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"Have a happy harvest...."

Harvest Moon: DS was actually the first game I had for my DS, which I got as a present. It looked fairly interesting, and being a big fan of the series had to check it out.

Graphics: 8
Not bad looking for a DS game, everything looks decent and when the characters are talking to you they look cute. Nothing particularly interesting, but the cows look nice.

Sound: 6
To be fair, the sound isn't bad it's just annoying. After looking after a few barns full of animals and a few bird sheds you'll end up muting the sound.

Storyline: 7
Eh, not exactly the most thrilling storyline of all time. The harvest goddess was turned to stone by the witch princess and you now have to collect all of the harvest sprites. Collecting sprites isn't particularly fun and isn't overly driving either, seeing as if you chop lumber, you can get sprites to help you chop more lumber. Yay.

Game play: 8
The game plays pretty good, and as always the best part of the game.

Although planting crops and looking after animals may not sound exciting you'll find it to be quite fun. You have a large field for your crops, and a decent variety of things to plant including a few special types to win at the casino.

Yes, the casino. Pretty soon you'll unlock the sprites that run the casino which will be built in the back of the harvest sprites place. At the casino you can play 3 different games (if you have the sprites unlocked) and bet medals to win more medals. You can exchange the medals for prizes which you can exchange for books, seeds or accessories that help you in the daily game play.

Like in any HM game, you'll probably end up with a few animals. In this game you start off with a dog and a cat and with a bit of game play a free horse as well. If you want to raise animals well you'll have to buy an animal shed or a bird shed. You can buy multiple of each, in case you feel like having some obscure number of animals. Normal other types of animals that you'll be expecting of course including chickens and cows.

Foraging is somewhat interesting in this game, seeing as items can spawn in any of the plots of earth around the town, though many weeks can prevent this from happening as often. As well, small stones and branches will pop up from time to time for you to chop.

Fishing is fairly boring, as it always is, but fish can provide you with money or gifts for some of the townspeople.

Marriage is fairly odd in this game, seeing as there are some of the most bizarre characters. There are the normal bachelorettes such as Muffy and Celia, as well as the Mineral Town girls (if you connect your game) although if you marry them your game ends. There are also a few special girls available for marriage. The worst part about that is that in the English version you can't marry the witch (glitch), most people can't marry the harvest goddess (glitch in most games) but you can marry the mermaid or the mine princess.

Rivals are also more apparent in this game, as other couples can actually get married, which is a cute touch.

Glitches: Numerous
Alright, most people are getting tired of hearing about all the glitches but it has to be said. Most glitches aren't harmful, such as some odd looking squares. However, there are glitches that will erase your game data or corrupt it so you can't use the save files. Your only hope is to save in both slots of the game. However, if you're unlucky, and one happens to you, there is no way to reverse it. What can you do then? If you're like me and end up getting a corrupt file, you can restart. If you get your file erased, imagine that, you can restart.

Replay Value: 7
It's fun to keep playing for a while but once you get over many of the challenges it gets boring and repetitive.

My recommendation?
Buy it if you don't have another harvest moon handheld, such as FoMT, because the glitches can be annoying, but overall the game is fairly fun. If you already have another recent hand held harvest moon I wouldn't really recommend it, the only thing particularly new and interesting are the brides.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/26/07

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