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"Harvest Moon... this time close to perfect..."

Harvest Moon is a popular series of games that has been released since... when was it? I believe it began in the SNES days... All I know is that I started following the series after falling in love with Harvest Moon 64. The only ones that I can say were great after that were the portable ones, and that includes this one.

Gameplay- Harvest Moon has always followed the same basic formula. Plant crops, make money, and get married. Along the way, you'll improve your farm, purchase animals and use them for profit, make virtual friends, lose a bit of your dignity, and own a dog. What was different about this one? Harvest Sprites. They've been in many other Harvest Moon games, but now their role has become far more significant. In the begining, you'll be treated to an insanely not epic battle between the witch princess and the harvest goddess... It's a kid's game, you already know that the evil witch loses. But, suddenly, she petrifies the harvest goddess and makes her disappear! Along with her one hundred one servants... So, yay! Evil wins! Yay! Yay? Nay. The one flaw of the game. It is way to much work to retrieve all the sprites. To retrieve them, you do a variety of tasks, wether it be shipping a certain amount of crops, or catching a lot of fish. It is tedious, and to get married, you have to find sixty of the sprites. A lot of work. This is really only for the patient gamer.

Graphics- It seemed very game boy advanced-like. Nothing wrong with that, really. It could've gone further, but I'm fine with where it is at. Some of it was really kiddy for me, but then again, I am a fifteen year old kid playing a game about farming...

Plot- It was too kiddy to me. But that is what this game was aiming for. Younger gamers. But it seems like it was all thrown together at the last minute. Regardless, this game has A LOT of cut scenes. I don't think any one man has found them all. They are quite hard to find, along with many other secrets in this game. There is a mine that was sixty thousand floors deep! That is easily the biggest in Harvest Moon history. It gives fanatics something to do, I guess. Only a few have gotten to the bottom without cheating. I'm not one of them... but I didn't cheat, either...

Controls- Good with the buttons, and this game made a fairly great use of the touch screen. It involves your animals. You can brush, pet, and clip them with the touch screen. Or if your lazy, you don't have to. I, myself, sometimes got a little bored and somewhat lazy and did not use the touch screen.

The game is great, but it is just a lot of tedious work. It will be good for your more patient gamer, but still it is very tedious. It's great Harvest Moon game, to be sure. Just those sprites. The one flaw in it. There were just too many. The game is enjoyable, though, and I say that you should try it. I would recommend that you rent it first.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/12/07

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