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"I hav to applaud Nintendo on the nintendo DS"

I would like to applaud Nintendo on the creation of the Nintendo DS. Never before has any system reached such a height in innovation. My only words that can possibly describe the action you should take towards this system are, “buy it now.”

The Nintendo DS, as you may or may not know, is the newest system, the dual-screened hand-held. Many may think, what's the point of a dual-screen? The simple answer is: touch. The bottom screen is a touch screen! You use a small pen-like thing called the stylus to perform multiple actions with the touch-screen. All new heights in hand-held gaming are being reached, especially if you are a fan of First Person shooters, as the touch-pad in combination with the normal pad can create dual-shock action.

The games themselves are great. The first releases include the following games. First of all, there is Metroid Prime Hunters, a mini game that comes packaged with the DS. This game is not only great, but there are multiple control functions, that allow anyone a comfortable use. Next is Mario 64 DS. This is a modified remake of an old Nintendo 64 game that was considered an all-time great. There are also acing games like Ridge Racer, and the F-zero style title Asphalt: Urban GT. Football fans will be delighted to see Madden 2005 available, looking better than ever. Puzzle gamers will love Mister Driller Drill spirits. Mini-game fans will find joy in Feel the Magic XY/XX. Even the Urbs and a dating simulator have hit the market. Lets not forget the RPG fans. The greatest RPG ever, Final Fantasy 3 is being re-released as well as Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

Graphics are probably what set the DS the farthest away from other system. They are AMAZING. The DS is packing 64 bits of raw power. To be walking around with one of these is to be walking around with a portable Nintendo 64. The lighting is the only problem, as if the angle is not good, the DS can look darker than it is supposed to.

Last but not least is multi-player. Two words WIRELESS LINK. A wireless link allows up to 16 people to walk around a 30 to 100 foot distance while playing games. This allows for many new and interesting ways to play co-op and versus games.

Overall, I am going to say this is one of the greatest platforms of all time. It deserves a 9/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/15/04

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