Lumina's LP?

  1. Okay, right now, she has a purple heart. I already did the heart even and everything. And i'm trying to get her to have a blue heart. which according to this website i found, i need 20,000 LP. BUT SOMETHING IS HAPPENING.
    Every single day, i go to the Pond place, and i give her a gift. ONce i got her LP to like 18,000 but then THE NEXT DAY, i go see her again and her LP is 13,000 !!!
    this is killing me.

    User Info: camilafoot

    camilafoot - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    If You're Littering Or Not Taking Care Of Your Animals, No One Tends To Like You. Also, Make Sure You Give Lumina Stuff She Likes As Well.

    User Info: artgirl4491

    artgirl4491 - 7 years ago

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  1. And dont make golden lumber for fence

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  1. It could be because you're giving her something she doesn't like. Or, if you are littering or taking poor care of your animals, it can make everyone in the town dislike you, including her.

    User Info: outcastmage

    outcastmage - 7 years ago 1 0
  2. Never litter unless it's your farmland and give her what she likes and take good care of your animals and farm.

    User Info: FonoNinja01

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  3. Must people tend to get Lumina... Not an answer, just a saying...

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  4. Littering includes simply picking up weeds and throwing them back down. I know its not as hard as them taking up room in your rucksack and then shipping them all for a measly 1G each, but if you want people to like you it is a must. Also if your excited and pass the days without tending to your animals and neglecting them, you GUESSED it! Their FP (or LP) goes DOWN.

    User Info: Jasmine722

    Jasmine722 - 7 years ago 1 0
  5. The ways to decrease Friendship Points (FP) and Love Points (LP) are mainly things like littering things all over town. You can't just pick something up and throw it back on the ground unless it's on your own farm. They don't care if you litter on your own farm. They also care if you throw things in water. If you MUST get rid of something, you can just stick it in your shipping bin or bargain it for a higher price at Van's. If it's something that's unsellable, there's a trash can in your house in front of your bed. You can get rid of stuff easily with your trash can and you'll never have to see it again. Another thing that may upset people, including Lumina, is when you neglect your animals/pets. Animals are like people. You gotta look out for them no matter what. If you don't care for a person or animal right, they go dieing if not hating you. You can give all the gifts you want to your neighbors, but animals must come first. ALSO ANOTHER THING. Lumina is the kind of girl that can get picky. She'll want only certain things certain times. Give her some variety. Don't give her things she won't like. Check the guides to make sure you're giving her the right thing. This should get you back on your feet, but if it doesn't don't worry. In my opinion, Lumina is a pretty hard girl to get in the game. If you're looking for an easier woman to "woo", Celia and Muffy are some of the easiest girls to marry in the game. Their variety of gifts aren't as picky and their heart events are easy to trigger. :]

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  6. If it still doesn't work, give relax tea a try; 800 LP + 200 overnight.
    or curry, I think.

    User Info: LockedSeth

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  7. You could be littering?
    Never drop ANYTHING ANYWHERE outside your farmland!
    And I had this problem, I had Muffy on a red heart then one of my animals died.
    When I saw Muffy the next day, her heart was orange.
    So remember to feed your animals every day, never litter and keep giving her things she likes.

    User Info: RamonaLisaa

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  8. Lumina is a sweet and spoiled girl as well as Romanna's daughter. She
    lives in the vista and will take a walk up to the harvest goddess's pond
    during the afternoon. She likes relaxation tea and diamonds and here are her heart events:

    Black: Enter the villa around 6:00 pm and you will find Lumina and
    Romanna arguing over the old lady's health.

    Purple: After you get the DVD player, Lumina will show up at your farm
    and ask you how it works.

    Blue: Go to the harvest goddess pond during the afternoon around 5:00 on
    a clear day. Lumina has lost her necklace and wants to enlist your help
    in locating it.

    Yellow: Go to Lumina's room around 9:30 pm. You will find her waiting
    for van to arrive with her own DVD player. But when he arrives, he will
    be sold out. Support you girl friend's wishes.

    Also, as above mentioned, avoid littering and don't neglect your animals, do that and everything should be fine. If your problem persists, consult a doctor; the game must have bugged and/or fixed.

    User Info: r5v3n

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  9. Another way to raise her affection points is to have loads of baby animals born on your farm. She loves them. it gave my game an unexpected boost!

    User Info: TeaganRat

    TeaganRat - 6 years ago 1 0
  10. Maybe because you are littering and not taking care of your animals

    User Info: Power-append

    Power-append - 6 years ago 1 0
  11. Maybe you do any littering or let your farm animals died/sick?
    Remember that those kind of things will make any LP decreased.
    And make sure you give her something that she likes (she's a picky). Once you reached 20000LP, enter the blue heart event.

    User Info: 13450_00

    13450_00 - 6 years ago 1 0

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