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"The king of handhelds does it again."

The Nintendo DS, the latest and greatest portable video game system out, has superior graphics, sound, innovation and multiplayer capablilities than Nintendo's last handheld system, the Gameboy Advance. In my honest opinion, the Nintendo DS is capable of knocking out any other companies attempting to contend with it.

The graphics the Nintendo DS is currently at the top of the food chain. Although the soon to be out, PSP has superior graphics, that doesn't make the DS's bad. Old console favorites such as Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64's basic graphics can run on the DS and Super Mario 64's graphics have been made even sharper than the original, making it still one of the best platformers around. Overall Graphics Grade: 10/10

By far, the Nintendo DS is the most innovative system to date. With dual screens, a touch screen, voice recognition, wireless multiplayer and wifi capabilities all packed into one system, its hard to say it isn't the most creative system on the market. Nintendo has even included a sort of instant messaging program with it called, "Pictochat", in which u can type, draw, and send messages to other people with a DS within a certain distance. Thats not all folks, the DS also has a little somthing called "DS Download Play". In this you can download a game from a friend's DS to play for a while alone or for multiplayer purposes. The DS has awesome potential and is sure to be a great success.
Overall Innovation Grade: 10/10

The DS's multiplayer function has been working great for me. A big step since the Gameboy Advance, you can now play a friend without the hassle of wires or link cables as long as they are within an about 30 foot range. As I said earlier, the DS has online capabilities via wifi internet, meaning online multiplayer. Also, the DS has multiplayer capabilites up to 16 players.
Overall Multiplayer Grade: 10/10


Sound: The sound is quite good and as long as u don't have severe hearing problems, you should be good to go.

Button Layout/Controls: The button layout is good, but not great. The buttons are small and in my honest opinion, the buttons you use for GBA games shouldn't be positioned where they are. But for DS games, the controls seem pretty dead on.

Games: Currently, the Nintendo DS has a below average lineup of games but will have more good games out soon to battle the PSP as it releases.

I own a Nintendo DS and I love it. It has given me some of the most joy any system I've owned despite the lack of good games currently out. As I said earlier, the DS has a huge amount of potential with its wifi capabilities and voice recognition, there are a load of innovative games that could go with this great system. If you have the chance to grab a DS, PLEASE DO SO.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/30/04

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