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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Oy1919

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/21/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       ########  ##      ##  ########  ########## ##      ## ########## #########
      ########## ###     ## ########## ########## ##      ## ########## ##########
      ###    ### ####    ## ###    ###     ##     ##      ## ##         ##     ###
      ##      ## #####   ## ##      ##     ##     ##      ## ##         ##      ##
      ########## ## ###  ## ##      ##     ##     ########## ######     ######### 
      ########## ##  ### ## ##      ##     ##     ########## ######     ######### 
      ##      ## ##   ##### ##      ##     ##     ##      ## ##         ##     ###
      ##      ## ##    #### ###    ###     ##     ##      ## ##         ##      ##
      ##      ## ##     ### ##########     ##     ##      ## ########## ##      ##
      ##      ## ##      ##  ########      ##     ##      ## ########## ##      ##
                      #########   ########   #########   ########## 
                     ##########  ##########  ##########  ########## 
                     ###         ###    ###  ##     ###  ##         
                     ##          ##      ##  ##      ##  ##         
                     ##          ##      ##  ##      ##  ######     
                     ##          ##      ##  ##      ##  ######     
                     ##          ##      ##  ##      ##  ##         
                     ###         ###    ###  ##      ##  ##         
                     ##########  ##########  ##########  ########## 
                      #########   ########   #########   ########## 
        ##### #   #  ###         # #  #####  # #   ###  ####  ##### #####  ####
          #   #   # #   #       # # # #     # # # #   # #   #   #   #     #
          #   # # # #   #       # # # ###   # # # #   # ####    #   ###    ###
          #   # # # #   #       #   # #     #   # #   # #   #   #   #         #
          #    # #   ###        #   # ##### #   #  ###  #   # ##### ##### #### 
    |                                   Contents                                   |
    1. Welcome ------ <01WC>
    2. Game Basics -- <02GB>
       - Controls
       - Screens
       - Hints & Tips
    3. Walkthrough -- <03WT>
       - Chapter One : The meeting with D.
       - Chapter Two : The house of Lawrence.
       - Chapter Three : The memory of Franny.
       - Chapter Four : The reunion with the father.
       - Chapter Five : The second Another.
       - Chapter Six : The memory of the Right Hand.
       - Epilogue : The miracle of the Blue Moon.
    4. Extra stuff -- <04ES>
       - Second Play Through
       - DAS Card Locations
       - Inventory List
       - D’s Memory Triggers
    5. End Stuff ---- <05ES>
       - Copyright
       - Contact
       - End
    |                                Welcome - 01WC                                |
    Hello everyone!
    This is a guide for Another Code: Two memories. I’ve given you hints and tips,
    a full Walkthrough, as well as a Secrets section. Everything you should need to
    get everything out of this game. 
    I hope that it helps you if you’re stuck with the game...that is pretty much
    the reason that this guide exists.
    Anyway, I don’t usually like to ramble on and on for the intro, so let’s get to
    |                              Game Basics - 02GB                              |
    Control Pad: Move Ashley, Select menus, Move curser
    A Button: Investigate, speak, confirm, selection, Skip message
    B Button: Back to previous screen, Cancel selection
    X Button: Open the inventory
    Y Button: Nothing
    Start: Open the DAS menu
    Select: Nothing
    L Button: Rotate photo left
    R Button: Take a photo, Rotate photo right
    Microphone: Is used for certain puzzles
    Touch Screen: Move Ashley, Select Icons, (Double-tap) search area, examine 
    Map Screen
    The Map Screen is the bottom of your two screens. It shows a 3D, top-down view 
    of the area you are in. using the map screen, you can move Ashley around via 
    the stylus and click on the icons that appear in the top corner.
    Conversation Screen
    When Ashley is talking to another character, or even herself, you can continue 
    the dialogue by pressing the A Button or touching the Touch-Screen. Also, on 
    the touch screen you can ask the person you are talking with question by 
    selecting then from the list. 
    Search Screen 
    When you come across something that Looks worth a closer glance, it will appear
    in the top screen. Pressing the Investigate button will bring the picture to 
    the bottom screen to allow you interact with it. Look at everything you can, 
    this way you won’t miss anything important. 
    Touch Screen
    You can play the entire screen using this game. Necessary for working out 
    puzzles, this screen allows you interact with the world that Ashley inhabits.
    ----------------------------------Hints & Tips----------------------------------
    Look very carefully at EVERYTHING you can!
    Don’t forget that you can only pick up a Major item after Ashley has Looked the
    area where it can be used. Trying to ‘Skip ahead’ will only cause more 
    If you find a new item, but don’t know where you use it, try everywhere, as 
    you’re likely to find its use in the end.
    Try to think about the puzzles from different angles. There is always a logical
    answer; you just have to find it.
    When all else fails...read the guide!
    |                              Walkthrough - 03WT                              |
    ----------------------------------Chapter One:----------------------------------
    -------------------------------The Meeting with D-------------------------------
    Once you’ve finished watching the Intro, you will be on a small boat. Talk to 
    Jessica and learn all you can from her. When you’ve finished, you will arrive 
    of Blood Edward Island.
    Shortly after arriving, Jessica will head off and leave you with the Captain. 
    Talk to him and at the end of the conversation he’ll give you some SWEETS. 
    Follow the path in search of Jessica and when you get to a drawbridge it will 
    raise, preventing you from crossing. Walk up to it and Look the round handle.
    Once the handle is on the bottom screen, use the stylus to spin it round 
    With the bridge now down, walk across.
    Path to the Woods
    Keep walking forward until you see a large stone on one side of the path. Look
    at it closely and then continues onwards. 
    When you get to a split in the road Look the Gate. To the right of the gate is
    a thin pillar that the gate is attached to. Look it and you will find a 
    device, but you’ll also find that it is missing and Gear. 
    Once you know this, Look the broken sign and you will then be able to fix it.
    Rotate and move the pieces to the correct place, and when the sign is done, 
    follow the path to the right. 
    Pass to the Mine
    Walk forward and you will see that your path has been blocked by a load of 
    boulders. With no other choice, follow the other path to the right.
    Walk beyond the wall and Look to two graves to the bottom of the area. Make 
    sure that you Look both of them, and then go and Look at the large stone block
    at the right of the area. 
    Move the slab by slow dragging you stylus across it from left to right.
    Once this is done, you will meet D. After talking to him, he will disappear and
    you can continues through the hole you’ve just made and into the next area. 
    Pass to the Mine
    You will now be on the other side of the boulders, so you can now head up into
    the next area. 
    Mine Entrance
    There is a mine cart in this area that has a Toolbox near it, Look the Toolbox
    and inside you’ll find the GEAR for the gate. Once you’ve got that, go over to
    the machine of the left and have a good Look at the plaque on it.
    When you try to rub the rush off, you will find that you need a tool to do so.
    On your right will be another toolbox, this time with a METAL BRUSH inside. 
    Take this METAL BRUSH and use it to rub away the Rush. Once it is all gone you
    will see a symbol and some writing. Once all this is done go back to the 
    Blocked Path.
    Pass to the Mine
    Go back to the Cemetery
    Walk right through this area, and back to the Blocked path. 
    Pass to the Mine
    Head round to the Forked Path.
    Path to the Woods
    Head back to the Gate and put the GEAR in the device on the gate. Doing this
    will activate the device, but you still have to unlock the gate. To do this you
    will have to get the correct symbol to appear on the panel. 
    Press the Top-Right button, and the Bottom-Middle button to open the gate.
    Path to the Mansion
    Go and have a Look at the big gates at the other end of the area and you’ll see
    that they are locked. Look the two hands on either side on the gate and you
    will see that the right one is missing it’s sphere. 
    Once you know this, go and have to Look at the small hut, and you’ll find
    Jessica’s GLASSES on the step. You will then go inside.
    Porter’s lodge
    First, have a Look in the pocket of the Lab Coat and you’ll find SAYOKO'S
    PHOTO. To the left is a desk, and if you Look it you will see a briefcase.
    Look that for the ESSAY COVER.
    To the right of the briefcase are some books, and you can Look them for a DAS
    Once you’ve finished reading it, have a close Look at the crates. Inside one of
    then you will find an IRON SPHERE. Once you’ve got all of that, you can go back
    Path to the Mansion
    Once back outside you will run into D. Talk to him, and then use the IRON 
    SPHERE on the right hand. You have to throw the ball up using the Stylus to 
    Once you’ve got the aim right, the gate will open and you can proceed...
    ...But only after you’ve answered a few questions.
    Memory Questions
    Question #1: A few days ago, I got a letter from my father. Before that, I 
                 believed that he had died when I was three. Using the letter, I
                 tracked him to the island, but when we arrived, he wasn't there.
                 The first person who went to Look for him was...
    Answer: Jessica
    Question #2: In the past, there was a wealthy family that lived on this island.
                 But they died of mysterious causes, leaving the island empty. The
                 name of the family was...
    Answer: The Edwards
    Question #3: While Looking for Jessica and Dad, I wandered into the cemetery. 
                 Inside, there were the Edward's family graves. The names on the
                 graves were...
    Answer: Henry and Thomas
    Question #4: After I moved a big stone slab from a hole in the cemetery wall, 
                 I met a ghost named D. At first, D didn't have any memories of his
                 life. But when he talked to me, he remembered something. It was...
    Answer: About his father
    Question #5: I found Jessica's glasses by the door of the porter's lodge. I 
                 went inside the lodge Looking for her. There, I found a DAS card 
                 containing a message from Dad. I also found a briefcase in the 
                 porter's lodge. Inside the briefcase, there was...
    Answer: An essay cover
    With these questions answered, it’s time to move on to Chapter 2.
    ----------------------------------Chapter Two:----------------------------------
    -----------------------------The House of Lawrence------------------------------
    Walk forward and up to the door. You’ll talk to D before you can go inside.
    Entry Hall
    Walk forward and try to open the door and D will ask you about Jessica. Once 
    you’ve talked, go to the right and have a close Look at the painting. Once 
    you’ve Looked at it closely, take a Picture of it before you head to the 
    opposite side of the room.
    Here you will find another painting, so make sure that you take a close Look at
    that too. When you’ve Looked closely at both of them D will remember something
    about the Paintings. Once he’s remembered, take a picture of this paining too,
    and then open you DAS.
    Go into the Picture list and find the two pictures that you have just taken.
    Use the Display Above symbol on one of the pictures and then click on the
    second picture and Superimpose it over the first one. 
    Next, move the picture so that the two Half-Clovers make a Four-Leaf-Clover
    and you will see the code for the door. 
    Now, go back to the door, enter to code, and go through. 
    Hallway 1
    This hallway will act like a small central area for the time being. 
    Walk to the end on the hallway and D will recognise the painting on the wall.
    Have a Look at it and D will get a few memories back. 
    You will then hear some music, coming from somewhere nearby. Just before you
    go searching, have a closer Look at the picture and then go to the door below
    you to the left.
    Music Room
    When you walk in, you’ll see that the person playing the Piano has disappeared.
    On the floor in front of a Bookcase you will find the ESSAY PAGES. Look closely
    at the bookcase, specifically the White Books at the top. 
    Try arranging the books and you will find that there are some missing. Also,
    Look the small cabinet next to the bookcase for a DAS Card. 
    Once you have that, Go and have a close Look at the piano. When you do D will
    remember something. With that done, have a close Look at the picture next to
    the piano and then go back into the Hallway.
    Hallway 1
    Walk forward and into the door opposite the Music Room.
    The Butler’s Room
    Walk forward and you’ll see a desk. Have a close Look at the bookcase to the
    left of it and you will see a White book. Look it and you will find that it is
    one of missing books from the music room; the Y BOOK.
    Once you have that, take a close Look at the desk. You can find a DAS Card in
    the small draw to the right of the top of the desk. 
    Also, Look the small notepad in front of you. Next to it is another DAS Card.
    Once you finished with it Look the Notepad. You will be able to use the pencil
    to draw on the pad to uncover the previous message, but upon trying the pencil
    will break. 
    Go to the bottom-left corner of the room and you will see a Fireplace. Look
    the Fireplace and you will find some CHARCOAL. Use this on the Notepad to
    uncover the Message.
    Go up the small set of stairs and you will find three cupboards. Look the one
    on the left for a Letter that you can read. The middle one has an old Photo
    Album that you can Look through to find more info about the Edward’s.
    The cupboard on the right contains three things. First, Look at the small
    scroll and you will see a Family Tree. Have a close Look at the names on the
    list, especially the ones that are underlined. 
    Have a quick Look through the book, before Looking at the wooden case. To
    solve this puzzle, you have to move the pieces so that they make a picture,
    with the Bottom-Right piece being the empty one. However, there isn’t any
    easy-to-follow path for this puzzle, so you’re just have to try it on your own.
    Once you’ve done it, you’ll get the SILVER MEDAL.
    With the now got, head back into the Hallway.
    Hallway 1
    Walk Down the hall and back into the Entry Hall.
    Entry Hall
    Go forward to the statue in the middle of the room and you will see that it has
    a round indentation in its base. Use the SILVER MEDAL here, and you will get 
    the CLOVER KEY. Now go back to the Hallway.
    Hallway 1
    Walk forward, down the step and use the CLOVER KEY on the first door on your
    right. When the door is open, go on through.
    Golden Bird Room
    Have a Look at the Bookshelf that is above the door and you will find another
    white book, this time it’s the E Book. 
    Now, go and have a Look at the Desk in the Bottom-Right corner of the room.
    There you can find an Empty Gun case, which will trigger another of D’s
    memories. Once that’s done have a close Look at the Dolls on the desk too.
    With those things firmly in mind head up the small stairs and have a Look at
    the cabinet behind the sofa. There are eight windows in the cabinet and you
    need to Look in the Bottom-Middle-Right one. In there you will find the SECOND
    Now that you have that, go back to the Hallway.
    Hallway 1
    Walk up to the door opposite the one you just came through and use the SECOND
    CLOVER KEY to open it. But it won’t work.
    Now try the CLOVER KEY, but that won’t work either.
    Ashley will then have the idea to use them together. Spin one of them around
    so that they are both facing the same way, and then turn one upside down. Then
    place then on top of each other and, providing you’ve got it right, they will
    combine into one. Place the key in the keyhole and then turn it to unlock the
    With the door now open, go on in.
    Silver Bird Room
    In the Top-right of the room is a bookshelf with another White book in it. Pick
    it up and you will find that it is the N Book.
    Walk down to the opposite corner and you will find a bloodstain on the carpet
    that will trigger D’s memories. Once that’s done have a Look at the birdcage
    and talk to D.
    Go up the small stairs and have a Look at the desk. There you will find a Book
    for you to read. Once you’ve read it you will see that the last page is
    missing. Look the pieces of paper next to the book and you will have to put
    them back together.
    When this is done you will read that page, and then you can go back out into 
    the Hallway.
    Hallway 1
    Go up and into the music room, which is the door on your left. 
    Music Room
    Walk strait up to the bookcase and use one of the White Books there. You will
    then have to insert the book as follows:
    hENRYTHOmas – this is where the CAPITAL letter represents the one that must be
    With that done, take a close Look at the books and also take a picture of them
    Go the Piano and Look at the key and you will automatically begin to play.
    Press the keys in the order that they are listed on the book. If you took a
    picture earlier then it will appear in the top screen.
    With that done, the bookcase will slide open and you’ll have to Answer a few
    Memory Questions
    Question #1: With D, I entered the mansion once occupied by the Edward family,
                 in the hope of finding my father. In the entry hall there were two
                 paintings and a bird sculpture. The key was hidden as part of the
                 bird sculpture...
    Answer: Key to the Golden Bird room
    Question #2: In the wardrobe in the Butler's room, I discovered that Leonard,
                 the son of the master of the mansion, had left the house and had
                 two sons. Leonard fell ill and died young, so the master, 
                 Lawrence, gained custody of the boys, Henry and Thomas. In 
                 preparation for their arrival, Lawrence arranged two special 
                 rooms. These two rooms were called the Golden Bird room and...
    Answer: The Silver Bird room
    Question #3: Who is D's father? D still cannot remember his name...And I still
                 haven't found my dad...But I have been able to find some evidence
                 leading me to him...The DAS card I got in the Butler's room said
                 Dad was deep inside the mansion. And the message that was on the 
                 white notepad...the name that was on that note was...
    Answer: Bill
    Question #4: So, in order to advance any further through this mansion...I had 
                 to solve the puzzle with the books in the music room. In order to
                 solve the melody puzzle, I found three books. There was the Y 
                 book, the N, and...
    Answer: The E book
    With these questions answered, it’s time to move on to Chapter 3.
    ---------------------------------Chapter Three:---------------------------------
    ------------------------------The memory of Franny------------------------------
    Hallway 2
    Walk forward and D will remember about Franny. Because of this, you will have to
    go into the Art Room, which is the door on the right.
    Art Room
    Go up and have a Look at the stuff inside the chest. Remember it for later use.
    Go right and have a Look at the small desk. On top you’ll find a DAS Card and
    then have a Look at the picture. 
    Once you’ve finished Looking, go and Look closely at the Stand at the bottom of
    the room. On it you will see a picture of Franny and this will give D’s memory a
    further boost. 
    Go to leave the room and you will have a short conversation with D. then go into
    the Hallway.
    Hallway 2
    Go through the door on the other side of the hallway, the one that is just a
    little above the Art Room door.
    Henry & Marie’s Bedroom
    Walk forward and Look the Draws in the bottom of the Wardrobe for a DAS Card.
    Move further into the room and you will see a table. Look it and you will see a
    Picture and a Bottle. 
    Look both of them and then go up the small step and Look at the beds.
    In-between then is a small music box with a missing Doll.
    Now that you know this, leave the room. 
    Hallway 2
    Go forward and down and go back into the Art room.
    Art Room
    Go up and Look the chest. Inside you will find a HAMMER. Take this and then
    Hallway 2
    Go down and back into the Music Room.
    Music Room
    Go right and into the Hallway.
    Hallway 1
    Go down and through the door on the right into the Golden Bird Room.
    Golden Bird Room
    Go forward and Look at the Desk. Look it and you will find the DRUMMER DOLL. 
    Once you have this go back to the Hallway.
    Hallway 1
    Go up and back into the Music Room.
    Music Room
    Go left, then up and into the Hallway.
    Hallway 2
    Go up and into the second door on the right.
    Franny’s Room
    Go down and you will find a small display case. Look it, and then have a close
    Look at the Teddy Bear. Once you’ve Looked at that, go right and you will find
    a bed. 
    Have a close Look at it and you will find a Ribbon on it. Look at it carefully
    and the go and Look at the nearby desk.
    In the draw in the desk you will find a DAS Card. Have a Look at the Scrapbook
    on top of the Desk and you will see two pictures, the second of which is
    Next, Look at the small box on the bottom of the shelf to the left of the desk.
    Inside you will find two STAMPS. Use these on the Scrapbook.
    To do this you have to Close the DS and then open it again 
    Once this is done, you’ll learn about Franny, and then you can go back into the
    Hallway...after a short conversation with D that is.
    Hallway 2
    Move forward and up, and go through the door.
    Henry’s Room
    Move forward and have a Look at the Table and the area there. Behind the table 
    is a Record Player, have a close Look at it, and the Look at the picture on the
    The idea is to get it so that the pictures are on both of the DS’s screens and
    the fold the two screens so that the top screen’s reflection can be seen on the
    bottom screen. 
    Do this and you will see: F3, and the Key goes into a book.
    Next, go left and Look closely at the picture, especially the three angels with
    the White wings. Then go down and you’ll see a huge row of Bookcases.
    The bookshelf is split into three, so select the right set and you should see
    the letter G, B, and F. because the picture said: ‘F3’, it means the third row
    of column F. 
    Look this section and you will see a large black book. Open it to find the KEY.
    Now that have that, leave the room.
    Hallway 2
    Go down and into the door on the left.
    Henry & Marie’s Bedroom
    Go forward and Look the table, and the use the HAMMER on the Bottle. To break
    it all you have to do I just tap the screen a few times. When it is broken you
    will get the GOLDEN BIRD KEY and a letter.
    Once you’ve read the letter. Go up to the beds and Look at the music box. Put
    the DRUMMER DOLL back where it belongs. After the conversation with D, use the
    KEY on the music box. 
    To start it, move the stylus down over the key several times, and then quick
    press the buttons below the Flute, Trumpet and Drummer Dolls. Do this, and you
    will hear a noise.
    Leave the room.
    Hallway 2
    Go up and to the left, back into Henry’s room
    Henry’s Room
    Inside you will find that the fireplace has moved, revealing a secret room. Go
    and have a Look. 
    Henry’s Secret Room
    First, Look the boxes below you. The one on the left has two pictures in it and
    some MATCHES. Pick them up and then have a Look at the pictures. 
    Go further into the room and you will see a large suitcase on a high shelf.
    Look it, and the Look the Covered box below it on the ground. 
    Inside you will find a BASEBALL. Pick it up and then use it on the suitcase.
    The idea is similar to the one with the Metal Sphere from Chapter 1. Use the
    Stylus to throw the ball up at the suitcase. You’ll have to hit it three times
    to knock it down. 
    Have a Look inside the suitcase and you will see D’s shoe, and seeing this will
    trigger another memory for him. 
    Now that you have that go back into Henry’s room.
    Henry’s Room
    Go forward and back into the Hallway.
    Hallway 2
    Go up and Look at the Candles on the wall. Use the Matches to light them up.
    You have to light the following candles:
    Left Side: Bottom-Left and Top-Right
    Right Side: Bottom-Left and Bottom-Right
    One you’ve done this a secret door will open.
    Memory Questions
    Question #1: Whilst Looking for Dad and trying to find D's memories, we walked
                 through a hallway and into the art room. There was an old drawing
                 of Franny in the art room. The person who drew the picture was...
    Answer: Henry
    Question #2: There was another drawing in the art room. It had Dad's signature
                 on it. The drawing was of...
    Answer: Ashley
    Question #3: After I read my dad's message on the DAS card, we walked around
                 the mansion Looking for his research lab. In Franny's room I
    Answer: D's fathers name
    Question #4: In the bookcase in Henry's study, we found a key for the music
                 box. I played the music box by using the angel dolls, which
                 triggered the fireplace in the study to move. We found a hidden
                 room behind it. In the hidden room, there was a suitcase. Inside
                 it we found...
    Answer: A shoe
    With these questions answered, it’s time to move on to Chapter 4.
    ----------------------------------Chapter Four:---------------------------------
    --------------------------The Reunion with the Father---------------------------
    Dining Room
    Go left and you’ll see a newspaper on the table. Read it and you’ll discover
    the fate of Ashley’s mother. Next Look the fireplace just to the left.
    First have a Look at the picture hanging above it, and make sure that you Look
    at both of the two boys and the frame of the painting too.
    In the fireplace itself will be the BURNT ESSAY. Once you have that go to the
    bottom of the table and Ashley and D will have a conversation about her mother. 
    Once this is over, go through the door to the right.
    You will be able to hear a loud noise coming from somewhere in the room.
    Walk forward and Look at the Radio on the bar. To turn it off, you have to move
    the two dials round to the correct positions. You can tell when they are right,
    as the sound level will drop.
    The left on needs to be at 10 o’clock
    The right one needs to be at 6 o’clock.
    Once this is done, someone will walk in on you. Talk to them as much as you can
    and then he will leave. Once he is gone go right and Look the Ashtray on the
    table for a LIGHTER. Once you have this, go upwards, through the door. 
    Hallway 3
    Go left until you see a picture. Have a close Look at it and then take a
    picture of it. Once you’ve got the picture, go through the nearby door.
    Go left and Look the door. You will see that there is Rope around the handles
    and you can’t open it. Once you know this, go right and below the middle part
    of the Kitchen area.
    Here you will be able to Look closely at a Handkerchief and you will see that
    it has blood on it. 
    Look the cabinet on the very left of the screen to get a better view of it and
    then Look the Middle-Left draw on the bottom for a DAS Card. 
    Move right again and have a good Look inside the oven. Inside you will find a
    Now that you have that, go back to the door with the Rope on it and Use the
    RUSTY KNIFE to cut the rope. 
    Just move the Stylus up and down across the rope.
    Once the rope is cut, go inside.
    Storage Room
    In here you will find Jessica. Talk to her and she will tell you about Bill. 
    When you’re done, you will see a painting behind Jessica. Go up to it and Look
    closely at it. You will see that it is covered with dust.
    To get rid of the dust, blow into the Microphone hole on the front of the DS.
    It will take a while but you’ll get it in the end.
    Once you’ve done this, Look at the picture again and the take a Picture of it.
    Go into your Photographs and Select the Orange one of these two pictures,
    superimposing the blue one over it. Twist the picture round so that the marks
    line up and you will see a number appear.
    Now that you know this, go back into the kitchen.
    Go right and back into the Hallway.
    Hallway 3
    Go to the far right of this hallway and you will see a door. It’s locked, but
    you now have the code for it, so opening it is easy.
    And now it’s time for more questions.
    Memory Questions
    Question #1: After solving the mystery of the candelabra in the last hallway,
                 we went into the dining room. In the fireplace, we found...
    Answer: The burnt essay
    Question #2: In the old newspaper that I found on the dining table, there was
                 an article about the murder of my mother. After reading it, I
                 remembered the night when Mum was killed...My recurring nightmare
                 is of the night she died. The chief murder suspect named in the
                 article was...
    Answer: Richard
    Question #3: What happened then? Who was that person in my dreams? My mind was
                 reeling as I walked deeper into the mansion...And finally, in the
                 lounge, I met my dad...Dad...I asked my dad about the things that
                 were written in the article. I asked him who murdered Mum. He
    Answer: He didn't kill Sayoko
    Question #4: After waiting for dad a while, I went off to Look for him. I
                 headed to the back of the mansion. The doors between the kitchen
                 and storage room were tied shut. What did I use to open the doors
                 to the storage room?
    Answer: A rusty knife
    Question #5: Though Jessica was out of sorts and exhausted, she was fine. I was
                 relieved to find her. Who did this to Jessica? It was...
    Answer: Bill
    ----------------------------------Chapter Five:---------------------------------
    -------------------------------The Second Another-------------------------------
    Hallway 4
    Walk upward and when you see a door on your right, go through it.
    Lawrence’s Room
    Go up and take a close Look at the picture above the fireplace. Look carefully
    at all of the people in this picture and D will remember things about all of
    To the right of the painting is a bookcase that you should search for a DAS
    Go down and Look closely at the Round Object on the Table. You will find out
    that it is Zoetrope, and then you can try to spin it. 
    Spin it by moving the stylus from Left to Right across it very quickly.
    Once it’s spinning fast enough, stop spinning it and click the ‘Back’ icon. You
    will then find out that you need Paper to make it work. 
    Next, Look at the desk near the Zoetrope, and you will see a draw with a Golden
    Bird on it. Use the GOLDEN BIRD KEY to open it and you will find an old Diary.
    Read through it and then head down to the Bed.
    On the topside of the bed is a small Draw that has a will in it. Read it and
    then go to the other side of the Bed. Ashley will hear a noise. Now go back
    into the corridor.
    Hallway 4
    Go down, through he door on the left, into the Hallway.
    Hallway 3
    Go left and through the door on the bottom wall.
    Go down and then left and into the Dining Room.
    Dining Room
    Go through the door that is down-left and into the Hallway. 
    Hallway 2
    Go down until you get to the Second door on the right. Go into the Art Room. 
    Art Room
    Go up and Look the chest. Inside you will find the ZOETROPE PAPER. Take this
    and then leave. 
    Hallway 2
    Go all the way up and into the Dining Room.
    Dining Room
    Go up-right and through the door.
    Go forward and then up and through the door.
    Hallway 3
    Go right and through the door.
    Hallway 4
    Go up and through the door on the right.
    Lawrence’s Room
    Go up to the Zoetrope and use the Zoetrope Paper on it. Use the same technique
    as before, but now a picture will appear in the top screen. Memorise the
    picture that you saw and the go back to where you heard the noise.
    Look the large picture on the wall and you will see that it is the same of the
    picture from the Zoetrope. You now have to press the White Flowers in the
    correct order.
    1 – Top-Right.
    2 – Top-Middle.
    3 – Top-Left.
    4 – Bottom-Middle
    5 – Bottom-Left
    Once this is done, a button will appear, ad you can press that to open a secret
    door. Go through the door. 
    Hidden Room
    In this room you will meet a person lying unconscious on the floor. Poke him
    quickly in the head to wake him up. 
    Before you talk to him offer him a SWEET and you will get some CHOCOLATE in
    return. Talk to him and when you’re done he will run off. 
    First have a Look at the typewriter in the Bottom-Left corner of the room and
    you will see a letter to Franny. Go right and Look at the Letter on top of the
    boxes, and the have a Look at the item in the Safe.
    Once you’ve done this head back into Lawrence’s Room.
    Lawrence’s Room
    Go up and head back out into the Hallway.
    Hallway 4
    Go up and you will find that the door is open. Go through.
    Research Lab
    Walk forward and examine the door. Look carefully at the small window and you
    will then be able to enter the code.
    To find the code, you must blow into the Microphone hole on the front of you DS
    and the number will appear on the glass.
    Quickly type the number in before it disappears.
    Now go through the open door and you will find yourself in the main part of the
    On the right are two Bookshelves. The smaller one contains a DAS Card. 
    On the large one, Look at the picture fame and Look closely at all of the
    people in the photo, and then have a Look at the Teddy Bear.
    Go over to the other side and you will see three large draws. The closed middle
    one contains a DAS Card, and the left on has the ANOTHER REPORT on it. 
    Next head to the top of the room and Look the Desk. Have a Look at the computer
    and read all Four of the Files on it. 
    Next have a close Look at the photo to the left of the computer. Look closely
    at Richard and Ashley and the Look at Sayoko. Doing this makes a WHITE DAS CARD
    pop out of the picture. 
    Once you have this, go back down to the Shelves and have another Look at the
    Teddy Bear. In it’s back you will find the RED DAS CARD. Take it and then Look
    at the TEDDY BEAR again and you will take it. 
    Now that you have all of that, go up and through he big door. Go down the long
    corridor and at the end Look the keypad on the left. Enter the following codes:
    The gate will now open. Walk up to Richard and talk to him. When you’ve
    finished, go to walk back out and D will talk to you. 
    He will also ask you two questions.
    Question #1: Ashley, what are you going to do? Do you want to know the truth?
                 The truth about your mother and father?
    Answer: I want to know the truth or I'm scared to know the truth
    Question #2: Ashley...Do you think your father killed your mother?
    Answer: No, he didn't kill her
    Go back and talk to Richard, and he will get into the Another Machine. Use the
    WHITE DAS CARD on the Another Machine. The DAS Menu will open up, so select the
    only option and watch the memory.
    Next, use the RED DAS CARD on the Another Machine. The DAS Menu will open up
    again, so select the only option and watch the second memory.
    With this done, you will talk to Richard gain and then after Bill talks to you
    over the Speaker, the Chapter will end...after some questions that is...
    Memory Questions
    Question #1: I went into the back of the mansion Looking for Dad. I couldn't
                 find him in the hallway, so I went into Lawrence's room. Inside, I
                 found Lawrence's diary and his will. I also found a portrait of...
    Answer: Three men
    Question #2: We solved the mystery of the zoetrope and pressed the switch
                 hidden in the painting of the tree. The painting led to a hidden
                 room. The person on the floor of the hidden room was...
    Answer: Richard
    Question #3: When I met Dad in the hidden room, there was a flurry of
                 confusion. I had thought that Bill was my dad. I was then
                 disturbed to learn that Dad was at the scene of my mother’s death.
                 In the confusion, Dad left, leaving me to find Henry's last letter
                 on the typewriter. It was addressed to...
    Answer: Franny
    Question #4: D and I went into the lab to Look for my dad. There I found the
                 DAS cards that stored the activation codes for Another, and used
                 them to recover Dad's memory. We discovered that his current
                 memory was false. This false memory had been implanted in him.
                 Shortly afterwards, we heard a voice coming from a speaker. The
                 voice belonged to...
    Answer: Bill
    ----------------------------------Chapter Six:----------------------------------
    --------------------------The Memory of the Right Hand--------------------------
    Go all the way to the bottom of the stairs and on the way you will have several
    conversation with Richard. 
    Walk through the cave and you will have several conversations with Richard and
    D. Along the way you will find D’s OTHER SHOE. Keep going and eventually you
    will run into Bill. Talk to him and then you will have to answer some
    Bill's Questions
    Question #1: Now, Ashley...Let's see if you can remember that night your mother
                 was killed...But, just out of curiosity, the night your mother
                 died...What happened when you were with her?
    Answer: Someone came in
    Question #2: Sayoko realized that someone was in the house. What happened then?
    Answer: She hid me in the wardrobe
    Question #3: Ashley. With your father in mind, try to recall what happened that
                 night. Ashley, when you were hiding in the wardrobe, what
    Answer: I heard mums voice
    Question #4: Ashley...What did Sayoko say? What did you hear?
    Answer: "You can’t have Another!"
    Question #5: Ashley. Take your time remembering the rest. This is the important
                 part. Did you hear something after you heard your mum's voice?
    Answer: I heard a gunshot
    Question #6: Ashley: I...Looked out of the wardrobe. Bill: And what did you 
                 see? Ashley: I saw...Yes, I saw it...! I saw the face of the
                 person who killed my mother! Oh, no...All of a sudden, what I saw
                 from inside of that wardrobe...It starts to appear, like a
                 photograph developing. I see a shoulder, then a wisp of hair,
                 then...A pair of stony eyes. I close my eyes to sharpen the image
                 in my mind. Hey! That face belongs to...
    Answer: Bill
    After answering the questions, there will be even more talking and then Bill
    will get scared by D and fall of the edge of the cliff. 
    There will be more talk with Richard and then you will be able to keep going.
    Cross the bridge and then head outside.
    --------------------------The Miracle of the Blue Moon--------------------------
    Walk forward and you’ll get called by the Boat Captain. Go right and you’ll
    meet him. Talk to him, and then you’ll get called by Richard. 
    Go back to the cave entrance and you’ll find Richard and Jessica. Talk to them
    and then go and talk to D on the left side of the beach. 
    Depending on what you’ve done will depend on whether D remember everything on
    not, but either way he will disappear. 
    Go back to Richard and Jessica and you will see that the Captain is there too.
    Talk to them for the last time and this will be the end of the game...
    The credits will now roll and when they are finished you will a birthday cake
    with some candles on it. Use the Microphone hole to blow them out. Do this and
    you will be able to save your completed save file. 
    You’ve completed Another Code: Two Memories!
    |                              Extra stuff - 04ES                              |
    -------------------------------Second Play Through------------------------------
    There are a few differences when you play through the game a second time.
     - Some of the text on the DAS Cards is different.
     - The Xoetrope Paper shows a Ninja instead of a Bird. 
     - when you complete the game you get a special message. 
    -------------------------------DAS Card Locations-------------------------------
    DAS Card 00 – The Porters Lodge - Check the books on the desk.
    DAS Card 01 – The Butler’s Room - Near to the note pad on the desk.
    DAS Card 02 – The Art Room - Next to the picture of Ashley.
    DAS Card 991 – The Laboratory - In the photo frame next to the monitor.
    DAS Card 992 – The Laboratory - Hidden in the beck of the Teddy Bear.
    DAS Card 901 – The Butler’s Room - In the single draw in the desk.
    DAS Card 902 – Music room - In the a display case next to a bookcase.
    DAS Card 903 – Franny's room - In a draw in the desk.
    DAS Card 904 – Henry and Marie's Bedroom - In the wardrobe near the door.
    DAS Card 905 – Kitchen - In a small draw in the cabinet near the fridge.
    DAS Card 906 – Lawrence's room - In the top-right bookshelf.
    DAS Card 907 – Laboratory - In the smaller of the bookshelves on the right.
    DAS Card 908 – Laboratory - In the middle-left draw.
    ---------------------------------Inventory List---------------------------------
    Sweets: – Get them from the Captain at the beginning of the game.
    Chocolate: – Get this from Richard when you give him a sweet.
    Metal brush: – Found in a toolbox, in the Cemetary.
    Gear: – Found in a toolbox, in the Cemetary.
    Glasses: – By the door of the porters lodge.
    Essay cover: – In the briefcase in the porters lodge.
    Sayoko's photo: – In the lab coat at porters lodge.
    Iron sphere: – In the box at porters lodge.
    Clover Key: – In the bird statue in the entry hall.
    Second clover Key: – In a glass in the golden bird room.
    Silver medal: – In the butlers room, solves the puzzle in the wardrobe.
    Charcoal: – In the fireplace in the butlers room.
    Essay Pages: – On the floor of the music room.
    Y book: – In the butler’s room.
    E Book: – In the golden bird room.
    N book: – In the silver bird room.
    Hammer: – In the chest in the art room.
    Golden bird key: – In the bottle in Henry & Marie's room.
    Stamps: – In a Wooden box in Franny's room.
    Drummer Doll: – On the desk in the golden bird room.
    Key: – In a book in Henrys study.
    Matches: – In the secret room in Henry's study.
    Baseball: – In the secret room in Henry's study.
    D's shoe: – In the suitcase in the secret room of Henry's study.
    Burnt essay: – In the Dining room fireplace.
    Lighter: – Next to the Ashtray in the lounge.
    Rusty knife: – In the kitchens oven.
    Zoetrope paper: – In the chest in the art room.
    Another report: – In the file cabinet in the lab.
    Teddy bear: – On a bookshelf in the lab.
    White DAS Card: – In the photo frame of the lab.
    Red DAS Card: – In the back of the teddy bear in the lab.
    D's other shoe: – On the floor of the cave after you've escape the lab.
    -------------------------------D’s Memory Triggers------------------------------
    Chapter 1
    Path to Woods - Check the stone marker on the path.
    Cemetery - Check both Thomas and Henry’s gravestones.
    Mine Entrance - Check the plaque after using the wire brush on it.
    Porters lodge - Take the Photo from the lab coat.
    Porters lodge - Take the Another Essay cover.
    Chapter 2
    Entry Hall - Check both bird pictures 'till you get comments from D.
    Hallway 1 - Check Lawrence’s Painting twice at the end of the hall.
    Music Room - Check the painting next to the piano.
    Music Room - Try the piano to trigger D's memory.
    Butlers Room - Read the letter in the wardrobe on the left.
    Butlers Room - Check the photo album in the middle wardrobe.
    Butlers Room - Check the scroll in the right wardrobe and check all the 
                   underlined names.
    Butlers Room - Check the notebook in the right wardrobe.
    Butlers Room - Use the CHARCOAL on the Note Pad to reveal the message.
    Golden Bird Room - Check the empty gun case on the desk.
    Silver Bird Room - Walk over to the rug and check the birdcage.
    Silver Bird Room - Read the diary and piece together the ripped page.
    Chapter 3
    Art Room - Check Richard's picture of how he imagined Ashley.
    Art Room - Check the drawing of Franny.
    Franny's room - Check the teddy bear on the display case.
    Franny's room - Check the ribbon on the bed.
    Franny's room - Check the sketchbook, then pick up the stamps from shelves and 
                    use them on the sketchbook. Close the DS to stamp them down.
    Henry's room - Check the bottle and then get a HAMMER from the chest in the art
                   room. Use it to smash the bottle to get a note and the golden 
                   bird key.
    Henry's room - Check the small photo next to the bottle.
    Henry's study - Check the record player.
    Secret room - Use the baseball behind the covered box to knock down the 
                  suitcase. Inside you'll find D's shoe and D will remember 
                  something when you leave the room.
    Chapter 4
    Dinning room - Check the newspaper on the table.
    Dinning room - Check the painting of the two boys. You must check each boy and 
                   then check the pictures frame.
    Kitchen - Check the blood-stained hanky.
    Chapter 5
    Lawrence’s room - Check the large portrait of the three men on the wall and 
                      check all three men in it.
    Lawrence’s room - Open the desk draw with the GOLDEN BIRD KEY and read the 
    Lawrence’s room - Open the draw next to the bed to find a will and then read it.
    Hidden room - Give Richard a Sweet before you ask him questions.
    Hidden room - Read the letter that's on the typewriter.
    Hidden room - Read the letter near the safe.
    Hidden room - Check at the account book in the safe.
    Laboratory - Check at the photo on the shelves and next to the computer.
    Laboratory - Read all messages on the computer.
    Laboratory - Pick up the teddy bear.
    Chapter 6
    Caves – When you get D'S OTHER SHOE here, if you’ve got all the memories 
            so far, you'll get another memory.
    Beach - Talk to D to finish his story, and let him move on...
    |                               End Stuff - 05ES                               |
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