Review by WakkasDragon89

Reviewed: 01/06/05

Addictive Gameplay and Amazing Music Makes for an Enjoyable Experience

Daigasso! Band Brothers is a rhythm game which commands you to press buttons as they appear on screen. Since this IS a rhythm game, I will be deviating from my review style in favor of a 100 point model with different weights.

Controls: 17/20

The control scheme is virtually flawless, aside from the control pad occasionally slipping up. Also, the "Touch" sections of songs are hard to adapt to at first, but later on they'll seem like a blessing.

Sound: 28/30

It's a rhythm game, so of course the sound is great. It has many recognizable tracks, and the only reason it is not perfect is due to the fact that MP3s probably could've been used instead of midis, because there was a full vocal song in a recent GBA release... But it is still quite pleasing to the ear, and very memorable/addictive.

Story: 8/10

(Note: This score is prone to change with the release of the NA version)
I can't read the text, but the story is about a store/recording studio in a town. The beginning intro has voice and is in English, so you can kind of get an idea of what's going on. You're a recording artist, I think, and you have to record CDs ar different levels with different instruments. The Special Event mode is akin to a traditional Story mode, and it puts you against a bomb in which the fuse gets shorter with each error. In addition to the bomb, you must deduct a certain number of points from the scoreboard by doing well on songs. You have to record three songs for each level (At least up to where I am). Also, there are three different modes of play: Easy (Either press a button or control pad), Amateur (Press specific buttons), and Pro (Amateur but with tuning as well, using L and R, along with other changes to make it more difficult.). Overall, the modes are very nice.

Multiplayer: 10/10

You can play with up to 8 people with one game, using the DS's download play feature. Also, there is a mode for an infinite amount of people if they all have games.

Replay value: 10/10

There are many songs at different levels and it is quite addictive. You'll want to try to get better scores, especially on songs you like. Also, the music is quite diverse and not just the same stuff over and over again.

Fun Factor: 18/20

It is definitely one of the better release games on the DS (in Japan, that is) and well worth the import costs. Also, the songs are great, the gameplay pulls you in, and the instruments sound awesome. Along with this, there is a music editor which can keep you busy in itself. All in all, a very fun game.

Overall score: 91/100, 9/10 on GameFAQs

Well worth the import money, or you can wait for your regional release, or both. Definitely worth buying and a very enjoyable game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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