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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ABolner

    Version: 1.04 | Updated: 10/09/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Lunar: Dragon Song
    Version 1.04 (10/09/2005)
    by Aaron "falcon815" Bolner
    bolnerap at gmail.com
    This document Copyright 2005 Aaron 'falcon815' Bolner.  This document may
    be posted in its original form ONLY, and ONLY with written permission from 
    me.  If you would like to put this on your site, ask, and I'll take a look 
    at your site and let you know ASAP.
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    I am not affiliated with UbiSoft, nor Game Arts - I simply enjoyed this 
    game enough to put work into it and to try to put a good FAQ out there.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.  
    Table of Contents (CTRL-F any of the following strings of text to jump):
    1. Introduction
    2. FAQ
    3. Walkthrough
       A. Before we Begin
       B. Gad's Express / Thieves' Woods
       C. Delrich Temple
       D. Healriz
       E. Roland Cave
       F. Cathedral of Althena
       G. Sungrid Bridge
       H. Guystole Mine
       I. Sandra Desert
       J. Elda Canyon
       K. Vile Castle
       L. OK, Now What?
       M. Barrel Desert
       N. Red Dragon Cave
       O. White Dragon Cave
       P. West Meryod Cave
       Q. East Meryod Cave
       R. Valley of Neza
       S. Black Dragon Cave
       T. East Moto Rainforest
       U. West Moto Rainforest
       V. Blue Dragon Cave
       W. East Moto Rainforest Again
       X. Tower of Kirlis
       Y. Negri Ocean Lab
       Z. Vile Castle
    4. Closing / Thanks
    5. Version History
    1. Introduction
       Lunar: Dragon Song (aka Lunar Genesis in Japan) is the third Lunar
    title to be released stateside, remakes of the first two notwithstanding.
    As an original title in the series, it's the first to hit our shores since
       This walkthrough will do its best to be spoiler-free.  I'm not going to
    remark on the plot, only on things to do to advance it, down to each and
    every character you're required to talk to.  I do list boss names, so if
    you're concerned about spoilers in that regard, don't read too far.
       This walkthrough is complete.  
       I got many, if not all, of the blue chests.  If I missed one, feel free
    to let me know via e-mail and I will add the info and credit you.
    2. FAQ
    Q: Is Lucia... well... Lucia?
    A: No.  Recall from Lunar 2's introduction that EB's Lucia was alone on 
    the Blue Star after the evacuation. LDS takes place after the creation
    of LUNAR as a viable, liveable environment; they are not the same person.
    It's just a really, really unfortunate name for EB fans.  -_-
    Q: What's the deal with the dual battle systems?
    A: In one, you gain experience, and in the other, you gain items.  It's
    one or the other, not both.
    Q: When should I use each battle system?
    A: It's simpler to just stick in Virtue mode for most of the game. 
    Clearing screens in Virtue mode not only gets you levels, but also tends
    to get you equipment that recently became buyable.  However, it's also
    possible to go through the game mostly in Combat mode; at lower levels, 
    the bosses have lower HP, and you'll have plenty of cards to power
    yourself up.  
    Q: Is there anything I can do about running draining my HP?
    A: Act like you're playing Lunar 2 during the early portions of the game,
    and only run sparingly.  :p  Later on, it won't affect you very much.
    Q: Can I open that door on the second screen of Sungrid Bridge?
    A: Yes.  Here's how to do it:
       Once you leave Lind Village, go back to Sungrid Bridge.  Flip that
    switch.  Now, when you can go back to Leephon City via the ferry, go back 
    to Sungrid Bridge again.  Follow the path all the way to the last screen, 
    with the dead bodies.  Look in the southeast area for a ladder, climb it, 
    then go in that door.  Flip the switch inside, return to the second screen 
    from Leephon's side, and voila!  In the southeast corner, the door is now 
    open.  Inside is an Angel Ring.
    3. Walkthrough
    A. Before we Begin
       Please note that running, even in town, drains your HP.  This isn't an
    issue in town, as you can always hit a statue to heal, but be careful
    about running in the early game.  It hurts quite a bit more then than it
    will later.
       Boss HP is variable with your level; I'm almost sure of this after
    having replayed at a much lower level.  I've yet to figure out how exactly
    things differ, but I know they can vary, sometimes a bit wildly.  I'll do
    my best to nail these down in the future.  For now, the readings I got in
    my two runs are there as guidelines, not precise figures.
       Holding down the R button all the time kinda sucks.  AquaHaute suggests
    a rubber band to hold it down constantly, as it's rarely used, and I
    wholeheartedly agree.
       Also: fighting in Combat mode can get you cards, which are usable in
    battle.  Using a card depletes 100 of its points.  I highly recommend
    picking up the following cards as soon as you see them:
       Insector (+Attack Power on all, first available in Thieves' Woods)
       Vitra (Restores all HP to whole party, Sungrid Bridge)
       Ochu (Lowers damage done by enemy, Meryod)
       Gloomwing (Restores 30 MP slowly on the map, Thieves' Woods)
       Hellbird (Restores all party MP, Thieves' Woods)
       Ice Mongrel (Auto-run from battle, Thieves' Woods)
       Shreeker (Poisons all monsters, works on bosses, Thieves' Woods)
       These are the top cards, in my opinion.
       To make exorbitant amounts of money, you can buy mission items on the
    cheap in Port Olbeage.  See GhaleonOne's Gad's Express FAQ for details on
    who sells what.  My particular favorite mission is "A Noahpeace Delicacy",
    which involves delivering 10 Fish Feet, 4 Mermaid Scales, 13 Fossils,
    3 Spongy Fluids, and 2 Scales to people, for rewards ranging from 3000-
    3600 Silver.  Those mission items combined cost about 300-350 total.  You
    see where I'm going here.  That job comes up frequently in Noapeace; I
    will refer to it again when we get that far.
       For the duration of the walkthrough but for getting those cards and
    a couple early jobs, I fought in Virtue mode to gain experience, which 
    is where my boss levels came from.  On replay, which I am currently
    engaged in, I've been keeping my levels intentionally low to see what
    a viable minimum is for each boss.
       And now, the walkthrough.
    B. Gad's Express / Thieves' Woods
       Watch the intro.  Once Jian gets over his standard RPG Hero sleepiness,
    head to the first floor.  Talk to the innkeeper, then go to Jack's house
    and talk to him.  He'll tell you that Lucia's waiting for you in Fountain 
    Square.  Go there and click on her umbrella to wait for her.  Watch the 
    scene, then head to Gad's Express.  Talk to the man at the counter for 
    your first job, head to the weapons shop to buy Sneakers for Jian, then
    stop at Fountain Square again to heal if you've been running.  
       Once you've got that all taken care of, enter the Thieves' Forest.
    Head northwest.  Monsters will steal your package.  Before you move to the
    next town, I highly suggest you fight a couple battles to get used to the
    system.  Be sure to tap Jian's face to open Virtue mode before you fight;
    these early Conduct Points will help the beginning of the game progress
    more smoothly.
       There are a couple of chests in the area that contain Healing Gums.
    Get them if you want; they're not critical.  If you clear all the enemies
    from the area, you can open the blue chest, which contains... Clogs, which
    are worse than the weapon you just bought for Jian.  Oh well, 20 easy
    silver, if you go for it.
       Once you clear that area, if you decide to, you can run back to town
    to heal, then go back and head northeast.  Clearing this area of enemies
    nets you a blue chest containing a Wonder Umbrella, which at this point is
    worth the effort.  Exit Northwest to get to Perit Village.
       Stop by the well to heal, then go to Moses's house and talk to him.
    Go to Enos's house and talk to everyone after that, then go back to
    Thieves' Woods.  Return to the first area of Thieves' Woods by 
    exiting southeast, then exit northwest.  You'll find the two guys
    you're looking for; talk to them both, then heal up and head back to 
    Perit.  Go back to Enos's house and talk to everyone, then trek back to 
    where the rocks were (SE, then NW).  Hit the Althena statue to heal,
    then exit northwest.
       Clearing this area of monsters nets you a Lucky Bandana, which isn't
    really worth the effort.  There's also a treasure box with 100 silver
    in the northeast corner.  Once you clear everything out in Virtue Mode,
    head northwest.
    C. Delrich Temple
       Hit the Althena statue and save.  Head up the stairs to the northeast
    and click on each Dragon statue.  Each gives you a clue as to the 
    upcoming puzzle's solution:
       White - Before Black and after Red
       Black - Before Blue and after Red
       Red - Before White and Blue
       Blue - After White and Black
       Enterprising gamers will quickly deduce the correct pattern.  Enter
    the temple.  Walk all the way around the path (there's only one way) and
    exit southeast.  There be monsters here!  Kill them all to get a Mental
    Bandana, which is slightly higher defense than the Lucky Bandana from a
    couple screens ago.  I highly recommend it.  Work your way around and 
    exit southeast again.  More monsters here.  Taking them out allows you to
    do this puzzle in peace, so go ahead and get it done if you like.  
       You'll notice that there are four doors with color-coded crystals
    above them.  Enter them and click on the statues in the following order:
    Red, White, Black, Blue.  To the northwest of the blue statue is an
    Althena statue, as well as a chest with a Magic Ring in it.  Slap that
    on Lucia, go back to the main hall that led to the four statues, then
    exit southwest.  Work your way to the east and you'll see a warp; take
       More enemies here.  Head northeast and move the tombstone to get
    a Bone Sword.  Exit Southeast to find a not-quite-boss fight.  Kill it -
    normal attacks will do - and Lucia will make an observation.  Go back,
    pick another direction, and take out the miniboss.  
       HP 240-251
       Suggested Minimum Level: 6
       Levels: Jian 9, Lucia 9
       Each Sasquatch has two support enemies, but none of them should
    survive a Jian attack, even at level 6 without attack up.
       Use an Insector card with Lucia, and go to town.  Using the Shreeker
    card to poison it also helps out a bit, but make sure it's the only
    enemy left standing when you do that.  Heal when you need to; Lucia
    should have 3 uses of the basic cure spell by now.  If you have trouble,
    level to 7 or 8 beforehand; that shouldn't take very long.  
       You get the idea; go the other two directions, NW and SW, and take 
    those out too.  Run back to the previous Althena statue as you see fit.
    Once they're all dead, return to the northwest area of the four-statue 
    room and exit through the furthest northeast door to get your package 
    back, then leave the temple.
       Finish the job by going back to Perit: SE, talk to the two at the
    bridge, SE, NE, NW, enter the village, and go to Gad's Express to
    collect your reward.
       Four jobs become available at Gad's Express at this point.  They are
    variable; in a few reloads, I saw at least seven different jobs available.
    Do some if you want.  I found "Deliver Whiskers" to be a cheap and easy
    source of income.
       To continue the plot, go back to Enos's house in Perit Village and
    talk to him.  The bridge is open; make your way back to the bridge in the
    western portion of Thieves' Woods, cross it, and exit west.  This next
    screen of Thieves' Woods contains a blue chest with a Strong Umbrella;
    defeat all the enemies if you want it.  It certainly makes Lucia a more
    viable attacker, but it consumes MP with each attack, so be wary.  It
    might be best to just sell that weapon.
       Regardless of what you do on that screen, exit west to get to Healriz.
    D. Healriz
       To advance the plot, head to the west section of town, talk to the
    innkeeper, then go to the coliseum and talk to the attendant.  Stop in
    any place and click on the Talk icon to find out Jian's intentions.  You
    also need to talk to the girl in Balbo's house 2F, as well as Juliet and
    everyone in Leoncavallo's house.
       Once you get that taken care of, go back to the inn and talk to Aaron. 
    He'll tell you to talk to Leoncavallo's girlfriend, so go back to the east
    side and go to Leon's house.  Honey from the Insectors of Roland Forest it
    is.  This unlocks the next world map area.  Before you go, buy Jian's best
    available weapon from the weapon shop.  Exit Healriz to the southwest to 
    go to Roland Forest.  
       Get into a fight with an Insector or two, and odds are you'll get some
    honey.  Head back to town to give it to Leoncavallo.  He'll tell you to
    go to Roland Cave and take out a couple of Armored Boars.  I suggest 
    buying the best available armors for Lucia and an armor upgrade for Jian 
    before you do this.  This will cost you, altogether, 3600 silver.  As an
    alternative, you can forego Jian's armor upgrade (for now) and buy some
    different gauntlets. Leave town again, and go through Roland Forest; the 
    cave is to the northwest.
    E. Roland Cave
       Go northeast inside the cave for a Healing Gum.  To the far west is
    a blue chest containing a Protection Ring (+14 Defense for Jian).  Just 
    north of that chest is a passage that splits northwest and northeast. 
    Northwest is the Armored Boar you're looking for.  Go northeast to clear
    the regular enemies first if you like.  When you're ready, go after the
       Wild Boar
       HP: 560-587
       Suggested Minimum Level: 7
       Levels: Jian 12, Lucia 12
       Nothing to him, really.  Just attack.  Make sure to either use a 
    Shreeker or Insector card in round one with Lucia.  From then on, have 
    Lucia cure, or remove Jian's confusion status, if need be.
       Return to Healriz and talk to Leoncavallo, then go to San Coliseum. 
    Talk to the receptionist to begin the tournament.
       Fight 1: Raft
       HP 480-503
       Suggested Minimum Level: 9
       Levels: Jian 12
       Attack.  Use a Healing Drop if your HP gets below 50.
       Fight 2: Sharif
       HP 440-461
       Suggested Minimum Level: 9
       Levels: Jian 12
       Attack.  Use a Healing Drop if your HP gets below 50.
       Fight 3: Moran
       HP 600-629
       Suggested Minimum Level: 9
       Levels: Jian 12
       This guy can and will break your equipment.  Try to end it ASAP. Use
    Insector at the beginning of the fight to help speed things along; it 
    can make your criticals do up to 100 even at level 9.
       Once you beat the third battle, watch the event.  Welcome Gabi to the
    party, and head back to Port Searis.
       I had enough Ice Mongrel Tails and Scales for a 1900+ Silver job at
    this point; checking Gad's is probably a good idea, if only for easy money
    taking a package to Port Searis.
       When you're ready for the next area, go to Port Searis and board the
    F. Cathedral of Althena
       You might want to de-equip and sell the Magic Ring for easy cash here.
    Buying weapons here is a good idea; selling the Magic Ring gets you enough
    for Gabi and Jian's best weapons to this point.
       Go to Carducci's House and talk to Carducci, then go to the Checkpoint.
    Talk to everyone there, then go back to Carducci's house.  Talk to him,
    and watch Gabi take care of things.  You can now leave town.  Do so, and
    go to the Cathedral of Althena.
       **Note**: look out for the ball-and-chain enemies here.  They can
    break your equipment, which can be rather nasty.  Might not be a bad idea
    to save after every fight.
       Walk in, and head straight northeast until you reach the large Althena
    statue.  Click on it.  Now go back to the beginning of this hallway.  Hug
    the right wall on your way northeast and enter the second door to find
    the Amethyst.  Go across to the northwest to find an Aura and an Althena
    statue.  Go up the stairs to the large Althena statue.  To the left and
    right are both rooms containing a boss, with another room behind each
    with another boss.  All four are the same.
       HP: 820-860
       Recommended Minimum Level: Jian/Lucia 10, Gabi 7
       HP: 1050
       Levels: Jian 17, Lucia 17, Gabi 14
       Deuce has no special skills, just physical attacks.  He can attack
    once or twice, and sometimes, his attacks inflict Sleep and Confusion.  
    I recommend buffing up with Lucia's area Def Up spell at the beginning
    of the fight, as well as using Insector and Shreeker.  Other than that, 
    just pound on him and heal.  Be sure to use Gabi's Gale Cut; it's an 
    easy 2x damage, and you can (and should) run back to the Althena Statue 
    to heal after every one of these fights anyway.
       Each of the four Deuces drops one of the colored orbs that fit into
    the large Althena statue.  Once you have them all, go back to the
    small Althena statue in the principal's office, heal, and save, then
    go to the large Althena statue and insert the orbs.
       Get some money however you can and make sure you have plenty of
    HP/MP healing items.  Buy a couple Healing Drops, and be sure to
    have a Shreeker card and a Hellbird card. It would also be a good idea 
    to put the Amethyst on Lucia.
       Go up the stairs to find the next boss.
       HP 960-1007
       Recommended Minimum Level: Jian/Lucia 10, Gabi 7
       HP 1061-1104 (1100?)
       Levels: Jian 17, Lucia 17, Gabi 14
       This thing is really, really, really annoying.  1100 HP may not
    sound like much of an upgrade over Deuce, but Gronk has a heal 
    spell that outdoes more than one round's worth of attacks (at least,
    at my levels and equipment).  It consistently did between 130 and 
    150 HP on its cure, which can drag things out quite a bit if you're
    unlucky. In addition, it can either target one person or the whole
    party with a wind spell.  It can also petrify a single character; 
    this is why I suggested the Amethyst on Lucia.
       Use Hellbird if you need MP, and use Insector for a free attack
    boost.  Hellbird lets Gabi maintain a constant assault, which helps
    SPELLS.  I cannot stress this enough.
       Watch the scene.  Afterward, you will be in a boss fight.
       HP 693
       Recommended Minimum Level: Jian 10
       HP 816-848 (825?)
       Levels: Jian 17
       Zethos waits in the first round, attacks you in the second, then in
    the third, restores your three-hit combo.  It's a straight out fighter on 
    fighter duel from there.  Be sure to heal if your HP ever gets below 60.  
    If you lose, it's game over.
       To help win this battle easily, use Shreeker at the start.  He'll lose
    a quarter of his HP by the time you get your 3-hit combo back.  In the
    meantime, it's also a good idea to use Bealzebub (100% hit - thanks to
    AquaHaute for this tip.)
       Watch the scene, then exit the castle and save.
    G. Sungrid Bridge
       Watch the scene, then go back into the castle and save.  Go all the
    way northwest and talk to Zethos.  He'll tell you to try to cross the
    Sungrid Bridge to get to the Frontier.  Exit the castle and go to the
    central square in town to find Gabi, then leave town.
       The Vitra card is first available at Sungrid.  I highly recommend that
    you fight Vitras in Combat Mode until you get their card.  Press X in
    battle to see what the enemies are called.
       Head to Sungrid Bridge.  Follow the path until you get to a switch,
    flip the switch, then go slightly northeast to the newly opened door.
    Inside is a chest with a Holy Bracelet.  Equip it on Lucia, then exit, 
    continue along the previous path, and exit southwest.  Continue along
    the only path until you see the blue chest.  Killing all enemies in
    this area nets you a Barrier Ring.  Continue around the path and exit
    southwest.  Go southwest, flip the switch, continue southwest, follow
    the bend northwest, and go in the room you see.  Flip that switch.  Go
    back around the bend, northeast, then cut southeast when you can and
    climb down.  Go around the bend to the southwest and enter the open door.
    Inside is new armor and a new Tiara for Lucia.  Kill all the enemies in
    this area to get a Holy Umbrella for Lucia, which cuts her MP consumption
    in half if you choose to equip it.
       Continue along the path to the southwest, exit, then follow the path
    and watch the scenes.
    H. Guystole Mine
       Exit northwest, then follow the path around the thin portion of the
    tunnel and exit to the southeast.
       If you want an Angel Ring, leave this town and go to Sungrid Bridge.
    Flip the switch.  You'll have to come back to get the ring later. 
       If you have anything to sell, the General Store in Lind Village buys
    things for 50% more than any other store.   
       With that or other money, Flora could use equipment. At the very least,
    the first order of business should be to fight a few battles to get Flora
    to at least level 8-10.  That shouldn't take more than 5-6 battles. In the
    process, scout the first room of the dungeon a bit.  In the south, you
    can find a Topaz in a chest.  It's +15 ATK, so put it on whoever you want
    to do more damage.  It'll either help Flora catch up, or make Gabi even
    more deadly on Gale Cut.  Your choice; I put it on Gabi.  Kill all the
    enemies in this screen to get a Panther Gauntlet for Gabi.
       After you clear the first screen, go back to the entrance to
    get your bearings, then go southwest.  Cross the first bridge you see,
    and follow that path until you can no longer move westward.  Exit 
    northwest.  Clearing all the enemies in this room nets you a Guardian
    Ring; not a bad idea for Flora, at this point. Also, there's a Healing 
    Drop in a brown chest in this room.  
       As for getting through this room: west at the first fork, down the
    first ramp you see, west around the bend, up the next ramp you see, then
    follow the left wall alllllll the way around until you can finally take
    a fork to the southeast.  Do so and exit.
       There's a Tourmaline in the chest at the top of the ramps.  Killing
    all the enemies in this area nets you a Platinum Wristband (more for 
    Flora).  There's also a chest with *10,000* Silver in the eastern 
    portion of this dungeon.  :)  Goodbye, money problems!
       To exit the area, just go a little bit southeast from the blue chest.
    From the beginning, this is around the corner to the east, then hug the
    left wall until you see an exit to the southeast - NOT the bridge, the
    next exit.
       This takes you out of the mines.
    I. Sandra Desert
       Welcome to Sandra Desert.  Kill all the enemies in this first screen to
    get an Angel's Tears.  Not really worth the effort if you've bought any.
    Follow the path until you can exit south.  Go south in the next screen
    until you can climb some stairs to the right; this will gain you a Mental
    Gum.  Kill all the enemies in this screen to get Dark Boots.  DO THIS. If
    you were like me, and hadn't upgraded Jian's weapon since Perit (and
    honestly, there hadn't been reason to), it doubles his attack power. Much
    worth it.  There's also a Healing Drop hidden along the south wall of
    this screen.
       To quickly finish the desert from here, exit southeast, then go
    straight east from that point.  However, there's some other good stuff
    here.  If you want it, read on.
       From that same southeast exit, climb the stairs, and curl back around 
    to the west. You'll be back on the previous screen, but on a higher ledge.
    Go north/northwest until you see a sand-fall, follow it, and get the box; 
    it contains a Protective Bandana for Jian.  Follow the same southeast exit
    again, climb the stairs again, but this time, go past the sand-fall. 
    Continue north for a Stardust Bracelet.
       Now, go back to the large central screen, and this time exit southwest.
    A chest in that next screen contains 5963 Silver.  
       Exit the desert by going southeast from the large main screen, then
    east from there.  Watch the scenes, then go to Elda Canyon.
    J. Elda Canyon
       Follow the south path all the way around to an exit east, then continue
    east for a boss fight.
       Caucus, Orcus, and Morus
       HP: Caucus 740-776, Orcus 960-1007, Morus 780-818
       Recommended Minimum Level: Jian 13, Gabi 12, Rufus 15
       Levels: Jian 24, Gabryel 23, Rufus 15
       Use Shreeker, Duager, and Insector cards before you start, and these 
    suckers are no problem. Even if you don't have one, just spam Gabi and 
    Rufus's skills, and attack with Jian.  If anyone's HP gets below 70, use a
    Healing Drop.  If Morus physically attacks, she does two per round, and 
    always steals something if she hits; use an anti-stealing card if you have 
       Watch the scene.  Follow the path west, until you see stairs to the
    south.  Climb them.  Follow the path south.  When you see two geysers to 
    the right, go between them, then walk across the purple river to the
    north.  Climb the rock to find a Crystal Sword, then go back to the south
    path where you cut through the geysers.  Follow that path all the way south 
    until you hit a dead end, then go west.  You'll see two craggy rocks that
    you can climb; climb the one on the right to find some Healing Gum,
    and climb the one on the left, then follow the path up to get to Vile 
    K. Vile Castle
       First order of business: follow the path to the northeast in this 
    opening room to find a Resist Ring.  Kill everything in this room to 
    receive a Demon Ring (not all that worth it right at the moment.)
       From there, go back to the main path, exit northwest, exit northeast,
    exit northeast, then exit northwest through the door.  Watch the scene,
    then exit northwest twice.   Click through the scenes.  Do not attempt
    to win; you can't.
    L. OK, Now What?
       Keep clicking and watching.  When you have control again, go to Gad's
    Express.  Watch the scene, then go back to Leephon by taking the Ferry
    and going past the Althena Cathedral.  Head to the castle and talk to
       You can also go back to Sungrid Bridge now to finish off what you 
    started by hitting the switch on the other side.  Follow the path all the 
    way to the last screen, with the dead bodies.  Look in the southeast area
    for a ladder, climb it, then go in that door.  Flip the switch inside, 
    return to the second screen from Leephon's side, and voila!  In the 
    southeast corner, the door is now open.  Inside is an Angel Ring, which
    will revive a character automatically upon death.
       You heard the man.  Back to Healriz - west through the Thieves' Woods
    from Port Searis.  Now's a good time to stock up on cards and items by
    blowing low-level enemies away on the way back.  Head to Healriz and talk
    to Titus.  He gives you the lowdown. East, West, South, North, Black, Red,
    Blue, White.  Now that you have the answer to "Now what?", head to Roland
    Forest.  This time, instead of looping around to the northwest, hug the
    south "wall" and look for an exit to the south.  Click on the tombstone
    on the next screen, go south, hit the Althena statue, and save.  Exit
    south, go as far as you can south in the next screen, then go west as 
    far as you can, then straight north.  Exit north.
    M. Barrel Desert
       Head all the way to the west side of this first screen for a Prayer
    Water.  Look out for the sand pits.  Kill all enemies on this screen to
    receive a Dragon Coat, which is highly, highly recommended.  Fall into 
    the top left sandpit and snag a Health Ring.  Good idea to put that on 
    either Flora (who can heal all status ailments) or Jian (who needs to 
    avoid as many statii as possible).  Fall down to the southwest.  Scout 
    this room fully; in the southwest is a Healing Drop, and in the northeast
    is another healing item.  Kill all the enemies to receive a Star Dress.
    Slap that on Flora.  Exit Southeast.  Now, loop back around north to get
    back to the hill with all the sand pits, but avoid them and go southwest.
    You'll find some stairs to climb down; do so, then hug the south wall 
    until you find a south exit.
       Kill all enemies here to receive a Tiger Coat for Gabi, then exit west.
    N. Red Dragon Cave
       The heat here drains your HP slowly.  Keep moving.  
       Exit northeast from the first screen.  Loop around to the west in the
    next screen to find a healing drop.  Kill all the enemies on this screen
    to receive Dragon Gloves for Jian.  DO THIS.  Once you finish, exit 
    northwest.  In the next screen, head to the far west to find a Force Ring.
    There's an Angel's Tears on the north edge of the screen; to get there,
    go to the northwest corner, then go straight east.  Kill everything on 
    this screen to get a Counter Type 4.
       Go to the northwest area of the room, then loop around south and west
    to exit west.  Exit northeast from the next room.
       Red Dragon
       HP 2332-2881 (2500?)
       Minimum Suggested Level: Jian 13, Gabi 12, Flora 11
       Levels: Jian 29, Gabi 27, Flora 25
       What can I say?  Just beat it down.  It doesn't even offer resistance
    if you have those two fire-resistant armors.  If you don't?  Use a
    Shreeker and Insector to open, then burn up Gabi's MP using Gale Cut
    while having Jian attack and Flora use healing spells and Vitra. If he 
    crouches, give him everything you've got for the next two rounds; he won't
    do anything for those rounds.  If Flora goes down, just have Gabi take up
    her role and keep pounding with Jian.
       Cast Escape, then go back through Barrel Desert (North, loop around
    northeast, then south) and Roland Forest to get back to Healriz.  Talk
    to Titus.  He'll tell you to go meet the White Dragon next.
       You may already know where the White Dragon Cave is.  Head back
    to Thieves' Woods, then exit northeast, southeast, northeast, northeast,
    northeast to get to the White Dragon Cave.
    O. White Dragon Cave
       Click on the stone.  The game will tell you to take it to Delrich
    Temple.  Exit southwest, southwest, then loop around the next road sign
    and follow the path northwest.  You're back at the bridge.  Follow the
    path northwest to get to the temple.  Climb the steps, put the stone down,
    then go back to the White Dragon Cave.  
       Look out for the ice falling from the ceiling; taking hits gives you
    damage, naturally.
       Exit northeast.  Kill everything in this screen to get a Dragon
    Gauntlet for Gabi.  Exit north.  Kill everything in this screen to get 
    a Mental Drop.  Not worth the effort.  Exit northwest to get to the boss.
       White Dragon
       HP 2865-3169 (3000?)
       Levels: Jian 30, Gabi 28, Flora 26
       HP 2282-2410 (2300?)
       Minimum Suggested Level: Jian 13, Gabi 12, Flora 11
       It has an area ice spell and a single-target ice spell.  You might
    have to heal, but I rather doubt it if you're in the high 20s.  ^_^;  
    Use an Insector card and beat the tar out of it with Jian's Fire magic 
    and Gabi's Gale Cut.  
       If you're at lower level, it's a bit more problematic.  Be sure to
    utilize Shreeker, of course, as well as Insector and Vitra.  Vitra will
    likely have to come out every round, just in case he uses his area magic.
    If he crouches, give him everything you've got for the next two rounds;
    he won't do anything for those rounds. If Flora goes down (and she likely 
    will, at low levels), have Gabi do the healing while Jian does the 
       Cast Escape and use the party talk command.  Jian will tell you
    where to go next; Meryod Cave.  To get there, go back to Port Searis;
    you can exit to West Meryod Cave from there.
    P. West Meryod Cave
       Kill everything in this first room to get a Spirit's Haircomb for 
    Flora.  Silence prevention is yum.  Exit south.  There's a Healing Gum
    in the first chest to the right in this next room.  Just southwest of that
    is a chest with Prayer Water.  The exit is to the southeast.
       Hug the left wall for another chest with Prayer Water.  Kill all the
    enemies in this room to find Phoenix Claws for Gabi.  The exit is to the
    Q. East Meryod Cave
       Hit the Althena Statue on your way in.  Exit Northeast.  Kill 
    everything in the first screen to get 10000 Silver.  Exit south.  There's
    nothing notable in the next room; a chest with a Prayer Water in the north
    is all.  Exit south again.  Kill everything in this room to get 10000
    Silver.  Exit south again to get to Noapeace.  
       This is a good time to stop and make exorbitant amounts of money,
    especially if you're playing through at low levels.  Remember that job I
    mentioned back in "Before we Begin"?  Take the ferry to Olbeage, buy up
    the mission items I mentioned, and do that job repeatedly for easy cash.
    It's easiest to reset the jobs at Gad's until you get a destination that's
    at least in a port town, if not Noapeace itself.  Mmm, fish feet.
       You can buy some new equipment here, but if you've been getting all the
    blue chests, the only thing that might even be worth your time is a new 
    headband for Jian. If you've been following the walkthrough, you already 
    have all of their armor and the others' weapons.  You could buy the 
    Composite Bow for Flora - it sometimes fires multiple shots, which is great
    for finishing off multiple weak enemies - but if you're wanting a powerful
    single-shot bow for Flora, well, just wait a moment.
       If you've been playing through at low level, this is a good place to
    stop and buy equipment, because the next boss is dangerous.  You can
    always get more easy money via jobs later; buy any equipment you can now.
    I suggest buying the second-best available armor for Gabi and Jian here,
    as the most expensive of both isn't worth the money.  The rest is up to
       Go to the Inn's second floor, and go to room 203 to talk to the
    tenant.  The next area is opened as a result of this.
    R. Valley of Neza
       There's a Mental Gum and Healing Gum along the east edge of this 
    screen.  Kill all enemies to receive a Crystal Bow.  (There you go.)  The
    chest easily visible on the way north is a Healing Drop.  Exit north.
    Go straight north to get an Angel's Tears.  Loop around west, then north
    to exit.  In the northeast corner of the next screen is a Mental Drop; the
    other two chests contain a Prayer Water and a Healing Drop. Kill all 
    enemies to receive a Clear Ring.  Exit northeast to get to the Black
    Dragon Cave.
    S. Black Dragon Cave
       Ignore the ladder and exit northeast.  Don't bother killing all the 
    enemies: the blue chest item is Dragon Gloves, which you should already 
    have by now.  From the beginning of the room, follow the path west, then
    veer north when you can.  Ignore the stairs and go east.  At the next
    fork, go northeast.  Follow the path.  At the next fork, veer south.  
    Continue until you get to another fork; go west.  Follow the path until
    you get to the Black Dragon door.
       Black Dragon
       HP 1840-1931
       Recommended Minimum Level: Jian 17, Gabi 16, Flora 16
       HP 2103-2167 (2150?)
       Levels: Jian 39, Gabi 38, Flora 37 
       This fight isn't terribly notable at high level.  However, I would 
    suggest that you conserve Jian's MP.  Don't worry about status effects in
    this battle; concentrate on keeping your MP and HP as high as possible.
       At low level, it is absolutely imperative that you use Duager to start
    the fight, or you're going to die from his area earth magic.  It's also a
    very good idea, as usual, to use Shreeker and Insector.  After this round,
    have Flora or Gabi use Vitra after every round of area earth magic, while
    Jian and Gabi/Flora attack when they're free.
       Dark Jian
       HP 1117
       Recommended Minimum Level: Jian 17, Gabi 16, Flora 16
       Biggest joke in the game.  Why?  He mimes everything Jian does. Just 
    have Jian use a card or a healing item every round while Gabi and Flora 
    attack.  (Thanks to sunapple212, the first person to tell me this.)
       Once you win, click through the scene, acquire Dark Jian's area earth
    spell, and escape.  
    T. East Moto Rainforest
       Kill everything on this screen to get Fighting Fists for Gabi.  The
    blue chest is hidden in an alcove on the left side of the screen.  Exit
       Exit southwest from this screen to get to Rebric Village.
       Go to Saul's house and talk to him, then exit Rebric to the west to
    get to West Moto Rainforest.
    U. West Moto Rainforest
       Kill all enemies on this screen to get an Amulet... if you want to.
    It's not really worth it.  Exit southwest.  Kill all the enemies on this
    screen to obtain Crystal Boots for Jian.  Exit southwest.  Kill all
    enemies on this screen to obtain a Fresh Ring.  Exit southwest again to 
    get to the Blue Dragon Cave.
    V. Blue Dragon Cave
       First order of business: Follow the path to the north, then follow the
    bend west.  You'll see a small path branching southward.  Follow it into
    the wall and keep going south, then east.  This chest contains a Magic
    Booster, an accessory that allows you to cast spells for 1/3 the cost.
    I highly suggest it, for obvious reasons.  Kill all enemies in this room
    to acquire a Crystal Haircomb for Flora, then exit north.
       The next room has three exits: Southwest, Southeast, and Northwest.
    Each requires you to go in and tap the central platform.  Do so.  The
    three blue chest treasures are: Southeast (Fresh Ring), Northwest
    (Prayer Water), and Southwest (Mental Drop), none of which are worth the
       Once you take all the stones from the platforms, the Blue Dragon's
    room rises in the middle of the previous room.  Go there and save.
       Blue Dragon
       HP ????
       Recommended Minimum Level: Jian 17, Gabi 16, Flora 16
       Levels: Jian 48
       If at high levels, simply use a magic spell to advance.  If at low
    levels, use a magic spell, then survive for a couple more rounds to get
    to the real fight.
       Blue Dragon
       HP 2560-2688
       Recommended Minimum Level: Jian 17, Gabi 16, Flora 16
       Levels: Jian 48, Gabi 48, Flora 47
       If you've been keeping up on blue chests, this battle is trivial.  Use
    Jian's magic and Gale Cut, and cast Defense Up (then heal afterward) with
    Flora, and you will win easily.
       If you're at low level and haven't been keeping up on blue chests,
    it's a shade more difficult.  First off, I recommend having the Magic
    Booster on Gabi.  Start out the battle with Insector from Jian, Gale Cut
    from Gabi, and whatever's most appropriate from Flora (Vitra/healing if
    Jian is hurt, or Shreeker if he's not).  From there, have Flora heal
    whoever got hit in the previous round, Jian attack / use magic, and Gabi
    use Gale Cut.
       Cast escape.  Go back to Rebric and talk to Roxane, the woman in Saul's
    house, then go to Tovia's house and tell him that you haven't heard
    of the Blue Dragon Cave.  He'll tell you that the strange inventor wants
    a flower that grows there.  Go back to the Blue Dragon Cave.  The flower
    is in the northwest quadrant of the large central room.  Enter the Cave,
    exit northeast, exit north, then take the left fork and follow the path
    north when you can.  Get the flower and go back to Rebric, then exit east
    to East Moto Rainforest.
    W. East Moto Rainforest Again
       Exit southeast.  Kill all enemies on this screen to get 5963 silver.
    Loop all the way around this map and exit southeast to get to the Tower
    of Kirlis.
    X. Tower of Kirlis
       Getting hit by the white energy balls makes you take damage.  Try your
    best to avoid them.   
       Kill all enemies on this first screen to get a Fighter's Hairband for
    Gabi. Exit into the center stairwell, then exit northwest. Talk to Kirlis,
    then exit northeast.  Stand on the center of the roof, in the circle, then
    go back and talk to Kirlis.  Ocean lab it is.  
       You can get some extra items here, if you like.  If not, skip to
    the next section.
       Go downstairs from where you are, then loop all the way around the
    room (SW, NW, NE) to exit northeast.  Follow the path on the next screen
    and exit.  Exit southwest to find a chest with a Mental Drop if you wish.
    If not, exit northwest, up the stairs.  Immediately go straight east and
    go up the stairs for a Healing Ring (regain HP every round).  Return to
    the previous screen.  Go southwest, onto the red floored area, then loop
    around to the northwest and exit.
       Kill everything on this screen to get a Champion's Uniform, then
    Y. Negri Ocean Lab
       To get to the Ocean Lab, you have to go back to the Cathedral of
    Althena.  Leave through the rainforest, exit north, go back to the port
    town, go to the port on the central island, then leave town and go to the
    Cathedral.  Negri Ocean Lab will be selectable as you leave the cathedral.
       The slime pits here will damage you, as will the debris falling from
    the sky.  Look out.
       Go to the northeast and exit southeast from that corner.  Exit north-
    east, hit the switch, and return to the previous room.  Exit southeast
    to get Glasses from a chest, if you like.  May not be worth it.
       Cast Escape, and exit northwest this time.  Immediately exit northeast.
    Immediately exit northwest and hit the switch.  Cast escape.  Go back
    northeast, exit southeast, exit northeast, and exit northwest after.  Hit
    the switch and cast Escape.
       Exit Northwest, Northeast, Northeast, Southeast.  The sound effects
    should change.  Go northeast and grab the Levistone, then cast Escape
    and get out of here.
       Go all the way back to Kirlis's Tower and give him the Levistone. Go
    up to the roof and click while in the circle under the airship to take
       Do whatever you want to do now.  It's easy to go restore cards, get
    items, do jobs, etc. now.  I especially recommend getting a full charge
    on your Vitra, Hellbird, Ice Mongrel, and Insector cards now, if you've 
    been using them.  You'll have to deplete them fully first, of course.
       Your next plot destination is Vile Castle.  Go there.
    Z. Vile Castle
       Go back up the stairs northwest, then up the next few floors until
    the fourth floor.  Once on the fourth floor, exit northwest, then north-
    west twice more to get to Ignatius's Grand Hall.
       Did you really think you'd get away without fighting this guy?  It's
    boss time.
       HP 3500-3600
       Levels: Jian 50, Gabi 50, Flora 49
       Toss out an Ochu card and cast Grand Weapon, then beat the stuffing
    out of it with Jian's magic and Gale Cut, while having Flora cure whoever
    gets hit with his physical attacks.  His physicals can add Sleep.
       HP 2500-2600
       Recommended Minimum Level: Jian 17, Gabi 16, Flora 16
       Just as in the higher level strategy, use Ochu and Insector.  Shreeker
    is always a good idea. Have Flora keep the party healed with Vitra and/or
    spells while Jian and Gabi use their special attacks.  
       Exit northwest when you win, then exit south.  You'll have your choice
    of NW, SW, NE, SE.  You must defeat all enemies in Virtue Mode in each
       SE: Blue - reward is Ignatius Card
       NE: Black - reward is Gideon 3 Card
       NW: White - reward is Althena Card
       SW: Red - reward is Rufus Card
       Once you finish each corner, head to the center, re-enter, and the
    teleporter in the north will be active.  Heal up before you enter.
       Gideon 2
       HP 5000
       Recommended Minimum Level: Jian 25, Gabi 25, Flora 25
       Levels: Jian 52, Gabi 52, Flora 52
       Here he is again.  Use Ochu, Onlooker, and Insector to make this
    easier.  He's got a 3-hit physical attack and a single-target wind
    attack; the 3-hit should be negligible if you have good equipment,
    and the wind attack can easily be canceled by a heal from Flora.  At low
    levels, the 3-hit does more damage, but the only person in serious danger
    should be Flora.  Even if you lose her somehow, just have Gabi use Vitra
    every 2-3 rounds, and he'll be no match for you.
       You will automatically advance.  Heal up while you can, then
    climb the stairs to face...
       Gideon 3
       HP 7500
       Levels: Jian 52, Gabi 52, Flora 52
       HP 6464
       Recommended Minimum Level: Jian 25, Gabi 25, Flora 25
       Yep, him again.  As if the card hadn't given that away; good job,
    game!  Similar to before; he's got a physical, and this time he's 
    got an area ice attack.  It's not terribly damaging, however.  Even at low
    levels, he's cake; poison him, cast Grand Shell, and have Flora use Vitra
    every other round (and Hellbird / other random status effects of your
    choice on off-rounds) while Jian and Gabi beat the tar out of him. 
       Watch the scenes and exit southeast, then southwest to watch
    the ending.
       Yes, that's really it.
    4. Closing / Thanks
       Thanks to Ubi Soft for bringing this game to the US.
       Thanks to Andrea, for constant love and support, and for buying and
    playing the game alongside me.  I love my Lunar fangirl.  ^_^
       Props to the man without which GameFAQs would not exist, CJayC.  Keep
    up the good work.
       Thanks to Aaron Voymas for the tip on bosses being vulnerable to
    poison.  I never thought to try.
       Thanks to sunapple212 for a particular boss strategy (noted in the
    walkthrough).  I know a bunch of you people on the board saw it too, but
    s/he was the first to tell me, so s/he gets the name recognition.
       Finally, thanks to my friend, Andrew Strack, who introduced me to Lunar 
    by showing me the PSX version of Lunar 2 once it finally got to him after 
    the Chicago blizzard delay.  Without him, I may never have gotten into the
    series, and indeed what I count as one of my three favorite games ever 
    made (L2EBC), and I certainly wouldn't have made an effort to get a DS for
    this game.
       This guide copyright 2005 Aaron 'falcon815' Bolner.
    5. Version History
       version 0.01 - Bought the game on 9/28/05 and began play
       version 1.00 - Finished the game on late 10/02/05, polished and 
                      submitted FAQ/Walkthrough on 10/03/05
       version 1.01 - Added some tips to "Before we Begin", rewrote boss
                      strategies and some of the walkthrough in 3A-3F
       version 1.02 - Retooled boss strategies and HP from 3G-3Z.
                      Finished adding low-level notes for all bosses.
                      Added how to open the second door on Sungrid Bridge.
       version 1.03 - Fixed an error in the Table of Contents, verified
                      first location of Vitra with AquaHaute. (10/07/2005)
       version 1.04 - updated allowable-post list, updated a boss strat

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