Black and white material?

  1. in alchemy I have crafted a white material and a black material. I cannot morph them into anyting but dark material. here is how to make them. White:fire el, ice el, thunder el.
    black:fire el. ice el. cure el.
    dark: failing recipe(any) example:fire and ice els.
    please help!

    User Info: bluenoses

    bluenoses - 7 years ago


  1. You can check the FAQ by abcd9146. (Can't link to it because it is too long.) And go to section 13 Alchemy. It is really helpful. Here is a bit from the FAQ talking about the material.

    Black and white material can be used to make certain things. To make Material 1 combine Dark + Black + White. To make Material 2 combine Dark + Black + White + Any Element . To make Material 3 combine Dark + Raise + Clear + Black + White. Material 1 gives you mostly Coloured Fay Dust. Material 2 gives you mostly Coloured Stones. Material 3 gives you mostly Coloured Orbs.

    User Info: hellspawnsic

    hellspawnsic - 6 years ago 0 0

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