Review by sfrey82

Reviewed: 09/19/06

A Good Game That Has Too Many Hindering Glitches

We all know what this game is about. You live in your parents farm and have to manage it. Grow crops, raise livestock, find a wife and compete in festivals. This, however is not just a rehashed version of the previous games. Yes there are a lot of similarities.

Like I stated above, you go around, farming, raising livestock, and romancing a girl of your choosing to one day get married and have a family, all the way you are searching for harvest sprites to help bring back the Harvest Goddess. There are 101 sprites that you have to find and with different tasks that you have to accomplish in order to unlock them, though, you don't know what these are.

This game seems more like an RPG then a farming simulator, which in my opinion is fine, however, there glitches that come up in this game are very annoying, and deter from the enjoyment of this game. Once such glitch that I encounted myself is the lonely glitch. This glitch makes it so that there are no people in the town, all the buildinds, are closed, you can't talk to Van when he is in the Inn and several other things. There is supposed to be a fix for it, but I tried that, didn't work, and had to start all over again, losing several hours of game play. Now some people might think, that's nothing, you'll have to play it again to see everything, and that's fine, but I don't like having to start over because of a glitch. I like playing games because I don't have to fuss with things. Having to fuss with glitches just takes the enjoyment out of the game.

Now there have been other glitches out there, but I have not experienced personally, I hope I don't.

If you can ignore those small and big glitches, then this is a good game, if you can't ignore those glitches, then stay away, you will only get frustrated.

Without glitches this game would get a 8 or 9 score, maybe even a 10, but it does have glitches.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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