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Reviewed: 07/13/06

Nintendo DS Lite...Touch this!

Let's be honest, a lot of us probably thought this game system would fail.Boy, were we all wrong!With all the new DS games and innovative features how could we have thought the technical powerhouse that is PSP would win? The Nintendo DS brings you everything you could ask for from a game hand-held.

At first I was very skeptical of the Nintendo DS. I had thoughts like how the hell is a two screen piece of technical garbage going to beat a powerhouse like the PSP. Man was I wrong.So here I waited am opening my new Nintendo DS Lite, and I am very impressed at my first sight . Nintendo spared no expense to impress the gaming public with this much needed face lift. The DS is now the sleekest looking hand-held on the market.

When I opened this package up, I found a very sleek looking hand-held. Needless to say this was one of the greatest things I've ever laid my eyes on. The Nintendo DS Lite does have a few downfalls. One thing I've seem to noticed is that the microphone is not as responsive as it use to be. Also, the gba games stick out about 1cm, and the Nintendo DS Lite happens to attract the most fingerprints I have ever seen. Another thing that bothers me is that a lot of the DS Lites have dead and/or stuck pixels I do hope Nintendo did not rush out a bunch of bad systems so they wouldn't have the same problems they had in Japan, but I believe the goods definitely out weight the bads.

In my opinion the Nintendo DS has gotten a much deserved face lift. The once tank-like hand-held is now an Ipod like video game machine for the ultimate experience. I'm going to admit it, when I saw the original Nintendo DS I was thinking "What the Hell is this!" now I'm thinking "Touching is good!".a ot of us thought we should wait a while, or just give in and buy a sexy PSP .At first I was very skeptical, but if it weren't for the Nintendo DS Lite I would have never picked up one of the most fun and interactive hand-held gaming experiences I've ever had the pleasure to experience first hand!

The great improvements never end for this new addition to the Nintendo family. The best thing about the Nintendo DS Lite is the new screen power. The screens make everything more noticeable. When Nintendo was designing this hand-held they had games like Metroid Prime Hunters and Animal Crossing Wild World in their minds. These two extremely powerful back light screens make any game appeal more in the graphics department. Nintendo also went with a very user friendly interface. The buttons are also very spring like when you start out. It gives you that feeling you get whenever you sniff in that new car smell. One of the best things about this new design is the great D-pad! Unlike on the original Nintendo DS(which I will now start calling Tank), this D-pad is really responsive and makes games like New Super Mario Bros. so much more fun. Now I have to tell you about the size of the new DS compared to the Tank. When they say the Lite is just about as thick as the base of the Tank they're not kidding. The Nintendo DS Lite is the sleekest, and(dare I say it?) sexiest platform to ever come out of Nintendo.

Nintendo spared no expense on flair with this latest advancement of Nintendo's latest hand-held. This is by far the greatest looking hand-held to come out of Nintendo so far. Nintendo went above nd beyond, even the stylus is better.With the beautifully polished look and great new logo, Nintendo really scored on this product!

To be honest, the DS lite does not feel that dependable, but I got a warranty for a reason and the only reasonable way to break a Nintedo DS Lite is to smash your DS between double door or pounch it hard enouh to knock out Chuck Lidell. If Nintendo did not let up on the quality they would not be the father of video games.The Nintendo DS Lite continues Nintendo's care for durable products.

Production Quality:10/10
When you first open that box containing your Nintendo DS Lite you will think you have bought something from Apple. The glossy exterior and beautiful screens make almost fall in love with your new toy! This masterpiece of production by Nintendo is out to prove that the ds belongs in the hands of any self-respecting hand-held gamer should take not of what the experts are saying ,and go out to upgrade to the new Nintendo DS Lite. You will not be dissapointed!

Battery Life:9/10
I am very impressed wtih the battery life of the redesigned DS Lite. The battery even last an impressive amount of time with the light on the brightest setting and sound all the way up! The battery is amazing for a backlighted and stereo powered handheld that delivers in pretty much everything it sets out to do.

The DS has all of the great pocket games all under one roof, and with the awesome catalog of playable Game Boy Advance games. With all the great games coming out on both of those two platforms you pretty much a world of games in your hands. With great first party titles like Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing Wild World. Then all the now overwhelming third party support from companys like Activision and Sega, you win in the game catgory!

I want to make somthing very clear, Nintendo and support need to make more online games. Each online game has been great fun to play. With the great titles they have coming out in the next few months like StarFox Command and Diddy Kong Raing, the DS seems to have some real gems coming out from both Nintendo and the third party supporters.

Everything Else:7/10
Not to be a party stopper, but one of the things the ds lite shows off is it's size difference. To be honest, you only notice the size difference at first. Two maybe three hours later you will feel like you are still playing a Tank. Just a new version. The new stylus is a world of a difference for people with big fingers like me. This should be a selling point for Nintendo too, because whenenver I play my brothers old Tank the stylus makes my hand shiver. In my opionion the Nintendo DS Lite's saving grace is the new backlight. The DS Lite has an amazingly powerful light. The lite alomost makes your eyes bleed the first time you have it set on the fourth setting. One thing that might dissapoint other big-handed gamers is the size. All I'm saying is it takes a while to get used to holding it. A great thing about the DS Lite is that the weight is amazingly low. It makes games like Metroid Prime Hunters a lot easier to handle with the one hand and one stylus thing. Something that sorta dissapointed me was the fact that the volume seemed a bit lower on top notch compared to the Tank.

Is it worth it?

Hell yes. The DS takes all the things that were great about the Tank and improves on them with the new and improved Nintendo DS Lite. If you don't have ds get this one. If you have a DS, get rid of it and buy this one. With all the improvements over the original, this upgrade is now a must-have to any self respecting handheld gamer.

Titles made for the DS Lite

If want to get the best out of your new DS Lite you should get games that take advantage of the upgraded specs. One game that looks magnificient on the new DS screens is Metroid Prime Hunters. The second best game to get for your new DS is a game like Advance Wars DS or The Age of Empires the Age of Kings. Both look great on the extremely powerful screens!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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