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    Boss Guide by Akerin

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    	By Akerin (Ursula_Boi @ msn.com)
    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction
    II. Boss Guide
    	a. Petey Piranha
    	b. Hoo the Owl
    	c. King Boo
    	d. Wiggler
    	e. Gooper Blooper
    	f. Blizzaurus
    	g. Kamek
    	h. Hammer Bro General
    	i. Bowser I
    	j. Bowser II
    III. Legal Information / Credits
    This guide was written by Akerin on March 2, 2006.  This is the first FAQ that
    I have made, so feel free to send comments or questions to me.
    Super Princess Peach is a role reversal of sorts, taking the character of Mario
    and replacing him with Peach.  I absolutely adore the game, so naturally I felt
    obligated to contribute at least something to an FAQ.  I hope you enjoy it and
    the game!
    Please note that the difficulty ratings that each boss has is based on a
    beginner’s ability to defeat them.  An experienced gamer will definitely find
    most of the bosses pretty easy, but this is for the inexperienced gamer.
    World		: 1-6 Ladida Plains
    Difficulty	: Medium
    Attacks		: Sonar Blast; Spit; Sand Blast; Jump
    Description	: Petey Piranha is a long-time enemy of Mario and friends, having
    first appeared in Mario Sunshine.  He has since made appearances in Mario Kart
    Double Dash and Mario & Luigi 2: Partners in Crime.  He’s a powerful piranha
    plant that has a bad habit of spitting random objects.
    Petey Piranha starts off the battle by swallowing the lone Toad and it’s
    Peach’s duty to save him!  After the scene, immediately run to the plants in
    the ground and use the GLOOM vibe to make them grow into stalks.  Be careful,
    because Petey will spit out Nipper Plants, which will attack you.  Jump onto
    the leaves and wait for Petey to do his sonar blast attack (which knocks you
    backwards) and his sand blast (which flings sand at you).  Then, once Petey
    opens his fat mouth, use GLOOM to cry and have the tears drown him.  He’ll
    eventually fall backward and his belly button will glow.  Jump on it to
    deteriorate his HP.
    Once Petey is down to 2 HP, he’ll turn red and start jumping around.  He’ll
    also spit out more enemies, while also spitting out crystals.  If you’re low on
    power, go for them.  Try to dodge his double sand attacks and his jumping, and
    continue to cry into his mouth and stomp his belly.  He’ll be finished in no
    World		: 2-6 Hoo’s Wood
    Difficulty	: Hard
    Attacks		: Lay Eggs; Swoop; Fling Eggs
    Description	: Hoo the Owl makes his debut in this game as the protector of
    Hoo’s Wood.  He’s a giant owl.
    Hoo the Owl snatches Toad and starts throwing eggs at you.  The eggs hatch and
    little baby Hoo’s start jumping around.  Dodge them, and wait for Hoo to swoop
    down at you.  When he does, jump on him to take him out.  This part isn’t hard
    at all, but once he’s down to 2 HP, he’ll twirl around and destroy the bridge
    you were on.  You’ll start falling down to the ground, while Hoo still attacks
    He begins to twirl around some more, flinging eggs in all directions.  Then,
    once he starts glowing, use JOY to fly up into the air above him and release it
    to jump on him.  Maneuvering around can be quite difficult in the air, though,
    especially with your limited power gauge.  Once you get his HP to zero, Peach
    will slam into him and Hoo will fall to the ground, dying but leaving the Toad
    behind.  Success!
    World		: 3-6 Shriek Mansion
    Difficulty	: Easy
    Attacks		: Flame Protector; Crybaby
    Description	: King Boo returns after his appearances in Luigi’s Mansion, Mario
    Sunshine, Mario Kart Double Dash, and Super Mario 64 DS.  He’s a giant ghost
    with a crown on his head.
    King Boo is actually quite easy.  As soon as you enter the room, you’ll see
    three Boo’s hovering around a poor Toad.  They’ll merge into King Boo, who will
    proceed to attack you.  He’ll call on some flames to circle around him.
    Immediately find which candle is not lit and light it using RAGE.  This will
    cause King Boo to lose an HP.  Keep finding the candles that aren’t lit and
    he’ll be finished in no time.  Once he’s down to 2 HP, he’ll start bawling like
    a baby.  Watch out for his tears, because he’ll still race after you.  The main
    thing to keep in mind is that he hurts you if you touch him, so DON’T TOUCH
    HIM.  Just keep lighting those candles and dodge his flames and you’ll destroy
    World		: 4-6 Fury Volcano
    Difficulty	: Medium
    Attacks		: Charge; Boulder Smash
    Description	: The Wiggler has been around since Mario World, and has since had
    prominent roles in both Mario Sunshine and Mario & Luigi 2: Partners in Time.
    It’s a giant caterpillar with a flower on its head.
    This battle is probably the longest one you’re going to face this far in the
    game.  Wiggler immediately bounces the Toad away and charges at you, so get
    onto the spring and fall to the lower area to dodge its attack.  Once you see
    that it’s far enough away, get on a spring and use RAGE to push it down.  When
    the Wiggler walks over, it’ll be flung up into the air and onto its back.  The
    section on its body that is glowing green is the part you have to hit in order
    to damage it.  Once it gets hit, it’ll turn red and run around, causing
    boulders to smash down onto the ground.  Dodge them and wait for the Wiggler to
    calm down.  Repeat the process of using the spring to bounce it down until it
    only has 2 HP left.
    This is where it gets difficult.  You have to keep using JOY to diminish the
    gas that Wiggler is letting loose, while also dodging its charge attack.  Just
    keep jumping on it after you spring it up and it’ll die.
    World		: 5-6 Wavy Beach
    Difficulty	: Hard
    Attacks		: Ink; Grab & Crush; Smack; Rejuvenation
    Description	: This adorable squid made his first appearance in Mario Sunshine
    but has since not been in many games.
    Gooper Blooper is very powerful, especially compared to earlier bosses.  As
    soon as you get to the Toad, he’s grabbed by four tentacles, and Gooper Blooper
    rears his ugly (although not really – I find him quite cute) head.  Watch out,
    because he will immediately use his tentacles to slap at you or grab you.
    Dodge his attacks and then jump on his tentacles and they’ll vanish.  Once all
    four tentacles are gone, he’ll start spitting ink.  After he’s done spitting,
    use RAGE to blast his face (when he has a shocked look on his face).  Continue
    this three times to get him down to 2 HP.
    He also has a very powerful attack where he grabs you and crushes the life out
    of you.  I’m not sure exactly what to press, but press every button you can and
    also breathe into the microphone, and hopefully he’ll let go.  If not, your HP
    will continually drop until you’re dead.
    Once he is down to 1 HP, he’ll begin to sleep, regaining HP along the way.  Try
    to destroy his sleep bubble before he can regain health by attacking normally.
    If you do it fast enough, he won’t heal, and you can try to kill him.  He’s
    quite a difficult boss, but I’m sure you can do it!
    World		: 6-6 Gleam Glacier
    Difficulty	: Hard
    Attacks		: Ice Beam; Glaciers; Rush; Icicles; Ice Blast
    Description	: Blizzaurus has no previous appearances.  She’s a pompous-looking
    dragon who is really a demented sprite in disguise.
    After reaching the frozen Toad, Blizzaurus pops out of no where and knocks him
    away.  As soon as the battle begins, Blizzaurus will charge at you.  Jump over
    her and as she gets into the corner, jump onto her force field.  She’ll create
    glaciers in the ground and also shoot beams of freezing ice at you.  If you get
    hit by the beam, you will turn into ice and immediately press various buttons
    in hopes of shattering the ice.  If you don’t, Blizzaurus will smash into you.
    Once the coast is clear (or Blizzaurus charges up her attack), stand right next
    to her and use RAGE to destroy her barrier and take away an HP.
    When Blizzaurus’ HP reaches 2, she’ll reveal her true form.  She’s actually an
    evil fairy, and she flies around in the air while you run around and dodge her
    icicles.  When you get the opportunity, use RAGE and dodge Blizzaurus’ ice
    blast, which sends bolts of ice at you in all directions.  RAGE will damage
    Blizzaurus and eventually destroy her force field.  You’ll probably have to
    jump in order to hit her, though.  Keep doing this until Blizzaurus is defeated.
    G. KAMEK
    World		: 7-6 Giddy Sky
    Difficulty	: Easy
    Attacks		: Magic Wand; Summon Magikoopas; Phase; Magic Blast
    Description	: Kamek is Bowser’s right-hand man and has been ever since Super
    Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island.  He has since appeared in several games,
    including both Mario & Luigi games and Mario Party Advance.  He is a magikoopa
    that flies around on a broom.  He also has a new look for Super Princess Peach.
    Yay, we finally found Luigi!  Unfortunately, Kamek is there, and he shoos Luigi
    away and turns himself into a giant.  Notice the cloud around him.  As he
    begins to phase away, stand on the ground and wait until he reforms.  Then, use
    JOY to twirl in the air and cause Kamek to become dizzy.  Jump onto the cloud
    and smack him with Perry.  Repeat this until he has only two HP left.
    He’ll start freaking out and the cloud will vanish.  You have to continue to do
    the same thing as before – use JOY and make him dizzy.  He’ll eventually sink
    down and you can whack him with Perry, or you can just use JOY again and use
    the whirlwind attack to hurt him.  Either way, he’ll eventually die.  Just
    remember to dodge his magic attacks and you’ll be fine.
    World		: 8-6 Bowser’s Villa
    Difficulty	: Medium
    Attacks		: Summon Hammer Bros.; Angry Flame
    Description	: This Hammer Bro. is Bowser’s loyal lieutenant and is the one who
    finds the Vibe Scepter.  This is his first time in a Super Mario game, though
    Hammer Bros. have been around since the first Super Mario Bros.  He’s basically
    a normal-looking Hammer Bro. with a gray helmet (he’s the one on the cover of
    the game).
    This poor guy never gets a name.  Anyway, as soon as Peach bursts into Bowser’s
    fortress, the General attacks.  He’ll summon a dozen or so Hammer Bros., so be
    careful of them.  They’re really the only thing that make this battle any
    difficult.  Try dodging them or fighting them off, and make your way to the
    main man, who is usually off bouncing around.  When he’s not bouncing, he’s
    growing in size out of anger.  So be cautious of his fire.
    You can attack the General normally with Perry, or use vibes to hurt him.
    Also, unlike the other bosses, he doesn’t do any special moves once he gets
    down to 2 HP.  He’s pretty easy, just watch out for his flunkies.
    World		: 8-6 Bowser’s Villa
    Difficulty	: Hard
    Attacks		: Charge; Stomp; Fire Breath; Fire Pillar; Hammer Time
    Description	: Here he is, the head honcho.  Bowser has been around since Super
    Mario Bros. and has since been the main villain in the majority of Mario games.
    Bowser’s first form is pretty difficult.  He’ll immediately start charging at
    you.  Simply jump over him to avoid his attack.  He’ll also destroy a statue of
    himself, which will leave a crystal if you need it.  Once he charges, stand in
    front of him and jump and attack with Perry.  It’ll take several hits (about
    four or five) to take an HP off him.  Once he gets down to three HP, he’ll
    start stomping the ground several times, unleashing a powerful wave.  Dodge the
    waves and his jumping, and then try to attack him.  He also has dangerous fire
    attacks, such as a fire beam that he blasts you with, a fire pillar that he
    creates, and fireballs that he spits out.  Be careful of all of those.  When he
    does the fire beam, duck, and with the other two, merely dodge them.
    World		: 8-6 Bowser's Villa
    Difficulty	: Hard
    Attacks		: Claw Grab; Hammer Time; Flame Burst; Spike Ball; Flame Inferno; Heal
    Description	: The same as Bowser I...only bigger.
    The main thing to do here is to grab the little bomb creatures and throw them
    up at Bowser's face.  However, you need to time how you throw the bombs or it
    won't hit Bowser correctly.  You get the bombs when Bowser stomps his claws on
    the ground.  His attacks aren't overly dangerous, but take your time to defeat
    him.  Heal whenever you need to, and you should do fine.
    However, once Bowser II gets low on HP, he'll start to heal himself.
    Immediately use RAGE to burst his bubble and continue to throw the bombs at
    him.  He should be toast in no time.
    I don't mind if you use this guide on other sites, go ahead and feel free to.
    I made this for anyone who has trouble or wants to know more about the bosses
    of Super Princess Peach, and I'm not going to be an old stick in the mud about
    it.  So, have fun!
    Credits: Akerin
    Any and all trademarks and copyrights contained in this guide are owned by
    their respective trademark/copyright holders.

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