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"Kicks Guitar Hero Into Oblivion"

Game - Daigasso! Band Brothers (Import) Review by BeatBug. Score - 9.5 (10)

I bet the curious people who are reading this review obviously have a liking to rhythm games; before I bought this game I certainly did and Daigasso! Band Brothers has added petrol to that flame - it beats Guitar Hero and Rock Band and shoves them into the dustbin!

Daigasso! Band Brothers is your typical Rhythm game but it has something for everyone. The difficulty is perfect as it can be easy for beginners to the genre and punishable to experts who want a challenge. Yes - if you go and look at the Famicon Shooting medley on youtube for said game you will see how hard it can get. And with over 60 songs with the expansion how could this game mess up?

Gameplay - 9

There isn't much to the basic concept on paper. Press buttons in time with the 'circles' when they go under the arrows. But it is much more than that. On Hard mode excluding drums there are a total of 32 notes with the face buttons and L and R to make a note sharp or raise it an octave respectively. Consider that each instrument has different buttons to press and there being 8 instruments for each song, you have a lot of replay value.

Music - 8

GASP! An 8 for a Music Game?!? It isn't the game's fault. All instruments are MIDI but this would of had to happen as we wouldn't get as many songs if the sounds were MP3. The song choice is amazing - a 10 for Japanese readers - as traditional game music and some, dare I say it, catchy J-Pop music (WITH NO VOCAL! OH YES!) and Vivaldi's 4 Seasons there really is 1 cliche - there is something for everyone!

Multiplayer - 10

NOOO! There isn't an option to give this game 11 for multiplayer. Oh well. Anyway, I want to quote ONM, who got something write. '[Daigasso Band Brothers] is the very eptimone of multiplayer fun'. Eptimone means best. Literally this multiplayer is perfect. In double cart mode you can play with INFINITE number of people but oin Multi cart you can play with 8 other jammin' DS owners. Any song can be chosen - perfection.

Graphics - 7

People have been moaning about the graphics but they aren't ugly at all - there just isn't anything special. This is a rhythm game, not Mario Slam Basketball.

Extras - 10

Whoa. let's just say you can put in and play your own songs either by humming it into the mic or by putting notes in on Score Maker Pro. This option is more fun than my original 'Bore - it is just making music' thought as it can keep you busy and replicating tunes from games is quite fun!

Import Rating - 9

If you like knowing the plot of games, you will not nesscecary like this game as an import, but do you buy games just to read plots? No - you buy them for what they are made for and in this case, rhythm action. The menus are easy to navigate as English is constantly used and trial and error will also help - it is a bit of fun stumbling onto things blindly. This was my first Japanese Import (I like in the UK) and it was really just like all my other EU games. There is the occasional Japanese but it is avoidable to not know your way around in 5 minutes.

Value - 10

I'm going to give you a few words which I think sum up this section - 60 songs. Score Maker. Expansion Cartridge. Multiplayer. Is. Fun. Game is incredible. Good. Value. for. Money!

Final Score - 9.5 (10)

Save yourself £70 (around $150, I'm guessing) and get this instead of Guitar Hero. You will not be disappointed. If you like rhythm games, want a good portable game to play, want lots of depth and generally want one of the best games on DS I'd reccomend this to you. Buy it; do not let the import factor put you off. This is a masterpiece - if Miyamoto didn't contribute I'd eat my sock.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/19/08

Game Release: Daigasso! Band Brothers (JP, 12/02/04)

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