"Touching is believing. The best handheld system on the market."

The DS is by far the best handheld system on the market today, let me go into as much detail as possible for you so you can see why the DS is by far better than the PSP.

Graphics: 10/10

All I can say is “Holy Crap.” Man, looking at the screenshots on IGN, and Gamespot, I expected the graphics to be great, but a little grainy. No way, the graphics are perfect, not grainy at all. They are about 5 times better than what I was expecting. They are extremely sharp, with no pixel problems. Probably the same, if not better then Gamecube graphics on some parts, and never worse that N64. You just can't say enough about how good these graphics are.

Sound: 10/10
Again, simply amazing. Sounds exactly like sounds produced by Gamecube through the TV. Some have complained that it doesn't get very loud, but I think it is definitely loud enough, I usually have it set at the halfway mark.

Controls/Button Layout: 9.5/10
Again, the system is great here. My only complaint is that the buttons are awful small, and since they are trying to make it appeal to older gamers, the buttons should be bigger for their bigger fingers. Also, its really hard to be pushing buttons, and using the touch screen at the same time. Thankfully, Nintendo made it so you don't have to do the combination very often. Also, the system includes a thumb strap that allows the touch screen to act like an analog stick in most games.

Multiplayer: 10/10
Before I start, let me just tell everybody that there are no online games announced yet, but the possibility of it happening is extremely high. Currently, you can play wirelessly with anybody within 75-100 feet of you. There is no lag. Best part of all is that the majority of games allow you to play multiplayer with only one game card. (So, you and your friend can play, even though only your friend has the game). There is a built in microphone so that in some games you can control your character with voice commands.

Other: 10/10
This system really shines in everyway possible, let me talk about a few other features. EVERY DS will come with Pitochat built in. Pictochat is a program that allows you to wirelessly chat with friends. Using the touch screen, you can draw pictures, or type using the touch screen keyboard. Nintendo has roumered that as soon as online play is available that you will be able to use Pictochat game. The graphics here are simply amazing, and it's quite a bit of play for a free demo. I will say that to turn off the system you have to hold the button for less that 1 second, so an accidental bump will shut it off on you (happened to me a few times)

In conclusion, Nintendo could not have done anything better. Each system includes DS, 2 stylus's, pictochat, and thumb strap. It is definitely worth the low price that Nintendo is charging for what you get.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/29/04, Updated 03/17/08

Game Release: Nintendo DS Lite Hardware (US, 06/11/06)

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