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"The Nintendo DS - Potentially a great system"

Design: 9/10

The DS features a clamshell design, like the SP; This makes the screens hard to scratch and overall makes the system more sustainable to damage. It also features two screens, one of them being a touch screen. It has so far surprised me of how sensitive and how durable this thing is. The volume slider (SP like) and the headphone jacks are on the bottom of the unit. On the back of the DS are two slots, a hole to store the stylus in and a place to knot the wrist strap around. The system also features a built in microphone, although its not being used every often (as of now), I am sure some future games will support it and use it to its full potential. I also felt that the buttons have been improved, especially the D-Pad and the shoulder buttons. The 2 game slots (One for GBA games, and one for DS games) are easy to access, I like how the DS slot works. An awesome design, but Nintendo should have produced other colours for people to choose from.

Graphics/Sound: 8/10

The graphics are awesome for a handheld, although graphically inferior to the Sony PSP, the DS's graphics still managed to impress me. The DS also supports stereo sound, a thing I have been waiting since the GBC. Even with the GBA games, the stereo sound somewhat "improves" the experience. I can now hear more things from the same cartridge than before.

OS: 6/10

I feel that this is rather the weak part of the system, having to shut off the system after every SINGLE change piss me off. Even in Pictochat, if you tried to quit, the system will have to shut down. It would be nice if Nintendo added a soft reset for the DS games, or one that takes you back to the main screen. It also would have been nice if Nintendo made a browsable calendar that allows to mark down specific dates.

Battery life: 10/10

Great battery life! It lasts for a long time for what its doing~ The charging time is similar to the SP (about 4 hrs), not to mention that you can play while charging.

Launch: 6/10

The NA launch was absolutely pathetic. The only game that seemed interesting was Feel the Magic, it was the ONLY one that utilized more of the DS's functions. If you want more interesting games now, you would have to import jap titles, such as(the below games are interesting IMO) Jam with the Band and Chokkan Hitofude.

Potential: 9/10

Great potential, if the functions are used correctly that is. I hope these future games will utilize more of the DS's functions and make them interesting. And the Wi-Fi, I hope Nintendo will set this up ASAP, and make more fun multiplayer games (a SSB DS would be appreciated XD).


Great system, but crappy software at the moment. Some interesting games are coming soon though, such as: Catch! Touch! Yoshi!, Meteos, Touch! Made in Wario, etc. If you don't own a GBA, it would also be a great idea to get a DS since it plays GBA games as well. However, don't think about trading in your GBA/GBA SP, since they can be used to play old GB, GBC games (which the DS can't) and for multiplayer GBA games (DS can't do that either). If you are interested in getting a DS, I suggest you wait until Feb or March, when more games come out.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/30/04

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