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"DSi surprised me"

DSi, the third handheld console produced by Nintendo in the DS series. Ok, so let's see...... The NDSL was a great success, a great improvement from the previously clumsy DS. After the NDSL, Nintendo released the DSi. Mostly, the main attraction for the DSi would probably be the new camera and sound manager functions. However, after I got my copy of my DSi (replacing my near wreckage of a DS Lite), it came as a total surprise.

First, some technical differences: the DSi utilizes different AC adapters than the previous DS and NDSL. Next, it does not contain a slot 2 for GBA cartridges anymore. The brightness setting is now 5 levels instead of 4. It has a camera and sound recorder/editor functions, and a slot for a SD memory card to store these data in.

So after I got my hands on my DSi I did a basic scanning of the outer-shell. It was of a different material that is MUCH better than that of the NDSL, which is quite easy to scratch/break. The buttons are reverted back to those like the old DS, which are much more durable in my opinion. The volume control is now on the side, and it is buttons instead of the slider in NDSL; it is now much more easier to control and durable; the slider in the NDSL loosens after constant use. Overall the DSi is much more compact size-wise. There is one thing I don't like though: the power button: I'm not going to say it's a bad idea, but I like the old switches better. Since the power button will constantly be used, the button can very well become in-sensitive, like any other button.

Down to the content: so I admit that the camera and the sound manager is fun, but my main focus is still the game-playing aspect of the DSi. The first thing I notice is the obviously better sound and graphics. I tried playing an old game that I had, and it came out like nothing before. The main menu of the DSi is quite user-friendly, and obviously Nintendo took a deeper dive into the touchscreen matter. And on that matter, the touchscreen technology saw some improvements as well.

All in all, I would say the DSi is a gamer-worthy console. If you have a DS/NDSL, I wouldn't recommend changing into a DSi immediately. But if you have one that is almost dead, might as well go for it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/26/09

Game Release: Nintendo DSi Hardware (US, 04/05/09)

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