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"Thank You, DSi, For Bringing Me Back To The World of Nintendo!"

First and foremost, I am a 31 year old gamer. I started my gaming experience back when I was about 7 or 8 with the 8 bit Nintendo Entertainment System. And in all honestly, I absolutely loved it. No other toy, no other means of entertainment, no television shows, NOTHING made me as happy as the NES. I had around 40 games, including the Light Gun/Zapper and the Game Genie. Everything was Nintendo growing up as a kid. There was NES cereal, NES cartoons, NES was everywhere, it was impossible to walk into a mall or toy store without seeing Mario being advertised. For those of you in your thirties now, you know what I mean. Many generations of gaming came and went. My friends and I all owned the original 8-bit NES, and believe me it was our lives. But sadly, we all jumped ship to Sega. With more exciting games (in our opinion) being released on the Sega Genesis, like Mortal Kombat, X-men, Sonic and Streets of Rage, we abandoned our beloved Nintendo's and went on to the next generation of gaming consoles. The Sega Genesis brought us much joy. The games I mentioned and countless others, they were amazing. The graphics were so much better of course, but being we were teenagers by this time, nothing would ever give us that nostalgic feel that the old NES brought us. Then, from Sega, we jumped to Playstation. And we all stuck with Playstation, getting each generation that followed, from the original, to the PS2, PS3 and their handheld console, the PSP. None of us really considered going back to NES, as most of us disliked the N64 and virtually all the gameboy consoles. So yes, every gamer that owns a home console usually is interested in and wants to get the companies handheld console. So I went out and got myself a PSP. Yes, it was pretty fun but in all honesty, it lacked the most important factor....GAMES. There are barely any games on this system to play! I bought it for Silent Hill: Origins and Castlevania but unfortunately, those are the only games I really have, with exception of a few games I picked up cheap that I don't like and never play. So sadly, my PSP sat in the closet and collected dust. I honestly regret even buying a PSP. It may be for some people, but it just wasn't for me.

Years later, which brings us to now, my recent girlfriend bragged her Nintendo DS Lite to me. She loves the games on it, as she has a Wii as well. I have played the Wii and honestly, I love it. Sure, most of the games are kid oriented and if I was a little kid, I would surely beg my parents to buy me the Wii instead of the PS3 I have now. I love the aspect of downloading retro games, which was one of the best aspects in my opinion of the Wii. The controller was awesome, but the graphics were not up to par with the PS3. PS3 still won with home gaming consoles with me. But she began to tell me about the amazing games on the DSi. I really did not want another handheld console. But she told me to just put my faith in her and buy exactly what she said. She urged me to go to Gamestop and get a DS and find Pokemon HeartGold. "Are you kidding me?" I thought. Pokemon, isn't that a silly kids game? Ok, I have an open mind about games, I am willing to try anything once but this was WAY out there, even for me. So finally, I just said "FINE!" and the first DSi bundle I saw, which was with the Pokemon White, I picked up. I then bought Pokemon HeartGold along with it. I went home, fired up my pretty little white DSi console and......WOW. Freaking WOW. This thing has a CAMERA built into it?! It has a microphone?! The PSP doesn't have this! Dual screens eh....oh wait, the bottom is a touch screen! All thoughts I had rushing through my head as I instantly fell in love with this beautiful little console. Never could I have imagined that something I thought was for children could have so easily pleased someone in their early 30s such as myself. And for those of you that don't know yet and still are skeptical, seeing is certainly believing.

The graphics on this game are beautiful. Mind you, I have only played 2 Pokemon games, but I love the graphics. I find them better than any game I have ever played on the PSP. Cartoonish yet beautiful. The sound is perfect. The sound radiates perfectly through the system's speakers, with a very nice higher volume which can be heard very clearly without distortion at the highest volume setting. The durability of this system is great, as the system closes and protects the screens. The PSP I always had a problem keeping the screen protected, even in the case. It always was covered in dust or somehow accumulated small scratches. I love the option of using the built-in controls or use the stylus pen, which I really enjoy doing. I find it makes things so much easier than hitting the directional pad a dozen times then hitting the action button over and over. With the stylus, its just point and click, done. There is one, just ONE problem I have with this system. The Nintendo WiFi connection. I had a hard time connecting to the internet, as I had to call the hotline to find out how to manually configure the system to connect to my router. But afterwards, I had and still have major problems connecting to the Nintendo WiFi and shop channels. I can't trade my pokemon characters or get on the DSi Shop Channel to link my system. Its frustrating indeed, but its hard to take away from all the other aspects of the system and how amazing it is. If it wasn't for the Nintendo WiFi giving me problems and not connecting, this system would be a perfect 10, bottom line. I highly recommend this system to anyone, whether you are an NES fan like I used to be or a current fan. I am just ecstatic about being back into the world of Nintendo, being able to get back into the genre of games I started with and grew to love. I just hope some day I can get my WiFi connection to work, then I will have the most absolutely perfect handheld system ever :)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/04/11

Game Release: Nintendo DSi (Pokemon Black Reshiram & Zekrom Edition) (US, 03/06/11)

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