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"Good Game, but could be improved."

A few months back, I heard that Harvest Moon DS was great, I live in the UK and was waiting for this game for ages, so I got the American Version of e-bay a month ago, and once I played this game it started of good, it still is good, but I think I could have waited until the game was released in the UK.

Story (7/10)- This is what nearly put me off the game, I mean “Harvest Moon” is about farming not saving a goddess who is trapped in another world, they put a witch in the game, mermaid, princesses and evil animals in the mine. I don't mind a bit of fantasy put into the Harvest Moon, but I think Natsume has gone slightly over the top with the storyline. But as you go through the game, you will probably forget about some the storyline and focus on the farming a bit more.

Graphics (6/10)- It is a Nintendo DS game with GBA graphics. The characters are done in poor detail (Galen looks the worst out of them all) , a bit disappointing, but on the other hand, the colour changing through-out the day is good., the touch screen is also very good.

Sound (7/10)- I wasn't to keen on the summer tune, the spring is alright and the other two are satisfactory, but it does get annoying after listening too it over and over again, lucky they is a radio station you can listen too. That has many good tunes from previous Harvest Moon Games.

Controls (7/10)- I ended up throwing 10 things in the town because of the controls, they are not great. But you get used to them after a while.

Game Play (9/10)- The Gameplay is actually really good, loads of things to do, make friends, raise your own level. Plant crops where ever you want in town, and you get to build loads of building around your farm, and raise a variety of different Animals, I'm impressed about the Game-play. They is also a Sprite Station which is really good, I got addicted to one the games, and carried on playing it for over an hour. So yeah really good game-play. The only problem with the game play is the glitches, but we can't do nothing about that.

Re-Playability- (10/10) - You can play this game over and over again, so much to do. So many girls you can marry, many building to build. And you can play this over and over again.

Overall (7/10) A very good Harvest Moon Game, with a ridiculous story line. Graphics could have been improved, as well as the sound and controls. But the Game-Play is brilliant.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/05/07

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