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"Nintendo's Best!"

The Nintendo DS is a very interesting and fun gaming console to use, it allows many gameplay options that can enhance the way to play. The three ways are the double screens, the dual screen, which is the bottom screen, and the microphone that can be used to use your voice in some games. In the future the microphone jack that is next to the headphone jack will be used for communicating with other people over the Internet and for gameplay with others. One of other features the Nintendo DS can offer is the text message Pictochat, it can allow you to write and draw things to other people in a 60 feet radius. The DS can also use a single gamepack mode wirelessly with the DS Download Play option. You can also play only your old GameBoy Advance games but not the others that came before the GameBoy Advance games like GameBoy Color, GameBoy Pocket, or the Original Gameboy games.

The Gameplay:
The gameplay on the Nintendo DS is pretty interesting. Since the DS allows you to use a touch screen it can help in some games that basically focus on touching things like, Feel The Magic, it uses the touch screen to go trough the whole game. The two screens would help in gameplay because on one screen you can be controlling the character and in the other screen you can have something like a map, this would help when you don't always have to press pause to look at a map or something. The microphone can be useful in some games that use the microphone a little bit or basically trough the whole game. The new buttons added to the Nintendo DS can help with the expansion of things to do using buttons like in fighting type games. These things are helpful seeing how the Nintendo Company is mainly focused on gameplay.

The Graphics:
The graphics on the Nintendo DS can be good in the games for a handheld system. The graphics on the Nintendo DS are the best that they made for Nintendo handheld systems, they are very similar to the Nintendo 64 graphics but they are still better. The graphics can still not reach up to be as good as the Nintendo GameCube, that might happen but they won't be exactly as good as the Gamecube's. The graphics on the dual screen are just as good as the graphics on the upper main screen. The Nintendo DS allows a high amount of colors dark or bright, you can also turn off the backlight but you won't be able to see that good. The backlight can only be turned off at the menu screen at the beginning when you turn the DS on; it is the picture of the sun on the lower left side. The graphics on the Gameboy Advance games look better on the Nintendo DS than the Gameboy Advance SP because on the DS the picture looks brighter than the SP's picture because a stronger backlight on either the upper screen or the lower screen.

The sound on the Nintendo DS is very good and clear. The DS's sound is good because of the large speakers on the two sides of the upper screen. The sound that comes out can be very loud if you put it up or very low if down. The volume control is located on the left side of the lower gamepack slot. The DS also will provide headphones if you want to play somewhere and want only you to hear it. The sound is good with mostly every game that uses high sounds because they would sound a lot better. The Gameboy Advance game's volume can become louder then how they sounded on the other Gameboy's because there are now two speakers and your thumb won't be covering the where the sound comes from. The sound can be good and helpful with the alarm that uses high pitches sounds to wake you up. The sounds on the alarm keep getting louder and louder to wake you up if you don't turn the alarm off fast enough.

Other Options:
Some other things that the DS has on the startup screen are the alarm that can only be used if you leave the screen on. On the home screen they show the DS game, the GBA game, the Pictochat, and the DS Download Play. On the top screen they show a calender, a clock, the battery life, and a name that you can edit. When you push the DS icon you go to the options you can change the language, change what screen you play the GBA games on, and if you start the game when you turn it on or go to the menu screen. You can edit the time, the date, and the alarm settings on another icon. On another icon you can change user information like your birthday, the DS color, your name, and a personal message that shows when you use Pictochat. At the end they have the icon that can calibrate the screen that aligns the stylus with the screen and every touch screen has it.

The DS is a very good system, that's why I gave it 10/10. It is very worth the 150 dollars with the games that you'll buy it will be interesting and you will have lots of fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/10/05

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