the   |
    |          | white notepad.                                                  |
    | 902      | Cabinet next to the entrance in the Music Room.                 |
    | 903      | The drawer on the right on the desk in Frannie's Room.          |
    | 904      | The first wardrobe when you enter in Henry and Mary's Room.     |
    | 905      | Second drawer from the left in the kitchen's cabinet.           |
    | 906      | In the bookshelf in Lawrence's Room.                            |
    | 907      | Research Lab, bookcase right of the teddy bear.                 |
    | 908      | Research Lab, drawer above the file cabinet.                    |
                                    {6.0} Secrets
    Starred Game
    After beating the game with the perfect ending, blow out the candles and
    you'll have a star next to your file. Beating the starred game again with a
    perfect ending allows you to see a special message. A starred game is the
    same as a normal game, except that in the zoetrope you'll see a ninja instead
    of a bird and the DTS Cards contain different information.
                                      {7.0} FAQ
    Q: How many endings are there?
    A: 2, the good ending and the bad one. In the good one, D recovers all of his
       memories. There really isn't that much of a difference however.
    Q: Do all items do something?
    A: Nope. Some items just sit in your inventory.
    Q: What does the mark on D's chest mean?
    A: Many people have different thoughts on this one. Most believe that it
       symbolizes the last thing D saw, a hand trying to save him. Some believe
       that it's a sign of his heart condition.
    Q: What happened to Frannie?
    A: Not sure. She moved away from the island, that's all I know. She either
       died or is living away from the island. The game says Bill never talks
       about her and he inherited the island, which cause me to think she died.
    Q: What do I do when the birthday cake comes up? Isn't there a way to save?
    A: Just blow out the candles by blowing into your mic.
    Q: Why do some places list this game as Another Code: Two Memories?
    A: This game is only known as Trace Memory in the US. All other places name
       this game Another Code.
                                  {8.0} Conclusion
    Thanks a lot for reading my guide! I hope that it helped you. If you need any
    more information or have questions, feel free to E-mail me located at the
    top of the FAQ.
    Oh right, we should repeat the important things so we won't forget.
    ~Satanic Nemesis2K
    OK, now I won't forget.
    Copyright 2006 {c} MG(Strawhat)                                    END OF FILE

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