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Reviewed: 12/30/04

I am amazed...

In late 2003, word got out about a new console, made by Nintendo. Many people expected this console to be another GameBoy, with GameCube quality graphics. In E3 2004, it all changed. Nintendo had announced the Nintendo DS, a double-screened portable, that packs a powerful punch. A few months later, Nintendo had remodeled it to get a larger audience, and they sure did. The day had came. On November 21st, 2004, the Nintendo DS had launched with games such as "Super Mario 64 DS", and "Feel The Magic". In a matter of hours, stores were sold out. Was this "DS-
rush" worth it? Let's take a look...

Design-10/10: The DSes design is very complex. Much like the GBA SP, this handheld had a clamshell design, and 2 screens. The most innovative feature to most, ir the touch-screen feature, used in almost every game. The Nintendo DS has "evolved" the gameboy, by using X and Y buttons, and adding an eternal menu. In this menu, you can change all sorts of things, such as your username, interface, settings, and play PictoChat, the built-in chatting service by Nintendo. The DS can also play GameBoy Advance games, but no GameBoy Color, or original GB games. One flaw of this, is that a dead pixel might appear, but there's a slim-to-none chance of you getting one. Another great feature is the battery-life. If you charge the DS for a good 3-4 hours, you can game on the go, for up to 10 hours.

As an extra little addition, there is a slot in the back of your DS, so the stylus (Pen used for the touch-screen) can be put in, so you can't lose it.

Graphics-9/10: The graphics of DS games are amazing. To make things simple, the DS can produce graphics better than the N64's, and maybe can surpass First-Gen Dreamcast games, in it's later years. One thing that is annoying, is that some environments & textures can look a bit "off". Also, the DS could've been in production a bit longer, so it could produce Game-Cube quality graphics. Despite a few flaws, the graphics are terrific. You would be pleased with them.

Sound-10/10: Where do I start? The sound is astonishing. It blew me away. To give you an idea of what the sound is, try hooking up a surround-sound system to an N64. The music and SFX is clear, catchy, and very loud (But that could be a good thing). This was a huge step ahead of any portable system out there.

Final Grade-10/10: The DS is a great console. It's perfect for any person, any age. With it's long battery life, impressive graphics, amazing sound, great design, and many, many more features, the DS is a winner.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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