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"DS is exactly what we needed!"

Let's see where to start? Well, for a while I was looking for a game to play. Thankfully, the DS was right around the corner. So, I played this and that until the DS came....and when I bought mine November 21, 2004....I was VERY happy!

The system has 2 screens; the bottom one being a touch screen. Not all games require that you use the touch screen at all times, but when a game uses it, it can be great fun! It also helps in a sense. We all know handheld systems don't have the biggest of screens. And sometimes a menu or text or whatever shows up and there goes some of the screen. Not the DS. In most cases the bottom screen will take this menu or text, allowing you full screen of what's originally showing. Remember, I said MOST CASES. And one game in particular "Feel the Magic" uses the touch screen for something else: blowing! Some of the minigames require you to blow on the touch screen. Genius, indeed.

Wanting to play multiplayer? For most games, you only need one cart! With a range of about 100 feet *I guess it depends on where you're at* you or a friend or complete stranger can pop in a game without the other people requiring one and play a game. Pretty nifty. Some games, though, require everyone have a cart, but we all can't have everything!

The games come on little cards, not CD's. And let me tell you, for a handheld non-CD based....these games look great! I'm not one much into graphics, but I am impressed by the power it can push out.

Game lineup at launch? Well, it's pretty good. Of course, not every system has just a power house of launch games. But with this bad boy being region free, if you want to import a game, go ahead! There is no need to stick with what we just got here in the U.S.

Pictochat is cool. Don't feel like talking or lost your voice? Go to pictochat and chat with some friends/family/some stranger. Heck, doodle if you want to.

Now alot of people will say "Touch screen isn't inovative! Look at PDA's!" Yeah, true, but we're talking about a GAME SYSTEM! Yes, it IS inovative for a game system. And it works just fine to.

Sure, some launch systems came with a dead pixel or two, but then again, like every other system, they're not all perfect.

I wouldn't recommend getting one if you like to keep your carts loose. You'll probably lose these games rather quickly.

So, like other systems, there are a few bugs at launch, and not everyone is going to like it's launch library. But if you haven't got one, GET ONE....unless you hate Nintendo, then that's you're own thing. But if you're thinking of getting one, go for it. The library is only going to get better, and with who knows what right around the corner for it, now's a perfect time to get one.

Yeah, you can play GBA games on it...just not GB or GBC. But then again, if you have those systems or an, forget it. Play your DS!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/20/04

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