Review by hamptonocon

Reviewed: 06/11/07

EXTREMELY ADDICTING!!! Perfect for the Casual Gamer, glitches do not hinder gameplay!!!

This game is wonderful. I had never played a Harvest Moon game before, so I was a "newbie". If you are a casual gamer who plays when you have time, this is the perfect game for you. Although many people say that this game has so many glitches, it hinders game play, I completely disagree. The glitches are very seldom and are not hindering at all, you can even use the glitches to your advantage (i.e. the Billion Dollar Glitch), but that would be cheating... This game is definitely a must have.

The music is cool, its kind of repetitive, but as you progress you can unlock a sprite that can change your background music using records you bought at the casino.

The graphics are so-so, not the best I've seen but in this game there is no real need for them. It's the typical graphics you would see in a game like this. They aren't great but they don't affect the game, negatively, or positively.

The storyline is great, it's pretty unique, and can even be funny at some times. The quirky characters make for some interesting dialogue and cut scenes. This is the first game I've ever played where the goal is to make lots of money, mainly by farming, get married, and maybe even have a child. This makes for a never-ending, yet always-changing game. You get to make your own decisions (i.e. who to date/marry, which crops to grow, what animals to raise, etc.) so you don't feel cornered or pressured to do something.

Game play is perfect, I can't think of anything wrong with it. The controls are fine, and the camera is, well, there isn't really a camera, you see the same way no matter what...

This game is perfect for casual gamers of all ages. It isn't a very complex game, at least once you get used to it. There is a pretty big learning curve, but you can watch tutorials at anytime in the game, which makes it a lot easier. Many might say this game looks childish, but I disagree, it is a game that I believe everyone will enjoy (except maybe hardcore gamers).


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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