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    Harvest Sprite Locations by Cherubae

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/28/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                           Harvest Sprite Location FAQ
                                  version 1.0
     Table of Contents
    Part 0.0 - FAQ Introduction
         0.1 - What is a Harvest Sprite?
         0.2 - Finding the sprites
    Part 1.0 - Black, Sprite Station team
    Part 2.0 - Red, Animal: Shipping & Feeding team
    Part 3.0 - Orange, Lumber team
    Part 4.0 - Yellow, Animal: Brushing & Petting team
    Part 5.0 - Green, Harvest team
    Part 6.0 - Indigo, Fishing team
    Part 7.0 - Purple, Healing team
    Part 8.0 - Blue, Watering team
    Part 9.0 - Brown, Miscellaneous team
    Part 10.0 - White, Baby sprite
    Part 11.0 - FAQ Update History
     Part 0.0 - FAQ Introduction
    This document is to help players find the missing Harvest Sprites in 
    Harvest Moon for the Nintendo DS console.
    Author: Cherubae
    Email: cherubae@fogu.com
    Website: Ushi No Tane, http://www.fogu.com/hm
    Update date: October 28, 2006
    (c) copyright 2006 fogu.com - Please do not redistribute this text file 
    without section 0.0 - Thank you
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this 
    guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
     Part 0.1 - What is a Harvest Sprite?
    The sprites are helpers of the Harvest Goddess. They have been sent away
    to another world by the Witch Princess in the hopes of locating the 
    Goddess, who was accidentally banished to an unknown location. Since 
    the sprites are all missing it is up to you to return them to your 
    world by working on tasks associated with your farm. 
    The Harvest Sprites are divided into 10 different "teams". Seven of those 
    teams can be hired as labor to take care of the farm work for you. If you 
    haven't found any members of a particular team then you can't hire them! 
    Each of the 7 labor teams have 11 normal sprites and 1 Leader sprite. The 
    Leader helps to make the team more efficient with their work. If you are 
    tired of watching your hired team slack off then it's a good idea to work 
    towards unlocking the team's missing Leader.
    Team 1 - Red sprites, harvest animal produce and fill feeding bins
    Team 2 - Orange sprites, collect Wood and Stone lumber for buildings
    Team 3 - Yellow sprites, wash and pet your livestock
    Team 4 - Green sprites, collect crops you have grown
    Team 5 - Purple sprites, recharge your stamina levels when asked to
    Team 6 - Indigo sprites, catch fish and garbage from bodies of water
    Team 7 - Blue sprites, water your crops
    Team 8 - Brown sprites, casino games and shops
    Team 9 - White sprite, just a small baby sprite
    Team 10 - Black sprites, the mighty Sprite Station operators
    All 101 sprites live at the Sprite Company Tree next to the Goddess' pond 
    in the northern corner of Forget-Me-Not Valley. The tree is open from 
    10:00 am until 6:00 pm, excluding festival days. Inside the tree you'll 
    find a counter where you can ask Guts (an Abacus sprite) to lend a team to
    you for 1, 3, or 7 days. The currency you'll need to hire the teams are in
    the form of Medals. You can win Medals from the Casino games (see Part 9.0)
    or by directly trading gold for medals at the exchange booth inside the 
    The price for hiring the team will vary depending on how much experience 
    they have with their set task and how much friendship (hearts) they have. 
    The better they are at a job the more the team costs, but you can offset 
    the price by befriending the team members. The more hearts the team 
    members have, the cheaper the team is.
    A sprite team will work from 6:00 am until 9:00 pm.
     Part 0.2 - Finding the sprites
    Each sprite will be unusable until you complete the requirements to unlock 
    him from the other world. When you finish the task the sprite will instantly 
    appear on your screen, thank you for finding him, and then return to the 
    Company Tree. There are 101 sprites in total that need to be located.
    The first 60 sprites you find are the most important. One of the marriage 
    requirements in HMDS is for you to find at least 60 before the girl you 
    are trying to marry will accept your proposal. After you find the 60 sprites 
    needed for marriage you can forgo looking for any others, or you can take 
    up the challenge to find all of the missing helpers. Any 60 sprites you 
    find will work to meet the marriage requirement.
    You can see which sprites you have discovered by going into your Farm 
    Asset screen and tapping the sprite head icon with your stylus.
    When you find all 12 of a labor team, exit your farm house after 10:00 pm 
    and you will be invited to celebrate the team's return with a dance. All 
    of the team members and yourself will shimmy around in a circle until the 
    team leader decides it's time for the party to end. You will then be taken 
    back to your farmhouse, but you will have stayed up all night without 
    being able to recharge your stamina levels.
     Part 1.0 - Black, Sprite Station team
    Team 10 is listed last in the Farm Asset screen but they are some of the 
    most important. The 9 sprites of the black team take care of running the 
    Sprite Station, a small TV station you can access from your touch screen. 
    The channels of the station will give you information about the going-ons in 
    the valley and tips on how to play the game. Each of the channel operators 
    are named after a planet in the Solar System. Once you discover the station 
    sprite you can watch the channel when ever you want.
    You can not increase your friendship with the channel operators since you 
    don't have the ability to hire them. They are always on.
    This sprite will be the 3rd one you find in the game, and appears during 
    the introduction phase of the game. Channel 1 will air the next day's 
    weather report. You can have sunny, rainy, snowy, hurricane, or snow storm 
    atmospheres on your farm. 
    If you want a specific weather pattern for a certain day then save your game 
    before going to bed the night *before* the day before your weather-specific
    day. When you wake up the next day and check channel 1, if the next day's 
    weather is not to your liking you can just reload and try again.
    The shopping channel is run by the 2nd sprite operator. To unlock channel 2
    you will need to call Karen's General Store using your telephone, and buy 
    something. It doesn't matter what it is (riceballs, seeds, etc.) just as 
    long as it is *something*. After 10 days worth of purchases you will 
    discover Venus. The days can not be in a row since Karen takes 2 days off 
    during the week.
    Once a week you'll find something for sale on channel 2 that you can use for
    your own house. The rest of the days will be items that *only* Harvest 
    Sprites can buy. If you are not a sprite then you don't have to worry about 
    it, and you can never purchase those items. When you find an item you want 
    to order off of channel 2, call the TV Shopping network from your telephone.
    The item will arrive a few days later.
    No upgrade required
    - Table (500 G)
    - Clock (2000 G)
    - Tool Box (2000 G)
    - Beauty Box (2500 G)
    1st house upgrade required
    - Cabinet (2500 G)
    - Refrigerator (2500 G)
    - Kitchen (2500 G)
    1st house upgrade + kitchen required
    - Pot (1000 G)
    - Frying Pan (1200 G)
    - Mixer (1200 G)
    - Oven (2500 G)
    - Steamer (2500 G)
    2nd house upgrade required
    - Big Bed (10,000 G)
    If you miss something from Venus just wait for a bit and it will circle 
    back around in his list of items for sale.
    If you want some hints as to where sprites are hidden you can unlock the 
    channel 3 sprite, Earth. On his daily show he will tell you where he hears a
    sprite's voice, and even has a profile segment where he talks about one 
    particular sprite in detail that day.
    Earth will appear after you have unlocked your 20th sprite.
    This channel gives you daily tips on how to become a Farm King. Mars will 
    give you an FYI hint and they're all very obvious if you're familiar with 
    how to play the Harvest Moon series. When a wild dog appears on your farm, 
    Mars will let you know from anywhere in the valley by activating the Channel
    4 alert for you. 
    You can find Mars after you have shipped 300 of one type of item you make on
    your own farm. That could be 300 Eggs, 300 Cucumbers, and so on. You can use
    the Cannery to ship these items, but you can *not* use the Maker machines to
    turn your animal items into more profit. If you ship 300 Mayonnaise you'll 
    find that Mars will not appear. The same goes for Yogurt, Yarn, and Cheese.
    There are records you can purchase from Jet at the Sprite Company Tree that
    allow you to change the background music to remixes of past Harvest Moon 
    songs. After you buy 5 of these records you will unlock Jupiter and his DJ 
    Channel 5 show. You can change your background music at any time, but the 
    music will revert back to the standard season song after you trigger events 
    or use the Touch Glove on your animals. More records will be available to 
    purchase as you proceed through the game.
    Available at the beginning of the game
    - SNES, Spring Song (500 G)
    - SNES, Town Spirit (500 G)
    - N64, Flower Bud Fall (500 G)
    - N64, Memories (500 G)
    - BTN For Girl, Marine Jazz (500 G)
    - BTN For Girl, Butterfly (1000 G)
    - STH, Summer Memories (1000 G)
    - STH, Joy of Fall (1000 G)
    - AWL, Quiet Winter (1000 G)
    - AWL, Griffin Blue (1000 G)
    Available after you are married
    - N64, No.17 (2000 G)
    - STH, Love Event (2000 G)
    - AWL, Griffin's Sorrow (2000 G)
    - AWL, Poet (2000 G)
    Available after your child grows to kid-stage
    - AWL, Unknown (5000 G)
    - AWL, Opening Theme (5000 G)
    - FoMT, Opening Song (5000 G)
    - DS, WALK (5000 G)
    - DS, Sprite Samba (5000 G)
    In the English version of HMDS, record "Unknown" is completely silent. In 
    the Japanese version it is a very dark, melodramatic song. It might be a 
    type of song that would play when something dies or at a dramatic event.
    Available when you connect to FoMT/MFoMT
    - FoMT, Spring HM (10,000 G)
    - FoMT, Summer HM (10,000 G)
    - FoMT, Autumn HM (10,000 G)
    - FoMT, Winter HM (10,000 G)
    - FoMT, Last Dance (10,000 G)
    Channel 6 is the news show. Saturn will tell you the current season's 
    festival dates and remind you when you reach that particular day of the 
    Saturn will unlock after you have visited in 3 festival events in the 
    valley. This station will usually unlock around the Fireworks Festival 
    (Su24) or the Harvest Festival (Fa09).
    The variety channel 7 is run by Uranus. Each week you'll get to watch an 
    episode of "Rookie Detective Kanako". To unlock Uranus you just have to 
    befriend a resident of the valley to 100 Friend Points. This is easy to do 
    with Daryll or Dr.Hardy (wild grass = +9 FP), and Sebastian or Romana 
    (flower = +9 FP).
    The only thing that airs on Channel 7 is the detective show. In the Japanese
    version there are new shows every day of the week, but those were removed in 
    the English version.
    You don't have to do any work to find Neptune. He'll be the 2nd sprite that 
    appears during the introduction of the game. Neptune holds some tutorials 
    you can browse through if you're new to the series. That's all he does.
    The last channel operator is also the most difficult to unlock. Pluto will 
    give you a daily quiz question to test your knowledge of A Wonderful Life, 
    Another Wonderful Life, and Friends of Mineral Town. If you answer the 
    question correctly for 35 days then you'll be rewarded with a free bag of 
    Relaxtea Leaves. You don't have to complete every question in a row so it is
    okey if you miss one or two.
    To unlock Pluto you must ship 100,000 of an item you produce on your farm, 
    much like what you had to do for unlocking channel 4 (Mars). The easiest to 
    do this with is not a crop or with chickens, but with your cows.
    The Milker tool has an experience bar on it. When you reach the end of the 
    bar by using the tool, the Milker will then begin to level up every time you 
    use it. Eventually you will get the ability to collect 100 bottles of small 
    milk per cow if you use the Milker without the Touch Glove. If you use the 
    Glove then you'll collect 99 bottles but you can control the size of the 
    milk by the score you receive during the udder rubbing mini game.
    If you had 10 cows you could ship 1000 bottles of small milk per day. One 
    hundred days later you will unlock Pluto. The more cows you have, the sooner
    Pluto will appear.
    You can train your Milker by using it when no cows are around. You will 
    loose stamina as you use the tool, but you will earn experience on the 
    tool's bar inside the Farm Asset screen. When you get too tired to work you 
    can simply recharge by eating food or resting in the Hot Springs. 
    The questions Pluto asks are fairly easy, and are randomly selected each
    A Wonderful Life
    - In the past, Wally was a competitor in what event? 
    >>>> Marathon
    - What milk do you get from a cow that has just given birth? 
    >>> Mother's Milk
    - What did Carter excavate to study ancient civilization? 
    >>> Lithograph
    - Galen and Dr.Hardy have what hobby in common? 
    >>> Bonsai
    - What is Samantha's daughter's name? 
    >>> Kate
    - What is the name of Hugh's father? 
    >>> Wally
    - What is the name of the item that keeps newly born calves safe? 
    >>> Calf Hutch
    - What kind of animal did Romana bring to the farm? 
    >>> Cat
    - What is the instrument you can get from Gustafa? 
    >>> Drums
    - What is Chris' job? 
    >>> News Anchor
    - What plant that lives at the Takakura house hybrids crops for you? 
    >>> Tartan
    - What can you receive from Wally? 
    >>> Clippers
    - What do you get from Ruby? 
    >>> Spice
    - Your son could become a professional. What sports event was televised in 
    the Valley? 
    >>> Pesapallo
    - What item can you get from Grant? 
    >>> Clock
    - What is t he thing that Van always fails at? 
    >>> Dieting
    - Where is Murrey's hometown? 
    >>> Po-po Valley
    - What breed of animal does Van sell? 
    >>> Goat
    Another Wonderful Life
    - What is the reason for Dr.Hardy's false left eye?
    >>> To save patients
    - Who was the strongest in the "Milk Drinking" competition at Inner Inn?
    >>> Hugh
    - What animal competed with Nina at Turtle Pond?
    >>> Turtle
    - In chapter 1 Romana who lives at the villa feels ill. What tool can you 
    receive from her?
    >>> Weird Watering Can
    - In the first chapter, what fruit did Gustafa give Nami, who looked like 
    she wasn't (question abruptly ends)
    >>> Tomato
    - Which fish in the Valley is sold at the highest price?
    >>> Huge Sarshark
    - The names of the bugs flying around Murrey are Taro and?
    >>> Hanako
    - Rock named a dog without consulting you. What was the dog's name?
    >>> Blue Sky (yes, this is the correct answer according to Pluto)
    Friends of Mineral Town:
    - One fish that lives at the hot springs is "King". What is it?
    >>> Catfish
    - What is the name of the girl from the orchard that Harris likes?
    >>> Aja
    - A kappa comes out of the lake when you throw in what vegetable into a
    >>> Cucumber
    - What kind of event is performed at the gathering to open the beaches each 
    >>> Dog Disk
    - What is the name of the flower that Ellen wanted to see?
    >>> White Flower
    - The people get angry when you leave something on the farm. What is it?
    >>> Golden Lumber
    - Cliff has a part time job. Where is it?
    >>> Aja Winery
    - What does the doctor often do on his days off?
    >>> Herb search
    - Ellen knitted something for you. What was it?
    >>> Sock
     Part 2.0 - Red, Animal: Shipping & Feeding team
    The red sprite team will milk your cows, sheer your ship, and pick up the 
    eggs from your ducks and chickens. If your animals are inside their barns 
    the members of this team will also put fodder and feed into their troughs. 
    When you collect enough of the members they also add a bonus job to their 
    skill and start to harvest the crops you have growing on your own farm land!
    They do not harvest mature pasture grass.
    Anything the sprites collect from your cows and sheep will always be at a 
    small size. They also do not use the Cannery to increase your sell profit.
       Red Ribbon
    Own a total of 10 Cows and Sheep. It can be any number combination of the 
    two farm animals (10 Sheep, 5 Cows/5 Sheep, etc.). Once you collect your 
    last one then Red will appear. You will need to have at least 3 livestock 
    barns constructed to fit the 10 animals.
    Ship at least 300 Milk, Eggs, and Wool. You don't have to ship 300 of each 
    kind, but 300 total between the 3 types of produce available. Cheese, 
    Yogurt, Mayonnaise, and Yarn do not count!
    Ship at least 500 Milk, Eggs, and Wool. 
    Ship at least 1000 Milk, Eggs, and Wool.
    Clip off 100 pieces of Wool using the Touch Glove. Each sheep has 5 areas on 
    it that will generate a small wool as you rub away with your stylus. Wool 
    takes 7 days to regrow, so it is a very slow process.
    Unless you cheat ;) (thanks to UNoT member Lord_Bap)
    Start out with a sheep that has all of it's Wool. Make sure you are inside 
    of a barn to prevent the passage of time. Equip the Clippers, Touch Glove, 
    and get ready...
    A - Stand next to the sheep and press Y. You'll enter into the sheering mini 
    game. Rub the stylus in the lower-middle section between the sheep's legs 
    and STOP when the wool size indicator reads Small. Pocket the Wool you 
    B - Start the game again and this time only rub the area around the sheep's 
    head, in the upper-left corner. Stop again at a Small size Wool. 
    C - Now this time clip the wool on the sheep's butt. Rub around it's rear 
    upper-right until the Small size appears again. Stop the mini game.
    D - When you press Y to activate the Touch Glove you will have a large 
    section of clipable wool in the middle of the sheep's back, and 2 more on 
    each of the sheep's legs. Start from the *bottom* of the upper-middle 
    section and rub horizontally until you get a Small size. This will not take 
    very long at all and you'll get a Small Wool with just a few swipes of your 
    stylus and a score of about 1500 points or so. Ignore the Wool in the 
    lower-right and lower-left.
    E - Activate the game again and you'll discover that the Wool you have 
    clipped in the lower-middle between the sheep's legs HAS GROWN BACK and the 
    Wool that was on the lower-right back legs is gone. Sheer the lower-middle 
    section until you register a small Wool and quit.
    F - When you try again you'll discover that the lower-left right leg Wool is 
    still there as well as the Wool in the upper-middle section. At this point 
    start again at step D, where you just swipe a few times on the middle 
    section to get a small Wool. Then move to step E, D, E, D, E, D, and so on 
    until you get bored or you finish finding the sprites. The wool will grow 
    back in a few different areas but ignore all that is not in the lower-middle 
    and upper-middle sections.
    You will loose stamina as you use the Clipper tool, so you may want to stop 
    and eat every so often to recharge. The last step you left when you take a 
    break will still be there for you when you get back.
    If you need a visual guide to using this technique you can find it at the 
    following page: http://www.fogu.com/hm6/chan4/sheep_trick.php?p=n
    Clip off 300 pieces of Wool using the Touch Glove.
    Clip off 700 pieces of Wool using the Touch Glove.
    Use the Touch Glove 100 times to acquire milk from your Cows. You can only 
    milk a Cow once per day and there isn't any sneaky way of cheating to get 
    around it. When you use the Touch Glove, rub the Cow's udders horizontally 
    back and forth. You will see your point score increase. The more points 
    you have, the larger Milk you'll receive.
    Use the Touch Glove 300 times to acquire Milk from your Cows.
    Use the Touch Glove 700 times to acquire Milk from your Cows.
    Have 10 Chickens and/or Ducks. You will need to have 3 poultry barns built 
    in order to fit all of them.
    Have 20 Chickens and/or Ducks, but you can only have 7 barns total! You will
    need to have *5* poultry barns built to house them all, which conflicts with
    Red Ribbon's required 3 barns for the Cows and Sheep.
    It's a good idea to acquire Woohoo first, since poultry are cheaper than the 
    livestock. Once you have the sprite unlocked you can hire Gotz to demolish 
    some of your poultry barns, then hire him again to build the livestock barns
    you'll need to meet Red Ribbon's requirements.
     Part 3.0 - Orange, Lumber team
    The orange team will collect Wood and Stone Lumber from the rocks and sticks
    that appear in the valley every day. The team will not be able to collect 
    anything until you have the Wood and Lumber Sheds built! The sprites need to
    have somewhere to place the lumber they collect and they're too small to put
    it in their pockets like you can with your own Rucksack.
    The Lumber team can not collect Fodder material or make Golden Lumber 
    magically appear. They also do not pick up weeds from the fields you hire 
    them to work on. 
    As the team collects material for you to build with, the stones and sticks 
    they destroy *will* count towards the required totals needed to unlock the 
    the other members of their own team. They can not free themselves though, so
    you will need to at least help out with your own Ax and Hammer every so 
    often to see if an orange sprite appears.
    This is often the first team that players collect all 12 members of.
    You hardly have to do much work to find the leader of the Lumber team. On 
    Winter 02 you will be greeted by Thomas at your front door in the morning. 
    He has made a bet with another Mayor and he will request that you collect an
    item he needs to win the bet. The item he requests will vary so it is a good
    idea to save your game the night before, in case you have to reload because
    Thomas asks for an item you can't acquire (like a Golden Egg, which does not 
    exist in HMDS).
    When Thomas comes by to pick up your shipments that evening around 4:30pm, 
    have the item he requests in your hands and give it to him (don't ship it!).
    Thomas will take you back to your farmhouse door and exchange your item with
    a log of Golden Lumber. If it is your first year participating in this event 
    then Oran will be free and return to the Sprite Company Tree, but not 
    without trying to get into a fight with Thomas first.
    Destroy 100 sticks of wood. You can do this with your Ax or have the sprites 
    do it for you.
    Destroy 250 sticks of wood.
    Destroy 500 sticks of wood.
    Destroy 15 tree stumps with your Ax. Your standard level 1 Ax can not smash
    the stumps so you will need to hire Gray to upgrade your tool. The higher 
    you upgrade, the less swings it takes before the stump is converted into 
    Destroy a total of 100 small rocks using a Hammer. This is simple enough, 
    just run around breaking little stones.
    Destroy a total of 250 small rocks using a Hammer.
    Destroy a total of 500 small rocks using a Hammer.
    Destroy 5 large stones with your Hammer. The rocks you need to smash look 
    exactly like the small stones, but about 4x the size. They are *not* the 
    pointy-looking rocks near the entrance of the Excavation site. If you can't
    find enough large stones in the crop field there are 2 that will reappear 
    daily down in the southeast corner of the Valley.
    Destroy 15 large stones with your Hammer.
    Call Gray on the telephone and hire him to upgrade your Ax to the Mystrile 
    level. When you receive your tool back from him a few days later, equip it 
    and then swing. Vaile will instantly show up. You can find Mystrile ore in 
    the 1st Mine off of the Excavation site.
    Once you have all of your tools at Mystrile level, the cursed versions will 
    appear inside of the 3rd Mine. Find a cursed Hammer and then call the Church
    on your telephone. If you have the tool equipped you can ask the priest to 
    remove the curse for a fee of 100,000 G. After you hang up the phone that's 
    when Fen will appear.
     Part 4.0 - Yellow, Animal: Brushing & Petting team
    Members of the yellow team will pamper your animals and help to increase 
    their heart levels. The more hearts an animal has, the better it will do at 
    the animal festivals that happen every year. Also the poultry will lay 
    different sizes of Eggs depending on how many hearts they have earned.
    Each day you can earn Friendship Points with your animals. Each "heart" an 
    animal has is worth 100 FP, with a max of 1000 FP (10 hearts).
    +1 pt for leaving them outside for 5 hours in sunny weather
    +1 point for talking to/lifting your animal once a day
    +1 to +3 pts for washing your livestock with the Touch Glove (depending on 
    your score)
    +1 to +3 pts for "petting" your animals using the Touch Glove (depending on
    your score)
    When you use the yellow team the most points you can earn for washing or 
    petting is 1. The sprites don't use the Touch Glove feature so you won't 
    earn 2 points (green heart) or 3 points (red heart) like you would during 
    the mini games.
    After you have collected many of the yellow team members they will activate
    a bonus job. The team will be able to water any crops that you have growing
    on your farm, much like the red team does with harvesting your crops.
    Have 15 births on your farm. The easiest way to do this is with hatching 
    Chickens and Ducks. When you place an Egg in the hatching bin it only takes 
    3 days for the Egg to hatch into a baby bird. That is much faster than 
    having to wait 21 days for a Cow or Sheep to give birth.
    Talk/lift your animals 50 times *without* having the Touch Glove equipped. 
    If you were wearing the glove then you would activate the mini petting game 
    instead. When you stand next to a Cow or Sheep and press the A button you'll 
    see "(animal name) seems well today" depending on it's state of health. With
    a Chicken or a Duck you only have to lift it above your head and set it 
    back down again.
    You can talk/lift your animals once a day.
    Talk/lift your animals 350 times *without* having the Touch Glove equipped.
    Talk/left your animals 900 times *without* having the Touch Glove equipped.
    Pet your animals with the Touch Glove 50 times. This is basically the same 
    thing you did with Kali, Johnny, and Brushy but with the glove equipped 
    this time. When you talk to an animal with the Touch Glove you will activate
    the petting mini game. Rub the animal with your stylus to pet it, but watch 
    out for the areas where the animal doesn't like to be touched. If you see 
    3 skull icons appear in the upper right corner of your screen then the game 
    will end early. The heart icons will counteract any skulls that you might 
    accidentally bump into.
    You can only rub/pet your animals once a day.
    Pet your animals with the Touch Glove 100 times.
    Pet your animals with the Touch Glove 300 times.
    Pet your animals with the Touch Glove 500 times.
    Wash your Cows and Sheep 50 times with the Brush tool and the Touch Glove. 
    Buy the Brush from Yodel Ranch along with the Touch Glove. The Brush tools 
    lets you suds up your livestock and wash them clean once a day. To give your
    creatures a bath have both tools equipped and press Y next to an animal. You
    can then swipe your stylus around it's body to create soap bubbles. There is
    no time limit to this mini game but the bigger the score, the better chance 
    you'll earn 3 FP that day.
    Luckily to unlock the sprites frozen by this requirement you don't need to 
    reach a specific score. You could simply swipe a few times across the animal 
    and then end the game to save time. The Dog, Cat, and Horse can be washed if 
    you need more animals to suds up. You can't wash Chickens and Ducks!
    Wash your Cows and Sheep 100 times with the Brush tool and the Touch Glove.
    Wash your Cows and Sheep 300 times with the Brush tool and the Touch Glove.
    Wash your Cows and Sheep 500 times with the Brush tool and the Touch Glove.
     Part 5.0 - Green, Harvest team
    Green sprites will pick any crop or wild item that is growing in the areas 
    you hire them to work in. If the crops haven't matured yet they won't have 
    anything to do, but they will work on picking the crops for the full term 
    of their hire schedule. The Harvest team won't pick up Weeds even though 
    they are shippable items, but they will pluck flowers and wild grasses.
    Since the sprites are smaller in stature than you are, they can easily fit 
    between the squares of crops you have planted. The sprites can collect the 
    crops that you can not reach on your own.
    Call Gray on your telephone and have him upgrade your Sickle tool to the 
    Mystrile level. The first time you swing your new tool, Forest will return 
    from the other world.
    Ship 1000 items. This can be *anything* you can toss into the shipment bin 
    and send off to Thomas. Fish, crops, and even Weeds count towards the amount
    needed to unlock this sprite. When you toss in your 1000th item he will make
    an appearance.
    The nice thing about the "Ship X number of things" sprites is they will 
    naturally appear if you are trying to unlock Pluto. Since you need to ship 
    100,000 of 1 item for the Station sprite to appear you will have these other 
    fellows unlocked by the time you reach Pluto's requirement.
    Ship 5000 items.
    Ship 10,000 items
    Ship 30,000 items
    Ship 50,000 items
    This sprite is stuck in the Basket you can purchase from Karen's grocery 
    store. The Basket can be purchased for 5000 G and it will sit outside your 
    front door every morning. You can move it all around your farm and it will 
    reappear in the same spot when you wake up. When you have the Basket you 
    will need to toss an item into it to make Veggie unlock. 
    When you have shipped 1000 items and Fraw makes an appearance, Takakura will
    come by when you exit your house. He has found a horse and asks if you would 
    like to take care of it. You can't reject his offer and once you name the 
    pony it will live on your farm with you. The horse is a mobile shipping bin. 
    You can toss items at it's saddle and they will instantly transport to the 
    bin for Thomas to pick up. The first time to throw an item at your horse you 
    will make Kevin return.
    Ship a Cabbage. The spring season crop seeds can not be purchased from Karen
    or Vesta. You must earn Medals at the Sprite Casino and then exchange 500 of 
    them for 1 bag of Cabbage seeds. 
    Ship a Pineapple. The summer crop can be traded for 1000 Medals.
    Ship a Bell Pepper. You can grow this crop in the Fall for 150 Medals.
    After you have your tools upgraded to Mystrile (hello Forest) the cursed 
    versions will appear in the 3rd Mine. Have the Church remove the evil curse
    from your Sickle and at that point Matthew will return from the other world.
     Part 6.0 - Indigo, Fishing team
    The casting sprites will stand by the water's edge and haul up fish for you.
    You can see when they're fishing by how often they sparkle by the water. You
    can't hire the sprites to work around Romana's mansion since there's no 
    water areas where fish live.
    Indigo sprites won't catch Bottled Messages, Pirate Treasure, or Fish 
    Fossils. They will catch a LOT of small fish, Empty Cans, Boots, and Fish
    Bones. Luckily the garbage they pull up counts towards unlocking the fellow 
    members of their team. Anything they catch automatically is transported to 
    your shipping bin, so watch the amounts in your shipped items lists to see 
    how much they've been able to bring in.
    Firs you'll need to unlock the 1st Hot Spring by activating Flora's blue 
    heart event or waiting until you own child is born. When the spa has been 
    built you merely have to walk around to the gap in the fence and cast your 
    fishing line into the spa water. Blue will appear right after you pull your
    line back in.
    Catch 50 items (fish or garbage) with your fishing rod. The team mates can 
    fulfill this requirement on their own, but you will have to cast your own 
    line and catch something in order for the missing sprites to return.
    Catch 500 items with your fishing rod.
    Catch 1000 items with your fishing rod.
    Catch 5000 items with your fishing rod.
    Catch 10,000 items with your fishing rod.
    Catch 50,000 items with your fishing rod.
    Find a cursed fishing rod inside of the 3rd mine, after your other tools 
    have been upgraded to Mystrile. Call the church and pay 100,000 G to remove
    the curse. Once that has been completed Sammy will return from the other 
    When you have Gray upgrade your fishing rod up to Mystrile level, the first 
    time you use it the sprite will return.
    The duck pond can be built by Gotz if you have 600 pieces of Stone Lumber. 
    You can opt to have the material already on hand and pay him 100,000 G for 
    labor, or you can buy the lumber at the same time you hire him and pay only 
    220,000 G. Gotz will arrive the next morning so you can place the pond 
    anywhere on your farmland.
    When he finishes the pond you have to cast your fishing rod into the water 
    to free up Yacht.
    Besides the duck pond, there will be another small body of water on your own 
    farmland that you use for filling up your Watering Can. If you try to fish 
    inside of the pond next to your horse stall you'll find a missing sprite.
    Since you can find Blue by fishing in the 1st Hot Spring, you can also find 
    a sprite if you try to fish in the 2nd Hot Spring. Unlock the 2nd spa by 
    jumping in and out of the 1st one 100 times.
     Part 7.0 - Purple, Healing team
    At first it will seem that this team is practically useless. They will only 
    recharge 10% of your stamina when you talk to them. It takes some time, but 
    you can eventually train them to recharge *100%* of your stamina every 30 
    in-game minutes! You won't have to wait in a Hot Spring to recharge, eat 
    expensive food, or stand around doing nothing while you wait for the 
    Earrings to work their magic.
    This team is very tedious to unlock and it takes a lot of doing-nothing 
    time. You may want to try for these guys during the Winter season when there 
    is very little activity in the valley.
    Use the 1st Hot Spring for 200 hours for 1 hour or more at a time. The 
    tricky thing is you can't just sit in the spa for 200 hours and hope that 
    Violetto appears. You need to jump in, wait an hour, jump out, jump back in, 
    and repeat the process over and over until he makes his appearance when you
    exit the spa.
    To unlock the 1st Hot Spring you need to activate Flora's Blue Heart event 
    or wait until you have had a child. Either way you will find this spring in
    the southeast corner of the valley, near the Barney Circus grounds.
    You will want to spend more then 1 hour in the Hot Spring to make sure that 
    you've met the required time. The game only allows you to see when 10 minute
    intervals have passed by, making it difficult to stay exactly 1 hour inside 
    of the water. If you had jumped in at 12:00 and the out at 1:00, you may 
    have made the hour needed (12:01 to 1:04 = 63 minutes) or you may have 
    missed it by a very small amount (12:03 to 1:02 = 59 minutes). Stay in the 
    water for 70 minutes (12:00 to 1:10) to ensure that you get the full hour 
    Hire the Healing team and ask them to recharge your stamina 100 times. You 
    can ask them to heal you once every 30 minutes in-game. Again you have the 
    problem that you can't see *exactly* when 30 minutes has gone by, but you do
    have an indicator that is close enough. Your character will lay down on the 
    ground and begin to snooze after 30 minutes of no activity from your end. If
    you keep an eye on his standing/sleeping then you know enough time has gone
    by and you can ask the Sprites to heal you again. 
    On the other hand you could also run around the valley and then try to 
    remember to return to the team after 30 minutes have gone by. It's easier to 
    just stand there and talk to them every time you wake up from sleepy time.
    Hire the Healing team and ask them to recharge your stamina 500 times.
    Hire the Healing team and ask them to recharge your stamina 750 times.
    Hire the Healing team and ask them to recharge your stamina 1000 times.
    Eat 30 wild grasses. The plants will grow in the fields outside of your own 
    farm every day. Some will decrease your stamina (red) and others will help 
    to recharge you (purple). You just have to pick it up off the ground and 
    press the X button to eat it. The wild grasses grow every season, and even
    the black grass from the Mines count towards the total necessary to find 
    Eat 80 wild grasses.
    Eat 150 wild grasses.
    Purchase 1 drink from the Blue Bar. Griffin's bar is open in the evening 
    hours except for Wednesday. He and Muffy have a large list of items you can 
    buy and consume on the spot. You have to buy something other than water 
    (cheapskate!) for the sprite to appear. On the plus side, drinks you buy 
    from the Bar will help to increase Muffy's heart color as well.
    Purchase 50 drinks from the Blue Bar. You don't have to do this once a day. 
    You can stand there and spend the money all in 1 night if you wanted to.
    Use the 2nd Hot Springs for 200 hours for 1 hour or more at a time. This is 
    the same process as finding Violetto, but with the spa next to the Sprite 
    Company Tree instead.
    Use the 2nd Hot Spring for 500 hours for 1 hour or more at a time.
     Part 8.0 - Blue, Watering team
    The watering sprites will sprinkle some H2O on your growing plants so you 
    don't have to. If it's raining outside they're not going to do any work, and
    they can't water anything you might be growing in your basements or behind 
    the giant waterfall. All this team does is water, and once they're done for 
    the day they lay around doing nothing.
    There are 3 of the Watering team sprites hidden in the ground on other crop 
    fields in the valley. Each person's game has these 3 points randomly 
    generated, so it will be different locations for everyone who plays HMDS. 
    The "secret square" sprites are not located on your own farmland, in the 
    basements, or behind the waterfall.
    To find a secret square sprite you must clear the field of debris, till the 
    soil, and then use your watering can on the fresh soil. If a sprite is 
    hidden on that spot then it will appear. There are 12 valley-located fields 
    to till up and sprinkle water on. You don't have to plant any seeds, just 
    water the dirt. The secret squares will not move from day-to-day so there 
    is no need to backtrack and water a field you have already covered.
    It's easier to find the secret squares when you have high level tools. It 
    takes less effort to clear, till, and water the fields when you can swing 
    and cover 30 squares at one time.
    Water 1000 squares of crop land. The team themselves can do the work (just 
    like the fishing team) but you have to use your Watering Can to make the 
    missing sprite appear. There is no indicator to let you know how many 
    squares of land they have covered, but they will water any untilled soil 
    spot. Even if there are no plants growing on that particular square the 
    watering team will sprinkle H2O on it.
    Water 5000 squares of crop land.
    Water 10,000 squares of crop land.
    Water 30,000 squares of crop land.
    Water 50,000 squares of crop land.
    Fill your Watering Can 10 times. You just have to stand next to a body of 
    water and press the Y button to fill up your empty can.
    Hire Gray to upgrade your Watering Can to Mystrile level. When he returns 
    your tool to your rucksack, you can use it and find the sprite.
    When all of your tools are at Mystrile level you can find the cursed 
    versions inside the 3rd mine. Call the church and have the cursed removed 
    from the cursed Watering Can.
    Investigate the watering pond next to the horse stable on your farm. You 
    just have to stand next to it and press the A button. Karaf is probably the 
    4th sprite you'll find in the game.
    A "secret square" sprite, just like Ceruleano.
    A "secret square" sprite, just like Ceruleano.
     Part 9.0 - Brown, Miscellaneous team
    You can't hire the brown sprites to work on your farm. This team takes care
    of the maintenance in the Sprite Company Tree, the Casino, and the path 
    leading out of Forget-Me-Not Valley. These sprites don't have documented 
    birthdays nor can you give them any gifts to increase their Friendship 
    The very 1st sprite you'll find in the game. He automatically makes an 
    appearance during the introduction of the game. Guts will stand behind the 
    counter in the Company Tree and lends out the sprites to you. You could say 
    he is the boss of all day laborer sprites. 
    When you talk to Guts he will ask you what team you would like to hire. The 
    price he charges for a days worth of work will appear to the right of the 
    team's name. Once you pick your team he will ask where you want them to 
    work. You can select multiple locations and the sprites will move from spot 
    to spot as they work. Once you pick your team and your locations, Guts will 
    tell you the total cost if you choose to hire the team for 1, 3, or 7 days.
    You can only have one sprite team hired at a time, but you can have a 2nd 
    one cued up and ready to go if you talk to Guts before your hired team 
    finishes their job.
    Roller is the pit boss of the Sprite Casino. The mini games won't be 
    activated until you find him. On or after the 8th of Spring in your first 
    year, walk across the bridge that separates the Main Area and Vesta's Farm. 
    Once you cross the bridge Roller will make an appearance and show you where 
    you can find the Casino.
    His Medal booth is located in the left corner of the Casino. You can talk to 
    him and exchange your Gold for Medals, or even swap winning Medals for 
    - Cabbage Seeds (500 M)
    - Pineapple Seeds (1000 M)
    - Bell Pepper Seeds (150 M)
    - Selling Price Book (2000 M)
    - Cooking 101: Frying Pan recipes (100 M)
    - Cooking 101: Pot recipes (100 M)
    - Cooking 101: Oven recipes (100 M)
    - Cooking 101: Mixer recipes (100 M)
    - Cooking 101: Steamer recipes (100 M)
    - Cooking 101: No Tool recipes (100 M)
    - Relaxtea Leaves (1000 M)
    - Teleport Stone (1000 M)
    - Truth Bangle (2000 M)
    - Love Bangle (5000 M)
    - Red Cloak (65,535 M)
    - Godhand (100,000,000 M)
    - Miracle Glove (100,000,000 M)
    The Godhand and Miracle Glove items won't appear in Roller's shop until you
    have purchased a Red Cloak. The Godhand allows you to harvest a crop via 
    the touch screen from anywhere in the valley, inside or outside. The Miracle
    Glove is the same item from Harvest Moon GBC 3 that allowed you to send 
    items instantly to the shipping bin by throwing them on the ground.
    The Poker game sprite can be found if you investigate the water well just to
    the left of Griffin's Blue Bar. 
    In the yard of the Inn you'll find a potbelly stove. You will need to hop 
    over the fence to reach it. Investigate the stove to find the Blackjack 
    In front of Romana's mansion is a large water fountain. Stand in front of 
    the fountain and press A to discover Jum. Now you will be able to play the 
    Memory game at the Casino.
    Next to Guts will be the Company's store, where you can buy accessories, 
    music records, and Harvest Cards for collecting. To find Jet and open the 
    store, go upstairs in the Inn. In the back hallway you'll find the orange 
    crate Van uses for his own traveling shop. Stand on the north-side of the 
    crate and then press the A button to bring Jet back.
    - 10,000 G Ticket (10,000 G)
    - 1 Million G Ticket (1,000,000 G)
    - Copper Tool Necklace (1000 G)
    - Silver Tool Necklace (2000 G)
    - Gold Tool Necklace (3000 G)
    - Mystrile Tool Necklace (5000 G)
    - Blessed Tool Necklace (10,000 G)
    - Mythic Tool Necklace (50,000 G)
    - H.Goddess Earrings, low (400,000 G)
    - H.Goddess Earrings, med (700,000 G)
    - Kappa Earrings, low (500,000 G)
    - Kappa Earrings, med (900,000 G)
    - Music records (see Part 1.0 - Black, Sprite Station team)
    - Harvest Cards (150 G)
    This is a very easy sprite to bring back to your own world. On the eastern 
    side of Forget-Me-Not Valley is a path that leads to Mineral Town. If you 
    try to walk up that path you will bump into Jackie. 
    He will *never* let you go up the pathway. Your work is never completed in 
    the valley so there's no vacation time for you!
     Part 10.0 - White, Baby sprite
    The little sprite (named just "Baby") will return after you have rescued 60 
    sprites and freed the Harvest Goddess. Go into the Sprite Company Tree and 
    investigate the pots to the left of Guts' counter. The baby will live inside
    of the largest pot. You can give it gifts and it will pop out for a moment 
    until it receives your item. Then it goes back into the pot.
    Supposably if you give Baby 255 gifts it will increase the amount of money 
    you have on-hand, but I have never seen the little rascal do much of 
     Part 11.0 - FAQ Update History
    Version 1.0
    October 27, 2006
    I have seen a lot of question about where to locate the missing sprites, 
    especially from players who just really want to collect the 60 required for 
    marriage. Hopefully this FAQ will make it a little clearer how to recover 
    the Sprites from another world.

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