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    Nintendo DS FAQ by Computerdude1032

    Version: .90 | Updated: 01/09/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Table of Contents:
     1.	Introduction to the Nintendo DS, and this FAQ (C1T1)
     2.     How to navigate this FAQ (C1T8)
     3.	Technical Specifications (C2T1)
     4.     Where's My Stuff? (C1T9)
     1.	Initally Setting Up Your DS (C2T2)
     2.     Connecting your DS to a Nintendo Wii. (C2T1.5)
     3.     Changing Your DS's Settings (C7T1)
     4.	Inserting, and Playing Games (C3T1)
     5.	Pictochat Information, And Use (C3T2)
     6.	Offline Multiplayer(C3T3)
     7.     Online Multiplayer (C3T6)
     8.     Shut Down, Sleep Mode, Restarting, and Saving (C9T0)
     9.     GBA Movie Player (C7T2)
     1.     Frequently Asked Questions (C4T2)
     2.     News(C6T1)
     3.     Nintendo Replacment Parts(C4T4)
     4.     Rumor Control (C9T6)  
    IV.  GAMES
     1.	Recommended Games (C4T3)
     2.     Upcoming Games (C1T5)
     1.     Copyright Information (C5T1)
     2.     Credits (C5T2)
     3.     Version Notes (C5T3)
     4.     Thanks For Reading!
    The FAQ has now been fully updated for the most recent online play issues, the
    DS Lite, and Nintendo Wii connectivity issues.  I've also got a few snippets
    about the new Wii channel coming that allows you to download DS demo's and 
    trials off the internet.  As always please email ANY question, concern, or
    suggestion to me at computerdude1032@gmail.com
    Thanks for coming to read my FAQ, and enjoy!!
       In the general infmormation section of the FAQ, you will find general stats
    about the Nintendo DS, and this FAQ.
    Introduction to the Nintendo DS, and this FAQ (C1T1)
    The Nintendo DS is Nintendo's newest handheld system.  It was released 11/21/04
    in the US, and 12/2/04 in Japan.  The Nintendo DS was the first Nintendo system
    to be released in the US before release in Japan.  While in development, this 
    unit was code-named Nintendo DS, with the DS standing for dual screen.  Later, 
    Nintendo decided to keep the name Nintendo DS, but change the meaning to 
    developers system, as this console obviously offers a lot for game developers.
    Currently, the Nintendo DS retails for $129.99 in the US.  Currently the only
    colors avaiable in the US, and Europe are Silver, Electric Blue, and Red.  You
    can import other colors from Japan.  Recently the DS Lite was released.  It is
    now avaiable in both the United States, and Japan.  For a quick overview of the
    differences and similarities betwen the original DS, and the DS Lite....
    The DS Lite is 30% smaller, and 20% lighter.  The firmware is exactly the same
    in the two devices, with one exception, the DS Lite has 4 backlighting settings
    which can be chosen from the main menu.  A new, smaller power cord is included,
    and the battery lasts a few hours longer.  Also, the new stylus is slightly
    thicker and easier to hold.  And lastly, the system looks MUCH better.
    The reason I made this FAQ was so I could help current DS owners with 
    questions they may have, and tell non-DS owners about this great system.
    If you have a question that is not anwered, or have a suggestion, please
    email me at computerdude1032@gmail.com.  I will usually respond within a day.
    It should be noted that I can only post updates to Gamefaqs on weekday's, so if
    you contribute something to me it will be posted within the next business day.
    (why, you ask.... simple; Gamefaqs doesn't do updates on weekends, SBallen has 
    things to do too, you know)  It should also be noted that this is the original
    DS Hardware FAQ.  I've been around long before that other one thats posted
    on Gamefaqs.  Thanks to a lot of hard work, I even managed to get my size
    bigger than that other one.  Remember, no question is a stupid one.  If there's
    something you're confused about, chances are that other people are also
    confused, so please email me so that I can clear it up for you.  The address is
    And of course, if you read anything that is incorrect, offensive, or you are
    just angry at the world, I'll be happy to taketake your worst hatemail at 
    How to navigate this FAQ (C1T8)
    It can be quite easy to navigate through this guide, provided you are using
    Microsoft's Internet Explorer, or Mozilla's Firefox.  Just press the CTRL, 
    and F buttons on your keyboard, and a window will either pop up in the middle
    or the bottom of the screen, depending on which broswer.  Type the code behind
    the category of information you are looking for from the table of contents, and
    either click find next, or press ENTER on your keyboard.  Next thing you know,
    you will be at the section of the information you are looking for (unless I
    accidently put the code at the wrong section, in which case, please send me
    an email notifing me of the error)
    Technical Specifications (C2T1)
    For all you nerdy people out there who actually know how to decipher this stuff
    (yes, I am one of them) this section contains the technical specs of the 
    ORIGINAL Nintendo DS handheld gaming system:
    Size (closed): 5.85" wide / 3.33" long / 1.13" tall 
    Upper Screen: Backlit, 3-inch, semitransparent reflective TFT color LCD with
    256x192 pixel resolution and .24 mm dot pitch 
    Touch Screen: Same as upper screen, but with transparant analog touch screen
    Color: Capable of displaying 260,000 colors 
    Wireless Communication: IEEE 802.11 and Nintendo's proprietary format; wireless
    range is 30 to 100 feet, depending on circumstances; multiple users can play 
    multiplayer games using just one DS game card 
    Controls: Touch screen, embedded microphone for voice recognition, A/B/X/Y face
    buttons, plus control pad, L/R shoulder buttons, Start and Select buttons 
    Input/Output: Ports for both Nintendo DS game cards and Game Boy Advance Game 
    Paks, terminals for stereo headphones and microphone 
    Other Features: Embedded PictoChat software that allows up to 16 users to chat
    at once; embedded real-time clock; date, time and alarm; touch-screen 
    CPUs: One ARM9 and one ARM7 
    Sound: Stereo speakers providing virtual surround sound, depending on the 
    Battery: Lithium ion battery delivering six to 10 hours of play on a four-hour 
    charge, depending on use; power-saving sleep mode; AC adapter 
    Languages: English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian 
    Color: Silver and black (silver on front, black on back)/Electric Blue (Blue
    on front, black on back)
    Summary In Layman's Terms (ORIGINAL DS):
    In case you aren't one of those nerdy people who can decipher that, I've done
    the work for you.  Some of the stuff that was self explanatory received no
    extra explanation.
    *The screens are backlit, instead of frontlit, allowing for sharper graphics.
    *The DS has a touch screen, allowing you to do amazingly cool things
    *The DS has enough power to display some awesome graphics
    *The DS uses 802.11 G or B (check FAQ if you don't know what that is) to allow
    you to play wireless multiplayer, offline or online.
    *You can control the DS using the touch screen, the microphone, face buttons,
    d-pad, shoulder, and select buttons.
    *Inupt: There are slots for both GBA, and DS games. GBC games don't work
    *Output: There is a port for stereo headphones.
    *Built in chat software, alarm clock, and clock.
    *One processor for GBA games, and one very powerful processor for DS games.
    *Awesome speakers, can produce exact same sound as a console connected to a TV
    *Long lasting battery, quick charger
    *Available in many languages for those of you who want to test out some
    of those foreign language skills you've been learning in school, or for those
    who live in other countries, and imported a US DS. (Or those who prefer to
    speak a different language in the USA)
    And now for the DS LITE.  Here are the specs in "nerdy" man terms:
    Size (closed): 133 millimeters (5.2 inches) wide, 73.9 millimeters (2.9 inches)
    long, 21.5 millimeters (0.85 inches) tall. 
    Top Screen: A backlit, 3-inch, 
    transmissive TFT color LCD with 256 x 192 pixel resolution and .24 mm dot 
    pitch, capable of displaying 260,000 colors. 
    Touch Screen: Same specs as top 
    screen, but with a transparent analog touch screen. 
    Wireless Communication: 
    IEEE 802.11 and Nintendo’s proprietary format; wireless range is 30 to 100 
    feet, depending on circumstances; multiple users can play multiplayer games 
    using just one DS game card. 
    Controls: Touch screen, embedded microphone for voice recognition, A/B/X/Y
    face buttons, plus control pad, L/R shoulder buttons, Start and Select buttons.
    The stylus is 1 centimeter longer and 2 millimeters thicker than the stylus of
    the original Nintendo DS. 
    Ports for both Nintendo DS game cards and Game Boy Advance game paks, 
    terminals for stereo headphones and microphone. A removable cover for the 
    Game Boy Advance game pak slot provides added protection from dust and other
    foreign materials. 
    Other Features: Embedded PictoChat software that allows up
    to 16 users within local range of one another to chat at once; embedded 
    real-time clock; date, time and alarm; touch-screen calibration. 
    CPUs: One ARM9 and one ARM7. 
    Sound: Stereo speakers providing virtual surround sound, depending on the 
    Battery: Lithium ion battery delivering five to 19 hours of play on a four-hour
    charge, depending on use; power-saving sleep mode; AC adapter. 
    Languages: English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian. 
    Hardware Color: Polar White 
    Summary in laymans terms (DS LITE)
    *The screens are backlit, instead of frontlit, allowing for sharper graphics.
    *The DS has a touch screen, allowing you to do amazingly cool things
    *The DS has enough power to display some awesome graphics
    *The DS uses 802.11 G or B (check FAQ if you don't know what that is) to allow
    you to play wireless multiplayer, offline or online.
    *You can control the DS using the touch screen, the microphone, face buttons,
    d-pad, shoulder, and select buttons.
    *Inupt: There are slots for both GBA, and DS games. (GBA games stick out)
    *Output: There is a port for stereo headphones.
    *Built in chat software, alarm clock, and clock.
    *One processor for GBA games, and one very powerful processor for DS games.
    *Awesome speakers, can produce exact same sound as a console connected to a TV
    *Long lasting battery, quick charger
    *Available in many languages for those of you who want to test out some
    of those foreign language skills you've been learning in school, or for those
    who live in other countries, and imported a US DS. (Or those who prefer to
    speak a different language in the USA)
    *Same CPU as the original DS
    *Cover to protect the GBA slot when not in use.
    NOTE: Technical specifications are from www.nintendo.com, and are property
    of Nintendo of America.
    Connecting your DS to a Nintendo Wii (C2T1.5)
    As of the last FAQ update, only one game (Pokemon) supports connecting to the
    DS. This number is expected to grow.  I will do my best to explain what each
    game does for its connectivity, and how to set it up.  In addition, there
    will be a new channel for the Wii released that will allow you to download
    demo's and trials to your DS off the internet.  More on that after it releases.
    **Pokemon (WII)**
    	Pokemon for the Wii allows you to pull your Pokemon off your DS Pokemon
    	Diamond or Pearl game card and battle others online with them.... IN 3D!!
    	To do this, simply start the game and follow the options from the menu.
    	It will give you step by step directions on what to do (they are so simple
    	that I'm not even going to bother writing directions here).
    **More games added as they are released**
    ** They are not coming as quickily as anticipated... but I'll stay tuned**
    Where's My Stuff? (C1T9)
    When you open your new Original Nintendo DS, you should receive:
    1 Nintendo DS unit
    1 Nintendo DS rechargable battery (pre-installed in the system)
    2 Styli (styli is plural for stylus)
    1 Instruction manual
    1 AC adapter
    1 Wrist strap
    Specialty items*
    In case you are having trouble loacting an item inside your box, I will tell
    you where you can find each item.  The DS unit can be found in a clear plastic
    bag inside the rectangular cardboard insert.  The battery is already in the 
    system.  One stylus is in the clear plastic bag with the instruction manual.  
    The other is already inserted intothe stylus hole in the back of the DS unit.
    The instruction booklet is found in the clear bag with the spare stylus.  The
    AC adapter is in a seperate clear bag, which should be right next to the bag 
    with the manual (but things can be shifted during shipment).  The wrist
    strap is in a tiny blue bag, all by itself.  Hopefully this assisted everybody
    having trouble finding items in their DS box.  If you still can't find
    something, or think you are missing something, email me at
    computerdude1032@gmail.com, and I will either help you locate the missing item,
    or provide you with Nintendo's contact information so you can report your
    missing item to Nintendo customer service. 
    *Special items are items that are specially bundeled with the system on a 
    temporary basis, such as a game, or DS skin.  These items can be found in the 
    box in a blue or clear bag, if applicable.
    **when you open your new DS Lite, you should reveice:
    1 Nintendo DS Lite unit
    1 Nintendo DS Lite rechargable batery (pre-installed)
    2 Styli (one in the hinge, one in the box)
    1 AC Adapter
    1 Instruction booklet
    *Specialty Items (if applicable)
    NOTE: No wrist strap is included with the DS Lite.
    If you are think you are missing something, or want to know where to look for
    something, I have created this guide to assst you.  When you first open the box
    you will see the DS Lite unit in a clear plastic bad in a rectaugular cardboard
    insert.  The battery is pre-installed for you (but only partially charged).
        For the MOST PART, everything in this section can also be found in the DS's
    instruction booklet.  If you have had your DS for a while, and don't need help
    operating it, you can just skip right over the basic operating instructions
    section and head for the next section.  This section may also be refrenced to
    as the "noobier" section.
    Initally Setting up your DS (C2T2)
    Holy crap, your first time turning on your DS.  Get ready to be amazed, these
    are step-by step instructions to get you going once you've turned on your DS,
    and seen the startup menu:
    1. Turn on the DS (press the button marked "power")
    2. Touch the touch screen to pass through the warning message.
    3. You are now at the setup menu
    4. The first option is to select a language, touch the language of choice, and
    then press accept.
    5. The next option is to tell the DS your nickname.  Using the on screen
    keyboard, type your name, then hit enter
    6. The next option is your favorite color.  Press your favorite color, and hit
    accept on the touch screen.
    7. Next option is to set the time.  Using the touch screen, set the DS's time,
    in military time.  (if you need help with military time, see the military time
    question in the FAQ)
    8. Last step is setting your birthday.  Using the touch screen, set the day,
    and month of your birthday. (there is no option for year).  Touch accept on the
    touch screen when done.
    9. Congrats, your done.  The system will now shut down, upon which you can
    start it up, and find out exactly why touching is sooooo good.
    Changing your DS's Settings.
    If you've changed your name, moved to a different time-zone, need to mess with
    the date for Animal Crossing cheating methods, changed your favorite color, or
    need to change any other setting, follow these instructions.  If you have a
    Japanese DS, refer to the icons, which are the same on US and Japan DS's.
    1: Start The DS Unit (press the button marked "power")
    2. Touch the touch screen to pass through the warning message
    3. On the main menu, touch the icon that is on the bottom-center of the touch
    screen.  It is a picture of a little DS.
    4. Now, you are at the change settings menu.  Here's a list of what each of the
    icons does:
    *Wrench- Lefmost icon: Allows you to select the screen you would like to use
    when starting GBA mode, and allows you to set the default language.
    *Calander and Clock- Center-left icon: Allows you to change date, time, and
    alarm settings.
    *Person- Center-Right Icon: Allows you to enter user information (name,
    favorite color, etc..)
    *Crossbuck- Rightmost icon: Allows you to calibrate the touch screen.  To do
    this, you must tap the center of the boxes with your stylus.
    5. Touch the icon representing whichever setting you need to change.
    6. When you are done chaning all the settings you need to change, hit the quit
    button on the change settings main menu to leave.
    7. You will be prompted to shut down the system.
    8. Press "Yes," or "No."
    9. If you press "No," you will be returned to the change settings main menu,
    the only way to get back to the startup menu is to power off the system, and
    turn it back on.
    Inserting, and Playing games (C3TI)
    This section provides step-by-step instructions for functions involving games.
    All game playing instructions are given for when the DS is in manual startup
    mode, if you have your DS in automatic startup mode, you will need to refer to 
    the DS instruction manual, or email me for help.
    **Inserting a Nintendo DS game card:**
    1. Remove the card from the case.
    2. Hold the card, label down.
    3. Line up the card with the DS game hole in the back of the unit.
    4. Start sliding the card into the hole
    5. Keep pushing untill you hear a click.
    6. Once you've heard the click, you can let go.
    7. You can now go to the "Playing a Nintendo DS game" section.
    **Inserting a Gameboy Advance game pack:**
    1. Hold the pack label down.
    2. Line up the pack with the Gabeboy Advance game hole in the front of the
    3. Start siding the card into the hole.
    4. When it is about 3/4 of the way in, it will no longer slide freely.
    5. When this happens, give it a good hard push, and it will snap in to place.
    6. You can now go to the "Playing a Gameboy Advance game" section.
    **Removing a Nintendo DS game card**
    1. Push in on the game card.
    2. You will hear a click
    3. Release
    4. The card will pop half-way out.
    5. Pull out the card.
    **Removing a Gameboy Advance game pack**
    1. Grab the little bit of game sticking out of the front of the unit
    2. Pull hard
    3. There may be a bit of resistance at first, but then it will come right out.
    **Playing a Nintendo DS game**
    1. After you've inserted your game, and you want to play, look at these 
    2. Turn on the DS by holding the power button down for about 1 second.
    3. Touch the touch screen to pass through the warning message.
    4. Touch the icon labeled "Game Name Here."
    5. Your game will start.
    6. For gameplay instructions, consult your game manual, or email me.
    **Playing a Gameboy Advance game pack**
    1. After you've inserted your game, and you want to play, look at these
    2. Turn on the DS by holding the power button down for about 1 second.
    3. Touch the touch screen to pass through the warning message.
    4. Touch the icon labeled GBA Game Pak.
    5. Your game will start
    6. For gameplay help, consut your game instructions, or email me.
    Using Pictochat (C3T2)
    Pictochat is a program built in to every DS that acts like an instant
    messaging program.  You may chat with up to 16 people that are within 100 feet
    of you.  Here are instructions on how to enter, use, and exit pictochat:
    **Entering Pictochat:**
    1. Turn on the unit by pressing, and holding the power button for about 1
    2. Touch the touch screen to pass through the warning message.
    3. Press the center-left icon titled Pictochat
    4. You are now at the select a chat room menu, for further instructions see the
    using Pictochat section.
    **Using Pictochat:**
    1. Choose a chat room to enter by touching it.
    2. You are now in the chat room.  Messages will be displayed on the top screen,
    you can type/write on the bottom screen.  Here's a brief list of functions:
    *The button below the enter button is the copy button, you can press it to copy
    the last message displayed on the top screen (this is great for games of tic
    tac toe, or hangman)
    *You can drag letters onto the screen, or just press them, and have them appear
    on the top-left of the first line.
    3. When you are done typing your message, press the Enter button.
    4. For help exiting Pictochat, please see the "Exiting Pictochat" section.
    **Exiting Pictochat**
    1. Press the small "X" located in the upper right corner of the touch screen
    2. You will be brought to the select a room menu
    3. Press the exit button on the bottom of the screen
    4. The system will ask you to shut down.  If you press no, you will be brought
    back to the select a room menu.  In order to leave Pictochat, you must shut the
    system off
    5. Touch "Yes" on the touch screen
    6. The system is now off.
    Offline Multiplayer (C3T3)
    This section contains information on how to use both single and multiple card
    multiplayer modes.
    *****Single Card Multiplayer*****
    Some DS games allow you to wirelessly share one copy of the game among multiple
    DS's, so that you may play multiplayer with only one card.  This is how to set
    up Single card download play:
    **Host (person with copy of game)**
    1. Turn on your DS
    2. Touch the touch screen to pass through the warning message.
    3. Touch the icon to start a Nintendo DS game (for more detailed instructions
    on how to do this, look in the "playing a DS game section."
    4. From this point, every game is different.  You will need to consult your
    games manual for more information on hosting a match for each particular game.
    **Playing a Game (people without copies of the game)**
    1. Turn on your DS
    2. Touch the touch screen to pass through the warning message.
    3. Touch the icon labeled "one card download play," which is located in the
    center-right of the touch screen.
    4. You will be brought to a list of available games.
    5. Touch the game you want to play
    6. The game will be downloaded
    7. Once all users have downloaded the game, the host can start the match.
    *****Multi-card Multiplayer*****
    Some games feature  multiplayer modes that are too complex, and large to be
    transfered quickly enough, so they require a copy of the game for each player.
    Here is how to do it:
    **Host(whoever wants to be)**
    1. Start your DS
    2. Touch the screen to pass through the warning message
    3. Touch the icon representing whichever DS game you are playing
    4. On the games main menu, choose multiplayer
    5. Choose host
    6. Choose the settings for your game
    7. Now, have all other players follow the "non-host" instructions below
    8. Once all players have joined the game, and chosen any avaiable settings
    (like color for their character, etc..) touch start, and your game will start.
    **Non-Host(everybody that isn't the host)
    1. Turn on your DS
    2. Touch the screen to pass through the warning message
    3. Touch the icon representing whichever DS game you are playing
    4. On the games main menu, choose multiplayer
    5. The screen will take a few seconds to load, and once it does, choose the
    multiplayer game you want to join from the list.
    6. Once all players have joined the game, and chosen any avaible settings (such
    as color for their character, etc..) the host will start the game.
    NOTE: For more detailed instructions, please see the instructional booklet 
    included with your particular game.
    Online Multiplayer (C3T6)
    Every online game has the service implemented differently, for example, in
    Animal Crossing, you need to go to the "gate of the city", and talk to the
    guy in order to connect.  In Mario Kart, you can choose online from the main
    menu.  In other games, there are other ways of getting online.  Because of this
    you will need to refer to each games spefic instruction booklet to find out how
    to use that particular games online features.  The below instructions will 
    assist you in getting your home ready to support DS online play.  For other 
    questions, see the "Frequently Asked Questions" section of the FAQ.
    1. First you need High Speed Internet (Cable, Satellite, or DSL, accellerated
    dial-up services DO NOT COUNT as high speed internet)
    2. You need to purchase a wireless router that is either 802.11B or 802.11G.
    (if you don't know what that is, you can tell the nice man at your local Best
    Buy store that you need to but a 802.11B/G wireless router, and they will
    direct you to the right product) 
    3. Plug your High Speed internet into the incoming port on the wireless router,
    connect one of the outgoing ports to your computer using included ethernet
    cable. OR instert the CD included with the USB adapter
    4. The Windows setup wizard will automatically start, and will get your
    network set up for you in a jiffy. 
    5. Congrats, your network is setup!
    6. Flip open your DS, and press the black "power" button
    7. Touch the screen to pass through the warning message
    8. Start the DS game (if you have the DS in manual mode), otherwise the game
    will automatically start.
    9. Consult each particular games instructions booklet from this point on.
    1. Purchase the Wireless adapter from store.nintendo.com
    2. Install the included software
    3. Plug the adapter into an open USB port on your computer
    4. Your DS can now access the signal from the wireless adapter.
    NOTE: (you still need high speed internet for this method)
    NOTE: This is the ONLY way to connect online, contrary to the rumors going on
    throuought the internet, you CANNOT plug a USB cable into your DS to access the
    online service. (and if you don't beleive that, check your DS for a USB port,
    and tell me what you find)
    Shut Down, Sleep Mode, Restarting, and Saving (C9T0)
    First, let me explain what each thing is.  Shut down is obvious... turning off
    your DS.  When you need to leave your DS for a short amount of time, you turn
    it to sleep mode, to save battery.  Saving is just saving your progress in a 
    game.  Restarting is a combination of buttons that resets the console, and
    works in most games.
    1. To save a game, you do NOT need any memory cards, or anything.  Each game
    pack has a partition of memory set aside for saving games.  For information on
    saving, you should consult each particular games' manual.
    **Sleep Mode**
    1. Turning your DS to sleep mode is a lot easier than other Gameboy's.  Simply
    fold the DS up at any time, the backlighting will go off, the game will pause,
    and it will make a sound.(in a FEW games, there is no sleep mode sound)
    2. To wake up, just open up the DS, everything will go back the way it was, and
    it will make another sound. (in a FEW games, there is no sleep mode sound)
    **Turning Off**
    1. Save your game using the method described in your game instruction manual.
    2. Press, and hold the power button for about a half a second.
    3. The DS is now off.
    1. This only works in certain games
    2. Press and hold Start, Select, L, and R at the same time.
    3. The unit will power off, and then on.
    Frequently Asked Questions (C4T2)
    Thanks to my nice mini-table of contents, you should be able to find answers
    to your questions in record time.  If you have any suggestions on how this 
    section could be improved, contact me.  As with the main table of contents, 
    you just need to type the code behind the section you are looking for into 
    the CRTL+F search box.
    FAQ Section Table Of Contents
    I.     Hardware
     1.  Screens (FQ1T1)
     2.  Battery/Charging (FQ1T2)
     3.  Other (FQ1T3)
     4.  Pictochat (FQ1T4)
     5.  Online (FQ2T4)
    II.    Games
     1.  Game Questions (FQ2T1)
     2.  Puting in/taking out games (FQ2T2)
     3.  Multiplayer (FQ2T3)
     4.  Backward Compatibality (FQ2T4)
     5.  Connectivity (FQ2T5)
    III.   Accessories
     1.  General Accessory Questions (FQ3T1)
     2.  GBA Movie Player (FQ3T2)
    IV.    Other
     1.  Temporary Questions (FQ4T1)
         **Screens** (FQ1T1)
    Q: My friend/mom/dad/cousin/dog/fellow gamefaqs user told me that there are 2 
    different touch screens, one offering a better level of protection than the
    A: I looked into this myself, extremly throughly.  I ran a test of my own, and
    contacted Nintendo of America corporate HQ.  Both results were the same.  There
    are 2 differently designed touch screens.  They came from different factories.
    They offer the same level of protection, and almost the same level of clarity.
    Don't beleive anybody (including the FAQ hosted on Gamefaqs) that says one
    screen is less durable than the other.
    Q: Whats a dead pixel?
    A: Its basically a "broken" pixel.  It always displays one color, no
    matter where you are or what you are doing.  It could be gray, green, red,
    blue, white, or any other color (but those are the most common).  No need to
    worry, all LCD procuct manufacturer's have problems with broken pixels.
    (ESPECIALLY Sony)  It is a manufacturing problem, and CANNOT occur during 
    shipment, or anytime outside of the plant.  And just for the record, the Sony 
    PSP (so far) has a MUCH higher dead pixel % than the DS. (and they refuse to
    give you a new one if you have less than 3 dead pixels)
    Q: Whats a pixel?
    A: Look closely at the screen (with it turned on).  You should see tons of
    tiny dots.  These dots are pixels.  There are 49,152 of them on the screen.
    (No, I didn't actually count, I'm just going off the information I was given
    by Nintendo) 1,000,000 pixels is also known as a megapixel.
    Q: AHHHHHH, I have a dead pixel
    A: Its ok, quite a few other people are having this problem as well, so did I.
    Just call Nintendo, tell them about your dead pixel problems.  It used to be
    that they would send you a new system, and a box to send the old one back, but
    their policy has now changed so that you need to send them the broken DS first,
    and they will evaluate it to see if it needs to be replaced or simply repaired.
    Its all good though, since they have people operating the call centers who's 
    native language is English (AKA, they are Americans, or Europeans if you live
    in Europe)
    Q: What are the chances of me getting a dead pixel?
    A: Nintendo reports that under 1% of units have dead pixels, but in my dealings
    it is seeming to be more like 2-3%.
    Q: Why can't they make them without dead pixels?
    A: LCD is a fairly new technology, and it must be made by machine in perfect
    condition.  Each LCD screen has millions of pixels, and it is currently
    impossible for them to perfect the process any more, so there will be some
    dead pixels.  This happens with computer monitors, PSP's, LCD TV's, and DS's.
    Q: How do I clean my screen?
    A: Wet half a paper towel with any cleaning agent, or water.  Rub the screens.
    With the dry half, dry the screens.  The paper towel will not scratch the 
    screens, or leave behind any lint, don't beleive anybody who says differently,
    and the cleaning chemical won't harm anything either.
    Q: Do I need a screen protector?
    A: No, Nintendo put lots of extra protection on the touch screen.  As I
    mentioned above, its nearly impossible to damage the screen.  If you still feel
    the need to have a screen protector, you can purchase any PDA screen protector
    and cut it to size.  Note that using a screen protector does void the warranty
    on your screens, and usually causes more damage than it prevents)
    Q: My friend/mom/dad/cousin/dog/fellow gamefaqs user told me that I can use a 
    plastic bag, and some glue for a screen protector.  Will this work?
    A: ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  A friend/mom/dad/cousin/dog/fellow gamefaqs user also
    told me this.  It is just a mean spirited person trying to ruin your DS.  If
    if you use glue and a bag on your touch screen, it will cause severe damage,
    and will definitly affect the touch screens touching abilities. (ex: the touch
    screen may be less accurate, or not work at all).  No matter what anybody tells
    you, never use a homeade screen procetor, or any screen protector for that
    Q: Whats the difference between a backlit screen, and a frontlit screen?
    A: With a front lit screen, the light is in front of the screen, so if you
    hold it at an angle, you will be able to see the light.  In a backlit screen,
    the light is behind the screen, and allows for more even lighting, and makes
    the graphics look much sharper.  The DS, and GBA:M have backlit screens, and 
    the GBA:SP has a frontlit screen.
         **Battery/Charging** (FQ1T2)
    Q: Can I charge my DS while playing?
    A: Yes, and contrary to the rumors on Gamefaqs, you CAN unplug it while its on.
    Q: Does it hurt my DS if I don't charge it before the first use?
    A: Nintendo claims it may reduce battery life, but in all my electroincs
    expierence I've never seen battery life reduced because you didn't charge
    before first use.  I'd still recommended doing it, because you'd rather be safe
    than sorry.
    Q: My friend/mom/dad/cousin/dog/fellow gamefaqs user told me that if I unplug
    the DS while it is turned on, a cicruit will blow.
    A: I know, some PSP fanboy posted this on the Gamefaqs boards.(their post was
    quickly deleted by the mods).  Anyway, this is completly false, I tested it on
    mine, and nothing happened.  Also send Nintendo an email about it, and they
    said this is false.
    Q: A red light is on when I'm playing, what should I do?
    A: This means your battery is low.  Save ASAP, and plug it in.  Note that you
    usually have about 15-20 minutes of play time left once the light comes on, so
    feel free to finish whatever you were doing, however don't push it too far, or
    else the DS will just power off and you will lose your progress in the game.
         **Other** (FQ1T3)
    Q: I want to purchase a Nintendo DS.  Do you recommend that I get the original
    DS, or the DS Lite?
    A: I highly recommend getting the DS Lite.  In fact, you will have to go out of
    your way to even find an original DS because most stores don't carry them any
    longer.  The DS Lite is so much better looking, and so much nicer working, I
    HIGHLY recommend getting it.  HOWEVER, if you can find a great deal on an 
    original DS on eBay or something, there is ABSOULTELY nothing wrong with the
    ogiginal DS, and you should feel free to get that.
    Q: How do you get all your information?  Are there any secrets that you can
    tell me?  (this question one is actually very common)
    A: Most of my info comes from scouring the manual, Nintendo.com, game sites
    like Gamespot or IGN.  No secrets that I can tell.
    Q: My DS hardware has problems. (could be any hardware problem from broken
    buttons to touch screen defects)
    A: The DS comes with a 1 year warranty.  Call the number on the back of your
    DS, tell the nice people (Nintendo actually has Americans operating their call
    centers) about your problems.  They will send you a new DS via UPS 2 day air,
    and a label to send the defective one back.  Your new unit comes with a NEW 1
    Q: When I'm going to shut off my DS, is it necessary to pause the game, and hit
    exit first?
    A: No, all you need to do it save, and then you are good to shut off.  There is
    no need to back to the game's main menu.
    Q: How do I go back to the DS's main menu from a game?
    A: You must turn off the DS, and turn it back on.  This is the ONLY way.
    Q: I have my DS set to automatic startup mode, how do I get to the main menu?
    A: There are two ways to do this.  You can either remove all games from the DS,
    and start the unit (hard way), or you can hold the START button while turning
    on the DS, and you will be brought to the main menu.(easy way)
    Q: OMG, I only got one stylus, I got screwed, help me!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    A: Calm down, you really did get 2 stylus's.  One is in the bag with
    the instructions, and one is inserted into the stylus hole in the back of the
    DS.  In the RARE event that you really didn't get one, you should call Nintendo
    using the number on the back of your DS.
    Q: The DS asks for time in military time.  I can't figure out how to do it!!!
    A: If the regular time is in the AM's, just type the regular time into the DS,
    if the regular time is in the PM's, you need to add the current time to 12:00
    to get the time in military time.  Examples. 1:45 PM is 13:45 military time,
    8:38 PM is 20:38 in military time.  If you just can't figure it out, just wait
    untill the morning to enter the time, then the regular time and military time
    will be the same.  Still a problem?  Go back and forth from "change time
    screen" and main menu playing the trial and error game, untill the hands on the
    illustrated clock are where they should be.  If you can't read a non-digital
    clock, please drop your DS, and run (not walk) to the nearest Sylvan Learning
    Q: If I have my DS set to automatic start-up mode, and I have both DS, and
    GBA games inserted, is there a way to start the GBA game instead of the DS
    A: Yes, as a matter of fact, there is.  While starting the DS, hold the B
    button.  Please note that this only works when the DS is in automatic start
    up mode.
    Q: What does the DS do on my birthday?
    A: It makes a higher pitch startup noise, and displays a message in Pictochat.
    Q: I want new colors real bad!?!?!?!?!
    A: You can get a Silver or Blue one that is a US/European version, or you can
    get other colors by importing a Japanese one.  If neither of those options suit
    your fancy, then you just have to wait until more US colors are released.
    Q: If I import one like you just said to do, what is the difference?
    A: For all pratical reasons the US and Japanese DS's are exactly the same,
    either can play games from any country, and the wireless signals are the 
    same.  The ONLY difference is that the default language is set different 
    depending on which one you have.
    Q: You just said the default languages are different, if I got the Japanese
    version, how do I change it to English?
    A: you can use the handy-dandy "changing your settings" (or similar phrase)
    section.  Once there, I've nicely listed SYMBOLS in addition to words, to make
    FORGET IT!!!!
         **Pictochat** (FQ1T4)
    Q: What does pressing your name on the touch screen do?  All it does for me is
    make it so that I can't type.
    A: If you've typed in a personal message, touching your name will simply show
    you what you've typed for your personal message.
    Q: If I am 100 feet from friend A, and he is 100 feet away from Friend B, and
    he is 100 feet away from friend C, and he is 100 feet away from friend D, can
    I use friend B's connection to Pictochat friend C?
    A: No, sorry.  If you send a message to friend B, it will not be transfered to
    friend C, unless he is in range of your DS.  If this question didn't make sense
    to you, you can just forget about it, its nothing important.
    Q: Somebody told me that Nintendo is releasing games for Pictochat, is this
    A: No, Nintendo has no plans to release games for Pictochat.  They have stated
    that the only way to play games on Pictochat is to create, and make them
    yourself, and they plan to keep it that way.
    Q: Whats this Pictoquest game I'm hearing about?
    A: Its just a game that invloves you and a friend drawing pictures in Pictochat
    Its not an official game, just something somebody made up.  If you want to know
    how to play, just check the Gamefaqs message boards.  Its all over the place
    Q: When the DS goes online, can I use Pictochat online?
    A: Unless they release a firmware update (which is IMPOSSIBLE because of the
    coding), then the answer is no.  I'm sure there is some obscure site out there
    running some sort of low-down, underground, highly illegal, contraband,
    hardcore Pictochat emulation site out there.  Try searching google.  The answer
    to this question for most people is NO.  Sorry for the long answer.
         **Game Questions** (FQ2T1)
    I'm not an expert on every game, but if you are stuck in a game, email me, and
    chances are I can help you out.  Questions I get a ton will be posted in this
    Q: In Mario 64, what are the arrows on the touch screen for?
    A: The arrows are for rotating the gameplay camera.
    Q: How many stars are there in Super Mario 64 DS?
    A: 150, 30 more than the original!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Q: How many mini games are there in Feel the Magic?
    A: I'm too lazy to get up, and check, but if I remember correctly, there are 
    15-20 of them, and they are pretty fun.
    Q: I've heard that there will be a "game" coming out that allows the DS to be
    like a palm pilot.  When is this coming out?
    A: This "game" was a rumor long before launch, and has since been canceled due
    to lack of intrest.  Nintendo has it listed in their records, but it is NOT
    being made.  Sorry.
    Q: Will I ever be able to use the DS as a web broswer?
    A: Yes, you can do it right now.  The Opera DS Web Broswer is not avaiable for
    purchase at all stores where DS games are sold.
    Q: Why are some 1st party games selling for more than $29.99?
    A: Nintendo said that 1st party games may retail for AS LOW AS $29.99.  Some
    will be more.
    Q: What was the first online game?
    A: Mario Kart.  Followed by Animal Crossing about 3 weeks later.
    Q: Will Mario Kart DS be online?
    A: Yes
    Q: Will Animal Crossing be online?
    A: Yes
    Q: Will Ultimate Brain Games be online?
    A: Yes
    Q: Will Ultimate Card Games be online?
    A: Yes
    Q: What other games will be online?
    A: Lots.  see www.nintendowifi.com for the full list.
    Q: What do you do in Animal Crossing?
    A: For all practical reasons, think of it as The Sims minus bathroom, sleep,
    and intercourse.  (If you don't know what the last word there means, thats good
    please keep it that way.)
    Q: I heard that a blu ray player addon is coming to the Wii.  Can you confirm
    or deny?
    A: I don't see why it wouldn't work.  Make a post on gamefaqs for the latest
    details about this technology.
    Dislaimer: I was being sarcastic.  Only post this on gamefaqs if you want to
    be mocked and harassed by uber nerds.  Don't sue me if they make you cry. As
    always, hatemail goes to computerdude1032@gmail.com
         **Removing/Inserting games** (FQ2T2)
    Q: When trying to take my game out, it only pops out half way.
    A: As I said in the step-by-step directions above, after it pops out half way,
    you need to grab it, and pull.
    Q: You say you need to push hard to get in a GBA game, I don't think thats true
    A: My definituion of hard, and your definition of hard are obviously different
    Q: OMFG, I can't get my game in, and the label is up.  I think my DS is
    seriously busted up, do I need to return it?
    A: Please re-read the instructions in the FAQ specifically focusing on the
    part where is says to insert label-down.
         **Multiplayer** (FQ2T3)
    Q: Can I play GBA games multiplayer?
    A: No, you can only play the single player modes of GBA games.  If Nintendo
    would have put in GBA multiplayer abilities, the DS would weigh more, be
    bigger, cost more, and take longer to make.
    Q: Can I use a router to add range to my DS's wireless range?
    A: NO! (simplest answer in the FAQ)
    Q: Can I form a multiplayer chain, or do all players need to be within 30
    feet of each other?
    A: All players need to be within 30 feet of the host, but not necesarialy each
    Q: Can I use the DS on an airplane, or in a hospital?
    A: Yes, you can.  The DS doesn't emit any signal, unless you are in multiplayer
    mode.  Of course, you cannot play multiplayer on an airplane, or in a hospital,
    but you can play all the single player that your heart desires.
    Q: Can I use a cell phone signal booster to improve the length of my DS's
    A: No, they operate on different systems, and a cell phone signal booster will
    do absolutely nothing to make your connection bigger.(so, yes, the "DS signal
    booster" located at www.walmart.com is a complete scam)
         **Online** (FQ2T4)
    Q: When will online play work?
    A: It does right now!!
    Q: Is the online play free?
    A: Yes, and No.  Nintendo is making their first party games free, but thrid
    party developers can do whatever they want, although I'm guessing that MOST
    will be free. (as of the last FAQ update, they all were free)
    Q: Are there any online poker games coming?
    A: None announced, but I must admit I'm loving the idea of an online poker
    game for the DS.
    Q: Oh man, the web browser built into the PSP rocks so much.  Any chance that
    the DS can get a firmware update to allow a built in web browser for us?
    A: Unfortunatly no.  Even if the DS was programmed to accept a firmware update
    (which it isn't), it would erase every time the system was shut off.  In Japan
    and Europe a web browser "game" has been released.  This was released June
    2007 in the US.
    Q: Should I buy a router/what type of router should I buy
    A: Yes, you should by one.  The DS uses 802.11 (G or B, there will be
    NO speed difference).  Then just make sure your router is WIFI enabled. 
    (Most brands are, but my list of personally confirmed ones are: Microsoft, 
    Linksys, Belkin, Motorola, D-Link, Hawkins, and Netgear)  If your brand is
    not listed, you can email me,and I will let you know if it is WIFI enabled.
    Q: Will an 802.11n router work with my DS?
    A: Yes, as long as it says "wifi enabled" on the box, it will work.  Note that
    because the DS is built with 802.11B techmology, it would not benefit from any
    of the N's amazing speed, and while the DS is connected may result in your whol
    network slowing down to B speeds.
    Q: How does Nintendo's service compare to Xbox Live?
    A: It doesn't.  Make a list of everything Xbox Live does do, and Nintendo does
    NONE of it.  You must make separate friend lists for every game, and you must
    know somebody's bajilion digit friend code to add them.  Nintendo REALLY failed
    their customers with this online thing.
    Q: 802.11n?????  What is this witchcraft?
    A: 802.11n has yet to be offically certified, however many compaines are
    currently selling "draft n" products.  802.11n is the next step up from 802.11g
    and allows for speeds faster than wired networks, and range 5 times as far as
    existing networks.  It acheives this by sending data in multiple streams over
    multiple channels.  It is great for streaming high definition data, or using
    multiple connections.  NOTE: I would currently avoid purchasing these "draft n"
    products, because as soon as the official n products are released, there is no
    guarantee that "draft n" will be compatable with the official n products, so
    you could end up being forced to purchase another new router, plus as with all
    new technology, there are still many bugs, and it is priced very highly.
    Q: Is there online play in Japan, yet?
    A: You bet!!!  And its equally as awesome as in the States!!
    Q: Is there online play in Europe yet?
    A: You bet!!! And its equally as awesome as in Japan and the States!!
         **Backwards Compatibality** (FQ2T5)
    Q: Can I play my Gameboy color games on this thing?
    A: No, you can only play DS games, and Gameboy advance games.  The reason
    behind this is simple, in order to play Gameboy Color games, the DS would
    need another processor, increaing size, production time, and cost.  If you
    really have to play your older games, you can pick up a plain old GBA at
    stores like Gamestop for 20-30 bucks.
    Q: Can I play GBA games multiplayer?
    A: No, you can only play the single player modes of GBA games.  If Nintendo
    would have put in GBA multiplayer abilities, the DS would weigh more, be
    bigger, cost more, and take longer to make.
    Q: Can I use my GBA Gameshark on this sucker?
    A: Nope, in order to prevent emulation of GBC, and GB games on the DS, they
    have designed the DS to not recgonize the Gameshark, or any similer devices.
    Q: If my friend has the GBA wireless adapter, and I have a DS, can we then use
    GBA games multiplayer functions?
    A: No, the DS runs on 802.11B, and the GBA wireless adapter runs on some random
    RF frequency.  They cannot communicate with each other in any way.
         **Connectivity/Compatibality** (FQ2T6)
    Q: Will the DS be able to connect to a Gamecube through a link cable?
    A: No, but it can conenct to the Wii!
    Q: Where do I guy the cable to connect my DS to my Wii?
    A: Nowhere.
    Q: Well then how to I connect the Wii to the DS?
    A: It's wireless
    Q: You are confusing the poop out of me?
    A: No I am not
    A: It's wireless.  Only certain games to it.... consult the Wii for step-by-step
    instructions on how to connect it to the DS.
    Q: So where can I buy the cord to connect my DS to the Wii?
    A: It's wireless.
    Q: So why is the guy at Target telling me they are out of stock on the wire?
    A: It's wireless.  The guy at Target just wants you to leave.
    * The Above 7 questions are questions I got from a guy.... thought I'd post them
    as they are quite humorous.
    Q: If I get import a Japanese DS, can I Pictochat my freinds who have US DS's?
    A: Yes, everything is completly region free, except if you have a game that
    requires 2 game cards to do multiplayer, they must both be of the same language
    (see below for exception)
    Q: I have a Japanese DS, and my friend has an American DS.  If we both have the
    english version of Mario (or any other game) can we play multiplayer
    A: You bet your butt you can, the DS is region free in EVERY way.
    Q: I have the Japanese version of <game>, my friend has the American version.
    Can we play wirelessly together?
    A: No.  They are techincally two seperate games.  Even though they operate on
    the same frequency, they won't work together.  NOTE: There is ONE exception to
    this rule.  The Japanese and American versions of Super Mario 64 DS will work
    together.  Other games may also work, but none that I know of.
    Disclaimer: That fact is from when the DS was released. There may be more games
    with cross regional play, but as far as I know, there aren't
         **General Accessory Questions** (FQ3T1)
    Q: FIND ME a car charger that will work!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!111!!!!!
    A: Any GBA SP car charger will work, other than that, find it yourself!!!11!!!1
    Disclaimer: The DS Lite, and the DSi use a DIFFERENT charger than the old
    school DS.  Just do an Amazon.com search and you should be able to find a good
    one.  If I caused you to buy a wrong charger, please direct your hatemail
    to me at computerdude1032@gmail.com
    Q: Do you recommend a screen protector?
    A: No, in my opinion, they are a total waste of money!  They may leave a sticky
    film on your screen, and if that happens, your warranty is voided.  The screen
    has tons of built in protection, and screen protectors are unnecessary.
    Q: Whats a good case to put the DS in?
    A: When the DS is folded, it is darn near impossible to damage.  If you are
    still afraid, I'd recommend one of those hard cases instead of the soft ones.
    There is no particular one that is better, but if you see one that is
    officially licensed by Nintendo you might want to pick it up just to be cool.
    Q: The unofficial styli are just so much cooler!?!?!?!?
    A: Go ahead and use it, but when your screen is damaged, don't expect Nintendo
    to replace it.  We'll see how cool your styli are when you have scratches, and
    a voided warranty, and all your friends have no scratches and a long, good
    Q: WTF does styli mean?
    A: It is the plural word for stylus.  When you have 2 "styluses" us smart
    folk refer to it as "styli" instead.  I really dont know if styli is correct, 
    but I got hate mail from people when I said styluses one time, so I changed
    Q: I know there isn't a gameshark yet, but is there anything that works similar
    to a Gameshark, or something?
    A: As a matter of fact, there is.  Its called an Action Replay.  Its basically
    the same as a Gameshark, but just a different brand.  It can be found at the
    internet, and at most Best Buy stores, although its crap so don't buy it.
    Q: GIVE me more information about this "action replay" thingy immediatly!?!?!
    A: While there is no information regarding any GameShark system to be released
    for the DS, Action Replay has released a GameBoy Advance/Nintendo DS Cheat 
    system, which is avaliable on their website (maybe other places too, but I 
    haven't seen it anywhere).  The GBA part of it works just like a GameShark 
    (and GBA Action Replay) - You enter codes for games, choose which ones you
    want, and start playing.  The DS half of it, however, is a bit different.  
    Instead of entering codes, you can back-up and restore "GameSaves" to your 
    DS cartrage.  For example, you have a game of Super Mario 64 DS, with say, 66
    Stars in File #1.  You can take all of the data in that cartrage, and save it
    (back it up) to your DS Action Replay (called MAX Drive).  Then, look into the
    other GameSaves on the MAX Drive, and upload one of those to your SM64DS game 
    instead.  I believe there is one on the MAX Drive that contains a GameSave with
    120 stars.  You can replace your current data on SM64DS with that, now leaving
    you with 120 stars in your game!  If you want to restore your old file, open
    the Action Replay again, and restore your other "back-up" file to the game
    instead, leaving you once again with your file of 66 stars.  The Action Replay
    can also connect to your computer, allowing you to download either codes for 
    your GBA, or GameSaves for your DS.  GameSaves can also be stored on your PC, 
    to save space on the MAX Drive.  To make up for the lack of DS codes, Action
    Replay promises to come out with something called "Power Saves."  They hack 
    into the DS card, and manually enter cheats into that, like flying, infinite 
    health, and infinite lives.  These "Power Saves" work the same way as Game 
    Saves, and can be sent into your current DS cartrage.  Power Saves will also 
    be avaliable for download through the computer.  Though there are no Power 
    Saves avaliable yet, I have this product and can say that it works very well!
    Thogh a bit unstable, (sometimes, DS will not recognize the Action Replay, or
    will render it as a cheat system, and not allow access), this can quickly be 
    fixed by reseting the DS and/or Action Replay.  Sorry for a lenghy answer to
    this, but the Action Replay is a remarkable device, and deserves all this space
    and more.
    Q: How can I get codes or powersaves for my Action Replay?
    A: Check out the www.codejunkies.com website, and click the DS link.  They
    have extensive amount of cheats, and other stuff for your Action Replay.
    Q: The whole powersave thing sounds complex, why don't they just make it like
    old gameshark's?
    A: Nintendo programmed the DS to make it EXTREMLY hard for a cheating device to
    work (because they don't want people cheating online).  The only way to get
    around that programming (without opening the DS, and inserting a mod chip) is
    to use a feature like power saves.  Plus its really not as complicated as it
         **GBA Movie Player** (FQ3T2)
    Q: What does Play Yan mean?
    A: Your guess is as good as mine.  Good thing the US name has now been
    announced so we can stop debating the answer to this question.  GBA Movie
    Q: Is this coming to the US/Europe?
    A: Yes.
    Q: When is this coming to the US/Europe?
    A: It launched in summer 2006.
    Q: I can't find it anywhere, where can I buy it?
    A: It used to be sold at stores like Best Buy.  It has since been pulled due
    to terrible sales.  Check online, some online auction sites may still have it.
    Q: How much does it cost?
    A: It will run you......... $150.  Yes, thats right $150, more than the actual
    Q: What does it do?
    A: It allows you to connect a card to your computer, transfer pictures, movies,
    or music onto it, and then use those files on your DS.
    Q: So, this gives us PSP like features?
    A: Yes.
    Q: Do I need to buy a memory card?
    A: No, a 4 GB "hard drive" (large game card) is included at the $150 price
    Q: Can I make my own games, transfer them to a card, and play them on my DS?
    A: Yes, but games you make will only be playable using ONE of the screens, and
    CANNOT use the touch screen. (because the GBA Movie Player is officially a GBA
    device, as you may have guessed from the name, but the DS gives it additional
    Q: How do I use it?
    A: See the "GBA Movie Player" section in the General Operating Instructions
    section.  NOTE: This section is currently blank, it will have information
    within the next few weeks.......
    Q: What do I need to buy?
    A: The GBA Movie Player, which is now avaiable at most major stores.
    Q: How much memory does a movie take?
    A: A 60 minute movie takes rouhgly 4 GB of space, but thanks to a little thing
    we call compression, you can get 60 minutes of video to fit into about 1.5-2
    GB, depending on the compression format you use.
    Q: About how much will all of this cost?
    A: $150.00 USD.
    Q: I can't find this anywhere!!
    A: As you can imagine nobody really wanted to spend $150 dollars on this
    limited device.  It has been cancelled as of late 2007.  I'm leaving
    this section of the FAQ here just in case somebody buys one off eBay and wants
    information about it.
         **Temporary Questions** (FQ4T1)
    All the questions in this section will only be relavent for a short amount of
    time.  I will continue to add/remove questions from this section as necessary.
    Q: Will the Xbox 360 be more powerful than the PS3? (Somebody emailed me this,
    so I figured I'd post it)
    A: Yes, it has higher specs in every way.  Sony fanboys may tell you that a 
    cell processor is better than 3 G4 processors, but that is not the truth.  The
    Xbox 360 is much more powerful.  You can see what IGN says here:
    Disclaimer: I'm a 360 fanboy to the maxxx.  Send hatemail to 
    Q: Why are most first party games selling for more than $29.99?
    A: Nintendo said "first party games MAY BE AS LOW as 29.99"  They will still
    charge more for the good ones. (Hint: The good ones are the ones that aren't
    childish.  Yoshi, and Kirby games count as childish, sorry)
    Q: I didn't get the Metroid demo in my U.S. DS!?!?!?!?!
    Q: What colors does the DS come in?
    A: The DS comes in silver, and electric blue, AND now red too!  And now even
    pink and black!!!  And now even crimson.  And then even more I'm sure.  Point
    is, you should now be able to find a unit that suits your tastes, I'm not gonna
    post an update for every new color anymore... sorry.
    Q: When can we expect a price drop?
    A: The price was dropped from $149.99 to $129.99.  From there, I would expect
    to see another price drop mid to late 2009, although Nintendo consistently
    sells about 2 million of these badboys each month, so maybe there won't be 
    a price drop anytime soon.  I just throw these dates in here so I can see how 
    wrong I was each time I post an update.
    Q: I've heard that DS stands for developers system, not dual screen.
    A: Yes, its true, DS stands for developers system, and not dual screen.  Don't
    send me nasty emails, I'm right.  Confirmed by Nintendo.  I think that dual
    screen is better than developers system, unfortunatly, my opinion counts for
    Disclaimer: I've received emails going both way's on this topic.  Somebody sent
    me a link to the NINTEDO website where it was cited as "developers system"
    so just get over it.
    Q: How much longer will Nintendo still be including the Metroid Demo for?
    A: They are actually done, now.  It has been replaced with the free SM64 offer,
    which is now also over.  Now you can buy the new, better, DS Lite.  There
    was also an offer for a free Brain Age 2 with purchase of DS, but that is
    over now as well.  Keep your eyes open for more deals as they come often!
    Q: Will my Metroid Demo ever be worth anything on eBay?
    A: Most likely not.  Try baseball cards or something.  Or attend one of those
    "get rich quick" seminars.
    Q: What the heck is a Metroid Demo?
    A: It's been so long I almost forget myself... anywho it was a free demo for
    Metroid Prime DS that was shipped along with release DS (the old school DS)
    units.  If you're new (new= newer than 3 years) to the DS camp, then you don't
    really need to care/worry about what it is.
    Q: When is a Gameshark coming for the DS?
    A: Nintendo kind of programmed the DS to make it hard for devices like 
    Gamesharks.  NOTE: A similar device, called the "Action replay" is now
    avaiable at all major retailers, however its pretty crappy and limited on what
    it can do.
    Q: Why does Nintendo have a problem with cheating now, when they didn't with 
    any other console?
    A: Because this is their first system to have online play, and they don't want
    it ruined because of cheaters. (Although it essentially is, anyway.... played
    Mario Kart online lately?)
    Disclaimer: Ok maybe "snaking" techincally isn't cheating, but it's too much
    effort for me (read: I suck at it), and I personally think it ruins the fun
    for a lot of the casual crowd, so I'm just gonna call it cheating.  All
    hatemail can be directed to computerdude1032@gmail.com
    Q: It took me a lot of time to get through this whole FAQ.  What do I get?
    A: I really appreciate people taking the time to read my FAQ.  I've put a lot
    of time into it over the years, and (I think) it has a lot of useful information
    As much as I would like to give you something for reading the whole FAQ, all
    you get is the satisfaction of knowing a LOT more about the DS than you did
    before :).  I used to give out Gmail invites to anybody who wanted one, but
    Gmail is pretty easy to get into these days.  Nevertheless, if you want a Gmail
    invite I still have them, so just email me and I'll send out however many you
    need.  Sorry I can't offer you anything else for the feat of reading this FAQ,
    but I do try to keep it a little interesting and I hope you walk (or "surf")
    away knowing at least a little more about the DS than you did before.
    Q: You moron, you didn't answer my question!!!111!!!!???!!!!!!
    A: Sorry, email your question to me at computerdude1032@gmail.com, and I
    will reply with the answer, and post it in this FAQ if necessary
    Nintendo Official Replacment Parts (C4T4)
    If something is wrong with your DS, or a part of it, these are the things that
    you need to make it better.  Everything, except the AC Adapter, and the
    stylus's are only available through store.nintendo.com.  All prices listed are
    for store.nintendo.com, the AC Adapter, and 3 pack of stylus's are way more
    expenisve at a regular store, all prices are in US Dollars, and all products
    are avaiable for other countries, although likely at higher prices:
    *Nintendo Replacment 3 pack stylus's
    These are the great, official stylus's.  Three back for 4.95 from Nintendo.
    They are exactly the same as the ones included with the unit.  If you ever
    lose any stylus's, I recommend these over any 3rd party ones.
    *Nintendo replacment battery
    If you have used your original battery 500 times, and it starts to hold a
    charge for a shorter time, you need this battery.  It costs 15.00, and is the
    exact same one you originally got.  Third party batteries don't last as long,
    and could damage the system.  Highly recommended if you need a new battery.
    *Nintendo Replacment Wrist Strap.
    This wrist/thumb strap is exactly the same as the one included with the system.
    It is much better than any other 3rd party look alikes, because Nintendo 
    guarantees it will not damage the touch screen under normal use, or they will
    fix the damage. This part costs $3.95.
    *Nintendo Replacment Battery Cover
    This is a replacment cover that covers the battery.  It comes in black or blue
    It includes the cover, and a screw.  It is exactly the same as the one that
    came originally with your DS. This part costs $1.00
    *Nintendo Screen Cover
    Please note that this is for the upper screen only.  If your current
    screen becomes scratched, you can use the included tool to remove the old
    screen cover, and replace it with this one.  It is exactly the same.  Please
    note that this can only be done to the top screen, as the bottom screen's cover
    requires special treatment to work properly with the touch screen.  This part
    *Nintendo Replacment AC Adapter
    This is the exact same AC adapter that is included with your original DS.  It
    is exactly the same as the one for the SP.  This part costs $15.00.
    *Nintendo WIFI USB Connector
    This device allows you to connect to the Nintendo WIFI service WITHOUT a
    wireless router.  Simply plug the device into a USB port on your computer, run
    the enclosed CD, and the Nintendo WIFI service will be ready to use.  Note
    that High Speed Internet IS REQUIRED (Accellerated dial up services DO NOT
    count).  Also note that this does not replace a wireless router, and can only
    be used to connect the DS to Nintendo WIFI.  This part costs $34.95.
    MY RECOMMENDATION: I can never stress this enough.  Please, folks, only use
    official Nintendo replacment parts.  A 3rd party stylus may seem harmless, but
    it voids your warranty, and is much more likely to damage the screen.  A 3rd
    party battery may also seem harmless, but it may leak, and also voids your
    warranty.  As you can see, Nintendo official parts are quite cheap, and even
    if you find a knock off part cheaper elsewhere, just rember, using it WILL void
    your warranty, and 50% if the time will involve you purchasing a new unit as
    3rd party replacemant parts are just not reliable.  Also, there's a good chance
    that if you simply call Nintendo, they will give you whatever part you need
    for free or at a nice discount just for being the wonderful Nintendo customer
    that you are.
    NOTE: The same accessories are avaiable at the same price for the DS Lite, and
    can also be purchased at store.nintendo.com.
    Second note: Many similar accessories are avaible at store.nintendo.com for the
    same price for the Nintendo DSi.
    Copyright Information (C5T1)
    Copyright 2009
    All products named are copyrighted to their respective manufacturers.
    Some technical specifications noted in this FAQ are from Nintendo of 
    America's official web site.  If you find inaccurate info, or have something
    to add, please email me at computerdude1032@gmail.com.  ANY site may post this
    guide, without emailing me, as long as I am credited as the sole creator of the
    FAQ.  If a site that has the FAQ posted would like an updated copy, they may
    copy and paste it off this site, or email me at computerdude1032@gmail.com
    asking for a file with the most updated version.  You DON'T have to include the
    whole FAQ if you don't want to, you can just post whichever parts you feel are
    relevant to your site.  As long as it mentions that Computerdude8855 is the 
    creator of the content, you can change the order, delete, or not post certain
    information as you feel necessary, all WITHOUT asking my permission.  I'm not
    big on controling where my information ends up, just as long as the people are
    getting accurate, updated, and large amounts of DS information, I don't care
    where they get it, or who they get it from.  And seriously.  If something is
    wrong or inaccurate in this FAQ please do email me and let me know.  I really
    care and want this to be as accurate as possible.  And if I didn't spell it out
    above, everything I mention is trademarked, copyrighted, and owned by its
    parent company.  So don't sue me.  Thanks!!
    If you spot this FAQ (or any part of it) on a website, and it does not have my
    name mentioned on it, please email me with the site address so I can take the
    necessary legal action (Ok, I'm bluffing, but I will send them a nasty email!!)
    Guaranteed Sites:
    The sites listed above are guaranteed to have the most recent version of the
    FAQ, with 100% accurate information.  I also try to send updated versions to
    IGN.com, but I don't always remember to send every update to them.  There are
    also other sites which are authorized to display the FAQ, but they are 
    responsible for getting updates on their own from me, so I can't promise that
    they will always be up to date.
    Here's a list of people who've done anything to help the FAQ, and what they did
    Without all these people the FAQ would not be nearly as good as it is today,
    so I really want to thank these GameFAQers!!!  If you see them on the DS board
    be sure to give them a thanks for me!!:
    *Tribal- Informed me that a wristband is NOT included with the DS Lite.
    *AnimeGameMaster- Pointed out a typo in the credits section!  Thanks!!
    *FlyingCowOfDoom- Told me of a change in Nintendo's policy regarding deal pixels
    *Carrie- Pointed out a website hosting the FAQ without my permission.
    *Kelan- Pointed out two areas where I had mixed up words- THANKS!!
    *Jonas Cope- Pointed out a mix-up with the recommended games list!
    *Cain Skelton- Pointed out that a game I listed as coming soon was now out.
    *Tootie- COntributed info regarding what the DS does on your Birthday.  Thanks
    *Chaotic_Death- My best contributor yet.  Gave me a TON of information about
    the Action Replay device.  That info can be found in the "FAQ" section.  THANKS
    *Bwmat- Pointed out numerous typos.
    *xboxkrazy- Gave me the release date for Rayman DS
    *trancedshadow- Pointed out error about wireless multiplayer
    *raginspyder- Donated information about getting a missing Metroid Demo replaced
    *Shadow1w2-Poitned out a restart feature.
    *kirby2001-Pointed out a funny typo.  I had "upper touch screen" written WHOOPS
    *GDYF- Pointed out numerous minor errors.
    *Super Slash- Pointed out a problem with the ASCII art.  Thanks a ton!
    *Sunburn- Pointed out another problem about turning on the DS in automatic mode
    *Digiglyphics- Pointed out a problem about turning on the DS in automatic mode.
    *Nghtmr9999- Made the ASCII art for the top of the page- Thanks a ton!  
    *MajikHunta- Pointed out a fairly major typo.
    *SteveOne5- Pointed out a little "fuzzy math."
    Note: If you ask a question, and I put that question, or a form of it in my FAQ
    you will NOT be added to the credits section*, for every other contribution, no
    matter the size, you WILL receive permanent credit in this section.
       *Upon emailing me a QUESTION, you give me the authority to edit it and add
        it to the FAQ as I see fit, without your name going into the "credits"
        section.  If you have a problem with that, please note it at the bottom
        of the email and I will be sure to not include it in the FAQ.
    Version Notes (C5T3)
    Version .90: 1/9/09
    I know I always say I'm going to update more often, and then all of a sudden
    another 8 months have gone by.  Anyways, now that it's officially 2009 I fugure
    I better get on here, update some info about Wii connectivity, new colors, new
    models, and of course update that pesky copyright date so nobody tries to claim
    the FAQ as their own.  As with last year's update, the FAQ now seems to be more
    poorly written than ever.  I'm working on some exciting new things for the FAQ
    this year (I promise I'll follow through this time!), so check back often.  As
    for the actual notes on this update... I already re-wrote a few more sections,
    fixed more typos (where do they all come from), and tried to compensate for
    some of the latest DS news by throwing in a few new things here and there.  As
    always, please feel free to email me with anything about the FAQ.  The address
    (incase I haven't posted it enough times in the FAQ) is 
    computerdude1032@gmail.com.  Thanks, and have a great 2009 (or however long 
    till I update again!!)
    Version .89: 3/21/08
    It's again been a very long time since I updated.  Hope everybody had  great
    holiday season and is having a great 2008 so far.  This year I'll try to get
    an update out every few months.  Its amazing how every time I look at this FAQ
    it seems more poorly written.  I've re-written a few sections, updated the
    questions section, added more info about online play and connectivity with
    the Wii.  Also did a few more housekeeping things that nobody will notice/care
    about.  As always I encourage you to email me any questions, comments, and
    concerns to computerdude1032@gmail.com.  I do my best to check my email daily
    and am usually pretty good about replying to your questions, comments, and
    concerns really fast.
    Version .88: 9/13/07
    This version added more DS Lite information, updated for the most up-to-date
    Nintendo WiFi issues, and added loads of information about the Nintendo Wii, and
    connecting to it (sorry for the delay on Wii information, I just got a Wii a few
    weeks back, so I couldn't have explained the connection process any sooner).  As
    always, email me with any comments/questions/concerns at
    Version .87: 3/31/07
    Wow, almost a year since I last updated.  This version again fixed spelling
    errors, and updated information about online play, the Wii, and the DS Lite.
    As always, feel free to email anything to me at computerdude1032@gmail.com (
    I know its a risky proposition to say "anything", but go for it...)
    Version .86: 6/19/06
    Another fairly long update.  Fixed typos, finished adding information about the
    DS Lite, added more questions to the FAQ, re-did the about this FAQ section, 
    and many, many more small things.  Please continue to email me at
    computerdude1032@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or hate mail:)
    **ALL PREVIOUS NOTES DELETED TO SAVE SPACE... Unlike other DS "FAQS" out there,
    I don't reply on crap content to get my file size up**

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