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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kirby021591

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    Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (DS)
    Copyright 2005 Brian McPhee
    Author: Brian McPhee (Kirby021591)
    E-mail: Kirby0215@aol.com
    Most Recent Update: August 20, 2005
    Originally Created: June 2, 2005
    Version 1.0
    ---------------------------Table of Contents---------------------------
    Section 1*
    Section 2*
    Anakin Walkthrough*
    Obi-Wan Walkthrough*
    Special Missions*
    Section 3*
    Force Upgrades*
    Fury/Focus Moves*
    Multiplayer Mode*
    Ships & Unlocking Ships*
    Section 4*
    Credits and Legal Information*
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    ||----------------------------Section 1*-----------------------------||
     \                                                                   /
    Welcome, everybody.  Now, this set of readers is a whole new crowd from 
    my usual audience, meaning all my lame jokes will be new to them.  But, 
    really, I know that I have been writing nonstop Mario/Zelda/Sonic 
    guides, throwing in the occasional miscellaneous game, but I was 
    inspired to do something Star Wars-related after seeing Episode III for 
    the second time.  Naturally, I came to this, a new game based on a 
    great movie.  Yes, I will admit that, Nintendo aside, I am a huge Star 
    Wars geek, and yet I have no costume for a convention.  This was my 
    only alternative.  But whether you like Star Wars or not, this game is 
    truly awesome.  Here's why.
    Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith hit theaters in theaters on 
    May 19, 2005.  I saw it, of course, and I was quite pleased with the 
    sixth installment of the best movie series in existence.  Featuring no 
    chatter from Jar Jar Binks at all (he only appears twice in the entire 
    movie, non-speaking roles both times), it was by far the best of the 
    prequels, and perhaps even superior to some of the later episodes.  I 
    also liked the title - Revenge of the Sith.  The original title for 
    Episode VI was "Revenge of the Jedi," but it was turned to "Return of 
    the Jedi" because Jedi don't take revenge.  They are nearly saints.
    Anyways, go see Episode III if you haven't.  Furthermore, buy this game 
    if you haven't.  It really lives up to the movie, even with the odds 
    stacked against it.  Yes, usually movie-licensed games are rather awful, 
    but this game managed to use movie characters and retain its appeal and 
    fun game play.  Furthermore, this game is not a first-person shooter 
    like many Star Wars games.  Although you can control some ships, the 
    majority of the game is good old lightsaber duels, force powers 
    included.  And 2-D has good graphics, much like the Star Wars: Clone 
    Wars series.
    But who says ships are bad?  The multiplayer mode, playable with up to 
    four friends, is in full 3D and is great fun, too.  The multiplayer 
    might as well be the main attractor.  It's certainly the best part of 
    the game, in my opinion.  And if you don't have anyone to play 
    multiplayer with, test your skills with some bots.  So, what are you 
    waiting for?  You actually read this entire introduction?  Scroll down 
    a bit to "Navigation" and let's get this guide started!
    And remember, my friends:
    The saga may end, but the Force shall forever be with us.
    So, you think you can just scroll down around the guide, huh?  Wrong!  
    Fortunately for you, I have a navigation system in place.  You see, it 
    explains why the asterisks (*) are stuck after each section title.  If 
    you press CTRL and F (that's Apple and F if you're using a Mac), a 
    Find/Search box pops up.  Type in the name of a section, asterisk and 
    all, and click Find/Search to go to the first time that phrase is used, 
    which will be the Table of Contents.  Click it again to go to the 
    beginning of that section.  No scrolling needed.  The asterisks 
    distinguish the text from any times I might use a section title in text 
    (navigation, navigation, ahem, navigation).
    This time, we're having separate sections for storyline and characters.  
    To people new to Star Wars, the plot is exceedingly complex, but it's 
    really quite simple.  Here's a summary of Episode I, Episode II and the 
    beginning of Episode III.
                              |    Episode I    |
    When Episode I begins, the Galactic Senate is debating whether or not 
    to tax the use of certain trade routes.  During their squabbling, the 
    Trade Federation, which controls trade in the Republic, began to 
    blockade the planet of Naboo.  Two Jedi, the keepers of peace in the 
    galaxy, were sent as ambassadors to work out an agreement with Viceroy 
    Nute Gunray, leader of the Trade Federation.  The meeting never 
    occurred, though, and the two Jedi - Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi - 
    escaped the ship to Naboo's surface.
    To make a long story short, they managed to escape the blockade with 
    Queen Amidala in tow (she is leader of Naboo), but their damaged ship 
    could not make it far.  They were forced to land on a remote desert 
    planet named Tatooine, where Padme Amidala met a slave boy named Anakin 
    Skywalker.  Qui-Gon was able to free Anakin from bondage, leaving his 
    mother, a slave, behind, and they left for Coruscant, capital planet of 
    the Republic.  Qui-Gon sensed that Anakin had great power, and he 
    requested that he take up a new padawan, or apprentice.  The Jedi 
    Council rejected him, however, but Qui-Gon was still determined to 
    train him, believing Anakin was the chosen one (the one who will bring 
    balance to the Force).
    So, they left for Naboo, where the Gungans (a race who lives on Naboo, 
    reluctant ally of the human inhabitants there) battled the Trade 
    Federation's droid army for as long as they could.  The Battle of Naboo 
    was a mere diversion, though, as Amidala, Panaka (her bodyguard), Qui-
    Gon, Obi-Wan, and Anakin swept into the palace of the queen to force 
    the Viceroy to sign a treaty that would bring an end to the blockade.
    Amidala eventually did find and force Viceroy Nute Gunray into signing 
    it, but it was during that time that Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi 
    were intercepted by a dark lord of the Sith (think of them as anti-
    Jedi), Darth Maul.  Their fight was intense, and Darth Maul killed Qui-
    Gon Jinn.  But, Obi-Wan struck back, slicing Maul in half.  Obi-Wan 
    became a Jedi Knight, the next rank after padawan, and Anakin became 
    his padawan.  Padme retired as queen shortly after to become a senator.  
    So, what you need to know about this episode is:
    - Obi-Wan Kenobi is a Jedi and Anakin Skywalker becomes his apprentice.
    - I totally omitted anything and everything about the most annoying 
    character ever concocted, Jar Jar Binks.  He was a Gungan general who 
    would also become a senator from Naboo, sort of.
    - Anakin is affectionate toward Padme Amidala, who becomes a senator 
    from Naboo.  I didn't really touch upon this, but it is very important.
                             |    Episode II    |
    Then, ten years later, Episode II begins.  The Republic is in shambles, 
    as nearly half of it, led by the separatist and former Jedi Count Dooku, 
    wants to succeed.  Now in debate is the approval of a grand new army of 
    the Republic that could fight in a civil war should one occur.  The 
    vote on this is crucial, and many senators that would vote on it are 
    being threatened.
    Padme Amidala, a senator from Naboo, has had several attempts on her 
    life so far (the opening scene of Episode II shows her body double 
    dying in an explosion on Coruscant), and two Jedi are assigned to 
    protect her - Obi-Wan Kenobi and his padawn Anakin Skywalker.  To make 
    a long story short, Obi-Wan discovers that the bounty hunter out to 
    kill Padme is named Jango Fett.  More interestingly, though, they meet 
    on Kamino, where a cloning facility is at work creating a new army of 
    the Republic, supposedly at the request of a Jedi Master who died ten 
    years ago.
    Jango Fett is the original the clone soldiers are based off.  Obi-Wan 
    follows Jango Fett to the remote planet of Geonosis.  Here, he finds 
    Count Dooku and the other separatist (sometimes called the CIS, the 
    Confederacy of Independent Systems) leaders, including Viceroy Nute 
    Gunray.  Obi-Wan is found and trapped, however.  It is up to his 
    padawan, who has been romancing Padme and avenging his mother's death, 
    Anakin Skywalker, to transmit a message to the Jedi Council regarding 
    Dooku's base of operations and his current condition.  Though Anakin 
    was told not to, he goes with Padme to Geonosis, where both of them are 
    They are to be executed in a coliseum-like arena.  Just as they are 
    about to die, Mace Windu (second-in-command Jedi of the council) leads 
    the other Jedi into battle against the Separatists.  But, they are no 
    match for Dooku's droid army.  But then, just as unexpectedly as before, 
    Yoda (leader of the Jedi Council) drops in with thousands upon 
    thousands of clone troops from Kamino.  The Battle of Geonosis begins.
    During it, Anakin and Obi-Wan fight Count Dooku, but they lose.  Anakin 
    lost more than the others, as his hand was chopped off in the fight.  
    Yoda tried to defeat Dooku, but he chose to rescue Anakin and Obi-Wan 
    instead of killing the count.  Separatist forces lost the Battle of 
    Geonosis, but, as Yoda said...  Begun the Clone War has.  But, in the 
    last scene of the movie, Anakin and Padme secretly wed...  You should 
    know this: 
    - A civil war broke out.  It is called the Clone War, and the 
    competitors are the Separatists and the Republic.
    - Against the Jedi Code, Anakin marries Padme.  Their marriage must be 
    kept secret, lest Anakin be ousted from the Jedi Order and Padme the 
    Galactic Senate.
    - Although I didn't explain it, Chancellor Palpatine (the chancellor 
    presides over the Senate) was given immediate executive powers to make 
    quick decisions during the Clone War.  He is now the Supreme Chancellor, 
    and he is basically dictator of the Republic.  As a note of interest, 
    it was that foolish Jar Jar Binks who suggested he gain his powers.
    - The leader of the separatists is a Sith Lord named Count Dooku.  But, 
    unbeknownst to all else, Count Dooku actually takes orders from the 
    same one who Darth Maul took orders from, the dark Lord of the Sith, 
    Darth Sidious.
                             |    Episode III    |
    And so begins Episode III.  Into the Clone War, Obi-Wan is now a 
    general and Jedi Master, while Anakin is now a Jedi Knight.  The 
    Chancellor was kidnapped by General Grievous of the Confederates, and 
    it is up to Obi-Wan and Anakin to rescue Chancellor Palpatine...
    Perhaps I confused you a bit, but that last paragraph is the only 
    important part of the storyline that you should know to enjoy the game.  
    The rest is just background information about how the Clone War started 
    and who married who, etc.
    Star Wars has more characters in it than... well, a lot of stuff.  In 
    order to make these brief and understandable, I'll only give bios for 
    important characters and only talk about their roles in the prequels.
    ---------------------------Anakin Skywalker----------------------------
    A former slave from Tatooine, he was freed by Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn.  
    Leaving his mother behind, Anakin became Qui-Gon observer to learn from 
    him the Jedi ways, as Qui-Gon sensed that he had great potential (his 
    blood showed as much).  Qui-Gon believed that Anakin was the chosen one, 
    the one who would destroy the Sith and bring balance to the Force.  So, 
    when Qui-Gon was killed by Darth Maul, Qui-Gon's apprentice, Obi-Wan 
    Kenobi, became Anakin's new master in his study of the Jedi.
    Anakin trained under him for ten years, becoming a powerful Jedi, until 
    they were assigned to look after Senator Padme Amidala, who Anakin had 
    met as he was being freed from slavery.  The two went to Padme's home 
    planet of Naboo for safety, and it was there that they fell in love, 
    forbidden to Jedi.  The two traveled to Geonosis when they received a 
    distress signal from Obi-Wan, and it was there that Anakin fought Sith 
    Lord Count Dooku in the commencement of the Clone War.
    Dooku was a wiser fighter than Anakin, and he defeated the novice 
    padawan.  The duel cost Anakin his hand, which he would be forced to 
    replace with a robotic one.  It was shortly after that that Anakin 
    married the love of his life, Padme Amidala, breaking the Jedi Code.  
    In the interim between Episode II and III, Anakin was promoted to rank 
    of Jedi Knight, and he developed a friendship with Chancellor Palpatine.  
    In the beginning of Episode III, Anakin and Obi-Wan must board the ship 
    of General Grievous in the Clone War to rescue abducted Chancellor 
    ------------------------------Count Dooku------------------------------
    A former Jedi, Count Dooku caused a separatist uprising in the Republic.  
    Spurred on by his master Darth Sidious, Dooku led a revolt against the 
    Republic that would start the Clone War.  Eternally faithful to Sidious, 
    Dooku is leader of the Confederacy, and he guards the chancellor, 
    kidnapped by Grievous, at the beginning of Episode III.  His Sith name 
    is Darth Tyranus, pronounced in different ways by different people 
    (sometimes like "tyrant," other times like "tyranny").
    ---------------------------General Grievous----------------------------
    A general of the CIS, Grievous first appeared in "Star Wars: Clone 
    Wars," a micro-series on Cartoon Network.  A battle with Mace Windu 
    damaged his internal workings, which accounts for his sporadic fits of 
    coughing.  In any case, Grievous is an advanced insect-like droid with 
    artificial organs and a shrewd mind.  He hunts and kills Jedi for sport, 
    and he proudly carries (and uses) four lightsabers from his victims.
    Count Dooku trained him to wield them, and his unorthodox style is 
    extremely effective.  Known for his boldness, Grievous swept into the 
    Republic capital of Coruscant and kidnapped Chancellor Palpatine.  It 
    is the beginning of Episode III that Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan 
    Kenobi arrive at his personal ship to rescue the chancellor.  Grievous, 
    like all other members of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, is 
    commanded by Darth Sidious.  And of course, Grievous's name is an 
    actual word meaning "grave" or "dreadful."
    ------------------------------Mace Windu-------------------------------
    Tsecond-in-command of the Jedi Council, Mace Windu is the only Jedi to 
    use a purple lightsaber.  He is central to the council, having led the 
    Jedi into the Battle of Geonosis and killing Jango Fett.  Master Windu 
    plays an active role in Episode III, but it is a tragic one.
    ----------------------------Obi-Wan Kenobi-----------------------------
    The apprentice of Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan became a Jedi Knight and the 
    master of his new padawan, Anakin Skywalker, after the death of his 
    master in Episode I.  Obi-Wan trained Anakin alongside himself for ten 
    years before the duo was assigned to protect Padme Amidala, a senator 
    that Anakin was rather fond of.
    While he left Anakin to look after the senator, he left for Kamino to 
    investigate a strange object he had found on the body of the first 
    assassin they had found.  As it turns out, Kamino was pumping out clone 
    troops based off of Jango Fett, the very bounty hunter that had tried 
    to kill Padme.  Obi-Wan engaged Jango and his "son," Bobo Fett, but he 
    could not defeat them.  In a Jedi Starfighter, Obi-Wan pursued and was 
    pursued by Jango until they reached Geonosis, a remote planet in the 
    Outer Rim.
    Captured by separatist leader Count Dooku, Obi-Wan was to be executed 
    in an arena (along with Anakin and Padme, both of whom had tried to 
    rescue him).  Obi-Wan survived though it until Mace Windu led a legion 
    of Jedi into battle to save them, and then after Yoda arrived with 
    clone troopers.  Obi-Wan fought through the battle, even fighting (but 
    losing to) Count Dooku.  He was later appointed Jedi Master and general 
    of the Republic's army.  At the beginning of Episode III, Anakin and 
    Obi-Wan are flying into a CIS fleet to rescue the kidnapped chancellor 
    from General Grievous.
    -----------------------------Padme Amidala-----------------------------
    Formerly the queen of Naboo (elected queen, mind you), she became a 
    senator after her term.  When an important vote arose to decide whether 
    or not an army of the Republic should be formed to quell separatist 
    movements, a bounty hunter was after her life to prevent her from 
    voting, and she was assigned two Jedi as bodyguards.  They were Obi-Wan 
    Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, both of whom she had met during a period 
    of strife when she was queen.
    Anakin defended her loyally, and eventually they left to Naboo where 
    she could be safe.  She fell in love with Anakin there, and she 
    followed him to Tatooine where Anakin avenged his mother's death.  
    Shortly after they left for Geonosis.  Padme played a small role in the 
    Battle of Geonosis before she and Anakin returned to Naboo to be 
    secretly married.  At the beginning of Episode III, Padme remains a 
    senator from Naboo, but she is ready to announce something important to 
    Anakin.  She is pregnant.
    --------------Supreme Chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious---------------
    This guy's been playing on both sides of the fence.  Because of the 
    current chancellor's inability to lead the Galactic Senate, Padme 
    Amidala suggested that he be voted down.  In his place, Palpatine was 
    elected as chancellor.
    Meanwhile, Palpatine concealed a dark secret.  He was Darth Sidious, 
    dark Lord of the Sith.  He commanded Viceroy Nute Gunray of the Trade 
    Federation to invade Naboo, and he offered the help of his new 
    apprentice, Darth Maul.  Darth Maul died during (not in) the Battle of 
    Naboo at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Sidious had trained Darth Maul 
    since Maul was but a child, and he wanted a new apprentice quickly that 
    he would not have to train.
    He found one in former Jedi Count Dooku, whom he directed to lead the 
    separatists into leaving the Republic, thus beginning the Clone War.  
    Meanwhile, the Clone War led to, at the suggestion of Jar Jar Binks, a 
    vote on a temporary increase in Palpatine's powers.  It was accepted, 
    and Palpatine became Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, now having total 
    control over all matters of the Republic.
    Using the Sith as his instruments to raise his own political power, 
    Palpatine still seeks further empowerment by destroying the Jedi.  But, 
    Count Dooku is old, and Sidious desires a younger, more powerful 
    apprentice.  To that point, he orchestrated his own kidnapping in the 
    beginning of Episode III.
    The leader of the Jedi Council, Yoda is the wisest being in the galaxy.  
    He just happens to talk somewhat backwards in semi-broken English.  
    Standing two feet and two inches tall and over 800 years old, Yoda is 
    also extremely powerful, having a greater understanding of the Force 
    than any other Jedi.  Yoda appears in Episode I, but we first see him 
    in action in Episode II.
    After Obi-Wan reported the clone armies on Kamino, Yoda went to see 
    them for himself.  And it was during the Battle of Geonosis, just as 
    the Jedi were being overpowered, that Yoda arrived with thousands of 
    clone troops from Kamino, ready to wage war with the separatists.  
    Thanks to Yoda, the Jedi survived and won the Battle of Geonosis.  He 
    even fought Count Dooku toward the end of it, and Yoda clearly won, but 
    Dooku used his Force powers to try to crush defeated Anakin and Obi-Wan.  
    Yoda saved them from death only to let Dooku escape.
    Throughout the Clone War, Yoda assigned Jedi to different regions for 
    different battles, and he himself aided the Wookies during the war.  He 
    has yet to act his biggest role, though.  And as an interesting tidbit, 
    Yoda teaches all younglings, the rank before padawan (it goes youngling 
    -> padawan -> Jedi Knight -> Jedi Master).  Also, he personally trained 
    Count Dooku, who trained Qui-Gon Jinn, who trained Obi-Wan Kenobi, who 
    trained Anakin Skywalker, whose son was also trained by Yoda.  What a 
    small galaxy...
    And those are all the important characters of Episode III.  Sure, there 
    are others like Ki-Adi-Mundi, Kit Fisto, or Plo Koon, but they just 
    don't make the cut.
    The items of the game are called pickups, and some are very creative.  
    Didn't think picking up a Yoda head would save your life?  I pity you.  
    Here's a list of what's what based on appearances.
                         |    Single-Player Mode    |
    Bacta Tank: These look like orange and blue capsules.  Getting them 
    recovers your HP (Health Points).
    Customization Point: These are light green orbs.  Collect ten in a 
    level to learn a Force power in the next cut scene.  In other words, 
    collect them all.
    Extra Life: These look like your character's head (either Obi-Wan or 
    Anakin).  Collect them for another try at a level if you die.
    Force Shadow: It's a floating blue orb.  Getting it recovers your Force 
    Palpatine's Order: An Emperor head... yuck.  Get one as Anakin Skywalker 
    and you'll get a fury boost plus extra strength for a while.
    Yoda's Protection: If you are Obi-Wan Kenobi, then collecting Yoda head 
    items gets you a focus boost plus a temporary shield.
                          |    Multiplayer Mode    |
    HP: Resembling a blue plus (+) sign, this restores a few lost Health 
    Points to your ship.
    Laser: These look like red spikes.  Collect it and your ship's lasers 
    do more damage to other ships for a brief period of time.
    Missile: Appearing to be a yellow missile, these gives you maximum 
    ammunition (like torpedoes).  Some ships do not use missiles and will 
    not be able to utilize this pickup.
    Shield: If your ship has shielding, this will fill your shield's bar to 
    the maximum on both sides of the ship.  If not, you will not be able to 
    pick this up.  It looks like a green shield (simple enough).
    Speed: Collect this, bearing remarkable resemblance to two purple 
    arrows pointing upward, and your engine is cooled.  Not only that, but 
    you get a temporary boost in speed to boot.
    So now you know.  Those are all the pickups in the game.  In the guide, 
    I'll point out where Customization Points are and number them in each 
    The controls of the game, not including Force Combos, are rather simple.  
    Sure, there are advanced controls, but most are natural and easy to use.  
    Remember, this guide is Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith for 
    the Nintendo DS, not GBA, Xbox, PS2, or any other system it may come 
    out on.  The DS installment is actually different from the others (they 
    really are separate games).  As such, we have crazy X and Y Buttons all 
    over the place here.
                         |    Universal Controls    |
    Start: Pause to go to the Status Screen.
    B: In a menu, press this to return to the previous screen.
                       |    Single-Player Controls    |
    D-Pad: You can use the different directional buttons to move in the 
    corresponding directions.  If you tap a certain direction twice, you'll 
    run in that direction.
    Select: In the Customization Screen, press this to display information 
    on a select Force power.
    L: Hold L to block with your saber.  Tap it to deflect a laser.
    R: Used for Force powers.
    A: Jump.  If you run and jump, you'll perform a long jump.
    B: Attack with lightsaber.  If you hold Up on the D-Pad (the 
    Directional Pad, looks like a +), you'll do an Uppercut.  Hold Down and 
    press B for Anakin to do a Hammer Strike.  Obi-Wan does a circle kick.  
    If facing a certain direction and you press B and the opposite 
    direction, you'll do a Back Thrust.  If running and you press B, you'll 
    do a kick (Anakin) or a stab (Obi-Wan).  If aerial and you press B, 
    Anakin does a Vertical Slash or Obi-Wan a Vertical Spike.  If you hold 
    down while in the air and press B, you'll do a Spike Down.  Also, when 
    you are being held by someone or throttled, you can press this to break 
                        |    Multiplayer Controls    |
    D-Pad: Tilt or move the ship in a certain direction.
    L: Roll to the left.
    R: Roll to the right.
    L + R: Auto-stabilize (become upright).
    X: Accelerate (get it?  X-elerate).
    Y: Use primary weapon (lasers).
    A: Use secondary weapon (missiles).
    B: Brake (slow down).
    And now that you know the controls, you're all ready to play as either 
    Anakin Skywalker or Obi-Wan Kenobi to turn to the Dark Side or to 
    defend the Jedi Order.  Let's get started.
      /                                                                 \
     /                                                                   \
    ||----------------------------Section 2*-----------------------------||
     \                                                                   /
    This is an important note.  For the purposes of this guide, I will 
    cover the game on the Jedi Difficulty Setting.  Why?  Well, although 
    one can also play in the Padawan Difficulty Setting, it is extremely 
    easy.  Basically, if the guide works for the Jedi Setting, then it also 
    works for the Padawan Setting, but not vice versa.  Also, there's a 
    Master Setting unlocked if you beat a mode with a certain character.  
    The only difference between it and Jedi Setting is that the Master 
    Setting gives you only one life before you get a Game Over.  You have 
    three in Jedi.
    ==========================Anakin Walkthrough*==========================
                               |    Scene 1    |
    Ooh!  They have the scrolling-up-the-screen beginning and everything.  
    Currently, kidnapped Chancellor Palpatine is being held hostage in the 
    ship of General Grievous of the droid army, and it's up to you to 
    rescue him with the help of Obi-Wan Kenobi, your teacher.  Stealing a 
    line directly from the movie, Anakin's ready for the fun to begin.
    "I have a bad feeling about this!"
    As the game says, the time you take to complete a mission and the use 
    of your Jedi abilities determines Customization Points that allow you 
    to upgrade your character.  That said, go forward and you'll encounter 
    your first enemy, a Beta Droid of the CIS (also known as a Battle 
    Droid).  Hack and slash with B.
    Upon defeating it, go forward to find two more droids.  Defeat the 
    lower one (you can actually move up and down in the lanes of the path) 
    and you'll get a green orb called a Customization Point, which I will 
    henceforth call "CP" for convenience.  You want to collect ten in each 
    level.  They are used to buy upgrades.
    Now, notice that droids don't just shuffle about mindlessly.  Beta 
    Droids occasionally use their blasters to shoot you.  You can deflect 
    these by tapping L (a little advanced, though.  You can also move out 
    of the way by jumping, which is A, or moving up and down).
    Before continuing, move up and slash the capsule to break it open for 
    another CP (2).  Now go forward to find a trio of Beta Droids.  If you 
    defeat them all, one drops a blue orb pickup called Force Shadow.  It 
    restores your Force energy.  Force energy is shown on the blue bar 
    below your health bar (yellow).  Another Beta Droid drops a Bacta Tank.
    They restore your "vital life force," your HP.  Go forward to defeat 
    another trio of Beta Droids.  It's the perfect chance to practice combo 
    move.  Go forward in the center.  If you want to run, tap and hold the 
    direction pad in that direction twice.
    Run into the first and press B to do a kick.  Then do an Uppercut (B 
    and Up) and a Hammer Strike (B and Down).  Or, if you want, you can do 
    a Vertical Slash by jumping and pressing B.  After that, move on to the 
    next screen.
    The game now explains how to block and deflect shots.  The Beta Droid 
    ahead will shoot.  Hold L to block its blaster's fire.  Then, when it 
    shoots again, tap L to deflect the shot back at it, thus destroying it.  
    Pick up the Bacta Tank it leaves behind and go right.  You will be 
    ambushed by two groups of three Beta Droids.
    Defeat them all (if one comes up behind you, hold Left and press B to 
    back-stab it).  Take the CP (3) one of them drops and then the Force 
    Shadows the other do.  Now go forward, defeating another trio of Beta 
    Droids, destroy some canisters for another CP (4), and you'll reach a 
    point where Anakin speaks.
    Droids up where?  He jumps up into the next screen to defeat some 
    droids he somehow saw.  First, notice the leg of a Beta Droid on the 
    ground.  If you press R and hold Right on the D-Pad, you can use a 
    Force Push attack to chuck it at the droid, defeating it (quite cheaply 
    produced, huh?).
    Then go forward to three more droids.  If you strike opponents, your 
    Fury Bar increases.  When it is full (the Fury Bar is that red bar that 
    wraps around your character's face's picture), you can use Vader's 
    Wrath, your only current Fury Attack.  Hold R and B to use it 
    (alternately and more easily, press the picture of it on the Touch 
    Screen), causing a bolt of electricity to destroy all enemies.
    Now go forward and defeat more Beta Droids, taking a CP (5) and Bacta 
    Tanks.  Defeat the next three Beta Droids for a CP (6) from one and 
    another CP (7) from another.  The third harbors a Bacta Tank.  Now head 
    forward to a new screen.
    Take the Force Shadow and CP (8) from the Beta Droids ahead and then go 
    forward to more enemies.  Defeat one Beta Droid for a CP (9), and then 
    destroy the others to move ahead, Bacta Tanks collected.  Make sure to 
    make use of the Force Pull.  What's that, you ask?  Well, I'll explain 
    Press R and pull them to you (in your direction, either left or right).  
    As you hold them there, slash them to bits.  Or you can push one enemy 
    into the other.  Be creative; it gets you points.  Afterward, go right 
    to jump down to the next screen.
    After complaining about no challenge, Anakin can take a CP (10) before 
    facing the "boss" of sorts, a Geonosian Starfighter.  Go forward and 
    the fighter flies overhead, dropping four bombs.  If you can, jump and 
    vertical slash it as it flies over you.  But, make sure to move out of 
    the way of the bombs.  It occasionally tries to plow through you on the 
    ground, which is another chance to hit it.
    When you've beaten the first form, the wings transform into a spider-
    walker of sorts.  It patrols the area, shooting lasers all the way.  
    It's rather easy to beat.  Jump past its laser to get behind it.  Then 
    jump and slash the head a few times until it explodes.  As it blows up, 
    make sure to get away from its collapsing body.  And now the level ends.
    Anakin rejoins his master Obi-Wan Kenobi and the two chat about Obi-
    Wan's lack of skills and insinuations.  The level is over, and you are 
    graded on speed, style, and your CP is tallied up.  After that, press A 
    to go to the Customization Screen.
    Here, you can exchange your points (points are gotten by taking a 
    fourth of your grade) for new moves or upgrades to current moves for 
    Anakin.  Anakin's Jedi Style points are based on aerial attacks, combos, 
    Force powers, and Fury moves.  Assuming you have more than 15, buy 
    Saber Throw.  It's great for earning Jedi Style points, and pretty 
    useful, too.  Then, you get to pick whether you want an increase in 
    Stamina or Strength.  At this point, increase your Stamina to make your 
    Health Bar longer.  More HP means longer lives.  Sometimes you'll also 
    be able to choose Intuition.  This extends your Force Bar.
    Recommended: Saber Throw (R + B)
                               |    Scene 2    |
    Anakin senses Dooku, just like in the movie.  And then they have the 
    same "Spring the trap" line from the actual movie.  While we were in 
    the hangar before, now we are in the corridor, and Beta Droids aren't 
    our biggest threat here.  After Obi-Wan asserts that Anakin should be 
    careful, they rush off in separate directions to reach Dooku and the 
    kidnapped chancellor.
    "These aren't the droids you're looking for."
    Defeat the Beta Droids ahead and break the above canister for a CP (1).  
    Now go forward to another canister you can destroy with a Force Shadow 
    in it.  Afterward, a legion of Beta Droids, including the rapid-fire 
    brown variation.  I suggest holding L to block against their triple 
    After them you'll find a new breed of enemy ahead, a Super Battle Droid.  
    This one's alone, making it pathetic.  Move up or down from it, slash 
    it, and you've beaten it.  Now go ahead and you'll see a trap on the 
    floor.  First, go up and slash the boxes for a Bacta Tank.  Then jump 
    the lasers.  Now go forward (hit the canister for a Bacta Tank) and 
    you'll be ambushed by a Super Battle Droid and a series of Beta Droids.
    Defeat them all, making use of Fury power Vader's Wrath, and go forward 
    to another canister.  Bust it open for a CP (2), go forward, and you'll 
    find moving lasers on the ground.  Jump the first, strike the box after 
    you land for a CP (3) and then go forward past another moving laser to 
    reach another ambush.  After besting several Super Battle Droids, 
    Anakin finds the exit.  He runs forward out of the corridor and into a 
    new place.
    Go forward into a hallway where several droids will assault you, 
    including a few Super Battle Droids.  Expect to gain a CP (4) in the 
    process.  Then proceed forward to find a door that opens to churn out 
    some Super Battle Droids.  After defeating two, hit the upper wall for 
    a CP (5) go forward to some moving lasers (two in total) that you must 
    Do so as they are coming at you and then run forward to a new 
    battleground.  After sorting through several Beta Droids and picking up 
    a CP (6), you'll be able to lay your saber on some delectable Super 
    Battle Droids.  After them, go right to a new screen.
    Hit the first wall you come to for a CP (7).  Go forward to fight a 
    series of Beta Droids and a Super Battle Droid or two.  Before the 
    Super Battle Droids, hit the walls for a Force Shadow and a CP (8).  
    After sparse defense - a Beta Droid plus two Super Battle Droids armed 
    with Bacta Tanks - go forward a hangar.
    Unfortunately, it is well guarded by a small army of droids.  Defeat 
    them all and advance to the right, defeating more droids as you go, and 
    you'll reach a hallway with lasers.  Jump between them, defeating a 
    Beta Droid along the way for a CP (9), and continue.
    After it, you'll fight off a series of droids before you can go right.  
    As usual, it's hack and slash warfare with Fury and Force thrown into 
    the mix.  Hit the column on the wall for a Bacta Tank, the right for a 
    CP (10).  This time, though, going forward earns you a mission complete.
    Obi-Wan is close.  And so is Count Dooku.  Anakin runs forward to the 
    next mission.
    Recommended: Absorb (R + Up)
                               |    Scene 3    |
    Duel: Darth Tyranus
    Anakin and Obi-Wan rush forward to find Chancellor Palpatine chained to 
    a chair.  But just then, Dooku enters the room by running in (in the 
    movie, he appeared with two Super Battle Droids and flipped over the 
    side of the ledge he stood on, taking out lightsaber to fight.  Much 
    cooler than running forward).
    It is the rematch of the century; Obi-Wan and Anakin lost, even tag-
    team, to Count Dooku during the Battle of Geonosis in Episode II.  
    Anakin drops his movie-stolen line about doubled strength, to which 
    Count Dooku replies "Good.  Twice the pride, double the fall."  In the 
    movie, he never said "good."  The battle begins!
    "Fear is the path to the dark side."
    Yes, Obi-Wan came for the battle, but he's more there for scenery than 
    for actual fighting.  Like in the movie, it's mainly a struggle between 
    Anakin and Dooku.  Notice Dooku's red lightsaber.  This means that he 
    is a Sith (Jedi can have green, blue, and even purple lightsabers).  
    The battle is more introductory than anything else.  Lightsaber battles 
    are very high-speed and enjoyable.
    Dooku comes forward to do a high attack (you can tell by his fist).  To 
    block them, press L and hold Up.  If he raises his lightsaber into the 
    air, he's preparing a low attack.  For them, press L and hold Down.  He 
    also has a Force attack (it looks more like a blue blast, though), that 
    can be absorbed to your Force Bar's benefit by pressing R when he does 
    it.  And normal attacks can be blocked with plain old L.  Now, Count 
    Dooku is old and easy to beat.
    He charges his attacks, and you should know how to block them.  If you 
    are hit by his lightsaber, you alternate with Obi-Wan.  When Anakin 
    returns, Count Dooku notices his fear, his hatred, and his anger.  He 
    has them, he says, and yet he does not use them.  That is the primary 
    difference between Jedi and Sith; Sith fight with passion, and they 
    live for themselves.  Jedi are selfless and focused.  Anyways, Obi-Wan 
    and Anakin control much the same.  Your strategy should work like so.  
    First, block lightsaber strikes.  When he recoils after an attack, hit 
    him.  When he uses a Force attack, absorb it to add to your Force, and 
    then hit him.  And when you're frustrated, use Force Pull to bring him 
    to you for an open slash.  Dooku occasionally uses Jedi Lightning, and 
    it can hurt badly if you don't block it (normal L).  Keep high on 
    health to avoid it if you can.
    If either Anakin or Obi-Wan dies, you will lose the battle (unless you 
    have a spare life).  When Count Dooku is very low on health, Obi-Wan 
    jumps in if you're Anakin at the time, gets beaten, and they switch out 
    to Anakin.  Yep, Obi-Wan is out cold for now, and a cinema begins.
    Chancellor Palpatine can speak again.  Count Dooku is defeated, and 
    harmless now (in the movie, Anakin cuts off his hands during the 
    battle).  Palpatine directs Anakin to kill Count Dooku, even though he 
    is an unarmed prisoner.  Anakin objects, but he cannot resist an order 
    from the Supreme Chancellor.  He slays Dooku by decapitating him, and 
    Palpatine turns to other thoughts.  First, the chancellor thinks they 
    must leave now.  They should abandon Obi-Wan (unconscious), he says, 
    but Anakin can't do that.  He awakens Obi-Wan (in the movie, he carries 
    Obi-Wan until he wakes up) and they free the chancellor from his chair.  
    They must now escape the ship and return to Coruscant, which they are 
    flying over...
    Boss Completed!  Anakin learns a new Fury move, Plo Koon's Round.  Plo 
    Koon is a member of the Jedi Council (he's the weird one with the 
    orange-like skin and a black respiratory device over his mouth, 
    roughly).  To use the move, 25 % (a fourth) of your Fury Bar must be 
    filled.  Either press L and R and A to use it or touch the lit move on 
    the Touch Screen like you would with Vader's Wrath.  Ah, what a lovely 
    device the DS is...  Use it to swing your lightsaber in a complete circle, 
    destroying anything in its path.
                               |    Scene 4    |
    Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Palpatine are headed out of the ship when they 
    hear a noise.  Anakin decides to check it out, and so he opens a door 
    to an elevator shaft.  Here's where Obi-Wan and Anakin split up their 
    "It's a trap!"
    You start out taking an elevator down a long shaft.  Beta Droids drop 
    in; just defeat them as they come.  And after loads of them (Plo Koon's 
    Round comes in handy), you'll reach a hallway.
    Go forward and hit along the wall for Bacta Tanks and CP (1).  Here, 
    bombs are dropping onto the canisters, causing them to explode.  Stay 
    away from explosive material.  Now go forward to more canisters.  Two 
    green Super Battle Droids, the tougher type, come to assault you.
    Rough them up, use Force Push to detonate some bombs into a Beta Droid, 
    and take the CP (2) that results.  Now go forward, hitting the walls 
    for Force Shadows and blowing the canisters up for a CP (3).  After 
    fighting the rapid-fire Super Battle Droids, go right to a new screen.
    Hit the wall ahead of here for a CP (4).  Now go forward to meet an all 
    new enemy, the Droideka (also known as the Destroyer Droid).  It rolls 
    in, shoots lasers, and uses a shield generator to protect itself 
    afterward.  Slash it relentlessly until the shield comes undone and 
    then hack it to bits.  Now go forward, hitting the walls for a CP (5) 
    and a Force Shadow.
    Afterward, defeat a Beta Droid ahead by pulling it to you and then 
    hacking it up.  A turret in this room will try to destroy you.  So, 
    always be on the move and go right past some exploding canisters, a 
    turret, a Beta Droid, and explosives.  Past them is a Droideka to 
    defeat for a CP (6).  Then hit the last wall for a Bacta Tank.  Go 
    right into a new screen.
    You have one minute to complete this part.  Everything's exploding, and 
    I advise you run forward.  Hit the upper wall for a CP (7) and hit the 
    last column in this segment of the screen for a Bacta Tank.  Run 
    forward after it to destroy a Droideka, leaving behind a CP (8).  Along 
    the way, hit walls to uncover a CP (9).  Then go forward to another one, 
    which you need to defeat to advance to the right.  After that, hit a 
    final wall for a CP (10) and run right for a level complete.
    Anakin rejoins Obi-Wan in the collapsing ship with Palpatine.  Ray 
    shields trap them in place, though, two Droidekas arrive to escort them 
    to General Grievous, leader of the CIS army, who has a Russian accent 
    (you can't tell, but he does).  Along with his two bodyguards, he plans 
    to kill them and steal their lightsabers (it's his hobby - killing Jedi 
    and keeping their sabers as trophies).
    But, Anakin and Obi-Wan break themselves free of the shield (in the 
    movie, R2-D2 did that), and Grievous runs like a coward, breaking 
    through the glass of the ship to escape, then reentering to an escape 
    pod.  Piloting the ship, Anakin is able to land it on Coruscant and 
    Recommended: Choke (R + Down)
                               |    Scene 5    |
    Anakin was sent to mingle with the politicians anxious to hear of their 
    mission to save Chancellor Palpatine.  Back in Palpatine's office, the 
    chancellor praises Anakin, but asks him why he thinks he's been kept 
    off the Jedi Council.  Anakin claims that they think he's too young, 
    but Palpatine disagrees.  He suggests that the council fears him.
    Palpatine appoints Anakin to the Jedi Council as his personal 
    representative.  Now, to add a little mission to the game that wasn't 
    in the movie nor the GBA version of this game, you must fly Anakin's 
    ship through Coruscant's trafficked "roads" to reach the Jedi Temple.  
    Anakin does not expect that they will be pleased with the request made 
    by Palpatine (to force Anakin onto the council), but he will make it 
    Flying is rather simple.  Press B to slow down and press X to 
    accelerate.  Do not accelerate too much, though, or your ship will 
    overheat (the right bar on the left side of the screen).  Press A to 
    launch missiles (use them sparingly, as you have only four) and press Y 
    to shoot lasers, of which you have an unlimited supply.  Your health 
    bar is just left of your overheating gauge, and you can adjust your 
    shields to different parts of the ship on the right side of the screen 
    (power to the frontal shields or posterior shields depending on where 
    you're being fired at from).
    For the level itself, all you must do is fly forward and avoid hitting 
    things.  Just fly forward around buildings, under billboards, through 
    openings, and so on.  If you feel the level is too fast for you to 
    control, just brake to slow things down.  At the end, you'll fly 
    through a tunnel and reach the Jedi Temple.  Uh-oh!  Conveniently timed 
    Vulture Droids have flown down to attack us.  Let's take care of these 
    half-wits and get onto becoming a Jedi Council member, shall we?
    Vulture Droids are very easy to beat.  They fly around, barely even 
    attacking.  Use the Radar on the Touch Screen to see where they are and 
    pursue them, shooting them with Y swiftly and relentlessly.  They'll 
    soon explode, letting you move on to other targets.  Upon beating all 
    ten of the Vulture Droids (that was easy!), Anakin lands at the Jedi 
    Temple and enters.
    Announcing the chancellor's request, Mace Windu (second-in-command of 
    the Jedi Council) accepts him onto the council, but does not grant him 
    the rank of Master.  Anakin, the youngest Jedi to ever take a seat on 
    the Jedi Council, remains a Jedi Knight, the only Jedi ever to take a 
    seat on the Jedi Council to not be a Jedi Master.  As Anakin exits, 
    Obi-Wan intercepts him.  He has a secret mission for him (it wasn't 
    worded quite like this in the movie).
    The council would like Anakin to report on all the chancellor's 
    dealings.  Spy on the chancellor?  Commit treason?  Obi-Wan explains 
    that the Jedi vow allegiance to the Senate, not to its long overdue 
    leader whose term has since expired.  And while Obi-Wan Kenobi receives 
    the important task of finding and obliterating General Grievous to end 
    the Clone War, Anakin has to track down a small force of droids in 
    Coruscant (again, this did not happen in the movie).  How exciting!
    "My loyalties lie with the Republic."
    Hmm, no prologue?  I guess the whole flight stuff was it.  Go forward 
    to find a Droideka.  Defeat it just as it is coming out of its roll for 
    a quick kill.  Then take the Bacta Tank and go forward to two Beta 
    Droids.  Defeat both for a CP (1), and then continue.  Now go forward 
    until you see a cannon.
    Stay away from it (I suggest the upper path) and let a series of 
    enemies attack you, including new, realistic Super Battle Droids (they 
    actually look like them).  One droid drops a CP (2), and the cannon is 
    destroyed after the fight.  Go to the next screen.
    Go forward to find a cannon and more Super Battle Droids to defeat.  
    The first was even kind enough to drop a CP (3).  Now go forward to 
    find... a trap.  Two Droidekas roll in.  Beat them quickly before their 
    shield generators activate.
    After Beta Droids and collecting a CP (4) from the remains of your 
    robotic enemies, you'll face a Super Battle Droid with a Force Shadow.  
    Now go forward to a new screen.
    Go forward to engage a Super Battle Droid by a cannon.  Defeat the 
    former to destroy the latter and then collect your CP (5).  Now go 
    through the arches to find what could be a massacre for you.  First, I 
    suggest you destroy the three cannons ahead along with a Super Battle 
    Droid by using Vader's Wrath.
    Then take out of the remaining Super Battle Droids, who could overwhelm 
    you if you don't defeat them quick enough.  They can grab you and hold 
    you there until you press B a certain number of times, which not only 
    does damage to you but also makes you a sitting duck for Beta Droids' 
    lasers.  Afterwards, though, they drop an Extra Life (some of the 
    rarest pickups in the game) and a CP (6).
    Now go forward, jumping and vertically slashing as soon as you hear the 
    sound of mechanized feet against the stone.  Two Super Battle Droids 
    will tackle you, literally.  Defeat them for a CP (7) and a Bacta Tank.  
    Into the next screen with you.
    Go forward to find a cannon and a band of Beta Droids.  They even say 
    "Roger, Roger," and not in the dumb way that droids talk in Episode III 
    in theatres (why did they change droid voices?  They sounded semi-cool 
    in Episode I, but then they went and made them talk like losers).  
    Crush their puny circuits for a Force Shadow and a CP (8).  Go forward 
    to find a Droideka and a Super Battle Droid to defeat.
    I suggest using the Force Pull to defeat the Droideka quickly, and then 
    focus on the Super Battle Droid.  They drop a CP (9), and let you go 
    right.  Defeat two Beta Droids ahead (what measly defense!) and go 
    forward to another ambush.  Here's where Plo Koon's Round or Vader's 
    Wrath comes in real handy.  You're pitted against two Droidekas, two 
    Super Battle Droids, and two Beta Droids.  Destroy them all for a CP 
    (10) and then go forward to find the "boss" of the level in a new 
    This tank, Trade Federation-funded, of course, is what we Star Wars 
    nerds like to call an AAT (Armored Assault Transport).  And for some 
    reason, Anakin's convinced that his lightsaber would be useless against 
    it. However, it is easily beaten.  Two Beta Droids come out from the 
    sides of the AAT.  Deflect their fire back at the tank by pressing L 
    quickly (yes, that's the easy way to deflect blasts).  When you see 
    crosshairs on the ground as if it's about to fire a giant laser, it is.  
    And it homes.
    Step into it, wait for a second, and then walk out of it to avoid 
    taking a hit.  Occasionally, it will run down the aisle shooting 
    bullets.  Jump to avoid those.  Eventually, when you've blown up the 
    tank in three parts, the Beta Droid operating the AAT pops out of the 
    hatch.  Well-timed L hits will sends its rapid-fire lasers back at it, 
    winning you the battle.
    Anakin returns to the chancellor to report the news.  The setting is 
    different from that in the movie, but the dialogue is somewhat close.  
    Somehow, Palpatine knows that they asked you to spy on him.  He reveals 
    that he has certain knowledge of the Force, too.
    He says that "There once was a Sith Lord so strong in the Force...... 
    he could cheat even death!  He taught his apprentice everything he 
    knew...... and his apprentice killed him in his sleep."  Then he drops 
    a liner about the Dark Side.  Hmm, let's put two and two together 
    here...  Whoa!  Chancellor Palpatine IS the Sith Lord!
    Anakin immediately says that he'll turn him over to the Jedi Council.  
    But, Palpatine guards with knowledge of Padme (who up to now was not 
    mentioned), and he is the only one who can save her from certain death.  
    With that, Anakin runs along.
    Recommended: Rage (R + A)
                               |    Scene 6    |
    Anakin runs to the Jedi Temple and finds Mace Windu.  Anakin reveals 
    that he's learned a terrible truth.  Chancellor Palpatine... is the 
    Sith Lord.  Mace throws off his cape and runs off to arrest the Sith 
    Lord.  He instructs Anakin to wait in the chambers, but Anakin disobeys 
    and follows after much talking to himself.  If he is to save Padme, 
    then the chancellor must live (as we learn in the movie, Padme is 
    supposed to die in childbirth.  Funny, that was never said in the game).
    "What does your heart tell you?"
    Go forward to find Droidekas and two Super Battle Droids.  I wonder how 
    they got here.  The Super Battle Droids are new types, but they 
    shouldn't present any problems.  And two of them drop a CP (1) and 
    another CP (2).
    Go right now until you're ambushed by a group of Super Battle Droids 
    and a Droideka.  Piece of cake!  Just back-stab these fools into 
    tomorrow morning ad pick up a CP (3) from their shattered metal bodies.  
    Now go forward to the next screen.
    Defeat the Super Battle Droid and slash the statue (that got into a 
    rated E game?) for a CP (4).  Now go forward and slash the next statue 
    open for a Bacta Tank.  Now proceed right to three Droidekas and some 
    Super Battle Droids.  One drops a CP (5) in all the mayhem.
    After them, go right to two statues to destroy for two pickups and then 
    into a Super Battle Droid-destroying frenzy.  Backward stabs are the 
    best because they can destroy them quickly, but feel free to use 
    Vader's Wrath if you'd like.  This delivers another CP (6) to you.  
    Afterward, head right to a new screen.
    Defeat all the enemies to the right, including many Super Battle Droids.  
    Then go right again to a small hallway where you'll fight a Droideka 
    and a Super Battle Droid, leaving behind one CP (7).  Go forward now 
    and slash the statue there for a CP (8).  Then go right again to find 
    two more Super Battle Droids with more on the way.  Defeat them all, go 
    right, hit the statue for Force Shadow, and then go right to a new 
    More droids!  To reach the chancellor, we must destroy thirty of them, 
    for some reason.  Go forward and fight off nine consecutive Super 
    Battle Droids (the short red type).  Then go forward to a statue you 
    can crack open for a CP (9).  Then after nine more Super Battle Droids 
    of the same type (the last one drops a Bacta Tank), go right to a 
    statue you can break for a CP (10).
    Now slash the next objects for a very rare item, Palpatine's Order.  
    With it, Anakin gains some Fury and extra strength.  Go forward, slash 
    the statue for a Bacta Tank, and then fight off the last twelve Super 
    Battle Droids (same red type as before).  Finally!
    Anakin rushes right to find Mace Windu, purple lightsaber extended, 
    standing over the chancellor.  Master Windu is ready to kill him, but 
    Anakin won't let him.  Only Palpatine can save Padme...
    Recommended: Store CP
                               |    Scene 7    |
    Duel: Mace Windu
    Master Windu is about to finally wipe out the last of the Sith when 
    Anakin intervenes, slicing off Mace's arm (well, in the movie it 
    happened that way.  And then Palpatine threw him out the window with 
    his Jedi Lightning.  But, in the game, we fight Mace Windu).  Now, to 
    save the chancellor, and to save the life of Padme, Anakin must kill a 
    mentor and the second-most powerful Jedi.
    "Fear leads to anger."
    Mace Windu is a much harder boss than Count Dooku.  He'll try to force 
    you to the left behind a statue so that you can't really see what's 
    happening.  And, Mace Windu has a few tricks up his sleeves.  First, 
    use L to block his lightsaber attacks.  When he attacks you several 
    times consecutively with the saber, he'll jump into the air to do a 
    vertical slash.  But, the fast saber business before knocks your 
    lightsaber to the side.  Press L and then L when he jumps to block it.
    Windu can also try to punch you repeatedly.  Block that with your 
    lightsaber, too (his hand would be incinerated!  Ah, but I digress).  
    When he holds his saber to his right like he's about to swing it like a 
    bat, press L to block the first strike and then press L and Down to 
    block the second.  And if he uses a Force attack, absorb it with R.  
    After each attack is blocked, you can strike his body a few times.  
    Repeat this until you've drained his health a lot.
    When he's losing, Mace Windu has another attack he'll use.  If you do 
    not block it, you're history.  He stands up, faces the screen, a purple 
    aura surrounds him, and he does a rapid saber attack on you.  Block it 
    with L and Down and hold it!  Then he starts again; use L this time.  
    When he starts again, use L.  Continue fighting until Master Windu has 
    no health left.
    Then (we don't see it), Palpatine uses Jedi Lightning to cast Mace 
    Windu out the window and into the bottomless fall that is from 
    Coruscant's sky-high buildings.  He now appears robed in his true form, 
    Darth Sidious.  Darth Sidious offers to teach him the dark side of the 
    force.  Sure, if you can save Padme, that is!  Only together can they 
    save her, he says.  "I pledge myself to your teachings," says Anakin.
    So begins his downward spiral into the Dark Side of the Force.  He 
    names Anakin anew as Darth... Vader.  Darth Vader, the coolest villain 
    ever.  And now, Darth Sidious has a new task for his new apprentice.  
    Every Jedi is now an enemy of the Republic.  Go to the Jedi Temple and 
    eliminate them all.  Show no mercy.  Only then will Anakin gain the 
    power he seeks.
    Boss Completed!  We now have a new Fury Move - Tyranus' Uppercut.  
    Darth Tyranus is the Sith name of Count Dooku, Sidious's former 
    apprentice.  To use it, you must have at least 50 % of the Fury Bar (a 
    half) full.  Activate it with L + R + B or just press the icon on the 
    Touch Screen.  What's it do?  With it, you can jump straight up, 
    bringing your lightsaber into close quarters with a target.
                               |    Scene 8    |
    Meanwhile, Obi-Wan is preparing to enter Utapau to destroy General 
    Grievous.  He must enter hyperspace, but that's hard to accomplish with 
    these Separatist ships out here.  So, let's destroy all enemy ships, 
    another thing not shown in the movie.  Utupau Starships are pretty weak.  
    Like Vulture Droids in a previous scene, just fly until you see the red 
    Shoot in the center of them and you'll see an explosion.  However, the 
    starships actually fire back this time.  That's why you should convert 
    all power to frontal shields.  And if you sustain heavy damage, just 
    look for the blue + pickup for extra HP.  Thanks to you, Obi-Wan was 
    able to land on the planet in an all-too-quiet city.  Now, back to 
    Anakin arrives at the temple.  He kills the younglings with no problems 
    (they are pre-padawans), but he finds some resistance ahead.  He 
    readies himself to kill those traitorous scum.  The Jedi shall not 
    overthrow the Sith Lord...  ATTACK!
    "Wipe them out..."
    Slash the statue to the upper-left for an Extra Life.  Now go forward 
    to engage the traitor there.  They are inexperienced, and you can just 
    slash them repeatedly until they're on their backs.  Then plunge your 
    saber into him.  Go right and break open the statue for a CP (1).  Then 
    go forward to be attacked by some wimps.
    Think they know the ways of the Force, do they?  If you want to, just 
    slash them repeatedly.  You get more style points for using Choke on 
    them or lifting them before slashing them.  Collect the CP (2) from the 
    first padawan you defeat and then go right.
    Slash the pillars, the second of which yields a CP (3), and two 
    padawans emerge to the right to attack you.  Hack them up, push them 
    into each other; do whatever it takes.  One drops a Bacta Tank (as if 
    this level is that hard).  Now go right to a new screen, Darth Vader.
    The orbs that shoot lasers that younglings train with (called training 
    remotes) are stationed here as defense mechanisms.  Deflect their shots 
    back into them or walk up to them and slash them open for a CP (4).  
    Now go forward to a pillar you can dent for a Bacta Tank and then two 
    padawans assault you.
    Defeat the novices for a CP (5), and go right to face more.  When you 
    reach a padawan with two laser orbs to protect it, force pull the 
    padawan to you, defeat him, and then deflect the lasers of the orbs 
    back into them.  And, defeating them picks you up two more CP along the 
    way, a CP (6) and a CP (7).  Now go right a screen.
    The padawans get tougher here.  Some use Force Push, and female 
    versions of the padawan begin to appear.  It's the same story, though.   
    Go forward to find an area with tons of laser orbs.  Defeat one for a 
    CP (8).  Then hit the right pillar for a CP (9).
    Now go right to find a group of padawans huddled together.  Make them 
    pay for their treason!  Defeat them all, making good use of Vader's 
    Wrath and the back-stab, for a CP (10).  Now go right a screen into the 
    A Clone Trooper outside contacts you.  They are coming your way and 
    will be there in two minutes.  What does this mean for you?  Survive 
    for two minutes against the most aggressive padawans in the galaxy, 
    that's what!
    These two, an advanced boy and girl, are unbeatable.  They will use 
    shields on themselves when weak, and they will use Force Push too much.  
    Also, they'll start to use Saber Throw eventually.  Jump to avoid it, 
    or block with L.  Notice that when they use Saber Throw, their 
    lightsabers turn from green to blue.
    They can also charge up and rush you if one holds you (press B 
    repeatedly).  They aren't actually beatable, but you can blow lots of 
    time standing in a corner and shielding yourself.  Aside from Force 
    Pull, they won't be able to touch you.  Alternately, force them against 
    the wall and hit them repeatedly so that they are forced to block.
    When the two minutes are up, those resilient padawans are taken down by 
    lasers from the clone troopers.  They now go to destroy all Jedi 
    Starfighters.  None will escape.  Mission complete!
    Recommended: Force Push II
    Scene 9
    The clone troopers report that the escape ships have been destroyed.  
    Now all men are stationed at the exits.  No one can enter, and no one 
    can leave.  And now to take care of all the Jedi hiding in the library.
    "...all of them!"
    Hit the statue heads ahead (pun!) of you for a Force Shadow and CP (1).  
    A padawan now drops down from the ceiling for you to defeat.  Remember, 
    they are quite susceptible to vertical slashes and spike downs.  Go 
    right, slashing busts as you go for Force Shadows, and you'll come to a 
    padawan.  Defeat her and take her CP (2).  And now go right to two more 
    Kill the first two and a second pair come out to rumble.  Defeat them 
    and go right to two more bust.  Break both, getting a Bacta Tank and a 
    CP (3).  And now let the padawans come and become part of the Force.  
    Take the Force Shadow and Bacta Tank from their remains before heading 
    right.  Three laser orbs and a padawan later will let you advance to 
    the next screen.  I suggest destroying the training remotes first, 
    Go right and slash the busts for Palpatine's Order, strengthening 
    Anakin and giving him fury.  Kill two padawans that drop down in a 
    single swipe before heading right to destroy another bust for a CP (4).  
    Now go right to another bust, which just so happens to contain a Bacta 
    Take it and then go right a bit more to be assaulted by padawans and 
    training remotes, the latter of which should be destroyed first.  Take 
    a CP (5) from a fallen padawan and a Force Shadow from another.  Go 
    right now to two more laser orbs.  Defeat them and then proceed right.  
    A slew of padawans appear to fight you.  Vader's Wrath comes in handy 
    for this, as does Choke.
    Now move ahead, taking a Bacta Tank and a Force Shadow, to reach a bust.  
    Reduce it to dust for a CP (6).  Destroy the next bust for an Extra 
    Life (maybe not as rare as I thought).  Now go right to a new screen, a 
    Hit the pillar above for a CP (7).  Now choke the padawan to the right 
    to death.  Go right and a group of padawans come to assault you.  Make 
    good use of Fury and aerial attacks to beat them.  Now go right to a 
    girl you need to slash up.  After her, go right again to choke another 
    young padawan in training.  And then take the CP (8) from her.  Go 
    right, hit the right pillar for a Force Shadow, and then begin the 
    showdown between Jedi Knight and padawans.
    Defeat them all with Vader's Wrath or regular fighting and three new 
    padawans drop in.  Defeat them for a CP (9) and a Bacta Tank.  Hit the 
    next pillar for a CP (10) and then go right to destroy a padawan 
    learner.  Go right and Anakin senses padawans hiding.  It is... Master 
    Drallig.  The foremost lightsaber expert, Anakin has always wanted to 
    challenge that Jedi.  The level is now complete, and Anakin will now 
    need to eradicate few more Jedi before the Order is extinct aside from 
    a few stragglers fighting in the Clone Wars.
    Recommended: Choke II
                              |    Scene 10    |
    Duel: Cin Drallig
    Another Jedi...  Cin sees Anakin and realizes that he has indeed 
    embraced the Dark Side.  With his padawan, he shall show no mercy.
    "Anger leads to hate."
    Cin Drallig appeared briefly in Episode III, but he's not a very 
    important character.  He fights with his padawan, but it is a very 
    minor setback; the padawan is pretty easy to beat.
    He approaches you and tries to hit you with his saber.  Hold L to block 
    and then ruff him up with your lightsaber.  He loses tons of HP to 
    every attack.  Or, when he uses a force attack, absorb it with R.  He 
    also uses a shield occasionally to restore HP, but it just flickers on 
    and off.
    After you've weakened the padawan considerably, his master steps in.  
    And Cin Drallig is far stronger than his puny padawan.  Watch two 
    things on him - his head and his lightsaber.  When a green or red aura 
    appears by it, press R to absorb a force attack.  When he holds the 
    lightsaber to his right, away form his body, just press L to block the 
    attack.  If he holds it up close to his body, hold L, then L and Down, 
    then L, and then L and Down to block a quadruple attack (!).  If he 
    jumps to attack, block with normal L.
    And after each attack, give the Jedi Master a taste of your lightsaber.  
    Or if you get frustrated, try using Rage or Choke (Rage is the best).  
    Like all Jedi and Sith, he has a special attack when weakened.  If he 
    holds his saber up against his back pointed away from him, block low 
    (it's a trick setup).  When you've finally killed Cin Drallig, Anakin 
    contacts Darth Sidious.
    The deed is done.  Now he directs you to go the Mustafar system to wipe 
    out the Separatist leaders there.  That will end the war once and for 
    all.  And as he leaves to his home and then to his ship, Padme makes an 
    She heard there was an attack on the Jedi Temple and wanted to know if 
    you were all right.  Anakin says that the Jedi tried to overthrow the 
    chancellor, and that Jedi are enemies now.  He then says how he's going 
    to go to Mustafar and end this stinking war.  And he tells her to wait 
    until he returns.
    Boss Completed!  You learn a new Fury move, Sidious' Hate.  Darth 
    Sidious is the Sith name for Chancellor Palpatine.  To use it, you need 
    to have 75 % (three-fourths) of the Fury Bar filled, and then you have 
    to press L + R + B + A, or press the Touch Screen icon.  Anakin will 
    cast Force energy into the ground to create shockwaves that hurt other 
                              |    Scene 11    |
    All that is left to do to end the war is destroy the Separatist leaders 
    providing funding for the CIS army, like Viceroy Nute Gunray and other 
    commerce guild leaders.  To add in a little extra to the DS version, we 
    now have a ship level.  We need to find a way to Mustafar's surface and 
    destroy communication satellites so that they cannot call for help as 
    you massacre them.
    The communications satellites have yellow brackets around them.  Of 
    course, you should also know that they are guarded by enemy starships, 
    but they can be blasted out of space with a few seconds of pressing B.  
    Reserve your torpedoes for the satellites; they are quite resistant to 
    lasers.  Once you've found and decimated three communications 
    satellites, you'll be instructed to destroy all enemy ships.
    There are four, and the real challenge is flying around to find them.  
    When you do, shoot them up until they explode.  Afterward, Anakin flies 
    down onto Mustafar, "where destiny awaits him."  Darth Sidious now 
    instructs you to make your way into the compound to crush the 
    "I will not tolerate failure."
    Jump past the mines and go forward to find some Neimoidian guards.  
    True to their species, some will flee when you defeat their red leader.  
    Bust the upper wall here for a CP (1) and then continue right.  Several 
    guards approach, but they run away when the red one is defeated.  Move 
    onto the next screen to the right.
    Defeat the Super Battle Droids and go right to...  A gigantic Hailfire 
    Droid appears to run you down!  Run right, leaping over the fire pits, 
    and then stop to destroy the Super Battle Droid.  It will try to hold 
    you in place for the Hailfire Droid's missiles to hit you.  Defeat it 
    for a CP (2) and then jump the fire to the right.
    Run along the upper path for a CP (3) and you'll come to some Super 
    Battle Droids.  Defeat them and continue right to find two more Super 
    Battle Droids.  Defeat one for a CP (4) and then go right, jumping 
    across flames, until you reach a Neimoidian guard.
    Slash it to bits, always wary of the missiles, and then defeat the next 
    guard that appears.  For it, you'll get a CP (5).  Now continue running 
    right to a new screen away from the Hailfire Droid.
    Defeat the Super Battle Droids and go right to... find that another 
    Hailfire Droid is tailing you.  Run right, jumping the flames, and 
    you'll reach a Neimoidian guard.  Defeat them for a CP (6) and continue 
    right.  You'll stop next at some Super Battle Droids.
    Defeat them all for a CP (7) and then go right to jump over some lava 
    pits.  Here, you must defeat some Neimoidian guards to advance to the 
    right.  Hit a wall along the way for a CP (8) and then go right to a 
    new screen.
    Go forward and jump over some mines.  Two Neimoidians approach, but you 
    can defeat them with a few simple saber swings.  Then go right to some 
    explosive canisters.  Slash one from a distance and then slowly 
    approach it so that they all blow up, revealing a CP (9) and an Extra 
    Continue right to more canisters and a turret.  Blow up the lower 
    canisters to reveal a CP (10) and then go right to jump some lava when 
    explosives aren't falling.  Then go right, destroy the Nemoidians by 
    the mines, and continue right to a droid in a turquoise version of the 
    AAT in a new screen.
    First, stand opposite the AAT and press L at just the right pace to 
    deflect all its lasers back at it.  Now move out of the way of the 
    missile targeting system, the gunfire from the AAT, and then align 
    yourself with the bomb-shooting droid.  Let a bomb be shot out and then 
    use Force Push to throw it into the AAT.
    When the side turrets are destroyed, use bombs to destroy the main 
    cannon.  Survive until the cannon blows up and the Beta Droid pilot of 
    the Armored Assault Transport appears from the opened hatch.  To defeat 
    it, just deflect lasers from its blaster back at it until it dies.  The 
    tank explodes, and Anakin realizes that his master was right about the 
    dark side.  Nothing can equal his power!
    Recommended: Store CP
                              |    Scene 12    |
    Inside the Separatist base on Mustafar, Anakin needs to reach the 
    control room.  Palpatine instructs him to destroy Viceroy Gunray and 
    the others...  Wipe them all out!  To the control room!  To end the Clone 
    War once and for all!
    "A tremor in the Force."
    Destroy the control panel right of the pillar for a CP (1).  Go right 
    to find a group of Neimoidian guards and a bomb droid.  Defeat them all, 
    especially the red variation, and go right.  Hit the control panels for 
    a Force Shadow and then head right to another guard ambush.  Defeat 
    them all and two Super Battle Droids run in.  Defeat them both and 
    collect your CP (2).  Now go right to a bomb droid.  Defeat it and go 
    right to a new screen.
    Break the third control panel from the left for an Extra Life.  Now 
    beat the living daylights out of the Neimoidian guards and bomb droid 
    here for a CP (3) and another CP (4).  Then go right to be ambushed 
    again.  A Droideka rolls in several red Super Battle Droids.  When 
    you've crushed their circuits, a tall Super Battle Droid rushes in, 
    along with more shrimps.  Beating the second tall Super Battle Droid 
    earns you another CP (5).  Now go right, crack open the control panels, 
    and take out a CP (6).  Break the next one for a Force Shadow before 
    going right to the next screen.
    Now outside, we can see the true nature of Mustafar - a magma planet.  
    Bypass some mines by jumping and then walk between the next mines to 
    reach a Super Battle Droid melee.  Defeat them for a CP (7) and a Bacta 
    Tank.  Also, you gain access to the right.  As you go right, hop over 
    the fire beds when they are low, avoid falling debris and mines, and 
    you'll find a Super Battle Droid.  Demolish it and take the CP (8) that 
    it was harboring.  Then go right to a new screen.
    Ahead are some Neimoidian guards after some mines and falling debris.  
    Defeat them all for a CP (9).  This marks the arrival of a few Super 
    Battle Droids.  Defeat them for another CP (10), the last one in this 
    storyline.  Go right a bit and Anakin boasts that the Separatists were 
    taken care of.  The level is complete (even though he actually went 
    into a building and slaughtered actual Separatist leaders, not guards, 
    in the movie...)!
    Recommended: Force Pull II
                              |    Scene 13    |
    Duel: Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Padme has come all the way from Coruscant to find Anakin.  Obi-Wan has 
    told her that Anakin embraced the Dark Side, and she asks him if it is 
    true.  Anakin is proud of it; he is now more powerful than the 
    chancellor.  He can overthrow him, and together, they will rule the 
    galaxy and make things how they want them to be.  Padme objects, of 
    course, as she's a pro-democracy senator.
    Anakin wants to know why she cannot follow him, and his thoughts turn 
    to that traitorous rat, Obi-Wan.  Then Obi-Wan arrives, and Anakin sees 
    the truth.  Padme brought him here to kill him!  In a fit of ranges, he 
    uses the Force to strangle Padme.  Obi-Wan gets him to drop her, but 
    Anakin is still livid.  And, I know I shouldn't comment on political 
    things but I just HAVE to point this out.
    George Lucas wrote in a really Bush-bashing line in Star Wars Episode 
    III; Anakin says, "If you're not with me, then you're against me," 
    which is also President George W. Bush's Iraq policy.  Anyways, George 
    Lucas subtly making fun of the current American president aside, the 
    two Jedi leap off the bridge and down into the arena on Mustafar...
    "Hate leads to suffering."
    The music here, like all other Star Wars music, is composed by the 
    brilliant John Williams, and this particular song is called "Duel of 
    the Fates."  That aside, Obi-Wan Kenobi is Anakin's former master and 
    the strongest boss you'll face as Anakin.  Obi-Wan has a blue outline 
    when he's about to use a Force attack.  I suggest using your Force 
    energy to use Choke or Rage when you have it.
    Of course, you can get Force by absorbing his (press R when he's about 
    to use a Force attack).  When Obi-Wan holds his lightsaber up to his 
    neck pointed to the upper-right, he's about to use a kick attack.  
    Block low for it.  When he plunges the lightsaber into the ground, 
    block low to have your lightsaber absorb the shockwaves or jump.  When 
    he jumps into the air to kick you, block at normal level (L).  And when 
    he holds the lightsaber far away from his body, just press L to block 
    it.  Each time you successfully block a hit, start attacking him.
    When you've reduced him to half his health, you both jump off the side 
    of the cliff onto a metal platform hovering over the magma below.  
    Don't worry; you cannot fall over the edge and into the magma.  Concern 
    yourself with Obi-Wan.  He does much the same thing as before, but he 
    now has a new attack.  If he holds his lightsaber away from his body 
    parallel to the platform, he will do a spinning attack repeatedly that 
    can be blocked with just L.
    He will also use a fake-out "Force" attack where his entire body glows 
    blue but he ends up doing the kicking attack.  Block low.  And when he 
    scarcely has any health left, he'll use a strong attack - he performs 
    three rising slices and then one vertical drop.  Block low thrice 
    (three times) and then block normally.  When his health is depleted, 
    the platform in the magma reaches the bank of land.
    Obi-Wan leaps off the platform onto the high ground.  Anakin is still 
    fighting fiercely, and he tries to jump onto the ground.  Anakin jumps 
    and Obi-Wan attacks, cutting him along his waist.  Anakin lands just 
    above the magma.  Obi-Wan takes his lightsaber and leaves.  Anakin 
    announces that he hates Obi-Wan, and it is but hours later that Darth 
    Sidious arrives.
    The clone troops bring Anakin to the ship, and they take him back to 
    Coruscant.  It is there that his burnt, scarred body is repaired.  With 
    mechanical enhancements and a cool respiratory system in place, Anakin 
    truly is Darth Vader...
    CONGRATULATIONS!  You beat Anakin's side of the game.  For beating it 
    on the Jedi Difficulty Setting, you get an additional 50 CP to 
    customize Anakin further.  You can now play Anakin's story on Master 
    Setting, just like Jedi only with only one life!  Or you could play 
    Obi-Wan's side of the story.  Either way, you have to watch the credits 
    eventually.  Star Wars forever!
    =========================Obi-Wan Walkthrough*==========================
                               |    Scene 1    |
    Beginning the game, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Master, and his apprentice, 
    Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, run forward into the ship of General 
    Grievous, the bold droid general of the Separatist army that kidnapped 
    Chancellor Palpatine of the Republic.  They must reach the chancellor, 
    but Anakin runs off in his own direction.  It's up to Obi-Wan to get 
    there by himself.
    "I've got a bad feeling about this!"
    Walk forward to find an enemy, a Beta Droid (also called Battle Droids).  
    To defeat it, try pressing B to slash it.  Then go forward to find two 
    more Beta Droids.  You have an assortment of ways to defeat them.  You 
    can slash them with B, jump and press B to do a vertical spike (jump is 
    A).  Jump, B, and Down make a spike down.  B and Up form an uppercut, 
    and a running (to run, tap the direction on the D-Pad twice) B is a 
    stab for Obi-Wan.
    Defeat the Beta Droids and one will drop a Customization Point, which I 
    will call "CP" from here on out.  Ten in each level, these are used to 
    purchase upgrades for your character at the end of a level.  Now go 
    right and bust the canister open by slashing it with the lightsaber.  
    Out comes another CP (2).  Now go right to find a trio of Beta Droids.  
    Why not try a new trick on them?  If you press R and then move them 
    with the D-Pad, you can push them onto their backs, ready for a spike 
    down, or you can pull them toward you, ready to be slashed.
    Be warned, though, that this takes up Force energy, the blue bar in the 
    upper-left corner.  One Beta Droid drops a Force Shadow.  These pickups 
    are used to restore Force energy.  Now go forward to another trio of 
    Beta Droids.  Defeat them all and one will drop a Bacta Tank.  These 
    items are used to recover HP (Health Points), which is the orange bar 
    above your Force bar.  If you run out of HP, you lose a life.  Run out 
    of lives and you get a Game Over.  Now continue right to reach a new 
    See this Beta Droid?  It shoots lasers at you.  To block them, press L 
    and hold it.  If you want to deflect the lasers, tap L so that they 
    bounce off the lightsaber.  To deflect multiple lasers in succession, 
    tap L quickly.  Use this to defeat the Beta Droid ahead of you.  Now go 
    forward to be ambushed by six Beta Droids.
    Luckily, these are the weakest type.  Slice them all up for a CP (3) 
    and a Force Shadow.  Now go right to some crates.  Slash the first one 
    to unveil a CP (4).  Proceed right, defeating some droids, and go 
    further right.  Obi-Wan senses some droids above, and he jumps to them 
    in a new screen.
    Try to use as many Force moves as possible with Obi-Wan.  Doing so 
    increases his Focus Bar, the green meter in the upper-left hand corner.  
    The game will let you do it ahead by a group of Beta Droids for free, 
    but normally you need a full Focus Bar to use Obi-Wan's Sense.  To use 
    it, either press the icon on the Touch Screen or press R and hold B.  
    Your Focus Bar must be at 100 % to use it, though.
    Obi-Wan's Sense is a series of high-speed slashes through enemies.  Now, 
    go forward to be ambushed by a group of Beta Droids.  When you defeat 
    one, notice how its leg is left behind.  For an effective attack, use 
    Force Pull or Force Push (R and Over) to launch the leg into another 
    enemy.  One leaves behind a CP (5).
    After beating all the Beta Droids, go right to find a trio of Beta 
    Droids with ready blasters.  Deflect their fire back at them or slash 
    them to find a CP (6).  From the droids here, you should also have 
    picked up a CP (7).  Go right to a new screen.
    Defeat two oncoming Beta Droids for a Force Shadow and a CP (8).  Then 
    go forward to an ambush of Beta Droids.  Defeat them all for a CP (9) 
    and then go right.  Hack the Beta Droids to bits and then go right to 
    jump off the bridge and down into an arena.
    A Geonosian Starfighter arrives for you to destroy as the "boss" of the 
    level.  Go forward and collect the CP (10) in front of you, first.  A 
    mediocre enemy at best, the fighter flies overhead and drops five bombs 
    in one lane of the room.  Use an uppercut (B + Up) to hit it, or hit it 
    when it tries to plow through you on the ground.
    Once it starts smoking, the wings transform into a spider droid of 
    sorts.  It walks around, scanning the floor with its laser, and tries 
    to hit you.  Get behind it when it's moving upward and do a series of 
    vertical spikes on it until it explodes.  Get away from the body as it 
    does that to avoid damage, by the way.
    Obi-Wan and Anakin regroup afterward.  After insinuating that Obi-Wan 
    is weak, they go forward to find the chancellor.  Congrats on your 
    first level complete as Obi-Wan.  After each level, you are scored on 
    several things.  First, your Jedi Style - based on combos, Force powers, 
    deflection, environment interactions, and Focus moves - is given to you.  
    Then your Speed is judged - how quickly you got through the level.  
    Then the number of CP you found is added in.
    This equates to a grade, and you get a certain number of points for 
    doing this (one-fourth of your grade).  You can exchange points for 
    upgrades.  First, I always recommend a certain purchase.  Since you 
    probably have more than 15, I suggest buying Force Heal.  It lets Obi-
    Wan heal himself using Force.  Then you're allowed to pick between an 
    increase in Stamina (extends your Health Bar) and Intuition (extends 
    your Force Bar).  I suggest Stamina for your first go (Obi-Wan has low 
    HP to start with), but I'll let you choose whatever you want each time 
    we beat a level in the future.  I also recommend what to buy with your 
    Recommended: Force Heal (R + B)
                               |    Scene 2    |
    Anakin senses Dooku.  Then Obi-Wan does his whole spring-the-sensed-
    trap line from the movie.  Anakin runs off ahead into the level, and 
    Obi-Wan decides to take it slow again.
    "These aren't the droids you're looking for."
    Go forward and deflect the lasers of the Beta Droids back at them.  
    Then hit the canister for a CP (1).  Then go right, breaking more 
    canisters for a Force Shadow, and you'll reach a large group of Beta 
    Droids.  Use the Force Pull or Push on them as much as possible if 
    possible and then go right to When you've defeated them all, go right 
    to find a Super Battle Droid, a new enemy.
    They are stronger than regular Beta Droids, and they have stronger 
    lasers, plus more defense.  Pull it to you and strike it down.  Then go 
    forward to hit the box here for a Bacta Tank.  Jump the laser and head 
    right to a large group of Beta Droids and two Super Battle Droids.  
    Destroy them all and go right to a canister.
    Bust it open for a CP (2).  Now go right, jumping a laser and hitting a 
    box for a CP (3).  Jump the next laser and you'll reach another group 
    of droids.  Defeat them all and then go right to what Obi-Wan hails as 
    the exit.
    How wrong he was.  Go forward and into a hallway where some droids 
    assault you.  Defeat the starting Beta Droids and two Super Battle 
    Droids appear.  Defeat them and subsequent droids to be one CP (4) 
    richer.  Now go right to a door that opens to pour out new enemies.  
    While you fight, you can hit the pillars on the side for a Bacta Tank 
    and a CP (5).
    Now go right to a hallway.  Jump across the moving lasers here and 
    you'll reach some Beta Droids.  Defeat them and then strike the pillars 
    here for a Bacta Tank.  Continue right to a swarm of droid attackers.  
    Defeat the first wave for a CP (6) and then go right a screen.
    Hit the pillar to knock loose a CP (7).  Continue right to fight a 
    series of droids, quite easy, really.  After them you will reach two 
    thick pillars containing a Force Shadow and a CP (8).  It is then that 
    you should go right to find a hangar where a group of warriors attack.  
    After defeating a series of easy foes, go right to a Super Battle Droid.  
    Force Pull it over and then strike it down before going right, hitting 
    the pillars as you go for a Force Shadow.
    Crush the circuits of the Beta Droid and continue right to a few lasers.  
    Jump over them and defeat the Beta Droid for a CP (9).  Then jump right 
    over a final laser to reach an arena.  If you need to heal, the left 
    pillar contains a Bacta Tank, the right a CP (10).  After defeating the 
    legions, you'll be able to go right to a level complete.  Anakin and 
    the chancellor are very near...  And so is Count Dooku...
    Recommended: Force Shield (R + Up)
    |    Scene 3    |
    Duel: Darth Tyranus
    This is the only boss that Anakin and Obi-Wan have in common.  In fact, 
    it's a tag-team effort.  Obi-Wan and Anakin run into the chamber that 
    Palpatine is being held captive in.  But just as Anakin promises 
    heroics, Count Dooku (a.k.a. the Sith Lord Darth Tyranus) runs into the 
    room.  Dooku, leader of the Separatists, is a former Jedi, and his 
    saber's movements reflect the old style of lightsaber duels.
    He taunts them, asserting his victory over the two in the Battle of 
    Geonosis.  Anakin can't take it, and the battle begins.  Two on one?  
    Hardly fair.  Still, Dooku is the second-strongest Sith Lord there is 
    (as well as the only other Sith Lord there is).  Now, let's go, Dooku!
    "There is no emotion; there is peace."
    Lightsaber duels are fast-paced and fun, testing your reflexes and 
    determination.  Count Dooku is the easiest boss in the game, and his 
    attacks are long, charged ones.  Remember that you can use L to block 
    attacks.  This is essential to battling.  If Dooku holds the lightsaber 
    to his side, just hold L until he hits your lightsaber and pauses.  If 
    he kneels and charges it, press L and Up to block high.  He will do a 
    rising strike, and you'll get hit otherwise.
    If he holds the saber high up in his hands, blow low with L and Down.  
    And if a blue "bubble" appears in front of him, he's trying to use 
    Force Push.  Absorb his energy with R.  Each time after you block an 
    attack, hit him a few times when he pauses.  Continue fighting until 
    he's low on health.  He throws in two attacks when desperate.  First, 
    he might use his special, Jedi Lightning (even though he's a Sith).
    When he uses it, bolts of electricity fly from his hand.  Just hold L 
    to block it for the duration of the attack.  If he holds the saber at 
    his side, hits, and then aims low, block low.  He does this combo over 
    and over (normal to low to normal to low, etc.) until he eventually 
    does a jump attack (blow high).  When he has but a sliver of health 
    left, you've won.
    Obi-Wan tries to finish Dooku, but he is cast against the wall, knocked 
    unconscious, in Dooku's last Force Push ever.  Palpatine praises Anakin 
    and then... asks him to kill Darth Tyranus.  Kill an unarmed (in the 
    movie, Dooku's hands are chopped off) prisoner?  In the end, Anakin 
    gives in to the chancellor's influence (peer pressure) and decapitates 
    the count.  Palpatine's thoughts now turn to escaping the vehicle.  He 
    insists they leave now without Obi-Wan.  Anakin awakens his master and 
    they are off.
    Boss Completed!  Each time you win a duel, you get a new Focus move for 
    Master Kenobi.  Requiring only 25 % (a quarter) of your Focus Bar be 
    full, Knight's Slam is activated either by touching the icon on the 
    Touch Screen or by pressing L + R + A.  What's it do?  Quite aptly 
    named, Obi-Wan slams his lightsaber into a target with tremendous force.
                               |    Scene 4    |
    Heading for an escape pod or the control room, the trio are walking 
    down the hall when Palpatine hears a noise.  Anakin should stay with 
    the chancellor; Obi-Wan will investigate.
    "It's a trap!"
    The door leads to an elevator shaft.  Here, all you must do is 
    annihilate a ton of Beta Droids to reach the bottom of the shaft.  Once 
    there, take the door out.
    Go forward to find some explosive capsules.  If you approach it, some 
    debris falls onto the capsules, causing them to explode to reveal a 
    Bacta Tank.  Take it and go right to some pillars.  Bust it open for a 
    CP (1) and then go forward to more capsules.  When they explode, take 
    the Force Shadow from them.  Now continue right to reach a group of 
    enemies.  If you use your lightsaber to make the capsules explode, you 
    can get a CP (2).
    Now defeat your enemies to go right.  Hit the pillars to the right for 
    a Force Shadow.  Now go right to a series of explosive capsules.  Blow 
    them up by slashing them and approaching them, back-flipping away to 
    avoid the explosions, and take a CP (3) from the smoke.  Now defeat two 
    of these new green Super Battle Droids.  The difference between gray 
    and green?  Green have rapid-fire blasters.  That in mind, go right to 
    hit a pillar for a Force Shadow.  Now go right a screen.
    To the right, slash the pillar for a CP (4).  Then go right to find 
    another new enemy, a Droideka (also known as Destroyer Droids).  Though 
    the fears of the CIS in Star Wars movies and most games, these are 
    pathetic in this game.  As they roll in, slash them before they set up 
    for a victory.  Or, when they set up, deflect their shots.  Or, slash 
    through their shields if the generators are up to make them easy 
    When it's defeated, go right through a small hallway to an opening.  
    Slash the pillars here for a CP (5).  Notice the turret.  The missile 
    targeting system is visible on the ground as red crosshairs.  Stand 
    clear of them and defeat the Beta Droids.  Now go right under some 
    falling debris when it's down to reach an area filled with explosive 
    The turret here will blow them up first, and then the red crosshairs 
    come into play.  Avoid them and defeat two Beta Droids to go right past 
    more falling debris.  Defeat the Beta Droid you encounter for a CP (6).  
    Also, hit the pillar to the right for a Bacta Tank.  Now proceed right 
    to a bran new screen fresh out the oven.
    For some reason, we're limited to one minute to beat this.  Overheating 
    or exploding, I'm sure.  Go forward and avoid falling debris.  Hitting 
    one gets you a CP (7), and the last pillar in that segment of the 
    screen holds a Bacta Tank.  Continue right to a Droideka, which you 
    want to defeat for a CP (8).  Now run under some falling debris to 
    reach pillars.
    Slash the first two for a CP (9), and then you'll reach a Droideka.  
    Defeat it and then run right past more debris raining from the heavens, 
    err, ceiling, to find another Droideka.  Let it sample your saber and 
    run right to some pillars.  Hit the first for a CP (10) and then go a 
    bit further right to finish the level.
    Obi-Wan rejoins Anakin and Palpatine only to be caught in ray shields.  
    Two Droidekas roll in to take them to General Grievous, cyborg leader 
    of the droid forces.  Also, he has a Russian accent and a bad cough 
    given to him by Mace Windu in a fight.  Anyways, the general hunts and 
    kills Jedi Knights to take their lightsabers, which he uses to fight.
    He taunts Obi-Wan and Anakin until they break free of their ray shields 
    with one of Obi-Wan's moves (he uses it in one of Anakin's boss 
    battles), but the cowardly Grievous escapes to an escape pod.  Obi-Wan 
    plows through his bodyguards and Anakin rushes to pilot the ship, now 
    plunging into Coruscant's atmosphere.  Fortunately, they are able to 
    land successfully.
    Recommended: Mind Trick (R + Down)
                               |    Scene 5    |
    Obi-Wan is in the Jedi Temple to talk to Yoda and Mace Windu.  He 
    admits that Anakin did not take to his new mission (spying on the 
    chancellor) with much enthusiasm.  Mace seems to not trust him, but 
    Obi-Wan asks if he is not the Chosen One, he who will bring balance to 
    the Force and destroy the Sith.
    Yoda points out in his usual semi-backwards speech that "A prophecy 
    misread, it could have been."  But, that's beside the point.  The 
    Republic has learned the location of General Grievous.  The army and 
    the general are hiding in the Utapau system.  If Grievous is destroyed, 
    then the Senate would surly vote to end the war.  Now, to the remote 
    planet of Utapau, to terminate General Grievous and end the Clone War.
    But first, Obi-Wan is flying over Coruscant where a few stragglers from 
    the Battle of Coruscant are preventing his jump to hyperspace.  So, all 
    you must do is fly the ship and destroy them.  The controls are very 
    simple.  Y fires lasers, A fires missiles, B brakes, and X accelerates.
    The blue bar on the Touch Screen to the far-left is the Health Bar, and 
    the bar next to it your heat gauge (it rises as you accelerate.  Keep 
    it low).  And across the screen is the shield distribution icon, which 
    can be used to convert power to the frontal or posterior shields.  And 
    right in the middle of it all is a radar to help you locate the 
    Separatist ships out here.
    So, fly around and look for red cursors over enemy ships.  Then let 
    them have your laser fire (repeatedly press Y) until they blow up.  
    Missiles also work, but you are limited to four and they aren't as fast.  
    They also may shoot at you.  If your HP is low, grab a blue + pickup in 
    the map to restore your health.  When you've destroyed six ships, Obi-
    Wan takes off to land on Utapau.
    Obi-Wan must stay quiet to infiltrate the base and reach Grievous.  But 
    already some troops find him.  So begins his struggle to reach the 
    general of the CIS army.
    "The Force will be with you always."
    Go forward to defeat two Beta Droids from the cinema.  When they are 
    destroyed, go right to a turret just like the ones from before.  Avoid 
    their crosshairs and prepare to engage a group of Beta Droids that fall 
    from above.  Defeat them all, taking a CP (1) from one of them, and 
    then go right to some moving lasers.
    When they are separating, jump over the beam and then jump right as the 
    lasers are closing in on you.  Go right to two Super Battle Droids.  
    Beat them quickly for a Bacta Tank and continue right.  Two Beta Droids 
    and two Super Battle Droids, one of which harbors a CP (2), are all 
    that stand in your way here.  Obliterate this defense.  Go right, now, 
    to the next screen.
    Go right to find a Super Battle Droid and a stun-type Beta Droid.  Beat 
    these amateurs for a Bacta Tank and a CP (3).  Then go right to a 
    turret and some moving lasers that make for an interesting arena.  Two 
    Beta Droids fall in, and it's in your interest to destroy them for a CP 
    (4).  Now go right a little ways to be assaulted by two Super Battle 
    Droids and a brand new enemy, a Bodyguard.
    Force Push it onto its back and then spike it down repeatedly until it 
    is history.  Afterwards, go right, jumping past some lasers as they 
    fade away, to reach two Beta Droids.  Defeat them for an Extra Life and 
    then go right to a new screen.
    Go right and two Beta Droids drop in at separate times.  The second one 
    drops a CP (5) when destroyed.  Now go right a bit to be assaulted by 
    a... Hailfire Droid!  Fast and heavy, it cannot be destroyed by the likes 
    of you.  Run right past a few mines and the Hailfire Droid stops to let 
    you fight two Beta Droids.
    Defeat them, wary of the crosshairs constantly, and you'll get a CP (6) 
    from the last.  Now continue right to reach a Bodyguard, a formidable 
    foe with the Hailfire Droid's missiles present.  Force Push it down and 
    then relentlessly strike it.  Take a CP (7) from its remains when 
    you're done.  Then go right to a new screen.
    Go right to two Super Battle Droids.  Defeat them for a Bacta Tank and 
    a CP (8).  Then go right to be rejoined by the Hailfire Droid.  Walk 
    right to a Super Battle Droid and friends, followed by two more Super 
    Battle Droids.  Defeat them for a Bacta Tank and a CP (9) before 
    getting on the road again.
    Go right to a Bodyguard, the near final defense this level has to offer.  
    Force Push it down, fake out the missiles, and then spike it down until 
    you can claim it's CP (10).  Then run right to a new screen.
    The "boss" of the level is an AAT (Armored Assault Transport), the 
    Trade Federation's finest tank.  Obi-Wan realizes that his lightsaber 
    can't pierce the armor in time for him to destroy it unscathed, and so 
    we must find an alternative.  We must destroy the guns.  But, to slow 
    us down are a constant two Super Battle Droids.  These are the taller, 
    more realistic type.  They are also stronger.
    Now, aside from having a turret-style main cannon, the AAT occasionally 
    shoots small lasers.  To defeat the AAT, we must deflect them back at 
    it.  Alternately, defeat Super Battle Droids and use Force Push to send 
    their parts flying into the tank.  After destroying the side blasters, 
    occasional rounds of gunfire fly your way.  Aim for the guns next and 
    hit those until they explode.  Then repeat the Force Push process to 
    nail the cannon until it explodes, too.  Left with no other options, 
    the Beta Droid piloting the AAT comes out of the hatch to attack you.  
    Deflect its rapid-fire lasers back at it until it explodes, too.  The 
    tank itself now explodes, and the mission is beat.  But, if the base is 
    this heavily guarded, Grievous must be here...
    Recommended: Force Speed (R + A)
    |    Scene 6    |
    Appearing in a new area, Obi-Wan reasons that Grievous is in the most 
    fortified part of the city.  And therefore, that's where he's headed 
    for.  Yes, we're still on our way to the general.
    "The negotiations will be short."
    Defeat the Super Battle Droid ahead and take the CP (1) from it.  Now 
    go right to some explosive capsules.  A Droideka rolls in to batter you, 
    followed by several Super Battle Droids.  Defeat them all and go right 
    past some explosives to reach walls.  Slash the second pillar for a CP 
    (2) and then prepare yourself for a fight with a Bodyguard.
    Force Push it forward and then spike it, stabbing it as it stands up, 
    until it is destroyed.  Take a Bacta Tank from it and then turn around 
    to a second Bodyguard.  Force Push it down and defeat it like the 
    previous to allow yourself space to the right.
    As you head right, strike the pillars.  The one guarded by explosive 
    capsules contains a CP (3).  After it, you'll face a Droideka and a 
    Super Battle Droid, the former of which yielding a CP (4).  Head right 
    to a new screen.
    Hit the pillar near you for a CP (5).  Now go right to face a Droideka 
    and a few Super Battle Droids along with it.  Obi-Wan's Sense is good 
    to use here.  Afterward, go right several control panels.  Slash the 
    third set of buttons for a CP (6) and prepare to face a Bodyguard.  
    Force Push it onto its back and then ruff it up until it explodes, 
    yielding a Force Shadow.
    With it in your possession, go right to break the machine there for an 
    Extra Life (rare item alert).  Now go right to face two Bodyguards and 
    two Super Battle Droids for a Bacta Tank and a CP (7).  Now go right a 
    screen, deeper into the compound still.
    Go right to two capsules.  Blow them up and take a CP (8) from beneath 
    the right one.  Then go right to find two Super Battle Droids.  Defeat 
    them quickly to bring on another Super Battle Droid and a Bodyguard.  
    Defeat both in your usual manner to gain access to the right wing of 
    the screen.
    Advance in that direction to a capsule; break it for a CP (9).  Now go 
    forward to two Droidekas.  Dispatch them and do the same for the next 
    Super Battle Droids that dare to attack you.  Go right afterwards past 
    falling debris and explosives to reach a new screen.
    Obi-Wan senses that Grievous is close.  It is time to call in 
    reinforcements.  Commander Cody, a clone trooper officer from Cartoon 
    Network's "Star Wars: Clone Wars" micro-series, is Obi-Wan's aid in 
    this battle.  Reinforcements arrive in two minutes.  In the meantime, 
    Obi-Wan must survive that long against attackers.  First, go forward 
    and strike the capsule for a CP (10).
    With it come three Bodyguards.  Ouch.  And each time you destroy one, a 
    new one takes its place.  OUCH!  As you are in the business of wasting 
    time right now, Force Push them down in groups (lure them together).  
    Then you can slowly attack them to keep them down until they all die.  
    Repeat for the next batch of Bodyguards.
    Or, as an alternate and FAR superior strategy, walk up to the capsule 
    but do not destroy it.  Stand behind the red switch on the wall and 
    you'll be safe.  The Bodyguards don't come, but the timer starts to 
    tick.  Wait out the majority of the two minutes, collect the tenth CP, 
    and let your troops arrive to kill off the Bodyguards.  Obi-Wan orders 
    them to take all men and secure the city.  Leave Grievous to him...
    Recommended: Store CP
                               |    Scene 7    |
    Duel: General Grievous
    They taunt each other, and soon Grievous reveals that he was trained in 
    the art of Jedi combat by Count Dooku.  Obi-Wan responds by revealing 
    that he trained the Jedi who KILLED Count Dooku!  Oh, it's on!
    Even though Grievous had four arms and four lightsabers in the movie, 
    he does not have them now, but he is still a somewhat tough boss.  If 
    he holds his lightsabers to his sides far away from his body, he is 
    about to spin them at you.  Defend with L.  If he holds them behind him, 
    he's going to vertically drop them on you, which should be blocked with 
    When he jumps, jump also and then press L immediately upon landing to 
    block his attack.  If he holds his sabers to his neck in an X, he is 
    about to swipe at you three times (normal L) and then at your legs (L 
    and Down).  Fortunately, Grievous has no Force attacks.  And, of course, 
    after each blocked attack, hit him as many times as you can to deal 
    As the battle progresses, he may use another attack - he swiped at you 
    once, then at your legs, then top, then legs, then top, then legs.  To 
    block this, do a normal block/low block combo three times.  When he has 
    very low health, he calls you a "sniveling Jedi."
    Prepare for new attacks.  If he turns to his side before striking, 
    block normal and then low.  Continue fighting until flames burst from 
    his eye sockets and his chest.  Now that's what I call heartburn (pun!)!  
    His body collapses, and Obi-Wan theorizes that the war will soon end.
    Boss Completed!  You learn a new Focus move now.  Yoda's Teaching 
    requires 50 % of your Focus Bar to be full (one-half), and it is 
    activated either with the button combo L + R + B or by touching its 
    icon on the Touch Screen.  With it, Obi-Wan spins around a few times in 
    a circle, reducing anything in his path to rubble.
                               |    Scene 8    |
    Meanwhile, Anakin has been converted from Jedi to Sith, and is now 
    known as Darth Vader.  Having killed every living soul within the Jedi 
    Temple, he must reach the spaceport, careful to kill any Jedi trying to 
    attack him in Jedi Starfighters as he goes.
    A difference between the DS and GBA version of the game is flying, and 
    this mission was added in.  First, fly around the Jedi Temple to shoot 
    up any enemies you see.  If you are low on health, or if you want a 
    different pickup, they are all found on the edges of the Jedi Temple's 
    roof.  Once you've destroyed all Jedi Starfighters, Anakin makes his 
    way to the Spaceport.
    Here, a few Separatist stragglers, as well as buildings and low 
    overhangs, will make life difficult.  Fighting in such cramped quarters 
    is a risky venture, and I recommend simply avoiding enemies.  Have 
    brakes on at all times to reduce your speed; it helps a lot.  Avoid 
    solid objects and note that you have infinite lives.  Eventually, you 
    will reach the end of this short flight sequence.  At the end, Anakin 
    enters the Mustafar system where Separatists await their demise...
    Meanwhile, Commander Cody receives a message from the chancellor, a.k.a. 
    Darth Sidious.  The time has come.  Commander Cody, along with all 
    other clone troopers, must now execute Order 66.  The order?  It 
    instructs all troops to attack Jedi at sight.  Obi-Wan, who is 
    currently leading the battle against the Separatists on Utapau, is 
    under attack by his own men.
    "Order 66: Seek and destroy all Jedis."
    We must escape Utapau!  Run forward and attack the clone troopers ahead.  
    They are much like Beta Droids; a few slashes and they're dead.  Take a 
    CP (1) and then run right.  Eventually, a trio of clone troopers is 
    stationed to attack you.  Get up to them and kill each clone, and then 
    killing their replacements.
    After more clones comes the leader of the regiment dressed in red.  
    Defeat him with a series of blows by lightsaber and grab a Bacta Tank 
    afterward.  Now go right, slashing rocks for Force Shadows, until you 
    reach some more troopers to defeat.
    Do so and go right under a waterfall to reach a pile of stones.  Slash 
    them for a CP (2).  Now go right to another group of clone troopers.  
    Kill these soldiers and go right a screen.
    Go right to find a cannon and three clone troopers.  Kill the organic 
    enemies to destroy the cannon.  Then claim your Force Shadow and CP (3).  
    Afterward, go right to a stack of blocks you can slash for a Force 
    Now attack the clone troopers here (you could even Force Push the 
    boulder into the troopers).  Go right to find three cannons and even 
    more clone troopers.  Kill them all for CP (4) and CP (5), as well as 
    to stop the cannons from firing.  Now go right to a new screen.
    Hit the stone stack here for a Force Shadow and a CP (6).  Then go 
    right to a large pile.  Avoid falling boulders and hit the wall in 
    different spots for a CP (7) and a Bacta Tank.  Defeat two troopers 
    before advancing to the right, where you should hit a stone spire for 
    an Extra Life.  Then go right to fight off more troopers.  Right after 
    them are some mines.
    Jump them to go right into an ambush.  Six troopers arrive.  If there 
    was ever a time for Obi-Wan's Sense, this is it.  Alternately, Force 
    Pull them all to you, defeat them, and then work up the rows.  When 
    you've triumphed over them, collect a CP (8), go right, and enter a new 
    Hit the first stone pile for a CP (9).  Hit the next one for a Bacta 
    Tank.  Now go right to four assembled clone troopers.  Defeat them for 
    a CP (10) and then go right to fight three troopers in total.  After 
    them, go right to dual cannons and dual troopers.  Use Knight's Slam or 
    Force Pull to draw them near you to defeat them, and then go right to a 
    new screen where the "boss" awaits.
    It's another Geonosian Starfighter.  That's rather odd, considering 
    this entire level was fighting off Republic forces.  The only real 
    difference from this fight and the previous fight with it is that this 
    one shoots bullets as well as dropping bombs.  So, uppercut slash it 
    when it flies overhead, spike it when it flies below, and be sure to 
    avoid gunfire and bombs.
    When it starts smoking, it transforms into a spider of sorts.  It drops 
    bombs, while the other didn't.  Don't mind them, though.  Get behind it 
    and do repeated vertical spikes until it explodes (step away from the 
    exploding machinery, by the way).  After the fight, we cut into cinema.
    Chased by his own men, Obi-Wan retreats into a cave.  Will it be a safe 
    haven?  Probably not, considering that the next level is named Utapau 
    Recommended: Force Push II
                               |    Scene 9    |
    Obi-Wan has stole away into some caves, but he still needs to reach 
    Coruscant to find out what's going on.  But, his troops are on his tail.  
    "There's no such thing as luck."
    Go forward and you'll find three troopers.  Use Force Push to pelt them 
    with boulders and then defeat any who are still left.  Afterwards, go 
    right past some mines to a scout droid.  Quickly defeat it for a CP (1).  
    Then go right to fight a few clone troopers and some scout droids.  
    Defeat them all before heading right.
    Here, run under the boulders to reach some mines where you'll be 
    ambushed.  Blue troopers have different types of guns.  Just as red 
    have powerful blasters, blue have long beams that hold you in place.  
    Perfect for the scout droids here.  Once you've defeated them all, take 
    a CP (2) from a fallen enemy, and then go right to a new screen.
    Coming at you are three indigenous animals.  And you're standing below 
    another one in the background.  Go forward to find some boulders 
    falling and some scout droids attacking you.  Deflect their lasers back 
    at them for a quick beat and take a CP (3) from them.
    Run under the boulders to find a platoon of clone troopers to be 
    defeated with replacements for each color.  After beating four red and 
    two blue, collect the CP (4) that they dropped.  Now go right to a new 
    Go right a bit to be assaulted by several clone troopers and scout 
    droids.  Use Force Push to send the boulders their way and then finish 
    off those who remain.  Take a CP (5) from the battle and go right.  Run 
    under the boulders and stop before the mines.  Three scout droids 
    appear to attack.
    Deflect their lasers back at them and jump to the upper one for a CP 
    (6).  Now jump the mines and go right to three boulders.  Defeat the 
    clone troopers that assault you there for a quite profitable Extra Life, 
    Force Shadow, and a CP (7).  Then go right to a brand new screen.
    Kill the enemies ahead of you, a blue and red trooper, for a CP (8).  
    Now go right.  Another blue trooper comes out for some beating.  Defeat 
    it for a CP (9).  Now let's head on over to jump some mines to the 
    right when the boulders aren't falling.  Then go forward to a group of 
    those slimy creatures we saw earlier.  Defeat them quickly with Force 
    Pull or lightsaber moves for a CP (10).  Now go right to finish the 
    Recommended: Force Heal II
                              |    Scene 10    |
    Duel: Bodyguard
    As Obi-Wan reaches the end of the caves, he sees some droids.  They 
    were... devoured!  One reboots, proving to be a Bodyguard of General 
    Grievous.  Very odd, that.  It then remembers to destroy you and 
    Since they are Bodyguards and they're easy to beat, there are two 
    different ones that alternate between each other for the battle.  If 
    the droid holds it to their hip horizontally and then pokes you with it, 
    block low with L and Down.
    When they arrive, block their strike with L.  Use L also to block their 
    spinning attack, and use L to block their flipping attack.  And, since 
    they are machines, they have no Force moves.  You should use Force only 
    to heal yourself.  They're really easier than Grievous (you just have 
    to press L after each initial strike and L and Down from time to time).
    Boss Completed!  Using up 75 % (three fourths) of the Focus Bar, your 
    new Focus move - Jedi's Devotion - is used with L + R + A + B or by 
    touching its lit icon on the Touch Screen.  Use it to shock the ground, 
    sending shockwaves at all enemies.
                              |    Scene 11    |
    Obi-Wan has stolen an enemy fighter, apparently, and is now trying to 
    escape the planet.  But, there are some Republic ships still trying to 
    kill you.  We must now destroy all enemy ships.
    Just fly around and look for enemies to destroy.  The only enemies that 
    shoot back, most of the time, are the ones situated on what can only be 
    a Star Destroyer model in the middle of the arena.  After defeating a 
    few, Obi-Wan takes off for Coruscant.
    Obi-Wan lands in the Jedi Temple only to be attacked by more clone 
    troopers.  And the bodies of young padawans are littered all over the 
    ground.  After killing the troops, Yoda arrives to see Obi-Wan.
    Yoda informs us that clones all over the galaxy have been killing Jedi.  
    And now a distress beacon at the Jedi Temple beckons Jedi to the temple 
    where clones are in wait to kill them.  We must shut it down!  Leave it 
    to Obi-Wan Kenobi.
    "A Jedi's strength flows from the Force."
    Hit the statue you start by for a CP (1).  Now go forward to a legion 
    of scout droids.  Deflect their shots or just batter them with your 
    lightsaber.  Now go right to find a red clone trooper.  Defeat it for a 
    CP (2).  Now go right to a hallway.
    Hit the pillar for a CP (3) and some clone troopers attack.  Orange 
    types shoot multi-bullets and yellow shoot bombs.  Defeat them all for 
    a CP (4).  Then go right a screen.
    Hit the second pillar for a CP (5), and then go right to three orange 
    clone troopers.  Take a Bacta Tank and a Force Shadow and go right to a 
    pillar that is not hit.  Strike it for a CP (6).  Defeat the next 
    troopers and scout droids for a CP (7) until you can go right.  Defeat 
    two clone troopers to the right, the second for a CP (8), and go right 
    to a new screen.
    Defeat the scout droids here for a CP (9).  Afterward, continue right 
    to more clone troopers and a pillar.  Hit the latter for an item - 
    Yoda's Protection - that gives you a three-second shield and a boost in 
    Focus.  Now go right to defeat the clone troopers for a CP (10), and 
    then go right to find two more clone troopers.  Then, after the red, 
    defeat two orange and two yellow.  Afterward, go right to a new screen.
    To the right is a purple clone trooper, no doubt the leader of this 
    invasion.  He sends the troops away, but he is unaware that Obi-Wan 
    Kenobi is close behind.  He shoots a blast into the air, which explodes 
    into bombs.  And then two red clone troopers arrive.
    After beating each, the purple clone trooper steps in to shoot some 
    bombs.  You need to kill him.  When he steps in, attack him.  Use Force 
    Pull to hold him there if you need to.  Obi-Wan's Sense would be ideal 
    to use when the purple trooper is out.  When it is beaten, defeat any 
    lingering troopers, and Obi-Wan rushes into the main area of the 
    Yoda joins him, and Obi-Wan's fears are realized - no Jedi are left 
    alive.  They realize that they died not from blasters but by lightsaber.  
    They realize that Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan's friend and apprentice, 
    slaughtered the Jedi...
    Recommended: Store CP
                              |    Scene 12    |
    Yoda now instructs Master Kenobi to find Anakin.  Obi-Wan wants to kill 
    the Emperor (the Republic has been renamed the First Galactic Empire by 
    the Supreme Chancellor, making him the Emperor), but Yoda thinks Obi-
    Wan is too much of a weakling to do that, whereas Anakin is just his 
    speed.  Use your feelings, Obi-Wan, and find Anakin you will.
    "...pain.  Terrible pain."
    Break the bust to the right for a CP (1) and then terminate the 
    troopers here.  Now go right to fight some more clone troopers.  
    Afterward, continue right to a hallway.  Hit the pillar for a Force 
    Shadow and then defeat the troopers for a CP (2).
    Then go right to more troopers.  Defeat them, hit the bust for a CP (3), 
    and then go right to a pillar.  Hit it for an Extra Life.  Then 
    continue on right, plowing through clone troopers as you go.  You'll 
    end up going right a screen.
    Hit the statue for a Force Shadow.  Now go right into battle.  New 
    droid scouts are out, although they are essentially the same as the 
    originals, but you'll still have little trouble defeating.  One drops a 
    CP (4) and a CP (5).
    Now go right down the hall to another bust.  Hit it for a CP (6).  Now 
    continue right to beat down some clone troopers of the red and blue 
    nature.  Afterward, continue right down a hallway to be assaulted by a 
    series of scout droids and some clone troopers.  They drop a CP (7), 
    too.  Now go right to a new screen.
    Go forward and slice the bust in half for a CP (8).  Now go forward to 
    six regular clone troopers, one red, and one yellow.  Afterward, go 
    right to attack some scout droids.  Either some fancy jumping and saber 
    moves or a bit of deflection will help you here.  One drops a CP (9).  
    Now go forward after them, hit the last bust for the last CP (10) in 
    the Obi-Wan storyline, and go right.
    You arrive in the room that Anakin killed Jedi Master Cin Drallig in.  
    Defeat four scout droids there and then four clone troopers, three 
    white and one yellow, pop in.  Beat them and four red and one blue 
    arrive.  If you can survive the onslaught, proceed right to a mission 
    Escaping the temple and reprogramming the message to warn Jedi to keep 
    away, Obi-Wan takes off to Anakin's home.  There, he finds his secret 
    wife, Padme.  He warns that Anakin is in danger... from himself.  He 
    has turned to the Dark Side.  Padme realizes that Obi-Wan is out to 
    kill him, and so she refuses to give him assistance in murdering her 
    husband.  Obi-Wan also notes that Anakin is the father.  He now leaves, 
    or does he?
    Recommended: Force Pull II
                              |    Scene 13    |
    Duel: Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin is on Mustafar, the magma planet.  There, he killed the 
    Separatist backers like Viceroy Nute Gunray so that the Republic could 
    victor in the Clone War at the order of Chancellor Palpatine, now known 
    as the Emperor.  But, when he exits, he finds Padme!  Anakin reveals 
    his plan to her - to kill the Emperor, to take control of the Empire, 
    and to rule the galaxy with her by his side.  The true way of a Sith...
    Padme, a pro-democracy senator, refuses his request, and Anakin asks 
    why.  He jumps to the conclusion that Obi-Wan, that traitorous Jedi, is 
    responsible.  Obi-Wan arrives, and Anakin sees the truth.  Padme 
    brought him here to kill him!  In reality, Obi-Wan snuck onto her ship 
    and got a ride from her.
    Anakin is livid, and he starts to use the Force to strangle his 
    pregnant wife.  Obi-Wan forces him to let her go, and they taunt each 
    other.  Then, Obi-Wan realizes that Anakin is a Sith, and he must kill 
    his friend and pupil.  And so begins the ultimate battle to decide the 
    fate of the galaxy!
    "There is no death; there is the Force."
    Your student can't outdo you!  Anakin is probably the hardest boss in 
    Obi-Wan's side of the story, but he isn't that tough.  When Anakin 
    squats, he is going to use a sweep attack.  Block low with L and Down.  
    If he kneels, he is about to use a jump kick.  Block normally three 
    times, and then block low to stop the spread of electricity (the last 
    part of that attack).
    If he is about to swing his lightsaber like a bat, block with normal L.  
    If he tries to use Choke on you, absorb it with R.  If Anakin tries to 
    kick you, block normally.  And after each block, hit Anakin with your 
    lightsaber as much as you can before he starts to block.
    Halfway through the fight (Anakin has half his health full), you two 
    jump off the side of the bridge and onto a metal platform hovering over 
    the magma.  Don't worry; you can't fall off the edge and into it.  
    Anakin now utilizes a few new attacks, but they're all easy to block.
    He now has a few multi-strike swing attacks just blocked with L.  He 
    also uses a different style of hitting you with normal L (he does it 
    like an uppercut).  If Anakin tries to stab the platform with his 
    lightsaber, block low to prevent the shockwaves from spreading to you.  
    Now keep fighting until Anakin has but a sliver of health life.
    The platform reaches a bank in the lake of magma, and Obi-Wan jumps 
    onto it.  Having the high ground, Obi-Wan declares himself the victor.  
    But, Anakin tries to jump to the bank to kill his master, and Obi-Wan 
    slashes again at his student to scar him along the waist.
    His deformed body falls at the side of the lava, and Obi-Wan uses the 
    Force to take his lightsaber.  Anakin was the Chosen One, and yet he 
    did not destroy the Sith, he did not bring balance to the Force.  
    Anakin is set on fire by the magma, and Obi-Wan leaves him there to die.
    Obi-Wan returns to Padme's ship.  He fears for Padme's life, as she was 
    recently strangled by Anakin in a fit of rage.  Senator Bail Organa and 
    Yoda shall go now to Polis Massa.  Obi-Wan shall go, too.  There, Padme 
    has twins, but she dies shortly afterward, having lost the will to live 
    after learning of Anakin's new identity.  One baby, Leia, is given to 
    Senator Organa.
    The other, Luke, is given to Owen Lars, the step-brother of Anakin, and 
    his new wife.  They will be raised in secret until one day when they 
    will realize their Jedi roots.  Obi-Wan will go to Tatooine to look 
    after Luke.  Yoda goes to Dagobah in exile.  And Anakin was rescued by 
    the Emperor.  Though nearly dead from the battle, he was mechanically 
    reconstructed to become the terror of the galaxy, Darth Vader.  Some 
    day, a new hope shall rise...  Episode IV...
    CONGRATULATIONS!  You beat Obi-Wan's side of the story.  But, there's 
    still more to do.  You can now play Obi-Wan's storyline in the Master 
    Difficulty Setting, getting only one life to do it.  Or, you can spend 
    the 50 CP you earned for beating the storyline to customize Obi-Wan 
    further.  Or you could even try the Dark Side out and play Anakin's 
    storyline to learn under what circumstances he became Darth Vader.  And 
    don't count out replaying levels for perfect grades!  Congrats again, 
    my friend.
    ===========================Special Missions*===========================
    After watching the unbearably long credits you see after beating a game 
    as Anakin or Obi-Wan, you'll be taken back to the Main Menu.  There, 
    "Special Missions" will become available.  There, you can play through 
    Anakin or Obi-Wan's flying missions from their walkthroughs.  Since 
    they are all covered in the guide and most of them take about three 
    sentences to sum up, anyways, I won't explain them in-depth here, but I 
    will tell you which scene they're from.
    Anakin's Special Missions
    Scene 5
    Scene 8
    Scene 11
    Obi-Wan's Special Missions
    Scene 5
    Scene 8
    Scene 11
    Oddly, both Scene 8 special missions involve controlling the other 
    character; Anakin's Scene 8 uses Obi-Wan Kenobi and Obi-Wan's Scene 8 
    involves Anakin Skywalker.  In any case, that's all you need to know 
    about the main game, except for a nifty list of moves, of course.
      /                                                                 \
     /                                                                   \
    ||----------------------------Section 3*-----------------------------||
     \                                                                   /
    ============================Force Upgrades*============================
    By earning points, Anakin and Obi-Wan are allowed to purchase moves and 
    upgrades revolving around the Force.  I decided to compile a list of 
    these moves here.
    Name of Move
    Above is the setup.  Pretty straightforward, right?  Good.  Below is 
    the list.  Note that they all cost Force energy.
                             Anakin's Force Moves
    Saber Throw (I, II, III)
    Cost: 15/30/60
    Description: The first upgrade lets you throw your lightsaber forward 
    in a boomerang-like fashion.  The second upgrade gives you minimal 
    controls over it and causes it to do more damage.  The third upgrade 
    gives you full control and maximum damage is dealt.  Use it with R and 
    Absorb (I, II, III)
    Cost: 15/30/60
    Description: This lets you drain an enemy's HP into Fury for you.  The 
    first upgrade drains 6 HP per second.  The second upgrade absorbs 16 HP 
    per second, and the third absorbs 30 HP per second.  To use it, press R 
    and Up.
    Force Pull (I, II, III)
    Cost: NA/30/60
    Description: This lets you pull an enemy toward you with R and Over 
    (toward you).  You start with it, but the second upgrade makes it do 
    damage to those you pull.  The third makes it do lots of damage to 
    those you pull.
    Force Push (I, II, III)
    Cost: NA/30/60
    Description: Just the opposite of Force Pull, use this to push an enemy 
    away from you with R and Over (opposite the way you're facing).  Like 
    Force Pull, it can also be used to throw objects into enemies.  The 
    upgrade makes it actually do damage, and the second upgrade does lots 
    of damage (you start with this move).
    Rage (I, II, III)
    Cost: 15/30/60
    Description: Press R and A to use this move.  It strengthens Anakin, 
    making his attacks do double the damage for the next three hits.  The 
    first upgrade does triple the damage for the next four hits, and the 
    second upgrade does triple the damage for the next five hits.
    Choke (I, II, III)
    Cost: 15/30/60
    Description: Anakin's trademark attack, Choke lets you throttle an 
    enemy with the Force.  Press R and Down to use it.  The first upgrade 
    chokes one enemy for three seconds causing 60 HP in damage.  The second 
    upgrade does 64 HP damage to two enemies in two seconds.  The third 
    affects three enemies for 1.5 seconds dealing 75 HP damage to each.
                            Obi-Wan's Force Moves
    Force Speed (I, II, III)
    Cost: 15/30/60
    Description: Obi-Wan's speed is increases for three seconds by 25 % if 
    you press R + A, a seldom used move.  The upgrade increases his speed 
    by 50 % for three seconds, and the second upgrade by 50 % for five 
    Force Heal (I, II, III)
    Cost: 15/30/60
    Description: Another great move in Obi-Wan's defensive arsenal, this 
    can be used to heal yourself.  The first purchase heals 15 HP per 
    second.  The second heals 30 HP per second, and the third 60 HP per 
    second.  Quite useful when you can't get your hands on a Bacta Tank.  
    Activate it and hold it for as long as you can (it really sucks up your 
    Force energy) by pressing R and B.
    Force Pull (I, II, III)
    Cost: NA/30/60
    Description: This lets you pull an enemy toward you with R and Over 
    (toward you).  You start with it, but the second upgrade makes it do 
    damage to those you pull.  The third makes it do lots of damage to 
    those you pull.
    Force Push (I, II, III)
    Cost: NA/30/60
    Description: Just the opposite of Force Pull, use this to push an enemy 
    away from you with R and Over (opposite the way you're facing).  The 
    first upgrade can knock two enemies to the floor, and the second 
    upgrade can knock three enemies to the floor.  If the enemies are weak 
    enough, it might even destroy them.
    Force Shield (I, II, III)
    Cost: 15/30/60
    Description: Another defensive move, this shields Obi-Wan for three 
    seconds.  The first purchase makes him immune to blasters.  The second 
    makes him immune to blasters and stun projectiles (blue lasers, for 
    instance).  The third makes him invincible for three seconds.  Nice to 
    have, but pretty short.  It is activated with R and Up.
    Mind Trick (I, II, III)
    Cost: 15/30/60
    Description: The fabled Jedi Mind Trick, use the first purchase to stun 
    an enemy for two seconds.  The first upgrade stuns three enemies for 
    two seconds, while the second upgrade stuns all enemies on the screen 
    for two seconds.  Pretty good, really.  Use it with R and Down.
    And those are all the Force Moves and their upgrades.  Anakin focuses 
    on attacks and hurting enemies, while Obi-Wan focuses on defending 
    himself and stunning enemies.  Anakin's moves are probably more useful 
    for a combat-based games, but Obi-Wan has his moments.
    ===========================Fury/Focus Moves*===========================
    Furthermore, each character gets a Fury (Anakin) or Focus (Obi-Wan) 
    move from beating bosses, save the last.  And of course, you start out 
    with one, too.  Here's a nifty list of each character's moves.  
    Although they have button combos assigned to them, it is much easier to 
    use the Touch Screen to activate them.
                            |    Anakin's Fury    |
    Plo Koon's Round: A move apparently inspired by Plo Koon, a Jedi 
    Council member, this requires 25 % of your Fury Bar to be full.  Anakin 
    swings his lightsaber in a complete circle once, knocking down or 
    destroying any enemies in his way.  He learns it from beating Darth 
    Tyranus, the first boss.
    Tyranus' Uppercut: Inspired by Darth Tyranus, this move takes 50 % of 
    the Fury Bar to use.  Anakin swipes his lightsaber up in an arc, 
    defeating whatever happened to be in his way.  He gets it after dueling 
    Mace Windu, the second boss.
    Sidious' Hate: The negative energies of Darth Sidious, this move 
    requires 75 % of the Fury Bar to be full.  Anakin sends a red energy 
    orb into the ground with the Force that spreads some shockwaves to 
    defeat enemies within a certain radius.  He learns it after dueling Cin 
    Drallig, the third boss.
    Vader's Wrath: When you have 100 % of your Fury Bar full, use this to 
    destroy all enemies on the screen with a bolt of electricity through 
    the ground and to their bodies.  Anakin starts with this move.
                           |    Obi-Wan's Focus    |
    Knight's Slam: This uses only 25 % of the Focus Bar.  A move of the old 
    Jedi Knights, Obi-Wan slams his lightsaber with surprising force into 
    an enemy, most likely destroying it.  Obi-Wan learns it after dueling 
    Darth Tyranus, the first boss.
    Yoda's Teaching: Spending 50 % of your Focus Bar, this move was 
    apparently taught to Obi-Wan by Yoda.  Obi-Wan swings his lightsaber in 
    a full circle several times, destroying whatever was in range.  Obi-Wan 
    can make use of this move any time after defeating General Grievous, 
    the second boss, in a duel.
    Jedi's Devotion: Setting you back 75 % of your Focus Bar, this attack 
    reflects the lifetime commitment Jedi make to protecting peace and 
    justice in the galaxy.  Using it, Obi-Wan plunges his lightsaber into 
    the ground, causing electricity to shock and destroy any enemies in the 
    vicinity.  He acquires it after dueling the Bodyguards, the third boss.
    Obi-Wan's Sense: Taking up 100 % of your Focus Bar, it destroys all 
    enemies on the screen with a series of ultra-fast slashes.  Very useful, 
    you start out with this life-saver.
    Make use of these moves.  Not only do they help you in battle, but your 
    Jedi Style Points are affected for the better by them.
    ===========================Multiplayer Mode*===========================
    Reminiscent of Rouge Squadron, you can fly ships in full 3-D in a 
    multi-card (your friends need to have a game cartridge, too), 
    multiplayer battle for superiority.  Very fun, this is a completely 
    optional experience, which is how it landed itself in my Section 3.  
    Using any of 17 ships and different skins for the ships, you try to 
    blast each other out of the sky.  The ships will be covered in the 
    below section.  Here, I'll cover maps and options.
                               |    Options    |
    Time: You can set a length of time to the game to make the battle as 
    short or long as you like, ranging from five to twenty minutes.
    Frag: If you've ever played Super Smash Bros., think of these as your 
    KO's.  This sets the number of points you need to win a game.  You gain 
    one point for defeating other players (making them blow up), but you 
    lose a point for committing suicide (flying into a building, etc.).  
    The first one to a set number of points, at most 20, at least 1, is the 
    Respawn: This is an important option.  If you say "Yes," then you will 
    be able to start playing after your ship is destroyed.  If you say 
    "No," those whose ships blow up stay out of the game for the remainder 
    of the game.
                                |    Maps    |
    City 1: Set in Coruscant, a fog tries to blind you to the numerous 
    towers set up around here.  Avoid buildings and hunt for enemies behind 
    towers.  Flying low is quite possible here, especially with the fog.
    City 2: If you aren't paying attention, you'll fly into a tower here.  
    Aside from a pallet change and tricky skyscraper placement, it's little 
    different from City 1.  Avoid them and you'll be fine.
    Space 1: A small asteroid belt with pickups scattered along it.  
    Asteroids don't move, but they can pop up out of nowhere if you're 
    preoccupied with shooting down an enemy.  Don't fly into them and 
    you're good here.
    Space 2: More interesting, an inactive Star Destroy adorns the center 
    of the stage.  Space debris with pickups inside make for weird 
    obstacles, but don't go into the opening for a pickup and then crash 
    into the capsules.
    Space 3: Also containing a down-sized Star Destroyer in it that serves 
    as an indestructible obstacle, this area is also home to several 
    asteroids.  Remember: if it's solid, don't fly into it.
    Space 4: A large starship and some asteroids, this is barely different 
    from Space 3.  Avoid the starship and the asteroids, of course, so that 
    you can focus on your enemies.
    Tatooine: A classic desert planet that Anakin was born on, this planet 
    has appeared in more Star Wars movies than any other planet.  With a 
    few arches and lots of open space, it's the true death arena.  Get 
    close to the ground and the bumpy terrain can cause you to crash.  Also, 
    don't try to fly into the Jawa vehicle here, or what has to be the 
    Sarlaac's pit.  I guess he's sleeping.
    Hoth: The infamous ice world where the Rebels were massacred by the 
    Empire in the Battle of Hoth at the Echo Base at the beginning of 
    Episode V, Hoth makes it into tons of Star Wars games.  The ruins of 
    fallen AT-AT's (All-Terrain Armored Transports) serve as odd obstacles, 
    but the turrets and other outcroppings can be ran into (none fire 
    weapons).  Open space all the way, for the most part.
    And there you have all the maps and options.  See below for details on 
    each vehicle and how to unlock them.
    =======================Ships & Unlocking Ships*========================
    There are seventeen ships to choose from, but you can't pilot them all 
    from the start.  Some are locked, and I'll explain how to unlock them 
    here.  But first, each ship's stats.  Speed is how fat it can move, 
    Hull is its defense, Laser is its blaster strength, Shield is its 
    shielding strength, and Torpedo is how strong the missiles their ship 
    can carry are, if the ship can carry any.
    Jedi Starfighter II
    Speed:            *****-----
    Hull:             *****-----
    Laser:            ****------
    Shield:           ****------
    Torpedo:          ****------
    Notes: Not bad, but it could be better.  The ship of the Jedi is all-
    around and good, but there are better choices out there.
    Millennium Falcon (Locked)
    Speed:            *********-
    Hull:             *********-
    Laser:            ********--
    Shield:           **********
    Torpedo:          ********--
    Notes: It has the best stats of enemy ship, but its size is a bit of a 
    debility.  In reality, it should serve you the best, even if its turns 
    could use some work.  In the original trilogy, this was the ship of Han 
    Solo, who won it from Lando Calrissian.  It is a great ship in the 
    movies, and the best ship in this game.
    Obi Jedi Starfighter II (Locked)
    Speed:            *****-----
    Hull:             *****-----
    Laser:            ******----
    Shield:           ****------
    Torpedo:          ****------
    Notes: The ship Obi-Wan uses in his Special Missions, this is the 
    personal Jedi Starfighter of Obi-Wan.  It is almost exactly the same as 
    the Jedi Starfighter II, but it has superior lasers.  Good, but not a 
    great locked ship.
    Slave I (Locked)
    Speed:            ******----
    Hull:             ********--
    Laser:            *******---
    Shield:           ----------
    Torpedo:          *******---
    Notes: The ship of Jango Fett in Episode II, and later of his "son" 
    Boba Fett in the trilogy, this ship is oddly constructed on its side.  
    Having no shields, it needs a good Hull score.  While it's not that bad, 
    it's weaker than you'd expect.
    TIE Fighter Advanced (Locked)
    Speed:            ********--
    Hull:             ****------
    Laser:            *******---
    Shield:           ****------
    Torpedo:          ----------
    Notes: The modified TIE (Twin Ion Engine) Fighter that Darth Vader uses, 
    this has good control and okay stats.  Not having torpedoes isn't a big 
    disadvantage, but its hull is very weak, forcing you to use your shield 
    distribution to the fullest.
    TIE Fighter
    Speed:            ******----
    Hull:             **--------
    Laser:            ****------
    Shield:           ----------
    Torpedo:          ----------
    Notes: Standing for Twin Ion Engines, TIE Fighters are the basic ship 
    of the Galactic Empire.  As such, they are very disposable.  Having no 
    shields, torpedo, and hardly any hull, you'll have the time of your 
    life shooting these down in droves.  If you want to be handicapped, use 
    this ship.
    Droid Tri-Fighter
    Speed:            *******---
    Hull:             *---------
    Laser:            ******----
    Shield:           ----------
    Torpedo:          *---------
    Notes: A CIS common ship, these are very bad.  Hardly any hull and no 
    shield?  Give me a break.  These are worse than the TIE Fighter.  If 
    you don't get hit ever, these are not that bad.  But, get hit, and you 
    explode in a big way.
    V Wing: Clone Fighter
    Speed:            ****------
    Hull:             ******----
    Laser:            *******---
    Shield:           ****------
    Torpedo:          ----------
    Notes: The V-Wing of the Rebels was probably adapted from this, a 
    Republic ship.  Resembling a Jedi Starfighter, these aren't that bad if 
    you don't mind the speed and not having torpedoes.  It's probably the 
    second-best you can get without unlocking anything.
    X-Wing (Locked)
    Speed:            *******---
    Hull:             ********--
    Laser:            ********--
    Shield:           *******---
    Torpedo:          ******----
    Notes: The most popular ship from Star Wars (one of them; maybe the 
    Millennium Falcon is more popular), this is the famous ship of the 
    Rebels.  It is Luke Skywalker's ship of choice, and it is pretty darn 
    good.  It's just about the only thing that can stand up to the 
    Millennium Falcon as far as stats are concerned.  Not bad at all for a 
    mass-produced ship.  No wonder the Rebels eventually overthrew the 
    Geonosian Starfighter
    Speed:            *****-----
    Hull:             ***-------
    Laser:            ******----
    Shield:           ----------
    Torpedo:          ----------
    Notes: The ship used by the Geonosians of Geonosis, it became a threat 
    to the Republic during the opening battle of the Clone War.  Mediocre 
    at best, I don't recommend using this.
    General Grievous' Ship (Locked)
    Speed:            *******---
    Hull:             *****-----
    Laser:            *****-----
    Shield:           *****-----
    Torpedo:          *********-
    Notes: A very well-rounded ship that starts locked.  A large supply of 
    torpedoes makes for average blaster strength.  In reality, of course, 
    the command ship of General Grievous and the flagship of the CIS fleet 
    is much larger than this; the first four levels of either storyline 
    take place on it.  This is not the flagship, as reader dsoverpsp points 
    out.  It is actually the ship General Grievous uses to fly to Utapau, 
    the same ship which Obi-Wan steals to fly off the planet.
    Utapau Starfighter
    Speed:            ****------
    Hull:             ***-------
    Laser:            ****------
    Shield:           *---------
    Torpedo:          ----------
    Notes: Utapau is an Outer Rim planet that doesn't see much action.  
    Commander Cody's forces must've been scarcely troubled by these, as 
    they are lousy in many ways.  It's weak, slow, practically defenseless, 
    and perhaps the worst ship in the game.  Maybe the TIE Fighter is worse, 
    but it is faster.  In any case, don't use this ship.
    Ani Fighter (Locked)
    Speed:            ****------
    Hull:             ****------
    Laser:            *******---
    Shield:           ***-------
    Torpedo:          ***-------
    Notes: This is the modified Jedi Starfighter that Anakin used in "Star 
    Wars: Clone Wars," a micro-series on Cartoon Network.  It isn't 
    anything special, but it's not as bad as some other ships.
    Ani Jedi Starfighter II (Locked)
    Speed:            ******----
    Hull:             *****-----
    Laser:            *******---
    Shield:           ******----
    Torpedo:          *****-----
    Notes: This is the Jedi Starfighter Anakin uses in his Special Missions.  
    It's pretty good, really.  Anakin sure knows how to modify ships.
    Arc 170: Clone Starfighter
    Speed:            ******----
    Hull:             *******---
    Laser:            ****------
    Shield:           ****------
    Torpedo:          ****------
    Notes: A proto-X-Wing used by the Republic in Episode III (new for the 
    movie), this is a pretty good fighter.  Though it doesn't control very 
    well, it is better than what you could be piloting.  The best of the 
    starting ships, easily.
    Vulture Droid
    Speed:            ******----
    Hull:             **--------
    Laser:            *******---
    Shield:           ----------
    Torpedo:          ***-------
    Notes: This is a Trade Federation ship that was incorporated into the 
    Separatist army when the feds joined Count Dooku.  Although lacking in 
    defenses, it's not completely terrible, just the majority.  Offense is 
    the only reason why you'd want to use this ship.
    Jedi Starfighter I
    Speed:            ***-------
    Hull:             ****------
    Laser:            ****------
    Shield:           **--------
    Torpedo:          ----------
    Notes: The original Jedi Starfighter wasn't that good.  Obi-Wan used it 
    in a battle with Jango Fett in Episode II, if you don't remember seeing 
    it in action.  Slow, weak in both defense and offense, and all-around 
    bad, it's a real contender for worst ship in the game.  Use the updated 
    Jedi Starfighter II instead.  You'll feel the difference, trust me.
    Now, you may've noticed that all of the good ships are locked.  The 
    locked ships are the one's you can't pilot from the get-go.  Here's a 
    list of who's not playable at the start of the game.
    Millennium Falcon
    Obi Jedi Starfighter II
    Slave I
    TIE Fighter Advanced
    General Grievous' Ship
    Ani Fighter
    Ani Jedi Starfighter II
    Yes, eight of the seventeen ships, just under half, are not playable at 
    first.  Aside from two of them, the ships are all unlocked by beating 
    the bots controlling them in Skirmish Mode, a single-player ship battle 
    with computer opponents.  Generally speaking, you must destroy the ship 
    before you can pilot the ship.  The exceptions are Obi Jedi Starfighter 
    II and Ani Jedi Starfighter II.
                           |    Unlocking Ships    |
    Obi Jedi Starfighter II: Unlock this by beating Obi-Wan's storyline on 
    any Difficulty Setting.
    Ani Jedi Starfighter II: Unlock this by beating Anakin's storyline on 
    any Difficult Setting.
    Aside from them, the other ships are unlocked in Skirmish Mode.  You 
    pick the setting, the time, the frag count, the respawn, and your ship 
    just like in Multiplayer Mode (see above section), but you also get to 
    choose your enemies, who are piloted by bots.  Here's who you must beat 
    to unlock a ship.
    Millennium Falcon: Defeat the Han Solo bot.
    Slave I: Defeat the Boba Fett bot.
    TIE Fighter Advanced: Defeat the Darth Vader bot.
    X-Wing: Defeat the Luke bot.
    General Grievous' Ship: Defeat the General Grievous bot.
    Ani Fighter: Defeat the Anakin bot.
    Here's a strategy for doing this.
    1) First, you want to unlock the simple ships.  Start by fighting Boba 
    Fett in the Slave I.  Use default settings and beat him one-on-one.  
    Then do this for the other easier bots - General Grievous and Anakin.
    2) Now we can focus on the harder opponents.  You're going to want the 
    X-Wing to unlock the Millennium Falcon; fight Luke in his X-Wing one-
    on-one with all default settings.  If you win, you'll unlock the X-Wing.
    3) Use the X-Wing to engage the Millennium Falcon.  It will be a tough 
    fight, but you should be able to beat him.  Now that you have the 
    ultimate ship, you're ready to fight a real hardy opponent, Darth Vader 
    in the TIE Fighter Advanced.  He's an exceptionally skilled pilot.  
    Good luck.
    Enjoy owning your friends with the M. Falcon!
    Here's where the Frequently Asked Questions (questions I'm sick of 
    answering in e-mail) get posted.  Please read it before contacting me.  
    It will save both you and I some time.
    Question: Who's better, Obi-Wan or Anakin?
    Answer: Well, Obi-Wan defeated Anakin in a fight at the end of the game 
    (this is debatable), but it really depends on your style.  If you are a 
    defensive fighter, Obi-Wan is for you.  If you are an in-your-face 
    offensive powerhouse, Anakin is your best option.  Anakin is probably 
    easier to learn with because you develop great lightsaber skills, but 
    Obi-Wan's missions seemed easier to me.  Probably just because of his 
    weaker enemies...
    Question: I really don't understand your storyline.  Explain it, now!
    Answer: Not a question, but I'll run with it.  I'd really rather not.  
    I explain things to the best of my abilities there, and you really have 
    to see the movie to know what I mean.  If you've seen the movie, know 
    who the characters are, and you actually remember them, then my 
    storyline section reveals character motivation and explains a few 
    reasons for doing things.  Otherwise, you'll be lost.  My friends like 
    to compare Star Wars to Greek mythology - lots of names, places, and 
    events.  Also, the game doesn't really explain the events very well 
    (they never say that Padme is pregnant until the near end of Obi-Wan's 
    storyline, or other important things).  Also, the game differs from the 
    movie in many points.  First, Obi-Wan was shot down into a lake from 
    which he infiltrated the city to get his ship; he did not fight his way 
    into a cave.  Second, Mace Windu and Anakin never "battled."  Anakin 
    cut off Mace's arm to protect Palpatine, and then Sidious killed him.  
    There are others, too, but I'm not up to explaining them all.  Lots of 
    movie lines were used, though, even if they weren't said at the right 
    Question: What's the difference between this and the GBA version?
    Answer: The 2-D part of the game is ripped right from the Game Boy 
    Advance version.  Everything you see in 3-D is brand new, and it's a 
    welcome addition.  Also, the Touch Screen makes it easier to use Fury 
    and Focus moves.  I think it's a great improvement, personally.  And 
    the PS2 and Xbox versions are very different.  They do have a fun 
    multiplayer fighting option, though.
    Question: Why don't you have a guide for Padawan/Master Setting?
    Answer: But I do!  First, the only difference between Jedi and Master 
    is that Master provided you with only one life; Jedi has three.  As for 
    Padawan, the levels are the same.  There just aren't as many enemies.  
    So, the guide is good for every difficulty setting.
    Question: How do I prevent from being choked/picked up?
    Answer: Press B rapidly.
    Question: How come people don't die instantly when you hit them with 
    the lightsaber like in the movies?
    Answer: The game would be WAY too easy if the lightsabers worked like 
    they did in the movies.
    Question: Can I use your guide on my site?
    Answer: No, no, and NEVER!  See my legal section for details.
    Question: How can I contact you?
    Answer: By e-mail and e-mail only.  The address is at the top of the 
    guide.  If you do e-mail me, know that I have a few restrictions on 
    that, too.  First, do not send me chain letters, "tags," which are 
    essentially the same thing, spam, flame letters, or personal questions.  
    In fact, personal questions like "a/s/l" are the whole reason that I 
    don't take IM's anymore.  Furthermore, I'd like you to put "Star Wars 
    Episode III" in the subject line of your e-mail so that I know what 
    game you need help with.  Try to spell things as correctly as you can 
    so that I can understand the question and try to be specific with them.  
    Finally, make sure that your question is not answered in the guide 
    before you ask.  I may refer you to a section if you ask a really 
    general question.  Follow the guidelines and you can get the most help 
    out of me as possible.
    Question: What games have you guides for?
    Answer: I am a geek, not just in Star Wars, and I'll prove it.  Here's 
    a list of all my thirty-three guides, in order of my writing them: The 
    Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, 
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and 1, Sonic Heroes, Mario Kart: Double Dash, The 
    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of 
    Time/Master Quest, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Super Smash 
    Bros. Melee, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Paper Mario: The 
    Thousand-Year Door, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario 64, Super Mario 64 
    DS, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, 
    Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario Sunshine, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish 
    Cap, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, The Legend of Zelda: 
    Link's Awakening, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX, Mario Power 
    Tennis, Mario Party 6, Paper Mario, Super Mario RPG, Super Mario Bros., 
    Super Mario Land, Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan), Super 
    Mario Bros. 2 (American), and my recent, unexpected guide for Star Wars 
    Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.  Or, if you'd like to see an up-to-
    date list of my guides, you can find them at this address:
    Question: What guide's up next?
    Answer: Well, I bet NOBODY expected me to write a guide for this game.  
    I will get back on track with a guide for Super Mario Bros. 3 and then 
    Super Mario All-Stars.  After that, I'm off Mario for a bit; I'll 
    finish up the Zelda series.  And then, who knows?  Maybe more Star Wars 
    guides are in order.  I should have at least one Kirby guide 
    considering that my contributor name is "Kirby"021591.
    And that's it.  Now time for the real reason you checked out this guide.  
    You heard me!  It's time for the legal section.  Oh yeah!
      /                                                                 \
     /                                                                   \
    ||----------------------------Section 4*-----------------------------||
     \                                                                   /
    ====================Credits and Legal Information*=====================
    I sarcastically pretend to like this section in all my walkthroughs, 
    but let's just get one thing straight, pal: I hate writing these 
    sections.  Let's just extract this hunk of junk from an earlier guide.
    Reading legal sections is about as fun as watching a slow-motion 
    foreign-language film about the making of boxes in black and white.  
    First, though, the credits.  Yes, I know that everybody is dying to 
    know who helped me write this.  Let's get started, shall we?
                               |    Credits    |
    First, I'd like to thank myself for writing the guide, playing the
    game, and for posting it.  The man!  The myth!  The legend!
    Second, a big round of applause for Nintendo and Ubisoft.  They made 
    the fun flight part of the game and Nintendo licensed it, and this 
    guide wouldn't be around without them.  Also, applause for George Lucas, 
    the most ingenious science-fiction writer to have ever lived, as well 
    as a great filmmaker.  You rock, George!
    Third, let's all thank GameFaqs, the great site that is the only place
    where you can find my guides.  Without them, you wouldn't be reading
    Recently, some more people have helped me out.  Here's a list of who
    they are and what they did.
    - dsoverpsp (so true), for telling me the origin of General Grievous' 
    Ship; it's the ship he flew to Utapau on.
    That's it for now, but I'm sure that list will grow.  Now for the legal
    section.  If you're really obsessed with my guides, you'll know which
    one I copied the legal boilerplates out of.
                          |    Legal Information    |
    First of all, I take no credit for the creation, distribution,
    production, idealizing, or in any way making this game.  That honor
    goes to Nintendo, not me, and I do not deny this.
    Second, this document is Copyright 2005 Brian McPhee.
    Third, this may not be reproduced in part of in full under any
    circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on
    any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written
    permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
    public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    To phrase that first item legally, all trademarks and copyrights
    contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and
    copyright holders.
    To make it clear for those of you who might having problems absorbing
    information, no one but the website GameFaqs may use my guides on their
    sites, books, magazines, etc.
    And that's a wrap, everybody.  But, you know, let's not say good-bye.  
    Instead, let's use my ultra-cool good-bye saying.  It'll rock your 
    socks, guaranteed or your money lost.  Yes, it's time for the show-
    stopping Houdini spectacular nominated for two and a half Oscars 
    somehow - it's my fantabulous catchphrase extraordinaire.  That's right, 
    folks, THE phrase.  Drum roll, please.
    May the Force be with you.
    Nah, just kidding.  As cool as that'd be, I have a different 
    See ya later.

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