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Reviewed: 02/25/08

Touching is good...

Do you remember how it all started? When the Gameboy was first released in the US on August, 1989, the portable gaming revolution had just began. As the years passed down there was another handheld that made its way into the market, the Gameboy Color, this little console brought something new into the world of handhelds, colorful gameplay. Then later on, something else was brought into development, a little piece we know as Gameboy advance. This handheld had improved graphics, clearer sound, and a slim desigh, allowing better quality. After that, Nintendo made another console, the Gameboy advance SP. This handheld was an improved model of the original, now with a folding desigh and brighter screen so it could be more portable and easier to play in the dark. Finally, in 2004, Nintendo had a new star, the Nintendo DS. After 2 years, Nintendo put all their effort into a new and improved console, the DS Lite.

Hardware: 10/10 (Perfect)
The DS Lite is easily the best handheld ever made. It's a bit better then the Nintendo 64, and it has wonderful graphics, awesome sound, and 2 screens, as one being a touch screen, which has never happened before. This console has wonderful 3D capabilities, and great 2D too. This is also the first console to have Wi-Fi, allowing a further challenge into games such as Mario Kart DS and Pokemon D/P. The touch screen allows gameplay never before possible, with a whole new load of games. Their is also a mic, which you can use to actually voice chat in Metroid Prime Hunters! The desighers really worked hard on development for this handheld, as composing such an incredible console filled with so many features was almost impossible. the 2 speakers on each side of the console provides sound that sings to your ears. The games to the DS are also great, games such as Metroid Prime Hunters, The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass are all a must play. You would be thinking why Apple couldn't come up with such a clever desigh.

Graphics: 10/10 (Perfect)
If you ask about graphics, there's nothing more to say then, amazing. With 2 screens, the DS Lite dominates all handhelds. The DS Lite can do great at 2D, and even better at 3D. If you want an example, check out Metroid Prime Hunters, and The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Each picture is shown with detail, and hundreds of colors will be there to keep you entertained. With a backlit screen, things look much better on the DS Lite.
Everything is crisp and clean, so your eyes will have a pleasing time while playing this sweet little console.

Sound: 9/10 (Awesome)
With 2 speakers, the DS Lite doesn't miss out with audio. The sound comes out as clear as a bell, with a headset slot if you prefer them more. The sound is definitely better then the original DS, as it sounds clearer and better. However, one downfall is that it's not that loud and can be hard to hear while in a noisy room, though that flaw can be patched up with the use of headsets. Most games offer some nice little tunes, so you'll be humming off with the music before you know it.

Controls: 10/10 (Perfect)
The controls couldn't be better. The L, R shoulder buttons, the D-pad, the A, B, Y, X buttons, select and start, and what's this? A touch screen! That's right, the Nintendo DS has done something never before done, they added a touch-sensitive screen! With this wonderful control scheme, you can now play games never before possible. You get a little stylus as well, making controlling on the screen even easier. In Metroid Prime Hunters, you can use the touch screen to aim, and you'll find how accurate it really can be. In Wario ware: Touched, everything is controlled by the touch screen. While there aren't many other buttons on the DS, but the touch screen makes up for all that. The other buttons are also very useful, and will be necessary in A LOT of games. The touch screen makes games a whole lot easier to play, because their necessarily easier to use.

Features: 10/10 (Perfect)
A touch screen, Wi-Fi, Voice chat, pictochat, 2 screens, it's all here. The DS lite does NOT miss out when it comes to features. You have to blow into the mic during some games, which is quite fun, while in others you can use the stylus to draw a certain symbol to open certain gates/doors etc. Games for the DS are now available with Wi-Fi, taking the challenge to the next level, as you face other people from around the world to head-on challenges. There is also a nice little built-in feature called pictochat, which you can draw and type to other DS owners within the local range. One downfall is that they should of made pictochat Wi-Fi compatible so you could interact with people around the world. Another feature worth mentioning is how long the battery life can be. More detailed info will be explained later on in the battery life section. There's also a little birthday jingle which comes up on the day of your birthday, which I think is pretty cool. The DS is not short on features, so you'll be sure to have fun.

Durability: 7/10 (Good)
Quite durable, in my case. The original DS tends to be a little more durable, and I guess it is. The DS Lite is OK, but you still have to be really careful with it. The part most likely to break is where the top and bottom screen connect, as where the mic is. Not the best at durability, but as I said, it's still OK, just don't try to break it.

Desigh: 9/10 (Awesome)
Wow, seriously, why couldn't Apple come up with a sleek desigh like this! When I first took this out of the box, I was like, "Whoa, gosh this looks nice!". The desigh looked way better then the original, and Nintendo claimed that it was 2/3 lighted then the brick DS and way brighter, as way as smaller. With 2 LCD screens, one being a touch screen, I couldn't ask for more. However, there WAS more. A mic, crisp clean graphics, wonderful sound, and a whole lot more. Man, this handheld is hot!

Games: 10/10 (Perfect)
With over 1000 titles, you won't get bored. Awesome games include Pokemon D/P, Metroid Prime Hunters, The Legend Of Zelda:Phantom Hourglass, Mario Kart DS, Nintendogs, Wario Ware touched and a whole bunch more. With the DS's B slot, you could even play GBA games!

Battery Life: 10/10 (Perfect)
Now, the battery life is truly impressive. On the lowest brightness setting you could get up to 18 to 19 hours of play time, while on the highest you could even get 10 hours. Charging time only takes 3 hours to get up to full, so you wont be disappointed.

Overall: 10/10 (Perfect)
The DS Lite is really quite the handheld, and is easily the best. This console provides quality entertainment, with spectacular graphics, wonderful sound, new and awesome gameplay. I strongly recommend this to any gamer out there, because your sure to have a great time!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Nintendo DS Lite Hardware (US, 06/11/06)

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