Review by Spirit of the3rdkey

Reviewed: 12/02/04

A nice new way to play games.

Nintendo has done it again. I am amazed at how they continue to revolutionize gaming. The DS with it's dual screens, touch screen, Wi-Fi and Blue-Tooth capabilities will completely rework how games are played. Let us gamers pray that developers use the DS to it's full extent.

System Design 8/10

The DS is definitely different. It is about as big as two GBA SPs put together. The design is nice and does look like a cool piece of next generation software. But, there are some major problems. The lack of an analog stick was a big mistake. The touch screen (with stylus and thumb strap) makes 3D plat formers hard to control. I recall Shiggy stating when the Nintendo 64 came out that this type of game play demands an analog stick. I hope Nintendo addresses these few complaints in the future.

System Specs 8/10

4MB of RAM is not that much. But, games like Metroid Prime: Hunters and Mario 64 DS prove that the DS is a step above the Nintendo 64. The slot on the bottom used to play GBA games might be used for RAM expansion. This would significantly increase the power of this neat little hand held. I am pleased with the way the games look and think the system has potential to wow gamers for quite some time.

Battery Life 8/10
The battery lasts about 8-12 hours. This is spectacular for a hand held system. There is a problem though. When hosting games with my friends using the wireless connectivity I have noticed my battery drains in about 4-5 hours. In the end, the system's battery life is top notch.

Overall 8/10

The launch was not that impressive. SquareEnix, Capcom, Namco and other major developers are already on the DS bandwagon. Things look up for this system. I believe that the DS will have a bright future and will probably link up with Nintendo's next system, codenamed "Revolution".

So I present this question on the table. Do you need to run out and buy a DS now? Sadly, the answer is no. I would wait to the middle of next year when a lot of triple A titles are out and the price might be dropped to compete with the PSP. I being the rabid gamer I am had to run out on launch and get my hands on the next pillar Nintendo has setup. This is definitely not another Virtually Boy.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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