How do you make a fence?

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    rapster143 - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. its not really a fence, but yea.
    you clear up all the grass and rocks, then u pick up lumber, stone OR GOLD LUMBER and just toss it on the floor and make a fence out of it, and it will stay there. Its best to use stone, since its not that expensive and will not rot. the lumber will rot and look all ugly.

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Other Answers

  1. To make a fence do get stone then outline your farm field that you want a fence around and then lay the stone or lumber down and you have a fence P.S. If you want wood you are going to have to change the wood a lot cause it will die and will look really ugly I chose stone cause it does not rot or break at all.

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  2. To make a fence hit rocks and then clear the amount of the field you want then put the fence around the space you want. You can use lumber but it will rot and then go away. Golden Lumber is very expensive and cannot be harvested so I would just use stone because it looks nice and will not rot. Hope this helps

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  3. But don't you have to put two layers? The wild dogs i thought could jump

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  4. Clear where you what to put the fence then cut the lumber the cilck on it then hold on the wood then put where you what it,

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  5. In the game there really is no fence you can buy but if you take all your ores and line them up they make a fence. This is what the game refers to when it says fence. It is not possible to aquire a fence such as the fence around the Inner Inn.

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  6. Its not that hard like the other guys said clear your field or where you want your fence to be then just place a choped up or a hammered stone where you want it

    User Info: miyamoto_kun

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  7. 1. To build a fence you collect lumber or stone (I recomend stone because it very rarely falls down)
    2. Place your Lumber /Stone on the ground on your farm around the area you want enclosed.

    (although it doent look like the fences you see around the valley they are very usefull for letting your animals outside but to keep them in one area so they are easy to find at night so that you can put them away)

    User Info: Unicornsrule_67

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