Review by meepcheese

Reviewed: 07/13/07

Call it frustration, if you will...

I'm the kind of person that will watch someone drive off the road in a snowstorm and assume they deserved it and ignore them. But when it comes to video games, I can usually find a good side in it, no matter how terrible it is.

I'm not going to pretend I've played every Harvest Moon game ever. The only games I ever had for the NES/SNES were Super Mario, Starfox, and Mario Paint. I was at the mall with my friends when they decided they wanted to go to Hot Topic. I wandered off into GameStop, and the cashier told me Harvest Moon was great. So I got it.

The story seemed a little, "eh?" and at first, my fodder chicken farms fell over every night. The only thing that saved it from collecting dust with Need For Speed: Most Wanted was a glitch. After finding out my Action Replay refused to read Harvest Moon, two days later, I found myself with 16,000,000g. And that was the only glitch I cared for. I didn't get a whole lot of glitches, and after reading reviews, I would say, "it can't be THAT bad," but after a was.

It started a while after I got the horse. I left the sheep barn and my sheep had very pixel-y shadows, and I looked like a clipboard. No, wait, that was Pokemon...everything had pixel-y shadows, basically. I freaked out, saved the game and reset the nintendo. It was fine, right up until a week or so ago. I would be at level 230 or so of the second mine, and then when I had 0 stamina and 80 fatigue, I went to drink one of Van's uber expensive turbojolt XL things. Suddenly, Thomas appears and says he'll help me. So I've been yanked out of the mine and I'm short 8 million. So I reset the game and worked my way back to the bottom. It happened a few more times, so I gave up and tried my hand at fishing. I ran along the beach and suddenly, the game froze up. The light wouldn't even go out when I closed the lid. That was the last time I played Harvest Moon, currently it's sitting next to flashdrive and origami calendar, and I don't plan on playing it soon.

Though it could be worse. Every computer I've tried to write on for the past four months has either frozen up or restarted during the middle of what I was doing...

The gameplay is addictive. When you say, "it's a game where you wake up every morning, feed the cows, the sheep, collect the bird eggs, water your crops, and if you've got time, go see your girlfriend," most people will say, "where's the fun in it all?" It's hard to explain. It's not FUN, like Mario fun, where there's a set goal in mind, but then again, maybe it is. Harvest Moon is like Animal Crossing (but with 500% more glitches) where you set your own goals. Do I want to get married and have a kid, do I want to reach the bottom of the fourth mine, or do I want to just get the biggest house upgrade and grow crops for the rest of my life with my prize heifers?

But there's no challenge to it. I mean, you don't need to spend four hours trying to figure out how to jump up to that cliff when all you needed to do was just walk around it, because in Harvest Moon youcantjump. If you need something, usually it's just a question of, "can I WAIT that long?" rather than, "are my skills enough to do this?"

So I guess if you're the kind of person who likes games that are pretty much EXACTLY what farming is like, (and believe me, aside from the fact that it takes four hours to run from your cow shed to your chicken shed, it's farming life in a nutshell) then Harvest Moon is your perfect match.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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