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"Thank you Nintendo. Thank you for a comeback."

You know, I was just about to give up Nintendo. You haven't made a good business decision since you dropped the SNES playstation deal. But now, you are redeemed. You have done it again.
When Nintendo released the gamecube in that wonderful shade of purple(don't believe the "indigo" on the box. They were purple), we all sighed a long sigh, figured they'd lost it, and all went and became Sony or Microsoft converts. But inside, I knew Nintendo would make a punch soon enough. DS is that punch, and believe me, this punch is bound to knockout Sony's PSP.
Who has made all the best handheld games? Nintendo. Who has Samus, Donkey Kong, Zelda, and the invincible Mario on their platforms(and soon DS)?Nintendo. And who, may I ask, has master game developer Shigero Miyamoto(or affectionatly, Shiggy) on their team? Nintendo's got him to. So you ask, even with all those great things, how come Nintendo can't do anything worthwhile. My answer? They just did.


Absolutely beautiful for a handheld game system, and even better then the N64's. I haven't even gotten to purchase a game yet, but that Metroid demo is plenty good enough for me. The two screens make for a great visual experience, and despite most beliefs that the top screen displays the graphical wonders, both are equally powerful. All in all, a very merry Christmas break is coming for me.


What I have heard is of excellent quality, and the speakers and microphone give a great sound at maximum volume. The developers finally have room to make some music in handheld games, instead of those annoying bleeps and bloops handhelds have been made of the past few years.


That ten should be an 11, but they won't let me go higher. There really is so much to offer in this section, I'll be shocked if a developer finds a way to use all of the features in one game. Two screens, one of which is a touch screen. Microphone with voice recognition. Backwards compatible with GBA. Wireless multiplayer, including a very effective chat room service. And I probably missed a few. The DS is truly innovation at it's finest, and for 150$? Amazing. PSP is gonna probably be 300$, and does it have all that? No. No it doesn't. And the best part is, it all fits in your hands.


I get all this, and I'm not broke. The wireless play is my favorite price- free. 0. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Nunka. This is quite possibly the best spent 150 Washingtons ever.

What the blazes are you doing here? You should be at your local retailer, buying the Nintendo DS even if it means skipping a car payment. Go on now. Buy. Then, I dare you to come within fifty feet of my DS and I. Me and Samus will be waiting.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/30/04

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