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"The second best portable system (next to the DSi)"

The DS. It's amazing what Nintendo can do with technology. I think the DS is a whole new step in its generation. If you ask me, it's absolutely flawless, no mistakes. I don't know what kind of a heartless person would think it sucks. After all, they're not perfect either! Anyway, you can't rush perfection, so I would suggest buying one. The gameplay was... and is STILL amazing! Speaking of which...

Gameplay: 10/10

The gameplay is amazingly awesome, you couldn't describe it with words. The games were cheap, fun, and easy to play. What more could a kid ask for? Nothing, because the DS already has it. There are 3, if any, games that suck. The rest are all fun. In general, gameplay deserves a ten out of ten. Almost all of the games are excellent.


The graphics are also very good. Why? Because there are no delayed frames, everything moves in motion, and everything is realistic. Take the original Mario Bros. for example. Fuzzy, slow moving, and glitches. (Still a fun game, though.) The DS is just as fun, but with better graphics. In general, the graphics are the best.

Controls: 9/10

Controls? Easy. Unfortunately, they aren't perfect. And by that, I mean the touch screen. Great and cool, but one flaw. You have to press the screen so hard you're hands get sore. Worth a 5/10? No. It's still cool.

Amusement: 8/10

The amusement of the DS is not perfect, but it is still good. I normally have fun on most of the games, but there's one major problem I mentioned before. It gets annoying having to pound the touch screen. Other than that major problem, I think it is very fun playing the DS.

Sound and Sound Effects: 9/10

The sound and sound effects of the DS were mostly okay, but they could have added music to the main screen like the DSi did. Not that the music was any good, because I didn't really like the DSi's music. Anyway, I think the sound effects were good, because there was only a few, and they were programmed at the right time. The sound and sound effects were excellent.

Overall Rating: 9/10

The DS Lite is a very good portable device, so I rated it as a nine out of ten for a final grade. I would suggest buying this, unless you already have a DSi. The price is definitely worth the while.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/17/09

Game Release: Nintendo DS Lite Hardware (US, 06/11/06)

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