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"DSi? Not so fast..."

The DSi had its debut on Sunday (4/5/09) and many flocked to their local Gamestop and picked one up. I, for one, see no reason to purchase that slightly upgraded version of the DS. The DS lite was doing fine and long story short, go pick one up.

I'm going to be comparing all of the DS's here, but since my review is supposed to be on the DS lite, I'm going to focus on it in particular. The DS lite has super bright screens, as bright as the DSi and about 4x brighter than the DS "phat". The hinge is pretty stable and won't break too easily (unless of course you have the IQ of a 5 year old and decide to intentionally break it). Speakers are located on both sides of the top half of the system and you can tweak the volume to your volume via the volume slider located on the bottom of the system. There is also a headphone jack opposite the side of the volume slider, also on the bottom. The biggest thing on the DS (ALL of them) if the touch screen. It's very fun to use and makes all the games that utilizes it fun to play. Of course, if you don't like the touch screen (which if you don't you should stop reading this review and leave), there's always the buttons. You've got A,B,X,Y, the D-pad, and the start and select buttons on the face, and L and R shoulder buttons. On both the DSi and DS phat, the buttons have a clicky feel and are very responsive. Unfortunately, on the DS lite, the buttons have a kind of "mushy" feel, like a console controller. What this means is, that the buttons are not as responsive, but will still work.

The DS (with the exception of the DSi) has backwards compatibility with the GBA (gameboy advance) which is really great for GBA fans. I myself am a GBA fan and loved being able to play them on this awesome system. The GBA slot also has a cover on the DSL when you're not using it and makes it flush with the rest of the system. The GBA slot is also used for games like guitar hero as a place to put the peripheral.

The graphics of the DS, although not exceptional (I mean, what do you expect from a 64-bit processor), are pretty good. The colours are vibrant and make all the games look really warm and inviting. Games like Pokemon and New Super Mario Bros. really take advantage of this with nice 3-D graphics. Now, 5 whole years after the release of the original DS, the library of games for the DS is HUGE and there will definitely be a game for you.

Also, this doesn't really matter, but the cobalt/onyx DS lite rocks!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/09/09

Game Release: Nintendo DS Lite Hardware (US, 06/11/06)

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