How do I unlock the second mine and get to the bottom without fainting?

  1. I've gotten to the bottom of the first mine several times and the second mine just wont unlock. Also i can only get to the 130 floor with food completely filling my bag

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    jammaster5000 - 7 years ago

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  1. If you have a lot of money, it's easier to just spend it by buying 99 Bodigizer XL and 99 Turbojolt XL before going down.

    Equip hammer around 9/10 when Carter's in the mine late at night.
    If you've gone down the mine before the next mine should open up.

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  1. Well after that u have to go to the mine at a certain hour at night i think it is 9pm(check in faqs for more info) and a event will be show up just like u did in the first mine.

    And for the part that u must resist to the last floor theres a guy called Van that come to the inn's top floor every day ending in 3 or 8 and u can buy from him some useful stuff to go to the mines and u can sell stuff to mate.

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  2. Don't forget that you have to have the hammer with you in order for the event to take place.

    For a fairly cheap (in more than one sense of the word) technique of sustaining yourself, dig the floor of the mine with the hoe to pull up black grass. That'll recover 5 stamina and fatigue and is pretty common. Save before you dig up the floor and memorize the grass locations, then reload and dig in just those spots if you don't want to waste the energy. You've got a very good chance of digging up black grass on the 10th (final) floor of the first mine.

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  3. Instead of using Bodigizer XL and Turbojolt XL (which will deplete your funds), collect some weeds/stones or anything that can be found in the Valley. Buy the complete set of Kitchen, and use the ingredients to make every kind of food (fry, steamer, etc.) and make Elli Leaves, which, I think, restores your Stamina and resets your fatigue fully.

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  4. so, is the second mine unlocked? i have never fainted from the 1st and 2nd mine. lol at the end of the first mine you clear out all the enemies. for the second one: When you
    arrive, you need to kill all of the enemies on the floor with any tool
    you have. Once you defeat all of them, the big rock at the top of the
    screen will open leading you into the room containing the maiden. (to me she looks like an indian chick, but meh. make sure you have an empty spot in your inventory or she sends you back outside and you have to do 255 floors AGAIN! >.<; ) The
    first time you enter her room, she will give you the legendary sword.
    It is a tool you need in order to open the secret field behind the
    waterfall. You also need to retrieve it in order to open the third

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  5. Sorry, i forgot. lol you have to arrive at the bottom of the 2nd mine. (255 levels)

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  6. You must reached the bottom of the first mine, and cleared the rocks AND black animals with your tools (basically, a hammer will do). Then go to the mine on festival and unlocked the 2nd mine.
    For your stamina and fatigue, you can buy MANY Turbojolt and Bodigizer or make Elli Leaves from your kitchen.

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  7. You must reach the bottom of the 1st mine and then replay your event with Carter like the first time you open the 1st mine, early in the morning or late at night when no one's there.

    There are some things you can do to not faint:

    01. Get the biggest rucksack (holds up to 54 different items & 2x bigger than the starter)
    02. Fill with useful items / foods, example:
    200 black grass (find at the 1st mine)
    200 bamboo shoots (find at the Spring season)
    200 cooked items (Savory Pancake restores 50 stamina / ate)
    200 indigo grass (find at Summer season)
    200 purple, green and blue grass (find at Summer season)
    Money needed: 50 Bodigizer, 50 Turbojolt, 50 BodigizerXL, 50 TurbojoltXL
    03. Get a lot of money (to buy foods / items)
    04. Finish work you haven't done (ex: water crops, feed animals)
    05. Go to the mine
    06. Go inside
    07. Save every floor you go through, specially when you're almost there (so you can reload from the nearest floor)
    08. Only use the supplies if you running out of stamina

    Good luck.

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