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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Yeah_its_me

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 06/03/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                                                            .$ .$ .
                                                                            $" =%. 
                                                                          ..¦ ‘$   
                                                                          .3 .$    
                                                                         C¦ ,7.    
                                                                       .C. (.      
                                                                      .J* "3       
                                                                   . J".*J         
                                                                !! *(.             
                                                              ,"‘ "(               
                                                              .. .*.               
                                                             ¦= ‘(,                
                                                            *(. =¦                 
                                                           ‘=  *(‘                 
                                                          .¦! .(,                  
                                                          *(. *¦                   
                                                         .*, "(‘                   
                   .‘,*(77,‘                             =, ‘¦!                    
                 .*5ÐWWÐW$C¦7                           ,¦..(*                     
                ‘$ÐWWWWWWWC$$.                        $,‘.""!                      
                *5Ð5WÐWWW55C$$.                     .!$JJJ,C                       
               ‘$ÐÐÐ5WW$$5$$$77                  ..($$$55$.,                       
               *$5ÐÐWWWWW5$$$¦*              .*.75,557$Ð5$.                        
               ‘(555WÐWW555555$        .‘,*..75ÐWÐW5W55$Ð7.                        
                7$Ð$ÐÐWÐÐWW$$  .‘,‘($7,ÐWÐWW$$ÐÐWÐ5Ð$Ð7$$,                         
           $$W$$CC$5WWWWWWWWWWWWWWW5WWWWWWWWWWW5W$ .                               
          . Ð$WWCW55ÐWWWWWWWWWWWWW5ÐW                                              
            .WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW5$5      STAR WARS                                
              ÐWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW$5Ð           Revenge of the Sith                 
            $¦ÐWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWÐ. ..                                               
           .¦WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWÐWWWW(*  .                                          
       ‘W WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWÐÐW$WÐÐW$WÐWWWWWWW5(                                      
     $,W   7WWWWWWWWWWW$W5WW$W$WW$WWWWWWWWWW7‘                                     
    *ÐW    (WWWWWWWW5WW5W5WW5W5WWWWWWWWWWWWWW$*7                                   
    Walkthrough for Star Wars(tm) Revenge of the Sith(tm)
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This is version 0.2
    Current stats:
    Total guide completion = 30%
    Anakin completion      = 50%
    Obi-Wan completion     = 0%
    Boss guide has not been done yet.
    FAQ has not been done yet (no questions have been asked)
    In the next update:
    I will be doing the next section for anakin (2 levels + boss)
    Adding in all of the life locations
    Adding questions to the FAQ
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction ..............(intro)
    2. Controls
       Anakin ....................(anact)
       Obi-Wan ...................(obict)
    3. Star ship Controls ........(strct)
    4. Character Techniques
        Anakin ...................(anate)
        Obi-wan ..................(obite)
    5. Tips and whatnot ..........(tips )
    6. Walkthrough
       Anakin ....................(anawt)
       Obi-Wan ...................(obiwt)
    7. Boss Guide ................(bosgd)
    8. FAQ's .....................(faqs )
    9. Contact Info ..............(cntin)
    9. Legal .....................(legal)
    Introduction (intro)
    This guide is not yet complete, but if you could send your comments on how to
    improve it to me I would greatly appreciate it. My contact info is at the
    bottom of this guide.
    This is my first ever guide, and after all of the problems I had with Master
    Difficulty, I decided to make a guide for it, so here it is.
    This guide is designed for the Master difficulty setting, but you could use it
    for the other settings as well; It would be a waste of time though, the other
    settings are easy enough to run through without really thinking about what your
    Anakin (anact)
    + = Button/move AND Button/move
    - = Button/move THEN Button/move
    A      - Jump
    B      - Attack
    L      - Deflect / Block
    R      - Force
    Start  - Status Screen
    Select - Info. on moves (Status Screen)
    Run    - Double Tap Left/Right
    Up+B   - Upercut
    Down+B - Hammer Strike
    Back+B - Back Thrust
    Run+B  - Kick
    Jump-B - Vertical Strike
    Jump-Down+B - Spike Down
    Fury Moves
    Hold B  - Vader’s Wrath (100% Fury bar, you start with it)
    Hold 'R' then press and hold 'L' and then the selected button
    R+L+A   - Plo Koons Round (25% Fury bar, After the duel with Darth Tyranus)
    R+L+B   - Tyranus' Uppercut (50% Fury bar, After the duel with Mace Windu)
    R+L+A+B - Sidius' Hate (75% Fury bar, After the duel with Cin Drallig)
    Force Moves
    R+B       - Sabre Throw  (Throw your sabre for damage with no - max control)
    R+UP      - Absorb       (Absorb enemy health to add to your Fury bar)
    R+Back    - Force Pull   (Pull the enemy in for some damage)
    R+Forward - Force Push   (Push away 1-3 enemies for damage)
    R+A       - Rage         (2-3*damage for the next 3-5 hits)
    R+Down    - Choke        (Damage 1-3 enemies for 60hp/3sec - 75hp/1.5sec)
    Obi-Wan (obict)
    + = Button/move AND Button/move
    - = Button/move THEN Button/move
    A      - Jump
    B      - Attack
    L      - Deflect / Block
    R      - Force
    Start  - Status Screen
    Select - Info. on moves (Status Screen)
    Run    - Double Tap Left/Right
    Up+B   - Uppercut
    Down+B - Circle Kick
    Back+B - Back Thrust
    Run+B  - Stab
    Jump-B - Vertical Spike
    Jump-Down+B - Spike Down
    Focus Moves
    Hold B  - Obi-Wan's Sense (100% Focus bar, you start with it)
    Hold 'R' then press and hold 'L' and then the selected button
    R+L+A   - Knight's Slam (25% Focus bar, After the duel with Darth Tyranus)
    R+L+B   - Yoda's Teaching (50% Focus bar, After the duel with Grievous)
    R+L+A+B - Jedi's Devotion (75% Focus bar, After the duel with Bodyguard)
    Force Moves
    R+A       - Force Speed  (Slow down time for 2-5 seconds)
    R+B       - Force Heal   (Heal yourself from 60hp/3sec to 75hp/1.5sec)
    R+Back    - Force Pull   (Pull the enemy in for some damage)
    R+Forward - Force Push   (Push away 1-3 enemies for damage)
    R+Up      - Force Shield (Protect yourself from laser fire)
    R+Down    - Mind Trick   (Stun 1-ALL enemies for 2sec)
    Star ship Controls (strct)
    UP    - Go Down
    Down  - Go Up
    B     - Slow down
    Y     - Fire Missiles
    X     - Accelerate
    A     - Fire Laser
    L     - Left Roll
    R     - Right Roll
    L+R   - Stabilise
    Start - Status Screen
    Recommended Controls
    UP    - Go Down
    Down  - Go Up
    B     - Fire Missiles
    Y     - Fire Laser
    X     - Roll Left
    A     - Roll Right
    L     - Slow Down
    R     - Accelerate
    X+A   - Stabilise
    Start - Status Screen
    With these controls I find it easier to roll left and right without taking away
    from firing. It is also much easier to slow down and fire, which may become
    very useful. Also firing the lasers and then a missile is much quicker.
    Touch Screen
    In the bottom left is a flashing icon, tap it to change between the scanner,
    and your current kills.
    On the right is your shields, tap the top to put all of your shields to the
    front of the ship.
    Tap the bottom to move them to the rear of your ship.
    And finally, tap the small icon in the middle to balance out your shields
    Character Techniques
    Anakin (anate)
    If you want to finish Master then you must follow one rule:
    you won’t be able to block both of them.
    Anakin is much better at jumping around, blocking, attacking, and he also has
    But with him being a much more powerful character, his levels are much harder
    this means you need to use all of the skills he has if you don't want to die.
    When you block, unlike Obi-Wan you don’t swing your lighsabre first, so you
    can block instantly. Also while blocking you can attack quickly, this means
    you can block, then attack an enemy, if a droid fires a laser at you, you
    stop attacking and you can block it, possibly even deflect it.
    If there is a large enemy, jump and attack it, then just press down and keep
    on attacking it, it won't be able to get up and it'll die pretty quick.
    If there is a large number of enemies, jump and attack them, jump back and
    attack more of them, and just keep jumping around. Remember, most enemy
    attacks can't hurt you while you are jumping. OR use choke to kill them of
    quickly, but remember it’s easy to get hit while using the force and a laser
    shot can do a lot of damage on Master
    If there are a lot of stronger enemies you can use choke to push them over.
    You can then attack them without getting hit.
    Another idea is to stand at the edge of the screen and block, wait until the
    enemy/enemies move in front of you, then kill them, and so on until they are
    all dead.
    Obi-Wan (obite)
    Once Again:
    When Obi-Wan blocks he swings his lightsabre to deflect lasers, this leaves a
    small gap where the enemy can still hit you, so you'll have to be careful.
    Also when Obi-Wan is blocking, if you attack there is also a delay, so it’s 
    best if you use force push and then just rip them to pieces.
    I don’t think that Obi-Wan has that many strategies that you can use, basically
    Use Force Push, that should kill weak enemies, if they get back up use it again
    or, while they're down hit them.
    If you’re surrounded, use Force shield to protect your self while you get out
    of the way and wipe them out.
    And one of the things that makes Obi-Wan such an easy character to use is the 
    Force Heal, if you have upgraded it to Lvl3 then you can restore all of your 
    health in about 2 seconds, at most. This means that you can just run through 
    the levels and not worry about getting hurt.
    It is also much easier to fill Obi-Wan's Focus bar, by using Force Push (Lvl3)
    4-5 times you can fill your Focus bar; By doing this you can use lots of Focus
    moves, this will also get you more Jedi style points.
    Tips (tips )
    1.  Never let enemies surround you
    2.  Most enemy attacks can't hurt you while you’re jumping
    3.  Use the force to push over your enemies, this gives you time to attack
    4.  Choke/Force Push will kill all small enemies, use it to save time
    Life Locations
    **I'll add this in some other time, just wait a while**
    Walkthrough (wlktr)
    The best way to use this guide, is to read a small part so that you know what
    is going to happen and then do it. Read the next part and then do it, and so on
    As a guide-line, my stats for the characters were:
    Obi-Wan Health   = 3
            Strength = 4
            Force    = 3
    Pretty evenly spread out, not bad.
    Anakin Health   = 0
           Strength = 7
           Force    = 3
    I don’t often use the entire force bar, so it may be a good idea to give him
    some health.
    Obi-Wan should know force heal lvl2-3 (you should upgrade this to lvl3 ASAP)
    he should also know Force Push Lvl3
    Anakin should know Choke Lvl3
    Anakin (anawt)
    To find a certain level just press Ctrl+f and type in "scene" + the number of
    the level.
    Eg. "scene 3"
    Section 1
    Scene 1 : I have a bad feeling about this
    Start of by walking forward, you should encounter on droid, destroy it. Carry
    on, you should find to more droids, after that, there are three droids, the top
    one has a bacta tank, you may want to destroy it last. Moving on, three more
    droids, this time the middle one has the bacta tank.
    Move on to the next section, right in front of you is a stronger droid, block
    the three lasers and destroy it, another bacta tank is yours.
    After moving past the crates, two droids will come from the right and one from
    the left, after destroying those, the same droids will come again.
    Once these are gone and you've reached the next set of crates, a brown droid
    will drop down at the bottom right, once you've destroyed it three normal
    droids will drop down behind you, just use choke to get them all at once.
    The next section is probably the hardest part of the whole level. Once you move
    along, there will be a brown droid and to yellow, use choke to kill them
    before they fire.
    After a small walk, a droid will come from either side of the screen and one
    will drop down, move to either side of the screen so that you don’t become
    surrounded and destroy them, once that is done the same will happen again, kill
    these of as well. This time only two droids come, one from the right and one
    drops down, the one that walked from the right have a bacta tank. Once that has
    been collected another will drop down.
    Walking to the right there are three droids in a row, the bottom one has a
    bacta tank.
    The next section has two droids, block or use choke before they fire. Moving on
    one droid will com from the right and two drop down on the left, then another
    droid from the right again.
    Be careful now, two enemies from either side of the screen, and one drops down
    pick a side of the screen to go to, and stay there, use choke to get rid of
    some droids and two more come, then another three, two on the left and one on
    the right, then a second from the left and another drops down, the best
    is to use choke and stay out of the way, then another falls, kill it and move
    on. Another row of droids, the bottom has a bacta tank. Carrying on is two
    more droids, after that one comes from the right and two appear on the left.
    A droid on the left has a bacta tank, one more droid will come from the right
    before you can carry on. Another load of droids are about to come, one from
    either side, and one drops down, kill them quick because two more come from
    either side; that makes 5, then another from the either side, after killing
    some, another comes from the right and one more drops down, you may be low on
    health from getting hit, if that be the case then you haven’t been standing at
    the side of the screen blocking, remember choke can get three enemies at once 
    but force push is quicker, be careful because they don’t stop coming, two more 
    come from the right very shortly after. Once they're all dead, a final one will
    drop down once it has been destroyed you can continue.
    After jumping down is the ship. Stand at the opposite side of the screen than
    it is coming from, its bombs cannot hurt you there, and use an uppercut when it
    fly's past, run to the other side of the screen and get ready to jump, when it
    comes jump and attack it, back to the other side of the screen for another
    uppercut. After flying past again it changes and fires a laser, just get behind
    it and use an upper cut, repeat this until you get to the other side of the
    screen, by the time you get there it will be destroyed.
    Congratulations, you finished the first level.
    Scene 2: These aren’t the droids you’re looking for
    As soon as you start there are two droids, destroy them to move on.
    Next is another set of droids, a brown one from the right, and two normal ones
    from the left, next are two more brown ones from the right and two more normal
    ones from the left, I suggest you get rid of the stronger ones first.
    Now we start to get the more common type of droid you will encounter later on.
    Be careful of these, they can shoot fast giving you less time to attack, and if
    your close they will stun you. If you can try to get these with choke.
    Once you have destroyed this new droid move on, be careful of the laser though.
    There is a bacta tank in the crate just before the laser.
    More droids (well what did you expect?) To weak ones and the larger blue one.
    After that, 4 more weak droids and another blue one, two from each side, the
    blue from the right. The top right droid has a bacta tank.
    Oooh a moving laser, do a running jump over it, and then over the next one too.
    Once your clear of that, there are two more brown droids, and then another from
    the right and two blue ones from either side, just move to a side of the screen
    block, and wait until they're all together, then use choke. After that the 
    blue ones keep coming from alternating sides of the screen, there are four of
    them. The second left one has a bacta tank.
    In the next section run as far right as possible and destroy the droids as soon
    as they appear, two brown ones will then appear from the left and the right.
    Now two blue ones will appear, try to stay to the side of the screen and block,
    when you get your chance, use choke.
    The red part of the wall to the left of the doors has a bacta tank. Move to the
    right of the screen (near the bottom) and destroy the brown droids that come
    out blue ones will come from the door at the top, which is why you are at the
    bottom Once the brown ones are gone take care of the blue ones.
    Be careful of the moving lasers here there are two of them. Two weak droids
    and a bacta tank in the scenery.
    Oh! Another new enemy, the yellow ones stun you, this can become very dangerous
    jump over to them so you don’t get shot.
    Kill the one at the bottom left, and then at the top right, now take care of
    the  ones in the middle (two weak ones). The top yellow one has a bacta tank.
    Two more droids drop down in the middle of the screen, destroy them for more
    droids to come. Two blue and two weak, remember, stand at a side of the screen
    and block, if you don’t have time to use choke wait until they get close and 
    use your lightsabre (while blocking).
    There are two more weak droids ready to replace the ones you kill. After both
    blue ones are gone another will appear. Kill of one blue one and the weak ones
    first, that should make it easier.
    More piles of droids. A brown one drops near the right and a blue one comes
    from the door to start with, after that a yellow droid carrying a bacta tank
    comes from the top right along with a weak one from the bottom left. After that
    is one more weak droid from the left.
    Carry on to find a brown droid. Just after that, a blue droid comes from the
    left and from the right. The one on the right has a bacta tank.
    Move along a bit and three weak droids drop down to the left, and a blue one
    walks in from the left, move away and use choke to destroy three of them. Then
    three more will drop down, if you’re quick enough you can destroy the blue one
    before they come, and another blue one walks in. After that three, three more
    come and another blue one, then three more! but that’s it after that you can
    continue. Just to the right of the screen is a blue droid with a bacta tank,
    you might need it, then one weak one, when the path thins there are lasers jump
    over them, they don’t move, after the second laser is a brown droid, destroy it
    with your lightsabre. The scenery just after that has another bacta tank.
    Now a blue droid comes through the door, when you kill it another will come,
    there are three of them. At the same time two weak droids drop down in the
    middle  of the screen, there are five sets of those, the last set has a bacta
    tank. If you killed of all of the blue ones first, then you can just stand to
    one side and use choke on all of the weak droids when they fall.
    Woohoo! another level done!
    Scene 3: Fear is the path to the dark side
    Your first boss. Here I will only describe how to identify his attacks and
    where to block, if you want a full detailed order of his attacks and when to
    block / how to attack, then you should see the Bosses section (which I have not
    started yet, oh well)
    Ok a few things first, ALWAYS hold block unless you’re attacking, when he hits
    hard and you are pushed back, you will need to re-tap 'L' to continue blocking
    If he points his lightsabre backwards, with his hand forwards he will attack
    your middle, just block.
    If he stands with his back to you and his sabre in the air he will slash your
    shins, low block.
    If it looks like he has bubbles coming from his mouth he is using the force,
    hold 'R'.
    If he stands with one hand just behind him, and his sabre pointing at your feet
    he is going to stab you three times, just hold block and wait. When that is
    done he will hold his lighsabre behind him for another jab, just keep holding
    After that, he will crouch down, LOW BLOCK.
    If he puts both hands forwards (no sabre) then he will try to shock you, use
    block or the force to stop it.
    If he swings his lightsabre back, he will plunge it forward, and then he will
    stab low, so after the first hit press down for a low block. After that he will
    keep doing it until you hit him, he'll block it.
    The bosses section will give a step by step account of what attack he will do
    and when (they ALWAYS do the same things, unless you don’t block, but even then
    it’s only a slight difference)
    Wow!!! An entire section completed! If you are having trouble with this, then I
    suggest that you re-think doing hard mode (trouble does not mean dying once or
    possibly even twice at a hard part)
    Section 2
    Scene 4: It's a trap!
    The very best strategy for this whole section is to stand at one side of the
    lift, and stay there, you should also keep hold of block.
    To start with, three weak droids drop down and start firing. If you can, use
    choke, otherwise just wait until they come up to you and slash them. For each
    one of the three that you destroy, one more will come. Once they are done, two
    more weak droids and two yellow droids drop down, as usual destroy the yellow
    droids first, this is the worst time to get shocked. There are another two
    weak droids waiting for when you destroy them. Once they are all gone, the
    lift will shake again and four more weak droids will drop, ready yourself at
    the side and attack them when they get close, once again there is one droid
    for every one you kill. The next part is a bit harder, four more weak droids
    and two yellow ones. Same deal as before, for every weak droid you kill one
    more will come. With so many other droids don’t try to destroy the yellow droid
    furthest from you until it is safe enough.
    This time there are five weak droids dropping down, and once again there is
    another five waiting. At last the lift is stopped, you should still have all
    if not most of your health, if not the next part may be a bit difficult.
    Be careful not to get to close to those containers, when you go to them a
    barrel falls and blows them up; the one at the top has a bacta tank in it,
    this should restore any lost health, the last one at the bottom also has a
    bacta tank.
    Now when you walk to this section you notice a droid behind some barrels, use
    your Force Push to destroy it, behind you should be two green droids, stronger
    than the blue version, they fire three lasers at once. Do Not get to close,
    they will shock you and then blast you, that is a big chunk of your health.
    Run for a bit and then use choke on them both.
    The next part has more barrels, but unless you hit them they don’t explode,
    a green droid should approach from the right, stay out of the way of the laser
    fire and use Force Push to knock it over then slash it, or use choke to kill
    it where it stands. Another should show up behind you do the same again, this
    one drops a bacta tank, if you had lost a lot of health in the lift, you should
    now have all, if not most of it back!
    Moving on...
    where the path gets thinner, a brow battle droid (Y'know? the ones that roll,
    have a shield?) rolls at you jump out of the way; a weak droid also comes on.
    Take care of the weak droid first then move to just above or below the battle
    droid, if you go above it and then press down until you are touching it, it
    can’t hurt you! (don’t try this on any other enemies, they just punch you or 
    hit you with their gun) Now just keep waving your lightsabre until it is 
    destroyed (WARNING: This only works while their shield is UP!)
    Now we have a gun trying to kill us, if you keep on moving it will never hit
    you, it’s the same for all of them. One lonely droid comes on to the screen,
    destroy it to move on. STOP! Two barrels will fall when you get close, wait
    for them before you go. This gun aims for the barrels, it goes for the middle
    set first so wait a bit, once there gone go and stand there. Once the barrels
    are gone it will aim at you, a droid will fall down destroy it, another will
    fall destroy it, now you can carry on, but you see those barrels falling?
    Be careful one will fall at the top then another at the bottom, and so on.
    If you jump through them you shouldn’t get hit. Be careful a brown battle droid
    is waiting to attack you so when before you land press B to attack, you should
    hit it and save yourself a bit of health. The scenery just past there holds a
    bacta tank. Ok now this may seem hard but its not, even if you haven’t upgraded
    your health at all, if you keep on jumping you should have enough. And for 
    those of you who are wondering the last couple of customisation points are
    in the scenery at the end of this run. All you can do is, is run then keep
    pressing jump, keep on going past the first battle droid, the second however
    you must kill before carrying on, be very careful and keep on jumping, but
    press attack to destroy the droid. The third and final droid must also be
    killed, after that is the end.
    Well, how you doin' so far? That’s one less level to worry about.
    Anyway, here is the part where Anakin goes his separate way.
    Scene 5: My loyalties lie with the republic
    I don’t see the point in the first part of the flying, but when you reach the
    Jedi temple, just shoot down the ships there’s quite a few but, it’s easy.
    Once that’s over the real level starts.
    As soon as the level starts there is a red battle droid, block any lasers and
    destroy it; even though you shouldn't need it, it has a bacta tank, just a bit
    ahead are two weak droids, use choke or kill them with your sabre. Carrying on
    there is a gun, you can either 1. destroy the gun yourself or 2. destroy all
    enemies and the gun will explode. I suggest leaving the gun and getting the
    enemies, but be careful of the lasers a large red droid comes in from the left,
    and two weak droids, don’t let the red one to get too close or it will grab you
    because there are three enemies you can use choke, another large red droid and
    another two weak ones come on to take their place, the last weak droid has a
    bacta tank, after them the gun blows up.
    The next section greets you with two weak droids, kill them quickly. Another
    gun, another large red, stop it from reaching you with Force Push and then 
    destroy it another large red comes on shortly after this one do the same again
    The gun blows up, now get a move on, when going past the large spinning blades
    of death on the floor two red battle droids come at your from the left and the
    right, jump over the one from the right to avoid getting hit, if you’re quick
    you can use choke before they get their shields up, if not block their lasers
    then jump over and attack them. Following them is two weak droids from the
    right and a large red from the left, get the weak ones with choke then turn
    around and slash the large red to pieces.
    After that you come to more blades on the floor, be careful there is a gun on
    the other side, get below it and wait for the large red to come from the left
    when it gets by the gun move up and use your lightsabre, once again the gun is
    destroyed. When you move ahead stay right at the top of the screen because
    there are three guns that shock you; it will be difficult to avoid them, two
    large reds come at you; use Force Push and Choke to keep them from you, after
    you kill them, two more will come, and then two more after that, because they
    can't be hurt by the lasers they can run behind you so be careful, use the
    force to knock down the one in front of you and then slash at the on behind you
    there are also a few weak droids, destroy them with choke when you are
    getting the large reds, once they are all destroyed you should see a life, get
    it and go, run forward and when you see the large reds jump over them, turn
    around and use choke to get them before they get you, one of them has a bacta
    tank. where the path thins is another gun, stand underneath it and destroy
    the five enemies that come using choke (four weak droids plus a yellow one, be
    sure not to get shocked by the yellow one.
    More blades on the floor, a red battle droid comes from the right followed by
    a large red, destroy them as soon as they come onto the screen, ahead of them
    are two weak droids, the top one has a bacta tank, after you pass your ship in
    the background a red battle droid comes from the left, another from the right
    both followed by large reds, then to top it off of two weak droids drop from 
    the top, run into a corner and use choke on the enemies, the red battle droids
    will stay at the centre of the screen so you'll have to go to them, stand to
    one side below their lasers and use choke, you should get one, move to the
    other side and get the other, you shouldn't have got shot, in the next section
    is one of those big yellow tanks, yippee!
    Don’t try to deflect the tanks lasers, instead stand in the bottom corner and
    deflect the droids lasers, when the gun starts aiming jump to the top and
    when it flashes return to your original position, keep going until the first
    gun is gone, you'll have to block the next gun, it fires bullets or something
    just carry on as before, if you die you still have that extra life so, no
    worry; even if you do die again you only have to start from the tank.
    Once the main gun is destroyed, kill the two droids walking around, then
    you'll have yo deflect the drivers lasers, only try to deflect the first laser
    or you'll most likely be shot. Once that is done it’s the end of the level.
    Well, the levels start to get harder from here; it’s been easy so far, just
    wait until you get to the last set of levels.
    Scene 6: What does your heart tell you?
    This level is pretty tough; at least, it was the first time I did it.
    Start by walking forward, a red battle droid will come forward to attack you,
    jump over it or move out of the way, then a red droid will come on, like the
    blue ones but stronger, they fire a lot of lasers, really fast, there is also
    a large green droid, just like the red ones but once again, stronger. Go and
    stand in the bottom right corner, wait until the enemies get to you and then
    destroy them; all that should be left now is the battle droid, move up to
    below / above it and slash away, once gone a bacta tank appears. After a short
    walk a red droid will come on from the right, destroy it before you continue.
    A short ways after the table, a red battle droid rolls in from the left and two
    large greens come from both sides, be careful they'll charge into you to knock
    you down, you should jump up or down just before they hit you. Move to a safe
    place and use chock to kill them, if you move to far away they'll charge, and 
    if they're close they'll grab you. Take care of the battle droid last. There
    are two large greens waiting to replace the two already there.
    In the next section is one red droid, make it suffer for a bacta tank. The
    second statue also has a bacta tank. When you get to the table another lonely
    red droid will come on, a few swings of your lightsabre and move on.
    When you get to the next bit with the arch, three red battle droids will roll
    in from alternating sides of the screen, and a red droid will come through the
    arch. When you get here move to the top of the screen and then destroy the
    red droid first, then make your way down destroying the battle droids as you go
    The next statue you see has a bacta tank, get it if you want.
    Just as you reach the next statue large greens run in from both sides of the 
    screen, jump to avoid any damage, then two red droids come on as well. Run away
    and use choke on them to knock them down, then get the fourth with force push, 
    by the time the fourth is knocked down, the other three should be back up, use
    another choke to finish them then (if you killed any green ones) two green ones
    will come on take care of them the same way. The last large green has a bacta
    After walking (or running) for a while a red droid will come from the left and
    one from the right, take them one by one, after them three more will come, time
    to use your force powers again, one of them has a bacta tank. After these three
    have become scrap, two large greens will charge at you, jump out of the way and
    take them with your lightsabre if they are together or choke if they are apart
    A final red droid will also come on, so watch out for its lasers and block them
    if necessary.
    Where the path thins is a table, here a red battle droid will roll in from the
    right and a large green will charge in from the left, try not to get hit. Take
    the large green down first, just make sure your standing where the lasers can't
    hit you.
    After that is an area with two arches, a red droid will come out of each of
    them, stand to one side and use choke, then two more will come, same again.
    Now something slightly different, two large greens will come out, they don’t
    charge at you though, use choke some more until they are gone, and then two 
    more will come kill them of as well; one of them has a bacta tank.
    And now for something completely different (he he he) You must kill 30 enemies
    to move on, remember to block and wait for the enemies to get to you, use your
    force powers to knock them down to give yourself more time.
    The first statue has a life in it!! You may want that.
    To start with, one red droid on the right, destroy it and pick up the bacta 
    tank. Then two more from the right, you may want to use choke, and now three!
    Use choke again to get them all, but block as to avoid the lasers. Then another
    three (providing you kill them all at the same time) Well that’s one part done.
    21 more to go. Now there are three red droids, then three more, and three more
    after that. BIG HINT: destroy them all at once with choke, otherwise they'll be
    all over you screen and you'll end up dead. At least try to kill to at once.
    After all that choking you may want to wait for your force to come back.
    Now there are only 12 to go. The statues here have a Sidius' *thing* and a 
    bacta tank. One red droid comes from each side of the screen destroy them 
    quick, now only 10 left. Another three red droids come from the right (Do you 
    see a pattern here?) The middle one has a bacta tank, now one from each side 
    again. Remember to block those lasers, you should just use you lightsabre here.
    Now three more from the right, after them is the final two, be careful these
    two are so hard to kill that you wish you could cheat. Well, err, actually its
    just another two red droids.
    "Finally the ball is in" - (sorry private joke)
    well that’s another one down, Mace Windu awaits.
    Scene 7: Fear leads to anger
    Once again, I’ll just give a rundown of his attacks and where to block, if your
    good enough you should still have that life from before.
    If you want a full description of what to do, go see the Boss guide.
    Remember always block unless your attacking.
    If he holds his sabre behind his head and pointing up, just hold block, he will
    then go for a slash at your legs so press down for a low block.
    If he bends down with his sabre pointing at you he will do a jumping - spinning
    attack which breaks your guard, so press block again before he attacks you on
    his way back down.
    When he holds out his hand with a glowing orb on the end press 'R' he is using
    the force.
    If he faces away and glows purple he is going to punch you, repeatedly, just
    hold block.
    He also will just attack and punch you with no warning, so keep a hold of that
    block button.
    If he stands facing forward and releases a wave of energy, jump back, he will
    still hit you but you'll take half the damage you normally would.
    That’s it for Mace Windu, he easy except for the last attack I mentioned.
    Contact Info (cntin)
    This is all I have done so far, I’m putting it up mostly unfinished so that I
    can get some feedback on it.
    This way I don’t write 50KB of stuff only to change it all.
    So post any comments, questions for the FAQ's sections, recommended changes to
    the guide at:
    You don’t need to sign up to post but people could use your name so it may be a
    good idea.
    OR if you don’t want anybody else to see your message you can email me at:
    And remember the 'master' part isn’t me boasting, it’s because this is a guide
    for master difficulty.
    Any insults will be, errm, read, feel free to say whatever you want.
    Don’t hold back (except on the message board, I don’t want to get into trouble)
    Legal (legal)
    This guide (or what I’ve done so far) is copyright 2005 Anthony Mushrow. 
    All rights reserved.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal or
    private use (everythings OK if its for personal use). It may not be placed on 
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    Well see y'all at the next update

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