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Getting It

Ah, finally, the Nintendo DS. To tell you the truth I got lucky. So, basically, I knew the DS was going to come out ever since it showed up on the scene at E3 and I immediately wanted one. In my opinion Sony can take their precious PSP and shove it up their butt. Since I was not one of those snot nosed 8 year olds who wanted a DS just because everyone else had one, I, even though I did not preorder, was able to get one quick and beat the crowd to it before it became a most wanted item for Christmas.

The First Time Playing It

So there I was, DS at hand and ready to play so I opened up the box and took out the little thing of beauty. It really is a nice piece of machinery and whenever I bring it out in public I always get at least 2 or 3, oh, hey, cool DS man, because to put it simply the DS is a cool system and nobody will make fun of you for playing it in public.

The screens are about the same size as a GBA screen but the fact that there are two instead of just one creates the illusion of one giant screen. The sound is very good and even in a loud room you will still be able to hear without headphones but in a quit room you may only want it about half way up.

The game cartridges are like the size of a quarter, literally, and it is a cartridge so quick load and saving time, yay.

You turn the thing on and you get a little start up guide that helps you enter in the data necessary before you start to play. These are simple questions such as time, date, name and birthday. After that it shuts off which leads us to our next topic of interest.

I have talked to many kids and they are always complaining about how the thing always shuts off and they hate it. I however do not care. I will admit it does shut off a lot like okay I am done with Pictochat so now I want to play Mario. Well, hold on, first I need to shut it off. Basically, you can't go from your game back to the main menu or anything like that but it does not matter to me because you do not have to wait or anything just turn it off then on again.

On the menu you will see 7 main buttons. One is to play your DS game that is in there, one for GBA games, one for Pictochat, one for DS download which is for times like, oh man, I want to play Mario or Ridge Racer with Jimmy, well no problem click download and you will download the files necessary to play multiplayer but when you turn it off you lose it until next time you download it. The downloading, however, takes a while and not all games can download that way. One for turning the backlight on and off, one for customizing the details like putting in the time if it is wrong and stuff like that and, finally, one to turn the alarm on.

So then I decided to try the Metroid Prime Demo. To tell you the truth, for a demo anyway, there is a lot of stuff even a multiplayer, which happens to be better than the Metroid Prime 2 multiplayer. But in reality, it is just a demo. After two or three hours or so you are going to be very bored and will want more games and someone to play with. Yes you can play your old GBA games and yes you can choose which screen it shows up on (not that it makes any difference but I prefer the bottom screen) but you will say to yourself, it is just not the same and I want an actual DS game.

The Games

I think and I think everyone else in the world thinks that Mario 64 DS is the best DS game out right now, hands down. This game should be your first purchase and in any case, should be in your Nintendo DS library. I currently have 112 stars and am planning on collecting all 150. That's right this game has 30 more stars than the original and all of the old ones to making a grand total of 150.

People say that Feel the Magic is a decent game but I do not trust these people and am going to wait 2 weeks for Wario Ware.

The rest of the games are fine but do not make the mistake of buying Ridge Racer instead of Asphalt Urban GT or getting Ping Pals or Sprung. Other then those three games the rest are fine and are fair games to buy but I am hearing good things about Zoo Keeper.

You will no doubt hear many people complaining about the launch games but to me between Mario, Metroid demo, (the real thing comes out in May) and Pictochat then throw in one or two more games to keep you not bored and the launch was fine but nothing ground braking like SSBM. There will be a lot of good games coming out in the near future so be on the look out.

Buy or Sell:

Really, if you want to know the truth, you just have to buy a DS right now because the games coming out will be great and Mario is great and, remember, you can't go wrong with two screens.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/01/05

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