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"Woo Hoo! Very great console!"

Hello, this is a review for a very great system called the "DS". Why is it called that? I don't really know but it most likely stands for "Dual Screen." This little marvel was released in 2006. It featured a new stage into our eyes of gaming: a touch screen and a microphone. It sold a lot of units in it's first year, as it still does today. Read on for more info about the hit console, the DS.

System 10/10
This system has the best design and handling I have ever saw for a handheld system. First, let's talk about the design. A DS looks very slick and cool. It features two shoulder buttons, and four front buttons all placed around each other in a diamond shape. On the bottom left, there is the volume button which is used to er... adjust the volume. On the right side of the DS is the power button, which, hence the name, turns the power on and off. Below the power button is the pen slot, which is where you store the pen used for accessing the many features of the touch screen. Wait a minute? Touch screen? Yes, using the pen, you can use the new technology of handheld game systems. Every DS game uses the controls of the touch screen. Like: "Touch the switch on the touch screen to deactivate it." Yeah, this is probably the feature that made us go breathless. Now, there is a little rectangle in the middle of the DS. Beside it are the letters: Mic. The mic is used for voice activated and breath-using gameplay. For example: "Blow into the mic to make the path appear." The mic was also a stunning feature. Now another little marvel this system has is wireless connectivity. Now two DS's can be used to play one game. Such as: "If you want to play Game A with another person who doesn't have a copy of this game, select this choice." It can also connect to the internet to play Wi-fi enabled games. To connect to the internet, all you have to do is use wireless conecctivity with a wireless router. Also, when you boot up your DS, it takes you to the main menu where you can select to play the games that are in the designated spots, use wireless things, go into a chatroom, or customize settings such as: Clock, name, alarm, and menu colour. The last thing I am going to talk about in this section is the backwards compatibility. Yes, you read right, the DS can play GBA games by using the slot on the bottom of the DS! Just insert a game and you are ready to go! Anyways, like I said, this is a very amazing handheld console!

Pictochat 8/10
A very awesome thing the DS features is a set of chat rooms called Pictochat! To acces Pictochat, all you have to do is select it on the DS main menu. Once there, you can go to a selection of 4 chatrooms. Just use wireless to connect to friends to send messages up to 30 feet away! You can write messages with the stylus or using the on-screen keyboard. After you hit send, it instantly sends it to all of your friends! The keyboard is not all, there is a option for a keyboard in other languages and an emoticon board! Also, each chatroom can hold up to 16 people! You can also copy a friend's message with the copy button to make changes to it! Overall, Pictochat is one of the greatest features of the DS.

Graphics 10/10
The graphics for any DS game is very colorful and bright. Honorable mention is Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. This is one of the points where the DS really outdoes a lot of other systems. Everything is just so lush and... ALIVE! So yeah, the graphics for the DS is a very exhilirating experience. Overall, well uh.. the graphics for the DS are... Wait! You already know!

Sound 9/10
Yep, you read it here folks, the classic sound of explosions among other things is included on the DS. I never thought that such an amazing array of sounds could fit on a handheld! Overall, the sound for the DS is very crisp and enertaining.

Game Library 9/10
The DS's game library isn't the best, but it still rocks! Games that are already out such as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, Animal Crossing: WW, and many other great games will satisfy you for up to hundreds of hours! The gaming library for the DS is very good overall.

Multiplayer 7/10
Yep, you read right: The DS comes with multiplayer. It is wireless so now you don't need all that cable crap. The multiplayer comes included. Another big part of multiplayer for the DS, as I mentioned in the gameplay section, is the ability to connect to the internet! Nintendo has included Nintendo WFC for a rather great experience. All you need is: A wireless internet and a DS. You connect to Nintendo WFC the same way you do with friends. There are also many wifi enabled games, so have fun! Overall, the multiplayer for the DS is great, but not perfect.

Buy or Avoid?
You must buy this amazing system. I'm beggin' ya! Please just buy the system. It is a low price and very worth it. Just go buy it now.

Conclusion 10/10
Woah, I just don't know how Nintendo could put all of this success into a little portable. It is truly a great addition to any gamer; casual or non! Overall, this is the best handheld EVAH!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/19/08

Game Release: Nintendo DS Lite Hardware (US, 06/11/06)

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