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"Nintendo's new product rocks the socks."

Ah....the long awaited Nintendo DS. When I first saw the DS in GameInformer months ago, I went nuts. I did question it a little bit, as I was wondering if I should just stick to my GBA SP. But as I heard more, I wanted it more. Now I have it, and it is fantastic. Enjoy reading about Nintendo's new toy.

System Gadgets: 10/10

The DS is loaded with incredible features. Obviously, it has dual screens, which one shows the game, and the other(the bottom) displays the maps, special commands, etc., and this is the touch screen. It also has the stylus(duh), for the touch screen, and a nice little holder in the back. The speakers are built in the flip-up screen part. It also has a microphone hole to speak into. I am not sure what games will use this,(most likely Wario Ware, maybe an up-dated version to actualy talk to people short distances, like radio's) but the system is bound to use this to it's fullest.

If you haven't heard, the DS uses Wi-Fi for wireless play/chat, where up to 16 people can play/chat together. The DS also comes built in with Pictochat, the wireless chat/doodle system. Also, you get a nice demo of Metroid Hunters: First Hunt to play with.

You probally guessed this, but the DS comes with the battery charger, to charge your battery to it's fullest, which at max is around 13-14 hours(not kidding).
Also, to the enjoyment of all, the DS has a second slot for your GBA games, so you play both DS and GBA games on this new system.

There will also be "system upgrades" in the future, like MP3 players, new colored DS, and a rumored "DS Internet" system, where you can chat/play people across the globe...

Gameplay: 10/10

The game play for me is based on the control, button layout, and how well the games interact with system. The button layout is perfect, with a compass paterned X,Y,A,B button scheme. The D-pad is on the left side of the systems, and the R and L button at the same location as the GBA.
At first, you will notice a signifcantly diference weight between the GBA SP and the DS. I believe the Ds weighs in at 10 oz. While this looks like a lot written down, it really isen't. In fact, I find the added weight perfect, for it seem to be easier hold and control. And the weight seems to be in the right range, as compared to the PSP(which wieghs 9.7 oz., which is bad cosidering the DS is about double the PSP's size when unfolded)

With all that I just described, it makes games easy, comfortable, and enjoyable to play on the DS.

Now, now, just because there is a .5 dent in this score here, dosen't mean to panic. Allow me to explain. The sound is amazingly good for the DS. It's stero dual-speaker sound pumps out ever score and SFX perfectly, to give you an amazingly wonderful game play expierece.

The graphics are defiantly something to be amazed about. It's incredible howw this system's graphics engine runs, but here's were points are lost.

First off, I do not believe good graphics are required to = good gameplay. The only reason I say this, is because the Ds graphics can't compare to the PSP's. That being said, it is nothing to worry about, because the graphics are truly incredible. The are a lot better than the 64 graphics, but not quite Gamecube graphics. Playing Mario 64 again was almost like a new expierence, seeing how the graphics have been enhanced and smoothened. So if you do depend on graphics to have a good time, you should be very pleased with the DS.

Duribility: 10/10

I throw this in there because we do want a stong, durible system so we can game for a long time. The DS is very durible, and decently hard to scratch. And compared to the PSP, your game will still play, even if you drop it. This cannot be said about the PSP, which, when dropped, was chipped, and it skipped the game, since it uses discs instead of cartidges.

The only way I anyone doing any damage to their DS is if they used all their strength to bend the hinges back to the point of snapping. But why anyone would do that is beyond me.

Games: 10/10

Ah, this catagory should be the real reason you decide to buy a system. As you expected, the Nintendo games and their 3rd party partners make incredible games. Mario 64Ds is on the launch, and is incredibly fun, with an added Multiplayer, the ability to be Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, and Wario in the 1 player mode, and 30 new stars to find. This is quite a nice deal we have got here. Also, expect games like MP: Hunters, Veiwtiful Joe, GoldenEye(the 64 one!!!), Baten Kaitos( cool), Mario Kart Ds, and many more. There are rumored Fire Emblem DS, as well as LoZ: OoT!!!! The games line-ups are great, and you can play wirelessly with your friends. I could even for see awesome games, like Age of Empires, or Diablo II, for the Ds, since the stylus will just substitue the mouse. Now that would be awesome...


The price for the DS is right on target, with only a $150 price-tag with this piece of technology. This includes: The DS(duh), 2 stylus, a strap, the power adapter, the manuals, and a demo of MP: Hunters. This is a good deal. The games are also priced well, with Feel the Magic, Mario 64/Ds, and Ping Pals at $30. Replacement 3-pack stylus, which includes screen protectors, is $8. Not to shabby!
Well, there you have it, the run down of the Nintendo DS. I have one, and it is a blast, and I play it a ton. I know 5 people who have one, so the multiplayer/chat is amazingly fun. This was my first reveiw on GameFAQs, so I hoped it helped. Good day, and thank you Nintendo, for giving us another way to game!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/30/04

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