Still lookig for wi-fi connection, help plz?

  1. I have my wii since 19 december 2008.
    and got internet on wii somewhere in march 2009.
    But I asked for wi-fi connection for DS games.
    I have a long time a DSlite since the summer in 2007.
    And on my birthday 3 november last year I got DSi.
    And I thought now I can get wi-fi for my DS games.
    But not.
    It worked to got internet on DSi but online for the DSi apps and games(DSiware such as bomberman blitz).
    But I can't get wi-fi for my normal DS games( such as pokemon, mario kart ds, metroid prime hunters)
    On my DSi I'm using advanced setup and connection number 4.
    I need to put in a internet code(security).
    I know the key.
    For the wii and DSi the same, using Security Setting:
    WPA-PSK(TKIP). On wii and DSi the same security code.

    But on DS games,(mario kart DS, Pokemon, metroid prime and more I want to play with wi-fi connection)
    With that, I need the security setting: WEP.
    Also need a security code.
    But it doesn't work with the security code I used on

    Can someone help me?

    BTW, if you need more information about the problem, ask plz?

    User Info: mariolakitu

    mariolakitu - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    (I think) I don't want to buy it, but if I buy a Wi-Fi USB connector, Are all problems solved?
    I mean with that: can I use it without security key?

    User Info: mariolakitu

    mariolakitu - 7 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    But thanks for the information, I will check the settings, but I leave this question open.

    User Info: mariolakitu

    mariolakitu - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. WPA-PSK is a complicated protection to work with for game computers.
    the DS wasn't powerful enough, unfortunately nintendo put a lot of the wifi-handling code in the games themselves.
    because of this all DS games(even on a DSi) are stuck with the wifi limitations of the original DS.

    the only way to solve this is by going into the settings of your router(the box your computer connects to for internet) and setting the security to WEP or OFF/open (WEP is recommended, otherwise other people can use your internet)
    i can't help you with that though because settings work differently with different routers.

    User Info: thedicemaster

    thedicemaster - 7 years ago 0 0

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