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"IT is finally here, but is it worth getting?"

Ever since it was first announced, people wondered how the DS would play, what new innovation it would bring, and how it work. After a long wait, the DS is launched first in America, before Japan gets it. The question is, is it worth it?

Packaging: 10/10
The package itself is fine, but it's all of the added things that make it a 10. The fact that Nintendo DS is the first system to pack in a demo since the Dreamcast is cool. Metroid Prime: Hunters is actually a fun demo, with multiplayer support as well. It is also the only game that seems to push a lot out of the system. It also includes 2 styluses (because you will likely loose one eventually), and a thumb strap to use instead of the stylus. The fact that all Nintendo needed to do was put in a single stylus shows that they care about the consumer.

System: 9/10
Thankfully, Nintendo wised up and included a headphone jack on the system (for some reason left off the SP). Also included on the system is a slot to put your stylus in, a microphone (i dont see much use for this yet. Sega better bring out Seaman), and a slot for GBA games. The system feels heavyer than the GBA, with a weight comparable to that of a Controller S for Xbox. It is also slightly bigger than the Old GBA, but with a clam-shell design for the 2 screens. Speaking of the screens, they are HUGE. The only problem is that you will need to clean the bottom one pretty often, especially if you use the strap for control.

Features: 7/10
This is where i see problems with the system. Pictochat, for example, while having a cool concept, does not seem to have much range. The only time i have ever been able to use it is when the person is pretty close by (like, in the apartment above/below you). Using a cell phone to Text-Message someone is more practical. Also, while it's nice that it can play GBA games, the fact that the screens are backlit (not frontlit, like the SP), washes out colors in some games (Castlevania: COTM is the best example). There are 4 face buttons, arranged like a SNES controller, are very small-think the c-buttons on the N64. The online feature has yet to be implimented, but with Nintendos history of online games, they will need to do a lot of work. The touch screen is cool, but a little akward at first. If you are using the stylus to control a game, your hand will obstruct your view of the 2nd screen.

Launch: 4/10
This is bad. Nintendo shipped around 500K at launch, making it reminicet of the PS2 launch-very hard to find. Also, the launch games are pretty bad. You have SM64, while good, it is still much like the game that came out 8 years ago. Feel the Magic is the only other standout title, and it is something that you will either love or hate. It is reminicent of Wario Ware, so why not wait until March to get that? The rest of the games are terrible, with the exception to Mr. Driller.

Overall: 7/10
With No fighters or RPG's at launch, and most of the other games being ports of GBA games (Urbz) or N64 ports (Ridge Racer), there is little to keep you occupied for the months until more games come out. And lets face it, the system might be cool, but what is a system without anything to play?

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/06/04

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