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"DS new way to play. Not always a good thing..."

Graphics 7

Okay they are nice but when you compare them to the Playstation Portable you see a huge generation gap between them. Thankfully graphics are nice compared to the horrid NGAGE. So DS spanks the Ngage but gets spanked by the PSP in terms of graphics.

Sound 10

Just being able to hear stereo and surround on the DS. Just brilliant, when I play Mario 64 I can practically hear the birds chirping. It really makes me feel like im in the game. Even on GBA games you hear the difference. Very good on Nintendos part.

Controls 6

Touching is irritating I always set all my DS games to button configuration because touch screen feels weird and doesn't play out as well as you would think it would. I hate smudging my screen so I have to pause my game and take out the stylus and get a damp napkin and all that irritating crap. So touching took away from the game experience to me.

The only thing I liked about the touch screen is that MINI games are funner on it. I dont see the touch screen being used much in the future because its mainly going to be used as a map or a menu screen. I dont really call that innovation.

Battery life 9

Its very good I can play a nice 6-7 hours on it before the light turns red. To get a full charge I would need 4 to 5 hours to just charge it, thats without playing while it charges.

GBA 10

Okay the best part about the DS is that you can play GBA games on it. The games not only look better but they sound better. When I put a GBA game in the SP it looks bad compared to the DS even sounds bad compared to the DS. DS cannot play multiplayer games on GBA games but it doesnt matter to me because I could careless about it. Im pretty sure Nintendos bug surprise for the DS will be some attachment so that you can actually play GBA games in multiplayer.

Launch titles and the future

Okay I feel we got the DS too early. Most of the best games come out next year. And having a port being the flagship launch title did not impress me.

Mario 64 DS 7/10

*Yawn* new mini games a few new characters some new stars. Thanks for caring Nintendo.

The Urbz: Sims in the city 9/10

Yep amazing game the best thing on the DS now. Sound is good. Graphics are half-assed but this is the DS not to PSP. So who cares. Addicting.

Metroid Prime: DEMO 8/10

I hate shooters but Metroid was surprisingly fun. If the game is anything like the Demo than id gladly pay 40 bucks for it.

Thats all I currently have but I might get Feel the Magic pretty soon so I might add that on the list.

Well a few good titles are coming to the DS very soon. thats the problem we have to wait a long time for them. Mario Kart DS and Animal crossing come out in September which really pisses me off. But I guess I have to wait like everyone else.

Overall 7/10

All in all the DS is a very good system but at its current state its only a really good Gameboy advanced player. But thats enough for me.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/20/04

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