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"An awesome game for a long time fan, or a newbie to the series. With a few bugs."

Harvest Moon is a game about Farming. You keep animals, tend to crops and raise a family. There are always a vast amount of things to do to keep you occupied for ages. The first game I played was Friends Of Mineral Town. Which is the best one in my opinion to date. But Harvest Moon DS isn't far behind it.


Same old, same old. You can raise livestock, grow crops, forage for items and make friends. There are several more potential brides than in most Harvest Moon games. Plus you can link to your Friends of Mineral Town File. Which also can link to A Wonderful Life. Causing a Gravestone of your A Wonderful Life character to appear. Quite a nice addition.

The game takes place a hundred years (give or take a few) after A Wonderful Life. You are a descendant of Jack (The Main character in the series). Trying to woo and make friends with the other descendants of characters. Who conveniently, all have the same name as their ancestors. There are 5 normal Wives, 4 Special, and 5 Mineral Town wives. Although a glitch hampers you from marrying one of the Special Wives, and the Mineral Town wives cause the game to end. So you tend to avoid them. The selection to choose from is quite broad. Each girl with a new personality, and giving a new child.

There are several glitches. Most crash your game in some way. I have rarely had one of these glitches, and as I save often, they are of little consequence.
There is a "Billion Dollar" Money Glitch. Which I will not mention how to perform, as I despise you people who use this to advance through the game. It takes the fun out of it, and there leaves no challenge.

There are some new additions to the game not seen before. We now have a touch screen to work with. Yay! We can now brush, pet and wash our animals by hand. There is a Casino. Which is a great idea. As it is fun to blow some money winning at blackjack, to give the prize medals for a 500,000 Gold item. A great idea. Your child will grow up to a teenager. Which is good. Most of the other games has him stop at a baby (Mineral Town, Magical Melody, etc.)

The gameplay is great in this game. Eight and a half out of ten.


The Graphics in this game are basically Mineral Town with some partial 3D images as you pet your animals. They could have been better, but it would probably just cause more problems with glitches and lag.

The Graphics receive Eight out of ten.


The Sound is fairly good. You get a new song to listen to every season, and can purchase records to play in the background instead. The sound effects are good.
They could have been better, however.

The graphics receive seven out of ten.


The Control scheme is easy to adapt to. Eight out of ten.

Buy or Rent?

Buy. Besides, over here, you can't rent handheld games. This game is worth every dollar in it's 39.99 Canadian price.

The game receives an eight, a very good game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/27/06

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