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    Stamina/Fatigue Guide by Chilari

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         Harvest Moon DS
    Stamina and Fatigue Guide
           by Chilari
    Version 1.0 - August 6th 2009
    This guide is all about the stamina and fatigue system in Harvest Moon DS. I'll
    be looking at various aspects of stamina and fatigue, such as how you can tell
    how much you have, what it means, what damages it and what foods are best at
    recovering stamina and fatigue.
    Table of Contents
    1. What are Stamina and Fatigue?
    2. Measuring Stamina and Fatigue
         2.1. Character animations
         2.2. Truth Bangle
    3. What affects stamina and fatigue?
         3.1. Tools
         3.2. Dark animals in the mines
         3.3. Food and grasses
         3.4. Hot springs
         3.5. Rain and snow
         3.6. Harvest sprites - healing team
         3.7. Sleeping
         3.8. Other
    4. Contributing to this guide
    5. Coming soon
    6. Version History
    7. Legal stuff
    8. Acknowledgements and thanks
    9. Contact information
    1. What are Stamina and Fatigue?
    Stamina and fatigue are the game mechanics whereby the player character's
    energy is measured. When completely rested, the player has 100 stamina and 0
    fatigue. As the player uses tools, first stamina deteriorates, and then, when
    it reaches 0, fatigue increases. You will never have 0 of both; when stamina
    reaches 0, fatigue automatically gets 2 points, even if you don't have 0
    When you reach 80 fatigue, a little speech bubble appears above the character's
    head with a skull in it. When you reach 100 fatigue, the character faints and
    wakes up the following morning, either at 8:00am or 10:00am.
    2. Measuring Stamina and Fatigue
    2.1 Character Animations
    As your stamina goes down and your fatigue increases, the player character
    occasionally expresses his tiredness through mini animations. These are as
    50    Wipes forehead with handkerchief
    20    Bends over and puts hands on knees
    5     Sits down on the floor
    0     Face turns green and character falls down
    50    Shakes head with right hand to temple
    80    Sits down and shakes head. A speech bubble containing a skull appears
          over his head
    100   Face turns green and character faints
    You can use these animations to estimate how much stamina and fatigue you have.
    However, occasionally when picking items up or moving them from the rucksack to
    the hold item slot the character will sit down or wipe his forehead when
    stamina and fatigue are not at any of these points.
    2.2 Truth bangle
    You can get the truth bangle, which when worn in the blue slot in the rucksack
    screen will tell you exactly how much stamina and fatigue you have. In order to
    get it, you need 2000 medals, and you can buy it from Roller in the casino in
    the Harvest Sprite Company Tree (source of info: Cherubae's wonderful Harvest
    Sprite Locations guide).
    3. What affects stamina and fatigue?
    3.1 Tools
    Using tools at different levels uses different amounts of stamina, as follows:
    Normal           2
    Copper           4
    Silver           5
    Gold             8
    Mystrile        10
    This information is for the starting tools only, and not the hoe. The hoe works
    as follows:
    Normal           2
    Copper           3
    Silver           4
    Gold             5
    Mystrile         7
    Other tools cause stamina deterioration at the following rates:
    Bell             4
    Brush            2
    Clipper          8
    Fishing rod      2
    Legendary sword  5
    Medicine         0
    Milker           4
    Seeds            2
    Fatigue works slightly differently. No matter how much you charge the tool,
    once you've exhausted stamina, fatigue only goes up by 2 points per tool use.
    This includes ancillary tools like the brush, milker and clipper. Medicine
    doesn't cause fatigue.
    Using cursed tools is really a bad idea, because fully charged it can take your
    stamina down to zero, even from 100, and also causes 12 fatigue. The cursed
    fishing rod caused 10 fatigue plus 2 stamina, though I didn't think to charge
    it up at all.
    Blessed and mythic tools each work differently, causing stamina deterioration
    at the following rates:
    -Tool-        -Blessed-  -Mythic-
    Axe             20         30
    Hammer          15         20
    Hoe             10         40
    Sickle          20         30
    Watering Can    20         30
    3.2 Dark animals in mines
    The dark animals in the mines can also damage your stamina and fatigue. The
    damage they do is the same for both stamina and fatigue, and depends on whether
    you have any stamina left. It seems they stop damaging you after 4 or 5 hits,
    though you still get a little speech bubble over your head with the little
    blue "ouch" symbol on it, even when they don't hurt you.
    The damage the dark creatures do is as follows:
    Chick           1
    Chicken         1
    Blue Butterfly  1
    Red Butterfly   1
    Black Beetle    1
    Red Beetle      1
    Duck            2
    Sheep           3
    Cow             3
    3.3 Food and grasses
    The following table shows by how much each food recovers stamina and fatigue.
    For stamina, positive numbers show increase and negative numbers show decrease;
    for fatigue, the opposite is true. The best foods are those with the highest
    combined score.
    Item             Stamina    Fatigue
    -Ground Crops-
    Bell Pepper        3          1
    Cabbage            3          1
    Carrot             4          1
    Corn               3          1
    Cucumber           4          1
    Eggplant           3          1
    Onion              3          1
    Pineapple          5          2
    Potato             3          1
    Pumpkin            3          1
    Strawberry         5          2
    Tomato             4          1
    Turnip             3          1
    Yam                3          1
    -Tree crops-
    Apple              2          2
    Banana             2          4
    Grape              2          3
    Orange             2          3
    Peach              2          3
    Egg (S)            3          1
    Egg (M)            3          1
    Egg (L)          no data
    Milk (S)           2          2
    Milk (M)           3          2
    Milk (L)           4          2
    -Wild plants-
    Bamboo            10          1
    Matsutake S       18          1
    Toadstool S      -50        -10
    Wild Grapes       10          2
    Small              2          1
    Medium             3          1
    Large              4          1
    -Purchased food-
    Bread              2          1
    Buckwheat flour    1          1
    Chocolate          2          2
    Curry powder       1          1
    Dumpling mix       1          1
    Flour              1          1
    Oil                1          1
    Rice balls         2          1
    Red              -10         -5
    Orange             0          0
    Yellow            -5          5
    Green              0          2
    Blue              10          1
    Indigo            20          1
    Purple             5          2
    Black              5          5
    White             10         10
    Bodigizer         50          1
    Turbojolt          0         20
    Bodigizer XL     100          1
    Turbojolt XL       0         50
    The best food for recovering stamina and fatigue is thus indigo grass, followed
    by white grass. My preference would be for white grass, however, since it
    recovers both stamina and fatigue, whereas indigo grass is strongly in favour
    of fatigue.
    Matsutake mushrooms are also very good, but unfortunately fairly rare and only
    found in autumn. And stay well away from toadstools - the white mushrooms. They
    do some serious damage to your stamina.
    The best ground crop for recovery is the strawberry. Though pineapples also
    have the same recovery figures, they cost more to grow and ship for much higher
    prices, whereas the strawberries are worth only 30g each at level 1, so your
    finances won't much miss them. Also, it's easier to produce ground crops in
    large quantities than it is to go running all over the town every day in
    search of mushrooms and white grass, etc. With one patch of 8 strawberries in
    my basement, plus a few patches in my field in spring, I have managed to build
    up a stockpile of over 800 strawberries in under a year.
    Also, levelled up crops don't give better stamina and fatigue recovery. I have
    tested up to level 20 crops.
    3.4 Hot springs
    Going in the first hot spring causes your fatigue to reduce at a rate of 1 per
    game minute. It doesn't affect your stamina, however. The second hot spring
    heals your stamina at the same rate, but does not affect fatigue.
    3.5 Rain and snow
    If it's raining or snowing outside, you gain 1 fatigue every time you use a
    tool while you still have stamina, if you're outside. If you use a tool after
    you've run out of stamina, 1 fatigue gets added to normal fatigue increase.
    If there's a storm outside and you can't go out, however, stamina and fatigue
    deterioration are the same as for a sunny day, for example if you use tools in
    your basement.
    3.6 Harvest sprites - healing team
    Once you've unlocked at least one of the healing team (see Cherubae's Harvest
    Sprite Locations guide or darkrangeresp's Walkthrough for how to unlock them)
    you can hire the healing team for one of the map squares. When you talk to a
    member of the healing team, they can heal you from 10% to 100%, depending on
    the team's skill. You can talk to them every 30 minutes of game time (source
    of information: Cherubae's Harvest Sprite Locations guide and darkrangeresp's
    3.7 Sleeping
    When you go to sleep at night, unless there's an evening festival or, after
    you're married, on your birthday, your wife's birthday, your child's birthday
    or your wedding anniversary, you recover all stamina and some fatigue. On
    festivals, anniversaries, and birthdays, you wake up the next morning just
    the same as when you went to sleep, then when you eat breakfast you get 1 or 2
    If you get to bed after midnight, not all of your stamina is recovered.
    3.8 Other
    Using the teleport stone (available in the casino in the Harvest Sprite Company
    Tree for 1000 medals (source of info: Cherubae's Harvest Sprite Locations
    Guide)) increases fatigue by 2 with each use - every time you hop to another
    part of the map.
    Using tools late at night - after 10pm - causes 1 fatigue to be added to what
    it would normally cost for the tool you're using.
    Also, getting beaten up by Flora on her black heart event (if you chose to go
    nearer) either costs at least 15 fatigue or causes you to faint outright. I
    don't know which it is as I had pretty high fatigue at the time it happened.
    But be warned.
    Finally, you can get Harvest Goddess and Kappa Earrings which slowly recover
    stamina and fatigue (respectively). The cursed earrings, found in the third
    mine, damage stamina and fatigue and must be blessed by the temple. When I
    have more research on this, I'll make a new section for it. As yet, I know
    that the green Kappa Earrings reduce fatigue at a rate of 1 fatigue every
    2 game minutes.
    4. Contributing to this guide
    If you wish to contribute to this guide, or correct anything I've got wrong or
    incomplete, please feel free to contact me via anezka-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot
    -uk. Please do not use this email for any other purpose than relating to this
    guide. All contributors will be credited fully at the point at which the
    relevant information is displayed and in the contributors section.
    All contributions will be recieved gratefully, but will only be included if
    they are relevant to this guide and not already mentioned or previously
    contributed. If two or more people make the same contribution in between
    updates, I reserve the right to credit only the first I recieved, or I may
    include the contribution and credit both or all who said it.
    5. Coming soon
    Nothing is coming soon unless people contribute it, unfortunately, since my
    save game corrupted and I've lost it all. There may come a time in the future
    when I decide to start a new game, but I find it unlikely. However,
    contributions will still be gratefully received and this guide updated with
    them if it's relevant.
    6. Version history
    Version 0.99  - March 19th 2009 - Original version
    Version 0.995 - March 20th 2009 - Added section 3.7 Sleeping
                                      Added data for mythic tools in section 3.1
                                      Edited section on rain and snow according to
                                           new information.
    Version 0.996 - March 24th 2009 - Corrected information in section 3.5
                                      Added late night information in section 3.8
    Version 1.0   - August 6th 2009 - Corrected information in section 3.5
                                      Updated information in section 3.4
                                      Updated levelled crop information in section
                                      Changed contact email because I forgot the
                                      Updated info for dark sheep and cows in
                                           section 3.2
                                      Added data for Bodigizer and Turbojolt in
                                           section 3.3
                                      Added data on earrings in section 3.8
    7. Legal Stuff
    a.  I am not in any way affiliated with Harvest Moon DS, Nintendo, Natsume,
        Rising Star Games or any other company or organisation involved in the
        production or distribution of Harvest Moon DS.
    b.  Natsume and Harvest Moon are registered trademarks of Natsume inc.
        Nintendo DS is a registered trademark of Nintendo.
    c.  This guide is produced for GameFAQs. This guide may not be used outside
        GameFAQs except for personal use. Posting this guide on any website other
        than GameFAQs is not permitted.
    8. Acknowledgements and thanks
    Thanks to Nintendo, Natsume, Rising Star Games and Marvelous Interactive Inc
    for creating this wonderful and addictive game.
    Thanks also to GameFAQs for such an amazingly useful site.
    Thanks also to the writers of existing guides and FAQs, many of which I have
    used while playing Harvest Moon DS. Thanks especially to Cherubae for the
    wonderful Harvest Sprite Locations guide, from which I have gained some info,
    and which I used a lot to find the first 60 sprites so I could marry Flora.
    9. Contact information
    To contact me, for example to ask questions, clarify something in the guide, or
    contribute new information, please email anezka-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk.
    (but replace the appropriate words with symbols and remove the dashes). Please
    do not use this email for any other purpose than relates directly to the guide.
    Please put "Harvest Moon Guide" in the subject line.

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