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"Variation 5 on the Mario theme"

Mario, Luigi, Wario, Yoshi, DK, and now Peach!

Wow I never expected this game to be near the calibre of Mario! But in some ways it is. Although this may seem aimed at the younger female audience what with the cutesy visual style coupled with lots of minigames and the whole 'play as a girl' thing, plus the fact that the main game is easy to get through with lots of chances and few 'cheap' moments, but the testosterone fuelled gamers should not overlook this fun game. And as for the girls, it's a great game nevertheless.

Very clean 2d seen here, a little like Yoshi's Island, but more simple looking. Some instances of scaling seen, but overall nothing special. The animations are pretty well done though, both of our heroine and the many enemy types.

SOUND 8/10
Sounds are crisp, voice clips are nice to listen to, music is suitable to the levels and catchy too. I don't think the music is done by Koji Kondo, but it's well composed quality here.

Controls are a breeze. And Peach is able to upgrade her abilities so that in time she'll be able to wield her parasol in many different ways with a variety of offensive techniques. Platforming is still the core element though, so it's good to see the abilities don't make the game something else.. like Shadow the er Hedgehog.

Levels are a straightforward affair, and while the initial stages and the final ones are full of goodness, the middle parts can get a tad boring with the same old 'get to end whilst rescuing the toads' routine. A boss awaits at the end of each world which must each be defeated in inventive ways, but it seems there's something missing...

And there is! For once you finish the game, you'll gain access to 3 levels per world! And the boss levels are increased in their difficulty too. Now this is more like it. These additional levels are tough (no superlative here since the normal levels are real easy!) and more fun to get through (without worrying about toads no less). I just wish the difficulty were a higher as an option, instead of having to wait 'til the end for the good stuff. However, it is good fun for the most part. It's like a Mario game, but with unique twists via emotinal powers (which the touchscreen's use is surprisingly effective). The powers aren't used that often and seem like a tack on feature a bit, but it's there as an extra and that's what I like, extras.

There's a lot of game here for your money, and for the most part Super Princess Peach is an enjoyable affair. I can't wait for Super Paper Mario to see what the combined powers of good, bad and pretty can do, but I expect only the best. I gave New SMB 7/10 in my inaugural review here on GameFAQs, but after finishing it totally I think it merits an 8/10 due to the more creative levels I missed the first time though. For this game, I see it as a variation on a Mario-theme, but I can't really compare it to New SMB. It's a great title and just as good as Mario's game though. Maybe not better, but it's up there, so go grab it boys & girls.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/14/06

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