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Reviewed: 02/22/07


I loved the other harvest moon games for the handhelds and snes. The other newer ones weren't that great but thats not the point. To be honest it seems like the makers and translators of this version either got very lazy and took out alot or just released an incomplete game.

Story 2/10

Now to explain why its so low, cause like all the other games the story pretty much explained itself with one or two changes. This one though is bad. Very very bad. First off a new character who is a which princess, please dont ask me how that first or anything cause I cant even put it together, is fighting with the goddess.

After a bit of dialogue it goes into that the goddess is turned to stoned and sent into another realm of some sort. I dont know how to explain that. Then about 15 or so sprites show up and are complaining where the witch sent her. So she sends them all to find her. You find out theres 101 of them some how. To save the goddess and find all of the sprites you need to be a great farmer and maybe marry someone. How that saves them and brings them back even the main character doesnt know.

Graphics 8/10

For a DS the graphics fit the game. They havent altered anything but the touch screen does show a better view of them which is a nice touch. It does look like some of the older ones but with brighter colors

Sound 7/10

The sound is all that bad but with the DS I was expecting better or atleast something more.

Music 9/10

I have to say that the songs in this game are pretty good and they even have it so you can hear some of the original music as well. Though I prefer the Summer background music.

Gameplay 1/10

The low score isnt for the controls but for the game itself. Like I said it seems that they released it incomplete or got very lazy halfway through it. First they left out alot of events, in game items like the DVD player that had to do with certain scenes and text which is just one picture now, the TV shows is just a TV show. They took out alot of the other shows for no reason, coding problems which makes it where you cant marry the witch (though you could get over that as theres other girls and it could be just another character that you see), incomplete coding and programing which causes sadly enough common glitches.

There shouldnt be a such thing as common glitches in any game unless its supposed to be that way. One is the freezing glitch, unless you save often you could lose alot of work done and hard to get events. The other one are "sprite stones" this is when certain stones appear or become colors like the harvest sprites and you can not break them, pick them up, or jump over them. You can wait till winter but if your in spring or summer it will be annoying and pointless.

The ghost town glitch where everyone is gone. For some games, about 30%-40% of them it can be fixed by throwing your ball in the pond by your house, going to bed and Thomas giving you a new one the next day. But that leaves 60%-70% of us left to only restart.

There are a few rare ones but I only got the lost of sound one once and I checked the volume moving the bar around to see if it was my DS which it wasnt.

Some readers might say "Your giving it a low score cause of the glitches? Just ignore it" So to save some time think of it like this. Some people dont like the fact when their headphones blow and only one side works, some people dont like playing a game that skips a good portion of the videos, go blank, freeze, lost sound, or other random events happening, some people dont like skipping dvd's and when they go to buy another one find out all of them are like that and they are lucky they got the one with sound in it.

Yes you can ignore them, I do thats why I still play the game but if the makers took their time, maybe pushed the release date back like other companies have to make sure it was complete, took more time into checking it and see if everything was working right, or even re-release a fixed one where gamers can actually buy it a bit cheaper or exchange their version for the fixed one there wouldnt be such a disappointment.

My final score is 4/10. It has too many problems to be over looked all the time but the game still did well enough.

If you buy keep your receipt incase it becomes too much of a hassle for you. If you dont mind these things like some dont, then have fun.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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